The Tara Show - 9-19-18 - Hour 2

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Wednesday, September 19th
Study finds just 4 different personality types; Kavanaugh accusation is an elaborate scheme orchestrated to deny Trump a SupCo pick and ultimately save abortion; Joe Biden divisively refers to Trump supporters as “dregs of society”

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Anyway Audi terra records being set on every day and he's very extreme times we live and Monday Night Football this time on budget tomorrow floodwaters. I'll let you down by the way did you see that I've got over a thousand roads closed due to flooding in North Carolina down. This is how and and the floodwaters are still rising along the South Florida coastline. And in North Carolina and and they still have cities Wilmington and new burn pit particularly. Completely cut off. We're talking about thousands of residents. Thousands of homes that are still flooded. It's unfortunate. Ed in Maine really is until trumps fault you know we have well we know that and you know every bit of this is his fault because with what we just know right. And you can see why yeah of course it's obvious it is totally I would I even have to talk now that we don't has everywhere now okay. Com Monday football post the lowest we cheer ratings. Ever. Record analysts we brought him watch oh it would yes and you when your wife Kelley been to race yes. He's still weird for eight I have. You know I've known my husband for over fifteen years. And I'm married to him for a while I have never seen him I mean you know Friday and said you know when I started here into football season is different our house right has to kind checks out. Mom in terms of like you know what we all watch together in football you know like on TV right he's speaking of football so I end up getting into football 'cause it can help. Because it's on the background all the time he's into a restart and his friends about it still IA and job by the playoff somehow into an Islamic. But just being around it. That's how big a deal for policy is like it is so weird to me to see him during football season. And you know I'll pop on downstairs. And he's you know watching his second favorite which is like these two crime mysteries you know right because shows about a true crime and in what happened and it's just a second he's watching that during football season he never watches that during the policies he will record them to watch after put policies. Has she not much of Obama in a football has it is the weirdest thing I never thought there would be anything that can get my husband give up. But he's not Anthony's. He's not into it so really itching dry he's not the only one Monday Night Football posted it knoller was to weed she ratings ever recorded. Granted did was not the most interesting match but still. There are always not the most interesting matches in NFL this is again not this this was says CR accept vs bears. Weeks jail. The second lowest recorded. And we ju saint previously whoever was 2016 which is just amazing. You know gay given modern technology in the region of factors so many ways to watch this now. Com. Rumors and weren't necessarily before I mean so to see this is just I don't know it's unbelievable. I'm used to be had to watch television now you can watch your phone your iPad to see year. US whoever you are exactly yeah exactly so and there are fewer people so. They have yet so I mean apparently blind hatred of the cops is not a good marketing message after all now that they could be an issue who do. Who would ever guess that would never have thought you know wouldn't. Had thought it at all. Okay meat and you have peace you say this is sneaking. This is actually pressing they studied at tech heavy electoral map of the country oh yes I hit it looks like the countries is is is really more than one country and it could countries so polarized so divide. This what fascinates me about to study. They took a look. Ads. How people tend to concentrate in cities. In the united just dealing with people who like you right right. You identify with and what are. Okay and this this is the biggest ever study done they looked at over of one point five million. At personality quiz is taken by people are dead in psychologists used to determine personality types and they found it. That people are concentrating in cities. According to a four personality types. Went with the ark yes it is he is interesting at the front edge of my seat yes she should be look look for the scene here. Every one of these personality types Deere is a maturity. Feed. Here there's fortnight average people this is the biggest group. These people tend to score high in eroticism and extra version but low in openness. So as to the category with women it being more likely. Then men to fit it into it. Okay but before going for it let's start battling real quick and eroticism what is. I read this and this reads like a definition of what the Democrat party runs on what is it worry fear anger frustration. And V. Jealousy. And guilt them. I again identity politics identity politics and the biggest part of the identity politics left is the envy and jealousy that is what they played two. What the Democrat party and the whole. Liberal philosophy. Is one big promise to get back at everybody who has ever done better than you in life. That is all it is. They don't even promised they're gonna raise you up anymore it's were gonna get back we're gonna squish it we're gonna squash him. We're gonna take to crimes back. We're not come up to corporations succeed we're gonna aren't caddie success you have to feel any psychological pain anymore about not having success whatever that is as defined by U. On everybody who's ever had their nose twisted it. In on the playground. Is gonna get players that mean that is what the Democrat party is that's what the live what liberalism that's they'd it is a psychological panacea it is not a political movement. Okay now that's that's the definition of eroticism. Anger frustration and be Josie got okay. They bit the fourth personality types that tended country together in cities let's go back and again against average. These two muscle or high and eroticism Anixter version low in openness the most common category with women being more likely than men fit into it okay reassert. This type of person is stable emotionally. With and and think about where you fit in this. This type of person is stable emotionally without being especially open or an erratic. They tend to score lower on X to version but ten to be somewhat agreeable and conscientious. Bomb. The ad then there's a role models. That these people score high in every trade except eroticism. And no likely read that some on fits into this category increases dramatically as they change why you get more mature. These are people who are dependable. And open to new idea this these are good people to be in charge of things. Women. Are more likely than men to be role models as well interest. And then self centered these people are very high Anixter version low and openness agreeable honest and conscientious in this. I'm most teenage boys would fall into this category. You think. But will eventually mixture how does it. The number of people thought this category decreases dramatically with age this is all about maturity. The about what's in what's around us is it anger frustration and be jealousy guilt all of that kind of stuff these are the people who are clustering together in cities. Now look at the Mac. Well I I think it's more along the lines of dependence. Dependents I think that you have not dependent says in tax deductions and kids but dependence. In other words you have a tendency to depend on others or for convenience or. At SE that that's that's how I. I endless I'm not trying to disparage folks who choose to live in a an urban setting I'm just simply say intent to me it seemed like that people who are willing to. Give up their independence. And herself. You know what the support of mass. Are wanting to do to move into. The city areas where you're closer together you're you're near certain things that you think you may need or want on a regular basis. Whereas I'm one of those that is very independent I could care less and this is not a disparaging you need. Particular person but I'd like to be all out by myself more I can do what I want one I won't how Walt. Without interference from anybody else and if I need something I'll go get it I'm not worried about somebody bringing it to me your being nearby within hands reach every second of them of the day. That is so pressing we December dependence. You don't want anybody to take care and he just wanna be left us you know was bad then you'll see a my teacher on many occasions don't tread on me. And the class action and stay off my lawn and if you need some help let me know I'll be more than happy to do exactly to help you out. Siena just stay off the yard did you keep out of my pastor and that will be fought. I could join a roll my category along with my husband people are dependable they're open to new ideas they're good people to be in charge of things they're not neurotic. Com and I get her open. That and connection that is maturity level that is that is the category people tend to mature in tip. And so literally when you have a breakdown now these four personality types. All because we have all this data we didn't have before. Because again disturb them online personality quizzes some people are volunteering to be test subjects rate where he's personnel is basically break down along maturity and dependability. But what if you have certain segments of society that don't won't to participate in those. Those service to me than their being under sampled I got it. Yeah you probably I that they are under sample and that's why averages the most obvious category the biggest category. On neurotic in an outlet concept interesting that they all tend to glom together that raced. So think what a what what a different world we would have. If you're a role model personality or reserved personality vs an average herself centered personality and massive difference in the world. You blame everybody nothing is your fault too when everything done for you because you're a victim. Well the Democrat party his isolated those two. You'll liberalism anyways I slid those two personalities you know traits is two for Sally tight senate before and and they're gearing an entire political philosophy to them. And it's becoming so intolerable to know that then the four different types to be together that were segregating like oil and water. I listen I was society holds together. When he got that level of difference you don't be wishing to finance Sealy. The rate at which people are transitioning. From self centered which is what a child is when they're born him two role model now. And how on earth get a role model. And a self centered ever have anything in common. They they couldn't. They could that's why you see we live in two different worlds now in this country. Italy's dependence stock was epic orient where they will sat out thank you. Tester race neurotic people want self identifies such. But it sure is your please switch my fears set confirms at Brent Cavanaugh of the Supreme Court and the Democrats spinach. Before the mid terms. This me all men confirms the enemy all man accused of sexual assault. We have to get rid of mean old men met voting for people like OK CO accords has so says Kim and mauled and that is exactly with the Democrats in the connect him. So when for. Again this comes down an apple takes about sixty days. To put together AM confirmation. Of a Supreme Court justice between your house except BI investigations that they Marty dye nick. Over a thousand questions submitted to Cavanaugh and insert all the background documents. Provided reviewed by congress. All of that hesitation about sixty days. And show if they can scuttle this one. The may have the best talking point ever get the masses the blue wave masses to the polls wishes. A Supreme Court nomination hangs in the balance you've got ready Cavanaugh I can't confirm anybody else before the election they don't have time. So guess what. I mean it did they are using this. To try to and it they they queue up a lot of notes we have flaky flake. Bomb you've guides Susan Collins. And Joseph one other female there you could peel those off and UB UB can be done for. As a that's they're trying to do here that trying to get these Republicans that would love she tried to stab trump and EI. I think it legally get away with it on a chance cover not to vote. To confirm cabin. Because they pull that off fat is a simple message for the left. If you vote mixers menu to your abortion. They could get it did it didn't do. Beach you can just dot Tron Supreme Court nominee if you but this is what it's all about this is simple political strategy. You learn how bad this is now by the way how outrageous this is. Your what her take a listen but which one is three this is what we got. Since yesterday okay the attorneys for Christine Rossi forty initially said she was prepared and willing to testify that she was sexually assaulted by Brent Cavanaugh more than 35 years ago. But now they say she won't testify until the FBI investigates the allegations. It's a senators who have come forward and said they wanna treat the seriously. Mean that then they'll. They'll have an investigation. She's not prepared to talk with them at a hearing. On Monday they shouldn't be a rush to a hearing. See the delay delay delay delay. Yet since his big rabbits is about eight mid term magnet to get Democrats voters to the polls take back sent. It's brilliant I get until it's brilliant. So here is what Christine. Forty set. I accused this man doing an awful thing to me. But not show opened to public to testify against him on by the way I'm not willing to go under. But I I I will testify. If you do a prolonged FBI investigation until that. If you don't hear from me then you're slamming the door on what many don't care. About what about when you don't get ya OK I was a crime victim you better here for me but I'm not contestant. So you do what I want is a hash this situation. The Senate Judiciary Committee scheduled a hearing for Monday for both Ford and just Cavanaugh to testify but. Ford attorneys say an investigation will ensure that the crucial facts in the case are assessed in a nonpartisan manner. We're chairman Chuck Grassley is pushing back on that saying in a statement. Doctor Ford's testimony will reflect her personal knowledge in memory of events. Nothing the FBI or any other investigator does what have any bearing on what doctor Ford tells the committee. So there's no reason for any further delay. By the way. She now wants say with certainty what year it happened yet. Or where it happens. Let's let's appeal as this one go under oath. Can no longer vouch for the year. Exactly in which should happen. And also. Is no longer clear on where exactly it happens she have to. Help fit. Law enforcement official tells Fox News it is totally inappropriate for someone to demand a federal investigation into 35 year old allegations when glossy forward. Won't go under oath. And can't remember key details such as a win a point where he alleges sold at Kurt. But Democrats are also now demanding an investigation into delay on judge capitals confirmation vote. He might have to countries in being told Lenny Harris then there's there's sexiest. As senator Mazie Toronto explain. All you dads and used to Bundchen is the vice sexist you pay women anyway they glisan. Guess is perpetuating all of these kinds of leg action is some men in this country and I just Thomas into the man in this country just shut up and step up. What do I think many unfortunate okay is similar. Mindset I miss you know the unfairness of the. So we should give up our nominee take your risk of never when he netted trample nominee. To choose you know two Supreme Court give him a talking point for the mid term unwary card to believe her. Would even Dianne Feinstein. The senator who brought her photo or is ensure she believes her listen to Feinstein yes. This is a woman and I really believe he's been profoundly impacted by this. Now I can't say everything's too so I don't know. Let. I'm more golf and doubling each can be line. And no it's profoundly affected her if you don't have she's telling you that your. Is it that the fleet used thing I've heard anyone say like a month. Except would you apply insect. Yes. You judge you were deplorable and now now now you're so much works so much worse weighty here. What Joseph Biden things in addition to what Hillary Clinton instead. What are they really think of you can imagine that someone on our side saying something. Like this. This is Joseph Biden. On nick how your just a deplorable. If you voted for trump or support anything he thinks or says or wants to do you and your great gift of society. Take Hillis. Hill export. These forces of intolerance. Remain determined to undermine or roll back progress you all made. This time today. Not you. Have an ally in the White House this time today and now. There are small percentage the American people severely people. Some of them the dregs of society. Yes you're not just a deplorable. You're a drag. Here's a longer version of the Sargent beginning and it. These forces of intolerance. Remained determined underwater rollback of progress you all made. This time today. Not you. Have an ally in the White House this time today and now. There are small percentage of the American people severely people. Some of them dregs of society. And instead of using. The full weight of the executive branch. To secured justice dignity and safety at all. The president uses the White House has a literal liberals bully pulpit. Callous. Allison earnings power over those who have little or no. So I know I'm it's dregs that's you and I. They get a dime into your eggs. And and got in what Hillary said. She is out there all over the place and then they read this day in and day out they just change the face Plymouth mass trump is trying to effected through on the country. Is it eased he's scary he's you're willing to show the FBI and the department of injustice just. I had to get away is crime since it would does aren't they never get casino but it sounds. As they literally are beam weapon. They think their country is being taken from them. Not by a president's. Through it who's an authoritarian becoming more so every day and he thinks he can take apart the department adjust is the FBI. These good people doing good work occasionally committing fraud will talk about that and it just stopped to camp. And you're the only one you can go out. Pretty strong talking point. But even better talking point is we knew she scuttled the Cavanaugh a plane into the Supreme Court is not time for another one so guess what if you go out and vote. And we tied to senate. Trouble never get another Supreme Court nominee again. Sit literally think yet the could you literally have them marching to the polls like zombies thinking they're saving abortion for all time. That's why it's so critical to scuttle the Cavanaugh. A boy because there isn't time to put anybody else through and they know that's why Dianne Feinstein. Had this the whole time. Wait it senator Feinstein weighed it. Grabbing hearings people can submit questions everybody diet is the answer is over a thousand questions she says nothing matched anti. Nice a word. Waste here is close. And as always he's may skis may. Here's a good example of what are we hit it here is a good roundup of what Feinstein Dick. That should happen on Thursday otherwise it's an abuse of the process if you understand that senator Dianne Feinstein had this information in July. If these were credible allegations why did she do nothing with them for six weeks why did she hide the allegations from her colleagues why did she not use the process to talk about it. There were two background calls before they hearings of judge Calvin not began. There were opportunities Ford Diane Feinstein to meet with judge Cavanaugh and talk with him. Judge Cavanaugh stop before the American people and the senate for three days with 32 hours of hearings. There was a closed door session where his six backgrounds checks by the FBI we're talked about. After the hearings there were 1300. Questions that were submitted to him to respond to not a single one of those questions. We related to these allegations so this has all the hallmarks. I'm the eleventh hour character assassination. By the Democrats are not respecting the process and if allegations were credible than they would have been raised it wrong before this it's been. I'm not gonna have since these allegations were. Yeah brushed over. It's a game it's a silly silly game of sued to people think about them. Are you gonna since we started planning text line yeah good to know what about fighting for justice dignity and safety from Ellington it's an idea. To lay. Text your eggs whenever panda cloud calls me the dregs of society I know on the cracks up on the correct side of the issue. It is often touchy Feely Republican would never get away with that creepy stuff text series how many minutes did it trump gets. The dregs percentage must it be much tighter than fighting gives you cred I thought that too and I heard it. Tester race Joseph Biden really haven't heard a bigger hypocrite. Yeah it did he's got he just yeah he's a compulsive liar. I mean like a sick twisted way. His wife was tragically get his daughter's small daughter was tragically killed in in a car accident. There's terrible we don't wish that on anybody I hated that happens. But she died and when Obama was running for president. Got eight or warning letter from the attorney. Of the family. Of the guy who was in Cardiff hitter. Because he was running around telling old satellite is again he tells a lie that you guys who hater I was junk is is gog. Blue stoplight plowed into his wife. And yes this is terrible shot tragedy. He wasn't track. They tested it. She plowed through a stoplight. He was a car that hitter it was unfortunate. He wasn't truck. And bite in. Heads alternately fill out his political career. Stopped and started telling that lie again and so when he begins to lie about it again the feminist to send another Matt please stop six. The fashion really well documented here. You know dad was not drunk. You smearing our family again we're getting death threats again people are hunting is a stop lying. This a drag of society I mean to use to law I got your wife and daughter's death like that. It's harder a person who has been completely cleared by the authorities was never charged as he did nothing wrong. Other than being in front of his wife's car when she does yup tragically ran a stop sign we've all made a mistake like that. And no blame on her. Terrible thing that happened I hate it. But what can make individual. Highest. His wife and his daughter mean that is the level of twisting mentally twisted. This man who calls you a drag of society. Could you imagine if a Republican candidate for office. May happen easily debunk global story about how would drunk driver killed his wife and and and toddler daughter. And then accused that the driver of that again and again. It just tarring him. At what would what does libel. I mean I it is it is the Grayson ad famine they haven't sued his pants off. That's who Joseph Biden is he's not he's not mentally well he's not he he is a compulsive liar he's got problems. He was the vice president of the United States some may say to America because that's how well the media is able to cover this system was calling UN dregs of society. Which ranger on the rights. Did you do it right you you've got it right yeah I figured out. Ticks your grades if we know it's blatant character assassination and Democrats know it's blatant character assassination. Then no way here are Republicans stepping up. To stop the stupidity I'm not sure. Which is worse. Yeah I'm not either. It's incredibly frustrating. This where we are busy just doing an honest. This is is everything out this isn't that this is an attempt by the Democrats to give the FBI. It's is included as a fourth branch of government to give them make they they got a veto over the president's. That there are allowed to have and operate. When a like somebody would just destroy them. Now have a certain about a need to over the supreme allowed geology MO until they have always folks is exactly what I told. Would have just said this theater today. He's a lesson they admit the modern investigations about is they Nagin attempt to influence the mid terms what I didn't say I'd say they would do that in the mid terms. Bringing all of these united charges lowered the indictment timing them the way that they are. We will never be free of them prix single election. Every kid. Who disagrees with the you know party every person who represents someone who disagrees with the you know party. Will be completely vetted by the FBI as another dip demanding as what they don't fear an investigation by the FBI and the FTS to know when I can do it. I don't want you there there are good. And in theory highly politicized organization that no longer exists for the purposes of law enforcement. And will not to the top layer the top Echelon at least is cleaned out maybe all the way down the middle management. You Christopher ray I'm sure would be eager to do this. The problem this. Dirty in enough trouble with despised stuff coming up they can't be in the middle of vetting the Supreme Court justice. She's terrorizing. A Supreme Court justice. Persecuting. A Supreme Court justice nominee. When his buys this stuff hits and they know it speaking of the vice stuff hitting. To hear at Hillary Clinton has come out. As she's terrified she should be. This is what she's saying about the idea. Of releasing it defies docked in key to let everybody know insurance. This is how this is being spun exactly is a soldier would would be on now in left wing and that is to say mainstream. Media here you got. He's authoritarian tendencies. That we have seen that work in this administration with this president. Time left unchecked. Could very well result in. The erosion. Of our institutions to an extent that we've never imagined them possible here. He's declassify and all this up letting you see what's going on C you can judge that's authoritarian now. And that tax and stop there Clinton also claiming that the key to stopping the president's agenda is Democrats winning back into the house horse and it. If we ignore. The importance of this mid term election and there is no check and balance to believe we don't take that one or both of the houses of congress. Then I think you'll see even more of the dismantling. Of our institutions. Dismantling. By the way to Grambling weighing in on why they don't want that buys this stuff out that trump once declassified federal Lindsey Graham says he said. They fanned this move by the president listened. I can say this is most across thing I've ever seen in my life if the shoe on the other referred to the FBI agent. Right trap and hated Clinton and they got a dossier paid for by the Republican Party I would be front page lose everywhere.