The Tara Show - 9-13-18 - Hour 2

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Thursday, September 13th
Interview with Meteorologist Tom Hale - Keeping track of Hurricane Florence; Damning texts from Strozk and Page show the FBI illegally crafting a media narrative to frame Trump campaign; Deranged anti-Trumpers attack GOP candidate with knife and threaten to rape Senator’s staff

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Adding and of course everybody tacking about this storm while both of the political storm. Mom which is unfolding and it believable the outlines of that. That the coordinated campaign to create evidence against it trumped. And leak it to the media had not the Democrat party Beaumont Animal Planet but by then the FBI and the DOJ and the outlines of it are simply stunning but first. The storm off the coast which is about to be the storm pretty much. On the guys joining as meteorologist Tom hale made some. Daycare think there are you don't. God this is just amazing to look at a line there radar any messiah is a bit. The storm I mean it's the size of North Carolina and South Carolina combined. Yes yes from one end to the other and tip to tip it's about 400 miles. And and then of course there's not all energy pact and all that 400 probably 300 that is really got some real tropical storm force winds. And then from there that the hurricane force winds are much smaller area. But that's smaller area is going to encompass the coastline. Have come up underneath Columbia eventually. Those went to be dying down wanna get your neck of the woods. Which is good news is there anything for us to pay attention to worry about what are we gonna see you know going into the weekend from asked. Okay going into the weekend here is basically what you gonna be dealing with. It had to have a whole lot of moisture. And that moisture combined with your two days of relatively sunny skies. Are are going to be heating up and you'll have underscore and some of these thunderstorms amazingly cool to have some pretty heavy downpours. And this isn't very typical. Com in in and where I'm from. A we've had storms that come up from Houston ending up in Dallas. We had this situation and several years ago turned into a tropical storm and then finally became a depression was associated with this storm called her Mina. But when it ended up doing was dumping anywhere from three to five inches of brain. And they didn't in just glued to really get our two to three hours and that caused by what. And and what you're gonna be dealing with the is just like you had with Gordon. Where he couldn't believe the amount of rain and house passed itself if you have a similar story. And and with all of here this saturated ground that you have out there right now. The additional rain it's it's gonna make it difficult and some of those thunderstorms could go severe. Be more than just strong with wins over a 58 miles an hour sixty miles an hour and some of those straight line winds could topple trees and bucks an hour. You are in the category. Possible power other news now between new. And it at Columbia. There in the likely. Area where they all seem power outages. And so you know you're at least so far enough away from the action the winds will die down. To a reasonable point and it'll take us ponder stormed to the winds up to a severe level. But he'll still little Lun damp from Gordon coming through against a good rain from NASA there's Ari you know that this wells already kind of moisture we gonna see a tree top left. Yes. I've I wouldn't I'm not gonna say widespread tree toppled but I'm gonna say that you definitely gonna have a that's going to be probably one of your biggest issue I can't even rule out an isolated spin up. Tornado because Alice some of these remnants they're still circulation at the broad circulation which are seeing out over the water that's just not gonna necessarily go away the speed of the circulation. Winfield is going to diminished. But the sides of the wind field is still going to be either so you're going to see. I've man steadily the local bits spiral as they swing their way through your area. As the rain comes sir. It's the question becomes will you developed some thunderstorms which will have the vertical height and what goes up must come down when it comes to. Millions and arrange it and you'll have downpours than those down burst. Could come along with some some tree toppling issues. Yeah down dam burst obviously is when these thunderstorms let loose and they're starting to collapse and they are maybe. 45 to 50000 foot tall thunderstorms. That wins coming out of those things can easily be 607080. Miles an hour. And the along with the rain and everything else in your preexisting conditions. Yeah and those street problem on placed that's what you get power amateurs. Yep I'm Tom hale meteorologist. Hmmm are we going to escape flooding here easing not any flooding here just just may be a lot of heavy rain in and watch out for injuries. Or I can mature looking I think which are looking at and this is something most people. Don't seem to bother with it is that you gonna have ponting on roads from these downpours. And and your cruise along on are they limited access roads so your gone 7075. Miles an hour. And next thing you know that your armed. You're you're in upon which scripture wheels front wheels is a little correction actually you know to back NB your cars trying to be the krona. And and so I can't stress enough in the east downpours. Because it's moisture rich air you're gonna want to slow down. To about sixty miles an hour minimum to make sure you maintain traction. And obviously. Disability. Tirade. Tom hill wanna thank you so much meteorologist Karen for joining us. Today will be on the look out for all of that again Israelis tell you gotta get those trees. Taking care of trim take care of them they are they really can be a danger Tom hill thanks for joining us. This morning on one as 63 WOR. DRE tacking about the other big storm that is breaking all over the place. Again these damning new page it takes between at least set page. And the disgraced FBI agent. Peter struck and and they're literally going back and forth and talking about who they're gonna give the latest scoop. On net the Russian meddling too as they make it all out. It's so stunning I can even Wear a wrap my mind around. IIIBC show many angles and keep in mind at this time Wallace is going on just just just back away for a man. They know their snow Russia collusion. They know they have not one single shred. Of evidence that trump. And it turned campaign and and and Russia had any kind of connection. In terms of planning dealing with Hillary's emails. Hacking leaking all of that they have not found anything and we know they know that because they were manufacturing evidence. We've been through all of that the number four the DOJ Bruce Joyce and his wife Nellie and she gets 44000 dollars in cash for her efforts. They concocted the dossier Bruce George take said to the FBI tells and it's probably not true they don't care they pass it off as evidence that buys accord the. All time. That they are making up evidence and they know it. They are on the phone with we now know fourteen at least fourteen different reporters. Feeding them the Russia collusion story. That they know is fake they had deface the evidence to go to the I mean this is amazing to tear hit job. Did you they literally making up evidence on the one hand to get inside the trump campaign. Paramedic that more on Carter page it goes two cents down Carter pesos cart page. He wasn't buildings whoever he has contact with and whoever they have contact with this western backed Travis failing there's despite a law. There remember the beginning of the drug administration when trump is having conversations with foreign heads of state and their leaking. Every one of them is leaking and their mocking Trump's the media's for what he says in these classified commerce is these are not public conversations. There are still listening net. Aesthetic that inning. If they weren't in the they really Wear anything they can used to humiliate him mortified him take him down. And what this it as you'd hear a lot of talk about text today you can hear a lot of talk about loud they were French yes. They weren't literally orchestrating a narrative in the media to meet the FBI ones. At the same time they were falsifying evidence against president. Has cell falsified evidence of public say they created this whole think this means they know there is no they're there. But then we know that he's guess what. A disgrace FBI agent Lisa page wrote that nick tax there is no there's there. She knew it. They knew it and they went to the public and smeared his president using at least fourteen reporters want to play this again this is representative Martin has now that you've got that background. He on the highs seen at the I net redacted declassified version of this. You haven't seen their way out ahead of where we are right now listen to what they know. We do need to reveal this week we know that James can only lead we know that Andrew McCain believe we know there actually. Peter struck at least eight page. But I believe we also know that the reporters that they lead to know that they legally dead end and listen we got names we got actually reporters' names. I believe that journalism is alive and well but in the same time we've got to make sure that we get rid of this and the FBI DR dale. They had at all. There is less a couple of days. Last couple days Peter's church attorneys been coming out saying. No we don't waited and laid eyes swing toward trying to stop the least we were very concerned about how this was during the president's. I'm reputation. Lie. Lima got a new set detects total luck. Then I need a little mister is not very bright YC Cindy's attorney out to lie when he knows these attacks are out there maybe for body right and I I don't I don't. But this is. Run towards. Any words. And right now. Jeff Sessions rip van sessions appeared to DOJ can't get away with they're gonna get away all of it comes down to the mid terms thanks. You know Alicia country go out and vote. The dirty tricks in US history this New York sun is calling. What the FBI the DN AJ. The Democrat party. Health throw Google in there. Did. It's. Unbelievable. What we are seeing right now our country. And what is even more unbelievable is at the mainstream media will not admit it is gone yes it just happened yesterday. Is he to happen this is unbelievable we have Peterson disgraced FBI agent Peter struck right. His attorney comes as are now Fox News. Those text it's yet here about the league strategy no he was just judging is looking out for president trance reputation. Boom only set a text it. And it's leases Lisa page -- start their coordinating their league strategy. And talking about how along with Andy. Andrew McCain the number two who really is number two at the FBI the battle like a grand jury has now been impaneled to investigate hip. As recently as march the New York Times Washington Post were telling us he's he he was here is trying to save the republic from that the two. That trump has launched against the FBI and the deal reject. It just talking about Andy much anymore he's busy with the indictment. That's where we are an alliance you right now this what's incredible sit there running all the correction stories I read our I don't. Them that they'll lawyers for ever for disgraced FBI agent pitcher he says no they were trying to protect charms in it at you know entrance. Reputation. Italy's said he was trying to prevent police literally 24 hours later boom we get slapped with text no they were coordinating leaking. Leaking it aimed at selling a four a story about a Russian collusion they knew was false. A story that while they were leaking had they were busy fabricating fraudulent evidence to use against trying to get defies a war. As they knew there was if so what does this tell us they knew there was no evidence there. They lied to the media. In a character assassination attempt act on the president. Here's what else tells us. The media has connect OP should know he possibly can he know listen to his attorney seek he hears trying to save trapped. He's the same should reporters that Peter struck was leaking true. Process that from an. They're lying to you through their T. They know Peter struck and Lisa page linked to the Washington Post and the New York Times that is a fact. It's referenced in their texts. Congress is got more than we do right now they got the names of the fourteen reporters they leaked to at least fourteen reporters that includes. Angie McCabe James coming Lisa page and Peter struck. And these same reporters at the post and times as recently as yesterday. Near editors know the truth. We're telling us there was no leaking. Peter struck at least a page oppose the dimes. I know because. Now now it's just to misunderstand see mr. page used charts say mr. Chara seat as we as attorney says seat so these boards on strategy is inordinate if they just did his. Discrediting the FBI and try to destroy our democracy the whole time they need. What they were pretty was a lot. But they aren't now. Openly July heating it to you to cover up the crimes of the FBI. They could just sit by and say nothing. Knowing full well struck and page leaked and that's dead dead dead starts lawyers slot was lying he. They did a step further. And they help a lot. You cannot trust me you would trust when you see New York Times Washington Post anybody. As citing no sources about this you can't trust them they just like to you yesterday and got busted within 48 hours for their lives. I did I here's the thing. He can be nabbed the newsroom's. Here's your buddy Peter and he he Peters got disgraced FBI agent oh yeah EMI known them. You just tellem just helmet. We're protecting trot. And I can imagine what a reporter would say Peter struck this is what I would say is report is there anything it's gonna come out that's gonna contradict that Peter struck. Before a credit humiliate myself. Yeah this definition they can't prove. They came through we were we were leaking to tickle within 24 hours. New checks come out they're talking about leaking to the media who and they and their strategy and who they leaked to specifically the Washington Post and the New York Times. And there are also talking about a sister intelligence agency which could be the DOJ could be CIA I don't know could be both. That they were also leaking to enterprise it and it attempts to assassinate these reputation the president to create a rash inclusion narrative that was false. And we know they know it was false because. At the same time they were crafting the dossier which we know now that Bruce or the number for the DOJ told them is stuff satcher. Which we can't we can't substantiate a lot of this. About when my wife Nellie got paid 44000 dollars by Hillary put together the blaze in my bank account and I didn't disclose that romantics at. My ethics form that's a felony but you know who cares. Another crime the FBI nor. The lawbreaking here's simply stunning and I don't assume we're only. At the beginning of could you ever have imagined the Department of Justice the Democrat party and the FBI and at least fourteen members of me would collude differing trump. And then life. Do you directly like you knowing otherwise. To cover up. As recently as yesterday. Yellow all these a nuisance to the steps coincides. Not true Norton audio Peter struck Haiti and Heatley each snowy no of course not. Would you read that. Your times. Washington Post S rants and I was there. My speech. They know not proven not only proven that you can't trust them. They have proven that within the 48 last 48 hours they were directly lie flat out lie. When they know for a fact. That the leaking was going on that was by struck in page is the ones they are the reporter being leaked to. Can't trust him folks can't. Trust them. And get ask Nelson in line about. That they know they're lying about. And don't try to since the elections. Hold some pleasant you often feel the urge to burn something down. Ohio where. Worse I'm people who don't even know because you think you don't like you. If you've never filed like this before but. It's very exaggerated Sears it. Residence and you may be suffering from a case so trump or Robert Jordan's been syndrome. Or church. I'm in just headline today. I can't even do Olsen here in Nevada president and speaking of not a professor shoots himself in cameras bathroom to protests. President trump. Violence left is threatened to rape GOP senators staffer. Send your 3000 to coat hangers. In the mail. You heard about this. Yet their outrage in Britain can now will like. He be sworn in as the next Supreme Court justice later than that my that's what it is when you lose an election and the other side wins we saw that happen icing guess what. We didn't threaten stuff likeness. Far left activists are at a raped a staffer for senator Collins if Collins voted for judge Cavanaugh. This is the kind of stuff that we're seeing day in and day out yeah Audi yesterday it was an anti abortion tweet by Fox News commentator. She's just getting from girls at her home. Threading to kill strangle her rape her as she now can't go out. Without anybody whose arms in this system what is beginning to happen here. And it just a level of the total to arrangement. Is nothing like I got I'd never seen. In in my lifetime. And it could be his Newt Gingrich's Jimmy he's out there's a listen trust the most effective anti liberal president my lifetime and there are literally coming. Unglued meanwhile. Switch blade attack. I did this GOP congressional candidate. This is not some Starker some ex girlfriend that he has this is not. A state senator campaign. Somewhere in California this GOP congressional candidate. And a guy ranting about how much he hates trump attended stab ended the other day. CNN. Has not mentioned one word about that guys literally screaming at trop. After putting on FaceBook that you know you gotta go he had taken straight to you knew got stabbed some people want and that's what Maxine Waters said didn't she said push. He's alma do you one better and switch blame. Fortunately. The night did not fully deployed. In the switch blade. And again it it is okay. Yeah we are right now humor we are we we act when I'm using is what we we what and Republican members of congress. Desperately needs Secret Service protection if you are going to have to have signatures for the duration. Of your service to survive. We are we are rapidly. Getting neck and you did last night just for kicks. I mean all the stuff going on this is a great way to win election. You're not Jerry Tibet advantage of your am opposite party down but talk about how deranged they are doing just that the bottom and we shouldn't Democrat party has condemns none of it. Distancing themselves from not a debt doubling down. The Talking Heads on CNN aren't encouraged me easier biggest and beat them it's okay. We know what the law says but more early year in the right I played does audio there's audio clips you know condemnation of this from left. Orphanage GOP leadership so less and its war of Twitter account should just really tree seat in anybody in the GOP leadership had anything to say about any of those. No word from each lookup you won Iberia so this attempted to murder in cold blood when your congressional candidate you got nothing to say about that. Now. Now we're on. All right not a thing. RNC this closely running campaign to you know take back the mid terms ABC now. Some part. So the message is go ahead is that our candidates make sure this which led deploy scrap her correctly next time. I needed the I was bleeding on the floor they say something. Probably not. And now we got this. From the Washington Post another hurricane is about to batter our coast trump. Is complicit. By the way you you know that over the last couple of decades her keen. Hurricane storms on average are weighed down from where they were not up down. In terms of numbers of these stores and they get a lot of media publicity when they come through but the turn in terms of numbers are down. So doesn't even make sense to be tying this to an increasing problem of climate change scientifically. And yet. Listen what there is ahead like another hurricane is about to batterer coast trump this complicit. Yet again massive hurricane feeding off unusually warm ocean water has the potential to stall over heavily populated areas they don't tell you that the incidents or hurricanes is downer last decade. Compared to the decades before not. Has a potential assault over heavily populated areas menacing millions of people last year hurricane RB battered Houston. Now hurricane Florence tested drench RD waterlogged swath of the East Coast. Including nation's capital of category hurricane for hurting does in fact hit the Carolinas this week it is strongest storm on record to win so far. Yet when it comes to extreme weather mr. trump is complicit. As if you can affect the went folks they can even accurately tell us the track of the storm. Until 48 hours out. And she she didn't turn yesterday cone of uncertainty. Greed is the caught in a cone of uncertainty about Philip richer left. The color in answer to your reporting as news story. That you don't know. What's going to happen. That daddy is your head but we don't know what's going to happen you could run at every day nobody knows what's gonna happen the next day. Cohn David David term for it sounds good cone of uncertainty. Wow OK we all live in a cone of uncertainty every day I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow you don't need. But Alabama's official news so it's kind of answered it yesterday we were in the cone of uncertainty for grit and answered it for green we have we don't know what's gonna go on we think something could be on the look out. OK. We should do that everyday. And yet they're saying out I in the same breath DC media outlets all of by the way national news media anyway it is complicit she he's causing her case. We have to begin ever came before. I got a tournament Galveston Texas I heard some about that. Did a dinner every day we have point. We we did OK as we have we've had hurricanes you tell. Much worse in the once in security that we had last decade a home. Increasing increasing from a kind of change how stressed call. We have hurt his wardrobe was present. Dexter raise the establishment would love additional pretty physical protection to further insulate themselves. The opinions of their Lilly constituents are what a brilliant point. Text your rates are you being intentionally obtuse. And that's what is clear is I can get. Are you on medication. Everybody else's seems like. Desperate to switch blade used in the attack is probably an illegal life. Price tag soul like this assault like. Oh. Dexter racer Republicans need a well regulated militia as guards well regulated militia where I heard that before. It sounds. So familiar. And a bunch of guys that we might need it one day way back in history outlook up to a they Wear. Does his retirement planning text and I ended. Racing news media has elevated down trying to godlike status by saying he can control the hurricane. And it takes your race. President Jeb Bush would have totally taking credit for this hurricane. And a bonus he's probably the restorations and weather channel and the bottom what are companies are in cahoots. The funeral includes refining it that out this morning. Straight yet it's like a code of silence from get Smart. You know what that is somebody a testament Tommy. Let's see. Tester race don't worry about the storm in South Carolina. Nikki haley's pot holes quick control flood control system is still intact. Pineapple flood control. Are godless America Ari so anyway. Ice official Google is a Democrat party front they are not afraid to break. Campaign finance laws add to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars by an admitting or reading any. They are defined what that and they're not afraid to and be coordinating with. Hispanic activists Arnie YouTube. To put together a campaign to even drive people local post you how creepy this is. Backed government think about this. Personal. How would you feel if every link you've ever clicked on. Could be shown militia were equipped with all clicked on something we don't want anybody you know we read. Or looked back. You know what I'm talking about and sad to see obvious stuff to such as smut stuff. It's everything. Secret interests. Things we care about the things we shop for. The weight loss plan we looked back. I mean everybody's done something embarrassing. Had they not but he shops very strongly urge you learn to deal with your body odor. And we should foot odor. Or maybe it's works maybe you've bounced a site shouldn't have that your wife really wouldn't want on. Maybe you attempted to do something that she should do and you were seriously gonna do when you run a second to any change to my Google manners. No. I did on Google still matters. They control lists links to you in terms of catchy caption McDonna. They know what all they know who your nano where you are they know which you do they know where you are every moment of the today. You came in turn off their tracking software. They know everywhere I have Ben every minute of the day. For the last four years because they track me through my phone I access the maps. They know every email I sent through Gina about the Powell. And now look we know. Big drops and Ed gab like cloud that they are existing on any broad campaign finance law on a scale so massive we've never seen before all of US history. At a felony level so massive they can't even be properly yeah I came conceive of in terms of in kind donation which by the way is what Robert Mueller and his cohorts in need New York federal prosecutor's office just made. Turns attorney Cullen plead guilty here. A nine crime. In kind donation. And we're watching Google do a before faces they know everything about what they did. They used their algorithm to target by a personal personal identifying factor Hispanics in swing states. To put together was what they know about everything. And how weaponized. We now know they are. When you have. Google executives in this. Very disturbing video actor we know. They tried to Alter the election of one of their camp would one of their executives even put out I yeah I'm sorry Miette Coppola. You know email the next morning I'm so certainly ended feed me and Hillary are we using the algorithm to try to do it and I messed up but it's not my fault Hispanics voted at a higher rate for trump and I anticipated I'll get it right next up. I mean that's essentially what the email said. And they have all of that on you. This is a god like power. I mean you're watching them on the video these. These eight these executives to Google that have all this on you this means it this just the way if this is how weaponized there the what this means for. People who are thinking yeah you don't 1015 years now run for office ten years and well. Who will he now hock silicon your Google file. Would you oh wow he considered cheating on your way to low point your marriage. You're action on a site talking to other women. Our man. Yeah yeah and everything that well. This is the power they have forget the FBI the air tear fine. And Euro colluding to stop. You from getting the news. And to get the news they are manufacturing in the case of the FBI we just found out and the last 24 hours talking to fourteen different reporters. Lying about it at Peter struck and Lisa page Andrew that McCabe and James coming planting a false Russian narrative. To make you believe it on the one hand. And this is total thought until this is extending an overnight show on the station but it's real and it's happening. I did you see on the video. The EE league leaders of Google vowing to save the world from trans technically catastrophic Nationalists. Vowing to save the world from that. Again they got it all on you they even have you either of these teen in Europe where the reporters are concerned about this. His biggest scoops I mean reporters do it again over email a month ago was kind of everything and everyone everywhere. And now they have download the given control what we see when we see how we see at what goes on. Ozzie and they stop them do you. Not right now. And that's where we are this morning I don't know how this ends but I'd never seen anything like this. I mean they had I don't committee a group hugs cheers for Hillary's. Dreams of a candidate. Summon a tax talk about attacks on trump voters. Oh and a tiny and can't. I even get to what Twitter and FaceBook just yet. Gonna do that the next hour stay tuned.