The Tara Show - 9-13-18 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Thursday, September 13th
Social media and internet companies selectively enforce offensive speech policies to protect liberals and silence conservatives; Damning texts from Strozk and Page show the FBI illegally crafting a media narrative to frame Trump campaign; John Kerry illegally meeting with Iranian diplomats behind Trump’s back; FEMA partnering with Waffle House to determine disaster severity; Trump threatens sanctions on foreign countries meddling in our elections (but not domestic ones); Obama administration ditched Kris Paranto and other Benghazi survivors in Germany and had to find their own way home

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Learning played good morning terror yet and you conceal or why there would be hysteria and adjusted the need to really begins censorship. Com because he having headlines. Like the it's. The middle class of median income are reaches old time and a highway. Sue can't have people knowing that. Because they're not really able to make an informed decision yeah. If they know that it. If they know that their you know their job secure in the making more money right now I can lower. Have that so if you can't win me around the debate and you just. And go ahead and silence. People in the debate. Now you're obviously a low information voter that you frank you don't have enough room in information on climate change or. You know diversity in the workplace. Or you know on all the other things the funding for planned parent parent hood you you don't have enough information about that obviously. So funny to watch his people way back you know Dick what refining about a about about you ghoul in all of this. Come in and near to their pledges the day after the election mean in the executives literally yelling ounce of that. You know their their employees under agonies artificial effect intelligence to influence the next election. That they've got to get you. Low information voters and keep them from seeing news that that do executives simply this is an you know big correct to what they should be seeing and is orwellian. But she'll let this happen before. Again and again and again and what and once still left no matter what they're calling themselves this time whether it's. The Bolsheviks the Soviets the Communists the marxists the Sandinistas the Khmer Rouge the Nazis. You know which is the socialist party of Germany that time will be calling themselves this time. There agenda always notably gets the priorities too radical. Now for a majority the public to vote for and supported and show at that point history over and over and over again. Censorship must again when that they can no longer win an election because of what they say is so incredibly extreme and bizarre. That's when the censorship. Begins and source senior now just on a higher sec level and this time at the sensors are not the government this is what's new about this time the sensors are social media. And it Google where all of the information in the world and a debate itself has moved. Now that you. To be so much easier to centers such centers and Joseph when you. You wouldn't allow people to learn how to read. Years ago that the updated and then of course when all you had to control was the print media which was newspapers which is the only form of communication at bats. Early on. You know that that was easy to end and then this darn thing called radio gotten better and and then they figure that we can regulate that as well they can try and then of course when Al Gore invented the Internet. Jo-Jo Jo Wright hasn't contended. You know they knew you've got all that out there but now we have the crony capitalists that are involved in social media platforms that are friends of all the liberal left wing of folks over there in the the opposition party so now they just turned to them for the cranking down the vice of censorship. Reign any all the other pubs simulate if you have members your own party who have left and wanna walk away and they don't wanna go in you you can't have their marching around on national television show. Pat what what you gonna do is take people like brand Straka. Who had long been a leftist. Eight a gay man who started the walkway mad men and he's gonna take his FaceBook account just take it from him and any issues Clinton at the problem is it that he linked. To info wars and Alex Jones. As part of announcing that he was doing an interview with them so that dialogue now is a justification. For taking a FaceBook. Accounts away from you. Late in the weeks before the big or walk away march was due to occur in Washington be where the company you keep yet sega's that's gonna be a problem two weeks we did that Kennedy is embarrassing Democrat party. They don't want anybody know folks are walking away because their violence in their complete. Disinterest in condemning the violence by the members so they just on this risk to suppress this will just an anyway brand is Jack at. Who's now on Twitter complaining about losing his FaceBook account I can't wait to report tomorrow that he's lost his Twitter account that's coming. Is now lust is sort of cap simply for associating. With the wrong person. And he's he's really in her ability to organize the walk away in March he can of course it will. Here's here's what conserving we we've already got banks banking organizations. That are targeting. Pun intended there folks like the NRA young and gun dealers. What happens when we get to a point where maybe the banks decide you know what if you're making donations to political groups we don't agree with we're not gonna do banking business review anymore. All this is coming all of it. All coming. Think it's wears and wears red eye level rip van sessions of their team he's great. He's our I will not investigate December mile. Nom for months now I'm meet with them on September 25. Our dads. Like twelve days from now. Mohawk mountain wow that's so special urgency there's there we are barely see into an election we are watching a video in which the CEOs. You know the the the leaders of Google are vowing to break the law again. By you know doing what hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in in kind contributions still left in order to feed did or the right. They we have emails saying they did they are ready they're vowing to do it again yeah. Super busy doing nothing here at the Justice Department so I guess I did today and connect twelve days. At this says is how have you heard of Well let me a call that. That takes a little bit interesting because if I'm not mistaken almost every single state primary is over wins by the 25. What have they already done these primaries sleep probably forty sum up from the forty got some leftist extreme radical leftist nominated for the Democratic Party nomination. We're going he used artificial intelligence. To keep people from seeing fake name person and force them to see the news. We want really have you seen as the new struck. And page texts have you heard about this yet just come confirms what we already knew. Well let's see it's you're finding it we would have in the last 48 hours strokes attorney the disgraced FBI agents in no no now. That's just a war a right wing conspiracy like Benghazi. Where nobody not even that ambassador died. I insisted they made it up on yet no see I was trying to stop the leaks I was out there is trying to protect charms in a trend protect charms or reputation I had there's not a strategy to leak. And then another set of ads tech's come out. Where they're discussing their leaks he and Lisa page of the Washington Post and the New York Times. Cut and today. Yet all they do was like but here's the crazy part. Neil linkages and ended this is horrifying when you look at it you've got FBI agents. Who know the dossier is fake who know the evidence against trump. In diesel collision thing is fake they know it. And so they're they're literally colluding to go out there. And not just criminally assassinate the president under false present has but decreed a whole narrative they know is they. So it's not good nap she just to go after him in a criminal sense they have to destroy him in the media to. And they do the whole time know what they're telling and what they're leaking to the media is false casino they had to fake. The evidence up. And they don't care. And it when Elisa would mark meadows has is where is about to get really interesting he's. You know got access to the un redacted in self he was on Fox News last night represented a barn man as Lisa listen. We we we know they weren't talking. Their did struggle page come meet the leaders of the FBI we're talking to all of these reporters we know where reporters they were talking to. We do need to reveal this week we know that James Connolly we know that Andrew McCain Elaine we know that actually have. Peter struck at least eight page oh lead we also know that the reporters that they Linkedin know that they really did. They got the names. Now again and you listen we've gotten gains we've got actually reporters' names. I believe that Joseph amiably journals and love Obama mussels these same reporters court correcting their record yesterday's it was so unbelievable at the last imposing New York Times. All she knows struck no he wasn't leaking it about and he wasn't doing that he was leaking to the wash imports than your returns we now now. And they're out there yesterday denying taking his lawyers here's a singer known and he he wasn't the one who leaked he wants. Every day this text about it. Congressional members know about. So I mean well I mean you're you're a totals a character assassination nearly of trump. By the FBI that the top people in the FBI the Obama administration yea your right you keep reminding me I keep forgetting about Obama. The CN know anything he's just he's not his fault. I. Sure and you do personally is now we know with the insurance policy entailed a week not just fake evidence not just to frame up job that wasn't good enough they had to destroy him an immediate hit. This whole Russian narrative created by these people fake fake fake. And now the media is lying. About who leap to them about in an effort to cover up for the FBI. But don't worry Google's gonna decide what news Israel I have a feeling it's gonna be these people's news that is dubbed as real. Think. Well. I do like a 1984 point two. Some irate that. Yeah you have to make it up you don't even need six you could just write about what's going on today now. Good earning 803 for seven 63 Tex signed 71 and it's 307. Ari gonna jump ahead at CU. Alec unanimous skip that. Right urea. Add to the 600 now we know what Obama meant when he said he was going to fundamentally change America looks like all the help he. Had and still looks look at all the help he had and still have its bit strange alt. All right nobody else will say I will I'm sorry Richard Nixon for prosecuting you for all those tapes. For spying on that the Democrats. We may have. But as Skinner they didn't completely divorce Watergate and is breaking all around us and the media is pretending like it's not happening. Tester is ripped could try face time LO well. No we've got to wait twelve tees. Yet twelve days to have a talk about whether we're gonna do anything about Google. Monkeying in our election. In a way that is completely illegal yeah not a waste enough times that we can get the election and give them plenty of time to steal it. Illegally with in kind donations that's that's Jeff Sessions right now. Ainge says it this was going line and a Democrats were victims of acts by Google. OK as a Democrat administration we find out that Google. Am I said they don't like to left and so they're gonna use artificial intelligence to suppress. The left wing that would and there are going to be. I using artificial intelligence to targets right wingers in swing states and work with they're ray wing. Compatriots to get him right suppose it was going on. This is so he can you know see what should be Glen it would it would happen. Okay this story broke on Tucker Carlson on Fox News on Monday. Is Thursday by now we would have had. A huge press conference. Or be Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer front senator Chuck Schumer have those you know spectacles in the business like you is dozens watched and compress it a falloff things are going to hit the floor. And they would be raging and they would be screaming about our democracy. And they would be screaming about collusion. And you know messing with elections. And a series before it you aren't you seen me FBI pull up in front of Google. Wherever that is and you would be treated to video on your television screen MM. Walking and a good I don't they do anywhere and they don't really walk I would boxes anymore today that used to be the way they Rooney politically. Maggie as he done anything lace their relatives walkout would boxes like you know when they got McConnell those boxes. Sit in the market outlook like hard drives something out of Google. And you see the FBI there needed Hellman use. You know all all of that they knew these drones as these Jones announced that a helicopter training be hovering over his feet. You know FBI took hard drives at Google. And the CEOs of Google would be on the hot seat. Lisa page Peter sharp would have long since spent indict. And would be well on their way to prison. That's Oregon is going begun and if there would be kicking in the doors of Google as we speak. The SEC. As Federer election commission would've lost is when this broke on Monday would have long since have done a press conference. About their investigation. Bomb in you campaign finance. Air new illegal violations that would have been I mean difference there right there I'm we would be engaged in a nationwide conversation. About evil corporate tech monopolies. Sources very greedy and way too rich anyway. Aum you know trying to manipulate political contest would be guess where this could be it couldn't it would be no other short but. And look where we are. Meanwhile this is insane listen to a duel justice. What struck accused of doing. While he could with the Russians how to we know that we don't but if we sir our shot up will find it. He clearly Russians to influence. The election. And can influence the alleged that he complete. With the foreign neck like an adversary like an enemy of ours yet. Ha. I mean you like this. Kerry headline Kerry meeting would Iran chooses is in need. Have Washington Phoebe can carry meeting with Iran to salvage new deal with rogue diplomacy. So carries a dare. Admitting yeah primary and my BA State Department designated safe sponsored terror a name you know they might have they killed a lot of our guys and her act but not there Rossum and Ivan is sitting down with dumb and trying to salvage the nuclear deal. Let's working against your own president sir that's against the law. You can't conduct your own diplomacy we have laws against that. And this is a whole problem with my client. They got him on allegedly lying to the FB LO that might have been lied to they lie about everything. We'll be talking in Russia this will Wear the transition and in team we dirty been elected we're supposed to talk the Russians in the polish. And the Peruvians in all of that. Now I know you but no they arrest you can't talk to sit Kerry is talking to a rant connecting his own diplomacy. Bomb in opposition to the president. It's against the law I mean on the books anyway. What they screamed about with president truck. Kerry in an interview with radio host and with the the radios to add to promote his Cuba. Met with the Iranian foreign minister divided Sharif the former I secretaries one time negotiating partner three or four times in recent months. Tonnage from the administration's back. In your four times carries if this is exactly. What they're falsely accusing trump us. Can't find any evidence have to manufacture the evidence carries out there doing it. Casually telling people yen in these states sponsored terror but Eminem and I would nominee at the reticent and pallets cash how bad can be yeah I'm working under my. Our president I'm conducting Aaron my hand diplomacy. Which again is illegal as the media explained was over and over and over and over and over. When talking about why trying to need to be investigated. Has allegedly debuted dig deep breath you're gonna find that rushing to next. Turns out they're doing it in everybody's faces John Kerry former secretaries in and he cares. Nobody cares. Mean state sponsored terror rate. We went should have but he with the Taliban away I'm on the right side of the dial. IMac can get away without a go to prison. And the media's got to be loving this hurricane too because it helps them cover up balls as they can just. You know ignoring it and just pretend it's not going meanwhile. Meanwhile about a late you can now get a birth certificate in New York with just the next where the gender is. Which is really Guinea because if you know as exhibited babies born we are any and knowing can say what gender of the baby is a birth anyways the babies born easily be there is next. And you can now on change your gender without a note from your doctor. So this great and is still like. Is increasing you know say you wanna get in the air on a scholarship for females for college you can identify as a theme of the event. Like say you wanna go back to being naked change at least what every shred no need change just yell according to how are you feel. I don't do it every week. So that's going on. I saw the wheels are coming up this fast saying to see what happens in the mid terms is it not. And her. Going. To vote for these people may they are I don't know. A letter that violent leftist that attempted to murder the GOP candidate with a switch blade nobody cares about that. You're CNN hasn't done that story at all. He's been released on them. He's on bail. Hey let me she can starve children and train them to murder people in terror attacks. And unveiled. A tense sue. Murder a GOP congressional candidate. Shrugged shoulders out on bail. So display didn't deploy correctly so I didn't get to stabbing to death I don't try again Alabama. A dangerous this is already know it's their Republican candidate who is a danger to society. Can you imagine. If one of us tried to stab to death. A left wing candidate while screaming about how Barack Obama is legal is is liberal. And bad. As this guy screened about trump well he tried to stab this GOP candidates it and and any gag that release time bet he did judge would be vilified. Destroyed he called racists. The outrage after. You can't even imagine but you know they wish to go Republican. An as a good thing so CNN isn't covering. Well you like he would this store and keep up with Waffle House and he heard about this. Waffle house on yellow I don't know it's it's a great barometer as they get that lawful radar. Yeah again it all still Waffle House says the ice storm center really and they have their own storms and he had to monitor impending dangerous weather. Kind easier Waffle House they and they make a decision whether to leave their locations open an opinion up pretty much be the only thing left don't really know yes. They do. Mom. And ends in show FEMA began to partner with Waffle House because it in ended up being a really good barometer. Of you know how severe the weather would be McEvoy Waffle House would close the barometric lawful pressure the waffle pressure. After several Waffle House locations closed or were serving only eliminate many in 2004 when hurricane. Charlie hit Florida FEMA officials noted the severity of the storm damage based on the fact that she'd never closes. If you get there and the Waffle House is closed that's really bad except what. This probably the apocalypse. And you said that if you get there are no Waffle House is closed that's really bad history go to work. Then FEMA are administrator Craig few gates said. That's a successfully at the same FEMA director is what is so busy administrator. So what does is monitoring the impending dangers whether by activating its storm's center. Nom and a popular George based diner chain renowned for its 24 hour service 365 year has an emergency routine that's so well regarded. The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA. I'm unofficially uses the restaurants status as an indicator for the severity of the natural disaster. So I guess we should check and see if the Waffle House in Wilmington and rights will be Ichiro open. Chris called to see ya comment a lot of most of my look like a pickle. Annika ankle so anyway yet demon and human app partners with Waffle House. And they're storm monitoring center which by the way Waffle House news tweeting out a picture. Other storm monitoring center it's impressive actually they've got a kind of monitors people sitting around a very important looking wood desk. I guess smothered and still in my heavenly meaning that there is no waffles. Or bacon. Well even hash brown idea with the lack of waffles but bacon that's that's and that's a deal breaker I'm sorry I don't care but the waffles I'm I'm I'm their for the hash browns in the bacon and then I leave and I don't even need this does the serve be stuffed. So anyway. Com yes it did today as it's going on. Endo we will keep you posted you know arrested today and tomorrow about you know what the storm means for the SA but it looks like for the most part I think we dodged a the storm bullet here in in the NC I mean it's marine. Yup. Only a good bit of rain in and some you know significant win on Timmy and it's the term at least thirty miles an hour possibly and that's enough to. If what we have a significant amount of rain and it done this you know one of your meteorologist on bodies there was talking earlier in the show. With them soggy ground in the wind trees toppled and then power lines come down and that's not a good thing. Right and he was saying that you know. Thank you minute really is it too but you know we're in the wake of Gordon stills we had a pretty good rain in the day as well bomb then so you know just comes down to how much. What are can the soil and a but you know we are gonna be much better off than a lot of folks not too far from a south. With all night yeah yeah meanwhile I'd truck sat truck slapped an executive order to slap sanctions on foreign election medal Ers. When you have a sanctions a line in the domestic and stick that election really know Kim handlers out. You know on what I so our reporter earlier this morning on Fox News it was about the the Russians in their intrusions into airspace which they've been doing for a lot of times that's. It's not really news some notes one of them that is in succumb but it in terms of that the frequency in and the ramp up of Russian activity. Hasn't been seen since the early eighties when we were actually in the cold war in you know I thought I. Heard it an effort to my computers condoms so many times today I can't I can't even get to the audio and mark given up. Com but but it was remarkable because you know what we we took a country that head fallen down off the radar and in you know in terms of threat list. In a look at Obama you know into the eighties called me and you know the decade come they you know they want their what villain backer when every said. And we've we we are now back edge at least from them 1980s level. Of an action from them in an Al Blaine. I mean they're being falsely accused. Of meddling in in our election by people who are planting narratives left in Moret. I did they had to manufacture evidence to create including the FBI and the DOJ can imagine being Russia and hearing their rhetoric coming from this country. Well right now I don't have a lot assembly forum but you know what I mean not lessen his sympathy. And word games. You know you be you know well these people are gonna lose it and attack us. At some point we were both nuclear armed countries. You can see why they're doing what they're doing. We would be terrified if the Russians. You know completely went crackpot. And started obsessing with the idea that we had metal in their election and we were colluding with candidates in all of this kind of stuff with god. Stuff on their border and more intimidating them and now trump slapping executive orders. You know while their own Intel agencies. Are you know making literally making up narratives. And it is star salute it would look to me if I were Russian. Like they were getting ready to engineer to gin up a fake war. For whatever reason wag the dog wag the dog and I know when so you know when you see we haven't seen this level on since the 1980s is. They're going on fox this morning yet of course not. We're live nearly menacing the world's other nuclear. Power. Because some folks are mad Hillary and went. It's not now. At least they're still playing those old turboprop. Russian bear bombers that I think anywhere you don't pick our training aircraft can keep up with the so. Jack I meant and that's nothing but show because number one. These days there is not going to be a strategic Intercontinental ballistic bombing on a bomber coming across the skies to attack a country it is going to be a missile. Yeah it is going to be probably one of those hypersonic missiles like keep bragging about that they say they've gotten an answer surely do. So you know this the sole PR stunt we do it to them you know. We we fly you reconnaissance missions. All of their their coast of alexion and other areas they're and they. They buzz our aircraft I mean this is this is the game that we both play. Ominous partially were ramping this back up when we could be focusing on China and other you know are real and please tell me about it just it's ridiculous. And that where you know we're we're trying to construct a war at a nothing. On or at least a threat at a nothing and they are responding as as I can and can't blame him for doing it. Again and these are not innocent people are good people I'm not saying that and but did you know you don't go poke the Diana I who has a nuclear weapon. Either you know I mean if you construct a Willis still in Vietnam or something for every action there is an opposite in the things re exactly that's what I'm saying and and that whether that ever whether that action is diplomatic monetary or military. There's going to be your reaction to damp. Om and there seems to be like absolutely no concern out of Washington for this. Now while I am Russia for what they did. And windy again. I got big they had yet to prove the Kremlin did any of that Sam we've got people who come over here and you know spent a couple thousand bucks. You know amplifying some stuff in swing states. You know a couple thousand dollars. Per state. Then you got Obama taking his head up out of the sand against talking about how trump is. You know disparaging our allies know he's getting our ballot trumps getting our allies to act like allies. Yeah you would expect an ally. Not to put a higher terra phone your products going into their country then what we'd put on their products coming in our country that's what an ally would do. So. It's just. I don't know all the stuff that true Obama keeps coming up with missiles went about you know that crazy bin Gaza conspiracy thing Ullman in just don't get me started again. Did you hear this anyway you know Jason. Erased or anyone and he and I did notice he was the first congress member. To go over to bring Ghazi after the whole thing happened to him do you and it Chris I'm Toronto the hero thing Ghazi and the other guys who were there many analyze. We're ditched a buyer government in Germany. Had their security clearances stripped from them. As sticky and get jobs that's supposed to be atrocity I saw something about CNN I have not been able to follow up and see if that's verified yet know it is I had them they had to get their own flights back to from those from yesterday to the US is there they would not paid a fly him back they had a putt to fly themselves back. Bomb and then now I'm they had their when they arrived they realize their security clearances were sure they were all working as contractors rate so that meant that they were then unemployable. They've lost their line aware if that doesn't show. The complicity of the Obama administration. In that whole fear nothing well. Now are whether it you know whether securities declares is were stripped because as a terrorist attacked and began killing people. They were told to stand down and others not fight just yelled go and die like be ambassadors commencement and they refused to they refused to order. Com and Obama went to bank is hitting care. Com but. But but yes I mean all that go an online bomb and they they get stranded in Germany and it's. Com Jason. When he went there. After Ben Ghazi it's just it's crazy. Chris is that does it 3000 dollars a year eating out and grabbing that coffee according to a new. Study. We need an average 2.4 times we can grab drinks and copiers ladies at 2.5. Times a week so we added all up about trying to rosy year. At restaurants and copy shops. Which means the last five years you've dropped about 141000 bucks on the 141600. Which means you can about a Hyundai. For the money on that now he was spent some of that anyway home. They don't include that it's still. It does end up being out Tracy the convenience. But I you know I had to laugh at this want to. Net new study found that we subconsciously graphic I sister with you subconsciously gravitate toward being relationships. With people who look. Like our parents. And the most common things you sniff another would have in common with your mommy your dad who are eye color and hair color. It's little creepy. Many tend to gravitate toward women who look like their mother. And women that went for guys who look like their father. Today it's true for me my husband doesn't look like either my parents. Al. That you fear. The republic your significant other. I'll let you know I used I do fun of people look like they're dogs. They really do look Clinton dogs. What are you looking at me once and let's assume dog Niger had yes your YouTube does it look like you. Now. He went on. And then bring her to lose to Clinton she was it dog it would look like I would it. C'mon don't take that apart and attacks on text your race. News flash. Could. Did occur accuse us of meddling in his election and blamed it on Hillary that's what he did all he could herder in 26 feet. The suns in Yemen that. Now we have mincing yemenis that. I've been looking forward to seeing the evidence on that we haven't seen. May get some indictments. But that's all we got to estranged parent is so I think being a Waffle House always lasts longer than any hurricane. Tech series. Russia. Should hack away and disguises the US intelligence agency to be immune from prosecution. Why Russia should hack away and disguised as US until agencies seem to be immune from any press I might get it. Yeah. No matter who does it they're gonna say is the Russians so Dexter is it's or have you heard. Mom. My ran again. Out Teradata was also weighed two point six. Mega earthquake in McCormick this morning we are doomed Sosa's tall. In Greeneville. Can we McCormick. Center around here. As so many little Hudson homeless around you're never heard of that before. Tester should they screen and I carried that I'd disarray it's. I identify as a Golden Retriever and Spartanburg refuses to change my birth certificate I'm also not allowed it in the dog park anymore. That makes me sad. It was you and your on the cutting edge buddy. You know you what right now she shared with what you know and you can and you could identify racially is well no I just the 34 years. UB. A U lineup that's in dog years or human years. Are you disagree yet to that would be like twenty years would. In actual human you know your four years in human years. You know be able to identify as a dog everybody around you is going to have to except at maybe even barking just that's that you want. Just wait. Dexter is a John Heinz Kerry should be investigated for sedition and very least. How is he getting away with this he's blamed for the right team now mosquitoes. I'd text your race. I am a business up north I may white male but now identify as a minority woman so I can get government contract. Tax cut didn't. Dole it is. I'm surprised no one has tried this. No pieces government contract knee and you talk of a minority contractors. Who have yourself a transgender person put but I'm in charge your crew. I would sunny you know whatever you need. You just you know what every need. Dexter raised lady justice is removed to blindfold and now has two sets of scales only god knows how bad this is god I don't winner yet. This stuff comes out. Every day. I Dexter race. Hey Terry did you see that last Jason Bourne movie. Which woods. Title Jason Bourne 2016 is not watch because everything Medco is going on a real life was shown in the I don't this isn't remotely. There are living. And finally tech stories are right nobody else was emissary Richard Nixon for prosecuting you for all of those tapes in spying on the Democrats. Yet he get a full pardon. And thank. Instead I just based on the standards today an operation a Democrat party in the FBI. You just demand ahead of his time that's all it was on the cutting edge it was misunderstood.