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Wednesday, September 19th
Kavanaugh accuser says she won’t testify until the FBI investigates; “Lawnmower parenting” consists of mowing down anyone who gets in their kids’ way; Democrats trying to weaponize the FBI

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The attorneys for Christine Rossi forty initially said she was prepared and willing to testify that she was sexually assaulted by Brent Cavanaugh more than 35 years ago. But now they say she won't testify until the FBI investigates the allegations. It's a senators who have come forward and said they wanna treat the seriously. Mean that then they'll. They'll have an investigation and she's not prepared to talk with them at a hearing. On Monday they shouldn't be a rush to a hearing. The Senate Judiciary Committee scheduled a hearing for Monday for both Ford and just cabin on it testify but Ford attorneys say an investigation will ensure. That the crucial facts in the case are assessed in a nonpartisan manner come home chairman Chuck Grassley is pushing back on that saying in a statement. Doctor Ford's testimony will reflect her personal knowledge in memory of events. Nothing the FBI or any other investigator does what have any bearing on what doctor Ford tells the committee so there's no reason to go any further delay. Circus. Now. What a circuit. That's so trains parent outs that mrs. it is ridiculous. This is an embarrassing. It really is it's embarrassing. I mean this is just. This is just paper thing and it's it's ridiculous. I mean OK with what we're essentially are arguing here. Is that the FBI bomb it is charity tempting to use that establish that the FBI has a de facto veto on who gets to be the president. That there really literally acting like a fourth French government and and now we're trying to establish what that the FBI get TV show. On hid the Supreme Court justices are I mean they depict add to do we can't do anything without the FBI can't move powered Dan had get everybody's got to be investigated. Bomb an and it was clear you know Lee if Democrats were asking. For the hill worry investigated standard here where they on cleared Brett have enough for weeks you don't. Before she even came powered right palm without even hearing any attacks or talking any witnesses or if they're requesting the Hillary be the be trumped. Investigation standard where we. Make up evidence in order to get inside the organization came in from the process. Because we wanna be show a thorough that if we have to commit fraud to get in the process boy will break the law to make sure justices upheld. Make that doesn't make any sense does it I'm I'm sure wish standard they're asking for your enemy if they if there might except to Harris you know then we're done I'll just read a memo. Talk to no one look at nothing investigate nothing in it were finished. And then maybe. Meet with these the accusers some spouse or partner. On a plane somewhere in discuss that tissue on the tarmac at separately right not under oath or anything then talk about tell the grandkids and gulf sure sure when that. It's really Fred. FBI. It's really out Mary that able ill really scare me. If this goes beyond the usual partisans does she you know really get any usual Democrat. To deny that this you know two to admit rather that this is not a completely transparent. You know was opportunity for them to try to block a nomination that they're very concerned about could cause of one issue that's abortion. I you're not gonna get them to admit that but if you start this year. Hmmm some of the wimpy moderate Republicans and some independents who claim that they are neither Democrat or a Republican and they have no allegiance to any part whatsoever. If you see some of them starting to believe this in this being concerned. Then then Al Gore because that is becoming effective it may not be true it may not be accurate and I do not think it is for 12 here. But does forces accusations are concerned but I if those people are beginning to be impacted then this could have an impact on the election a wait a minute and we're trying to influence an election year. Yeah absolutely. And pretend otherwise is complete it is it is a complete lie and and I did as did visit dessert credible accuser behavior. Like this health center. Law enforcement official tells Fox News it is totally inappropriate for someone to demand a federal investigation into 35 year old allegations when Rossi forward. Won't go wonder both. And can't remember key details such as a win a point where the alleged assault occurred. But Democrats are also now demanding an investigation into delayed on judge capitals confirmation vote. Yeah I think you even the possum kingdom police department would tell you know there's this there's not a chance of that happening that's just a. Move along here ironically I actually trust the possum kingdom police department to investigate this. More than I would trust the FBI or anyone on Capitol Hill. A tin ear to them and get it done and now they get it done by Monday I betcha. Not too hard let's see she won't go under us or sit downturn and be sure to answer any questions she's got nothing dissect. Here now it's awesome when you fly know a police report yeah give us a call right where movement on. I did this just didn't that is the level of ridiculous and is. Once a hurl accusations from behind her lawyer. Won't come out in public to talk about it. Won't sit down with the committee did talk about it refuses to go under road that's a real confidence inspiring thing right there. You know I mean this it happened to me I would be telling everybody you would listen underwrote not under oath whatever you need. And this is somebody who basically gave information to any senator in July. Right. And now two weeks after her weaker so after this is our come to light and has been put out there at the last second. Is not willing to talk to investigators. In the next you know. 56 days. About something that happened 35 years ago. The commitment this is all you can even hear with the way her attorney. Is talking now is all about the light that's the only thing going on here takes sixty days to clear one of these guys. Armored background checks and everything that has to be dying getting everybody information and they have no way to clear another candidates. For the Supreme Court before the mid terms that's. All that's going on here and it is grossly unfair to Brent Cavanaugh that his reputation has been smeared this way by a person who does not want to go. Under oath. And will not even sit down and talk to the committee behind closed doors and and what do we have a house committee on house ethics committee meeting about Doug congressman Keith Ellison and his accuser and how she's being treated and see if she's willing to talk Monday on Bob at our house ethics committee may have some time. You allege you she's looking for anybody will listen to her. I do how absurd this is. With with okay Keith Ellison. Is the number two in leadership in the Democrat party play yesterday the number one in leadership the Democrat party has the DNC Tom breast came out to mail to. That we have a hearing on this and an FBI Andre has investigation everything we stopped. And for the for the investigation. And all of that okay. Mr. Peres is number two in charge is representative Keith Ellison his then. Accused him by his former living girlfriend of domestic violence not just by the the girlfriend but by the girlfriend's son. Who. You know has seen the videos of his mom being dragged by her feet off the bed dumped on the floor. You know just didn't you know by basically body slammed down the pharmacist and I think allegedly that Keith Ellison does now she. And lights the Cavanaugh accuser told four contemporaries about it has affidavits from them. And get this she also told her therapist about it extensively when she got counseling from her therapist for recovering from domestic violence. And the therapist. Has released her notes and records of these multiple therapy sessions. Dealing with a break up with Keith Ellison and you know dealing with her getting him getting past the violence not accepting that kind of men who like to get. She making it up I have no idea but these two cases are exactly similar. This did this accuser Keith Ellison has. More documentation and the accuser bread cab knock. And nobody wants to do anything about it's not only that though the Democrats are going out of the way to smear her social media and in the news. She says that she and our Irina she is a party faithful Democrat. She she is he or she is drinking the cool lady she's down for the struggle she says she's tried to get people in the party believers they will not. And she said they have tried to intimidate me and shut me up. Can you imagine if. Each user Cavanaugh said oh Republicans have tried to intimidate me and shut me up people would go wild. OK so I guess if your Democrat man there are other upsides to slap you O'Meara only one rain apparently so yes and then nobody cares. I don't January congress and my other ranking member and topic in a while they are Democratic National Committee with taxpayer Eminem yes do that. From heat. She is ever paid off with taxpayer money occasionally I have to sign a form to get to cash you know yes it did not been telling. She's telling people so maybe she didn't take cat she knew there was a cash payout. She could've gotten. I'm sure. I'm sure congressman Ellison have won those fat cats Democrat donors be able to slot him a little cash from the table or willing to Europe and in addition issue beyond doubt that they don't care about women than a Caroline being beaten I don't care about women being beaten by their own man. They don't care doesn't match you only counts as a human being. If you are useful if you're the opposite of useful you just don't count. Are you helicopter parent or maybe you're Wallis so yesterday. The new and I can't imagine the generation of kids this is gonna produced the new kid did you trends and parenting your children. One lower parenting having heard this. This according to ABC news or my Beecher that's one parents. Know Alan. Any person or obstacle to my keep their kids from having the best life possible. No helicopter parity has been huge the last you know what decade or so but jam up for a lot of parents say you know hovering over their kids is not good enough. Sinister turn for even more extreme method a parenting. It's become a big trend today one more apparent to you oh we hear about this every time I talk about this mission you know what I get I get texts. Thrall month employers. Managers employer's business owners in our audience about coming to the day I cannot go to the hiring process now for the. Parents. The touch and neither emailing me what is Johnny need to follow up I. And you know I talked to the am. Management of the camp. That my son attended just talking to assignment like amazing job they did. Running it. And we got to talking to them and they're not talking about how we find these wonderful counselor because most of them are are in their late teens early twenties maybe and just the most impressive group of young people I've seen in a long time. And they said why don't we came out in one way we need to Madison one judge is apparent contact just during the process of them applying the dot. They are done. So little just not their fault if mom intervened. By you know that I have mama only she. These parents need to parents will go and apply for them and say Johnny doesn't have time to fill up epic as I could not remember anybody doing that grown up. Anyway itself. A spokesman Tim. I seen this from a couple of teachers I don't have you seen a secure parents interacting with teachers Turkey's sensed it picked picked up on it. But she teachers are. Hesitant. They can they be kind of brace when they have to tell parents. At your child did something bad or your child might not be into my class or what it's like they just they brace. For the blowback. Now it is the child. That's the child to the parent. I was since she was at DM open house in and I seen as with many teachers. I was at the open house for mine for the crash. As you know crashes captain. And so we've had a straight no crash on a couple of occasions he straightens up pretty nicely when he sat down and talked to him. On so that to the teacher was saying as she's made it out in M made made and a comment to another parent to. Was their fur for the open house I was standing their DN waiting to talk to about some stuff. And down about says she had problems with some occasions throughout his class is a great class but there's he had his 45 of the manner in deed I they're they're practically at a control American electric. As used describing some stuff they were doing. And when she was done talking to me into what she's doing a one of the kids he she she's the youngest in the sale has got a lot of those sisters is like and I N Atlanta was arrested. As momma son is. This is genocide. As my sons on any that she kind of went like she kind of just braced up Blake. Mean. You know what I mean like I guess I'd tell you don't see an additional Elliott. If there's a discipline problem you almost can't go to the bears because they would blame it on you. They would come at you. I had several teachers telling not only you know little apparent there was discipline from the economy they went to the management to clay. About me. Because my kid was out of control on the class. Passive listen. It's not me. None are has now we are the regime we role of an iron fist. If there is ever the slightest problem with my child please let me know and I will straighten him out. Immediately which means I'm going to Rambo local and he'll straighten out and immediately. Which is a fearsome thing. He does Gary does much better than I do scary month. But down. But yeah I but IC says added to these teachers are afraid to go to parents now because then an elegant explosion are gonna get. She appreciated that by the way wasn't my son. She says no he's great he's been a leader in the class slick we took Chris ash. And who last year when shall behold cafeteria here and a superhero underwear he didn't know he was in kindergarten. He thought they were Cooley wanted to she'd just gotten for Christmas he wanted to show everybody and Nat appropriately problems after Bannister announced he would probably had last year. But he's a clown I know how he has. So I stay on. Text your right eye towards how I mops. Is even more extreme than tiger money. Sure it's one hour parent should be a psychological diagnosis I agree with that. Texture is reasonable prosecutor could would bring criminal charges against Clinton her I mean Katerina. Fill in the blank there rate ticks your race. I can't read that gesture is here I attempt to care are. And terror and lead pretending CB Ellis in domestic violence case which is actually crime why are not a local authorities investigating cry. Is it in a democratic city it is or county and they want investigated I don't understand that. You must not have been listening to the show for very long welcome. It's exactly how it works in empress justices Stults then investigated and handed out according to partisan affiliation. Ron affiliation. No crack text erased or does it surprise anyone. That Keith Ellison likes to beat his women. Aren't sure yet here we got tester is why one RS Nelson's sound like Arab money grabs. His uncanny. The parallels. Between Cavanaugh accuser case she's demanding and let the Democrats are demanding that the FBI investigate. Before she testified. She did is a hostage situation but if she doesn't get to testify. The they're not hearing out the woman because of sexist but she refuses to testify I want Eleanor wrote Angela's an FBI investigation. To hijacking. As a ransom situation. Brilliant I don't know wish our side would spend even five minutes trying to cook is kinda stuff. I am amazed I'm continually amazed by the just the high level intelligence strategy on the left side as as absurd ridiculous as it is. So right now is literally demanding the FBI investigate this woman. At the same time they're ignoring. The abuse victim of Keith Ellison who has identical documentation she went for a long time to a therapist about the beatings by Keith. I'm here trying to get out of the slate does she was in a allowing men to beat her. And hooking up with those same kinds man again and again in many women deal with that. Who bend vested violence victims. So where speed DB where the hands of the FBI investigate Keith Ellison. I sell be date of the whip in the halls of congress. I'm worried I'm concerned right is that not the proper thing to be at this point according bless. Then again. He's Keith Ellison know I don't nano. We're up drive a woman off a bridge in the back of his car and couldn't swim and then that a calling. Police to come getter just left there to die drama would care about that either. Probably not those big shoes to fill me. Teddy Kennedy was lauded as a hero after he did that that's. Called manslaughter in many states but he's Democrats have nobody cares. T this. Feinstein who brought this forward to senator says she even vouch for whether Christine forged telling the truth that Cavanaugh. This is a woman and I really believe he's been profoundly impacted by this. Now I can't say everything's too so I don't know. Let's like she's been profoundly impacted. She could be lying meego. But she's been profoundly impacted. I'd this is unbelievable. It is it's unbelievable. Listen to this. You just waking up this morning did did this spread cat lapping his garden to the level of complete just did to just utter utter absurdity. Christine placing Ford. Posse out of and a whenever. Demands to be hurt. The Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley does okay. Come testify on Monday we believe formally invite you. She's is now says are turning out to say that she will not testify. Until the FBR a does a thorough investigation. Jackie do. When they ask too why she's not doing it. Her attorney claims that they were trying to make Ford testify at the same table as Cavanaugh. And that would have to let this is the statement from the ain't. Column heard turned to her her rapper turned. While doctor Ford's likeness was being turned upside down you and your staff scheduled a public hearing for her to testify. At this same table as judge Cavanaugh and front and at least two US senator two dozen US senators on national television to relive the traumatic and harrowing illness an incident. Does she says yeah they schedule meter appeared to same time as him I'd have to see him again. And Abd I can't do that. Spokesperson for Grassley senator Chuck Grassley said that is absolutely false they were never test they were never scheduled to testify. As sitting at the same table or at the same time. The supreme bold and very inaccurate assumption. Professor Ford and judge Kevin how we're never going to testify. On the same chain panel. At the same table. So she tried dad first and now she's in I can't add FBI investigation. I say let's still. And we we want a Hillary investigation. Where they cleared her three months ago. Without talking any witness is putting her under a third choice she's refusing to go under oath to. That's so very confidence inspiring right that that is exactly how he victim who just wants to be heard behaves is not. It's okay you have to realize. Now this counseled Sergey your product or your Henneberg nor why on earth are we the most news woman who are we talking about. You have to realize the propaganda they using on the other side they keep their followers there listeners and their viewers dot that is their job. They're not charging you anymore we allies Fox News we know what's going on the country. They're job I keep the mission I more and more fascinated watching them every day I been watching more and more mainstream media. I used only Doolittle. So what I could take. No I just I'm when. It's almost emotional b.'s. Broadcast. The air job literature they had so much content for their Buick their job is to keep half of America's stupid. Literally out of form should you watch the more of their news you watch the dumber you get. If you don't watch anything at all and you don't watch news. You're better off. Then having watched these people for you know weeks months years. Because if you did you have so much they can false information your entire world view is been skewed you would be better off to just turn in his off. Never watch it in that never read it and then just don't vote you you would do better for the country and yourself. Listen it's kind of thing that's being more rhino wall to wall on mainstream media television. Of course about early senator does says senator may easy. Her Rona and wide men should just shut up. About this did you shut up. I could do the talking. Digg user won't testify. Once testify in Europe and won't show up. I was the lead talking but meta supposed to show up shut up for some reason and she's not talking and who's gonna be talking. Of course it helps set their women on that committee but you know what I expect amendments. In this country and the men in this committee and many of them beat me because we are signed on to this letter. Two demand an FBI investigation that really. I guess is perpetuating all of these kinds of leg action is some men in this country and I just Thomas into the man in this country just shut up and step up. What do I think that unfortunate okay is similar. Mindset I miss you know the unfairness of the and fairness. But this week. The Democrat parties mid term message to men honestly. Guess is perpetuating all of these guys are next actions is some men in this country and I just Tomas in an amended this country just shut up and step up. What do I think just like test OK just get my little. Upset I'd miss you know the unfairness of the. She'd amid tense Rasheed and be heard and then refuses to truck. When given the opportunity question mark well then that's Siena poll I don't rational and logical environments yes it would be. We're not in national environment because half the country is systematically. Lied to a daily basis about what's going on here. That's where all this is comes in rows of why is this obvious we're here she won't she wants to do this dog she once John tells her side we don't was confirmed now have to country doesn't know. Two thirds of what I just told you last 45 minutes. And so confusion ensues. You really angry don't even understand what they're angry about that's a job the mainstream media. Taxer race she's supposedly so terrified Cavanaugh that you can't stand to look at him but she's followed his career and protest meant end. Something closely. Who's scorned do. Big question. Gestures a bit of endemic Democrats are vying witnesses as we speak to corroborate Ford's Collins yet wait for that that's coming. District Ellison's K Alison this case is him out of the local police first not congress. Once he's rest that I ensure congress will take action. Cavanaugh is different. It's congress' job to advise and consent on life. A lifetime appointment to the Supreme. Court. What did you know now we know no no no no not why. Is. What why do what they did. The Cavanaugh situation not be a matter for local police. The FBI has already said there's a federal crime you. What I eyes I don't see the day I don't see the difference. This guy is if if if if Ellison was just some guy that would be one thing he's not easy number two in leadership in the Democrat party. He controls the direction. Of the party. That rig the election. So that Bernie Sanders. Would lose my coin tosses went became statistically impossible that Hillary kept winning them you'll remember that. I mean. It was source in the patriots. Stats but Charles statistical also statistically impossible. It was it was like it was insane. So you you think having a guy like Palestinian charge. Of a party that's you know leadership admits they rigged to primary so you all could now have a say. What this cab Russia cannot look blues this Lieberman out leadership to be taught and love the double standard I love it yeah about you Charles. You don't care about women do you know I just brush that off from a local plea that matter. And had a good news is it's one thing Iran. Which means by noon today even halfway through your week which means your halfway to the weekend which is awesome so there's always that to look forward to erect. Texture is according yeah this lady's allegation against Cavanaugh is totally staged just wait until the next woman comes soured. It's going to be a chain reaction the Democrats have staged. They're just waiting to see had slaves allegation unfolds and how long they can delay cabin Oz confirmation. And the next woman will come forward. And as exact as yet you come forward now menu participants face a thing you can go to immediate Tory ME famous. We have instant fame probably money. Got accounting. This all about delay again it takes sixty deciding need to know the method takes it about sixty days to background check candidate. Arm over a thousand questions were submitted to Cavanaugh an answer the mall. I mean yeah it's it's palace have it been six FBI background check all that kind of stuff takes sixty days they know. If they can scuttle this nomination. Com they can hold off the Supreme Court nomination com while they have a chance to take the senate now think about this terminate okay. If the Democrats note the cabin not nomination is scuttled. What are they gonna do in huge numbers turn out. Because the message will quickly reverberate in the primary we have to take descendant. To block a trump nominee on the Supreme Court. I guarantee they Marty got talking points ready to go on next. That is a huge turnout tool for that. To see this is not just about now what women should be believed I don't get caught up in them the mocking message that. Itself may. Don't bother wasting mental energy on our you need to understand is sixty days I tell you need to understand because this check into that they can peel off. 23 GOP does salt intake and got debug daily Jeff flake flank that won't be hard Susan Collins. People like that. You peel off three of those votes guess what cannot go stunt planes. And does not time to continue led to confirm another one before the election now you got eight Democrat talking point and that is bonafide that is like a nuclear bomb. You must vote. Or not going to be able to get an abortion. As you abortionists justices is like sacramental. The sacrament of their religion. Does WQ so you gotta could not vote for abortion. No but or what death. In this is that turn out. Ball for them they got a Gil Cavanaugh nomination. And it all the focus will be taken back to senate to stop trying to nominee. It is sound trains parents. Restaurants here I am related to doctor Ford please let her know I'm a distant cousin and when she gets the million dollar book deal could she please remember me. That was the read that. Text your grades how men shot up and step up. At the same time. Our senator does not explain. The senator Mazie Hirono. Guess is perpetuating all of these guys are next actions is some men in this country and I just wanna sit in a minute this country just shut up and step up. What do I think that unfortunate okay is similar. Mindset I miss you know the unfairness. Chip and step up. But the woman about her story Dianne Feinstein. And that coach. Producer. This is a woman and I really believe he's been profoundly impacted by this. Now I can't say everything's too so I don't know. Cut. She's been profoundly impacted impacted. Still be lying to me to let me assure you she's been profoundly impact he reminds me of this textbook case of what Russia's old time. For Somerset and I thought it was the most brilliant things have ever heard. What'd he say. It's not it's still weights of the charge. That matters. Not to need sales not to truth now whether I ever had it is the weights and the jerk if it's a weighty charge. In matters. Still mr. Gordon have to hijack this whole thing yeah British I yet she is sarge from suck and get another us Supreme Court nominee. You can be lying we don't care is the way to the charge right there. Right there Brescia played at today. 803471. A sixty text line 71307. Test grades senator Chuck Grassley should tell foreigner attorney that they don't run the senate and if she is not going to testify under a matter is mute. And take though. And studies. Not any part of that. Dexter is a difference between Ellison and Kavanagh is what actually happened in the other didn't. The FBI and DOJ won't investigate because they know it is a lie and wood and the near. That makes. The FBI and DOJ won't investigate because they know it is a lie and what and then narrative. While embarrassing and exposing the Democrats they would and should be able to do this is easily in the future. Is it today it's not yet have substantiate anything he says geography. That the most disturbing thing about this to me is they're just. Automatic now they turn to the FBI. Because they know is not a law enforcement agency unless it it is a corrupt cop 88 a corrupt. On good squad. Scrap goon squad. You bring the FBI and was the first thing Feinstein wanna today. Get justice for the victim have her heard now. What about her why Evan FBI investigation cabinet. We don't know how those got. Right. As you had won the kind where they would've cleared Cavanaugh three months ago. Without hearing from many witnesses do the kind Hillary got no she means it trumka. Where we disregarded. All fourth amendment rights. Pretend we don't need evidence of a crime to get warrants may step up and commit fraud we have to do because no one cares. That kind of FBI and basket post I'm telling you there weaponized in the FBI. They are weaponized seeing the FBI and get them in. Did you did the FB ITV. Show on the supreme.