The Tara Show - 9-19-18 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Wednesday, September 19th
Joe Biden divisively refers to Trump supporters as “dregs of society”; New Yorker blatantly and hatefully attacks Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ faith; Facebook throttling is getting worse; Kavanaugh accuser says she won’t testify until the FBI investigates; Interview with Sheriff David Clarke – Illegal immigration, FBI corruption, and Washington’s resistance to Trump; “Lawnmower parenting” consists of mowing down anyone who gets in their kids’ way; What happens when you hold in your gas

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Just less jags is society and you immediately. With all of Dixie dregs rid your eggs yes. Yes I would and by the way I was in yes or deny and bring it and see you would know that yes. But that doesn't mean you know disc did you have a great knowledge of music channel that you're not dregs of society you thought you were deplorable but now it's worse than not. Yeah it's it's been so much worse says Joseph Biden. These forces of intolerance. Remain determined to undermine and roll back the progress you all of made this time today. Not view. Have an ally in the White House this time today and now. There are small percentage of the American people severely people. Some of them dregs of society. It just really said the way that trump is dividing this country isn't it. Yes it's really trying to now my own at all as well yet because he started it if you don't give the dregs a voice then they can't divide the country so if you can just. You know tell him to shut up. And ignored them. Then you know everything without took the dregs of society exactly a worthy intolerant ones were right ray you know ER we're we're the ones sun veteran tolerant. Not the folks who were criticizing. The spokeswoman of the White House for her religious faith. Which was out for any chance that was so absolutely. Inexcusable. I'm in to promoting it is an attack on her face and make fun of her. Because the charge sheet is creates is it agree and creationism in elect kindest I don't question about that why is that not been considered hate speech. Because if you say something that denigrates Islam. That's considered hate speech. And why is there a term Islamist phobic or nation and in in our national ex con and in our language but there is not a term Christian folk EU are absolutely correct on that because that was terrifically Christina so why a phobic. Yeah. That was attacking the Sarah Huckabee Sanders specifically. For her faith. Specifically. And for. Well I'd. I don't know I out of wanna give it anymore because we don't need to go from the theological thing but. From a political standpoint. That was that was not journalism that was a tap an attack on someone's religious beliefs. And if it were for any other religion it would have been branded hate speech. Remove Leno Christians are actually haters they dared there's some of the worst dregs. Of society. Right I blew early mocking her Christian debate we never used to see you this before note. At least pretend they didn't hate Chris is winning they get them but they would pretend. And I mean there once you accuse us of hate from really wanting to have ports. Never mind we just isn't guardians. You'll never read this any US publication that's a UK publication that. The cut that did you know we have slowed our flow of refugees down to a historic. Low in terms of last twenty years drilling taking 30000 this year. But that since the eighty is that America has taking in. And three quarters of the world's refugees and all the rest the country's combined took arrest. That's three out of four million so when they say you're intolerant. Tell them no look we Ari did without a word of complaint from me. I just wanna border mountain and I wanna know who was coming in a year now. And I wanna know that they're not gonna be a burden on decided they can work and support themselves. You know the exact immigration policies we have had in this country since its beginning. Ben in Pauline year you yeah drag great banner you drag. I'll make good drink donate to at southern baptists have been. How he is see this is all problematic. Says terribly problematic than what he had to say this might imagine it's amazing you you're allowed to speak anywhere really. Okay how went president over the radio this morning and I had to run here and write this down easier. Pneumonic spla. Replied towards. Jill Biden and petite stands are determined. Our stance for Republicans. The which he stance hurt great aunts and eight extends first security. And simulate group. And just goes all the way back to win. Are Joseph Maddon can get your two units Strom Thurmond any slaps south Carolinians. Over their wrists and heaven knows what they'll probably have to absorb some areas and it's thanks for. Being Republicans and being. Followers of Strom Thurmond at times is innocent joke baton are. How. Actually competed but he like that's that's what I felt like there. I case are Britain I have written a stun gun because this is awesome. Drag standing for determined there Republicans. Energized. For greatness and security. Hiring a Levitt I may steal that from you can still up from. A dual credit I give you credit. This little brilliance from Ben. This morning thank you for your call Daniel potions about it to be a teacher by the end of the week I know. Until early two point 990 lightly on the website plus 349 dollars and shipping yes still eleven their capitalist down there thriller about a obsolete. And yes you're okay all of that going on. And in the meantime Mona say I want to bring your attention is something that's going on locally because this is exactly. What I said would happen. And now we're watching it I had been warning you leftist rolls on net the sex line and we don't have the courage to call me that. Alan this is what will happen that very quickly once the censorship it I you know oh over us. Is complete by social media by Google and we're seeing a horrific things in terms the censorship would you add FaceBook is doing right now outplayed at that and Al that they will quickly turn CU and when we're not fair to defend you any more they will come for you. Do you wanna support Bernie instead of their choosing candidate Hillary Clinton we party scene number ring your election and admitted. What do you think they're gonna do acute chest trust and decide. Who gets to censor social media and here we had it. Yeah the walk away movement. Walk away from the Democrat party by Democrats they're not talking way to become Republicans they're just protesting although we wish they would. Conservatives not Republicans. We wish they would get their protesting the treatment. The hatred. Don't violins. And the sexism and racism toward white males started by a openly gay man Brenda Straka Brendan struck a rate. Well we told you how FaceBook page shut him down he can no longer prevent every he can no longer promote the walk away and movement is there were gonna have a big march in Washington. FaceBook doesn't like this they don't want you walking away from the plantation. Well I I was this is brought to my attention last night. Walk away Carolinas they're organizing people to get on buses and go to DC for the march guess what. They're throttle they. Are not even being accused by FaceBook page Beecher being offensive rating like that. They're just not allowed to promote this is up from Greg Simmons with walkway Carolina's what Carolina's members have been restricted by FaceBook. Never thought a multibillion dollar company would consider me a threat I've been on since 2009 and I've never been restricted to deal I think I did today was begin organizing for fifteen passenger vans and charter buses. For the October march we must be making may or making ways people stay strong you have to send me a friend request for me to communicate with you. And if you look at the walk away Carolina's FaceBook page which I joint so I can see it. I I've you look at it it's post after post after post after post. Where people aren't allowed to comment. People are not allowed to she here because it promotes the idea of walking away from the Democrat party. Again nobody accused of hate speech or doing anything offense. So now. It's been had already seen drones who you'll see that yeah you right now while we still are here willing to fight for your freedom of speech. You can walk away but time is coming when you can't walk what you don't let walk away any. Then it'll be able to say aren't even conservative. They're just disgusted and embarrassed and not be allowed to say. That's OK so I posted Dennis. I ad prices and let's see if they'll try to meet certain talk about it right. And you know when I I put up till I everything was going finally my post until I posted the link to the walkway FaceBook page. And it has disappeared. Un and is a magic. It's like it's started flickering on the screen and disappeared. In what weird. And it popped up a couple hours like Newton. Just back up right now. Com but here's what's weird about it you know on your FaceBook and I've seen is I'm in trouble for my taste of the year he had the new link they have up now do you insights rate. One how many people this is reached normally it's a 100000 whatever it is straight images breakers can be as thousands CNN's going between 3000 on my page. Break as they have it throttled or Vista accordingly. One serious performance for your post how many people are racially how many would take guests. A dozen zero real mood zero. People. Reached its. But 314 reactions comments and shares. On so they're not preventing people from seeing it commenting or liking it. Yet although they did throttle and take it down when they're throwing the read what this means is we're not showing this to anybody in feats that it had to find it on my pitch got it I just wanted to understand. This group basically is complaining about the Democrat party not being liberal enough yes not being tolerant or not yes. Wow excepting enough. Britain struck this whole argument was amyloid mail and I feel discriminated against by my party and I'm gay. So basically who needs to worry about government censorship when you've got crony capitalists that'll do it for you. Yes but see it is still government censorship because they turned heading nor the crimes and again and again getting an this case antitrust behavior. I'm not monopoly listed behavior. Bomb meanwhile mile lest she think FaceBook is not involved in the political process headline or didn't tries. FaceBook to reconnect with last voters. FaceBook is written a program that will allow. He bit you know governments to fly and target on FaceBook. People do. Are eligible to vote put are not presently registered because so there is now trying to influence the election. The same thing the Russians are accused of doing. Then. So on the money ends. All Brin is Straka and now walk away Carolinas is completely throttled and I went on there and I offers it was in I will up personally do your public figure your publicity on the show up. We got a lot of listeners I mean I do your publicity for you if FaceBook is gonna. I run on that because I I disagree obviously with the year they're political ideology however. This is a danger to the republic when you have a monopoly stick corporation that is able to control who gets access. To your information. Again all you trolls out there you pay close attention to this. You could this is your chance now to fight back because they won't let two straight even 25 feet from the plantation. Good luck getting another Bernie Sanders nominated you think they want throttled that's. An American be able to help be. None of us are I want you to have free speech step on what to have for I want a debate. I wanna bad I don't what he wants social media I want you in all your fault bark at the moon glory. So that I can. I demonstrate which is in for. Last chance folks. Real trades. The problem with the cat and I users she does not want to be questioned now she's saying she will not show up. To testify she's demanding to be heard nineteenth assist this is crazy. Minute to be heard but will not show up until the FBI investigates. And she's refusing to go under wraps. Just totally went truthful people. Rough ride she's not be questioned. She's so necessary to my anal Tara and 1063 WORG dot com liars usually do not and under oath to do as of this writing Mary towards the professor Ford is balking at testifying. Or demanding certain conditions and limitations on the questioning that's exactly what to do because this is about to let. As senators Susan Collins Collins of may one of the three that is being pressured. To flip their bets. Does she she's great and dear. As rough notes and his sent email. I respectfully recommend you invite the attorneys retain my doctor Ford and judge cabinet to pose questions during the hearing. Doctor Ford's attorney would be permitted to question judge cabin on judge Kevin has attorney would be permitted to question doctor forward. Each would be permitted equal time to do so before the senators begin a begin their around questions such an approach would provide. More continuity. Elicit the most information in debts cut examination nowadays they want to bet as is about select. Again in this one is really quick so you need to know she could see right through it. They takes about sixty days to confirm a complete the Supreme Court justice between the FBI investigations. Are a dozen questions and shared a just all of that show they know what there in the window now with the mid terms so it today can get. A couple of these shows the flips on the take two entry. On the Republican side. Then they had the the mother of all talking points turn their base out. We've got to flip to senate you got to come out. Because if you do a drug every it's of the Supreme Court nominee and yet look we just scuttle this and in any if we take the senate he's not gonna get a Supreme Court nominee he met through. He can't pack the court you don't believe bush enjoy. Did anyone's talking seriously about taking a lamp via abortion rights as they called. But it works for talking point straight. Tickets to talk to talking point. Is one because if the they don't agree. To allow. The accuser did talk. Then they get to say she wish they'd want even here is where would mean she's been abusive I don't wanna hear what she say I won't talk a blessing FBI investigates first see how this works. Either way they went. It's brilliant brilliant. They can't allow without. Actually no because this happened every single Todd. Will have another regret Republicans Supreme Court just now this minute your flaky like. You Jessica flaky flake flake. And you're on your way up because you're utterly un electable by your base rate. Looking to get. Paying television gig yeah I can get on fox. Nobody wants to hear from your nobody easier for me we gonna get MSNBC CNN most places until you eat you're value goes up. Financially tremendously. If you pull your vote scuttle this nomination I guarantee their making him offers nap. But if you farmland and Bailey goes down foreigners I'd hate gay ex C Rex. That's exactly how this works today and give flaky flake and others like him is about three of them cover. To oppose the president. That. It's Washington believe me this is how it works I can't wait to see I'm at the edge of my seat I really am. Did they get away with this. It is cancer roles none of the lead kind of Brothers C chief at a time diary blunders of the Republican Party have put in. Up to nearly a billion dollars a cycle have blushed a pact to demanded. Open borders has ever been tried by a major industrialized country before we had no idea how it would work out but they don't care. So our race supporters meanwhile got a manhunt underway for an illegal immigrant. His 32 wanna for the killer and they 35 year old mother of ideas dumped just dumped her body in the side of the road. Not found dead at the end of the road. And Mexican salads they do just dumped the bodies on and he is under way under layer Reba Reba back over the border we can't get enough trouble open borders work by the way. Meanwhile here's some other headlines from today Mexican town overwhelmed by the stench of a hundred running courses. What is New York Post overwhelmed by mounting murders authorities in Mexico resorted to drink about a hundred courses in a container perch on the outskirts. That a city enraging residents overcome by the powerful stench headline today brake part Mexican street dogs fight over discarded human head. In Tijuana. Weis is going on why you pentagon Redskins jets mean I'm not picking on them. And using facts and PR may tenth 2017. Mexico is the world's second most violent country. NPR. Controls Mexico's government. Is a Nabih said by 23000 homicides a little surpassed only. By Celia. Anyone have an open border without. Turning now is and one of my heroes I love that anytime a team on television I'll just turn the volume up to listen sheriff David Clark mornings are. Two more insecure for the kind words and melody listeners. Yeah absolutely an and it all of this we're assured last week I during all the snow Evans have that it is by Joseph Scarborough MSNBC get an issue trumped. Who is the greatest danger to this country is trump who is more danger than and I eleven hijackers. You know it's amazing I first called Joseph Scarborough losses might need seven to resort not a shock value to get attention. But he like look his son. Colleague over there at news CNN and our missile and shoot people like Tim consummate during the same thing. I'm you know this this issue along the southern border has been going on too long until a crisis point. But it seems to be it seems to be oblivious to members of congress who will not act. Will not. Do one of their most harm to resist protect the American people along the commander in chief to make those decisions. It's yet were so sure it's okay to have to hearings in the print and so forth. But indeed I don't need in the sector immigration system we have an illegal immigration system right now that is really hurting this country. It is an edge to same time. From where we have no scrutiny applied to the border. I am we have met a president who is just these seeds now in the mainstream media at today as I predicted by the way around them saying now wait at least. He he he is trying to escape justice how dare he declassify all these documents it doesn't seem like. Anybody at the FBI and the Department of Justice is going to be taking down for their crimes you have any hope here. As she sheriff let David Clarke did you see any glimmers though. Non Colombia on old buildings could people who should be investigating and instead there's. This kangaroo court Moline best education. It is. Going out to people had nothing to do was rush police closed in missed it Russ pollution. Paul Mann a port. Only other people he's charts that I hadn't under these things had gone on long before. President elected. And yet there you there'd there'd there'd can't seem on the it is it going after the people that issue litmus Tunney in America people know what happened here. It would became not true that your trip session but. If you put it together you concede that members of the Justice Department. They engaged since. Collusion and corruption debt to collusion or one honest Justice Department trying to prevent. We the people from electing ultra supported president and it state and then sporting his attempts to get this administration underway. You know some of these behavior that they were in December 2 and requests a little wrinkle and people being held accountable. All the people who want you to be you could swamp. They cover for each other every toast back and that meant transcend party sometime. Because people the other party nor APEC could be you someday I would want the other party coming after mutually kind of light. You know local school won't awaken and don't go talk also and and I'm not suggesting all of them but. Problem is not enough is being done to. Armed force to Justice Department if you will on to look at some of these other illegal criminal activities and lonely in the Clinton Campaign. You know the Clinton foundation. The Clinton Campaign role in metric dossier. ER PI at higher levels. In between corrupt. End of the Justice Department can corrupt on the Barack Obama under the Arabs became corrupt under Barack Obama Booker. Our government that is corrupt. We won our institutions back to what our government back we want integrity. And trust restored and our government and it cannot happen. Until there is saying it's thorough housecleaning and not just for the more real cute pictures around like transferring. But McCabe were struck to be our human relations department and little aren't second or third command. I'm almost thorough housecleaning. I don't see that happening and happening anytime soon could yield of Democrats. But overall people providing a front or a law enforcement agency did despite law enforcement but there's one. The FBI became used to treat them because they went after Donald Donald chocolate Democrats use their nemesis. Sheriff David Clark he's the author of cop under fire moving beyond hash tags of race crime and politics for better America. Yeah striking to me about all these demands on in the news the last couple days that the FBI investigate. Bread Kevin not for the seventh. Time because is key accuser says it must be so. You know we didn't hear demands from the Democrats or even this many demands or any demands that the FBI investigate how they screwed up. All the tips they got about Nicholas crews who was going to shoot up the school I mean the guy posted. It is own name on YouTube. When they if they know is our name is you know is linked to your FaceBook account when you sign up on YouTube. He says he's gonna shoot this school. And they blew it off somebody called them then in January and his job by the way I is wanna get off my kinds he's gonna kill a lot of people I wanna tell you all and a manager says. I'd agrees I would just you know we'll throw the song went away when I gonna call down the floor where demands for an investigation. Of the exact. We don't want an investigation and that to blew my investigation of Cavanaugh for the seventh time. Roy and you know the FBI you know elements slam all the agents were on the Frontline but in terms of the administration. Undated a Q your leadership there and it's it's you mentioned the Nicklaus cruise we gonna. On Fort Hood. Nadal Sunday new ball he was on their radar screen that's what you hear from them all the time after Thursday in mass shooting one of the first thing regular soap the FBI. Probably dropped the honesty Orlando. Nightclub shooting the Boston marathons. Other incidents you know you can draw on an honest and Bernard penal they knew both these guys were quickly just brushed it off. As don't know foundation Aurora nor illegal activity going here in no no reason for further examination. But then you look at to charm the administration they went on and on Ingrid dogged determination with dogged determination. To look to get cultural but I wish they had that with the deal on a mass shootings and I talked about the inaugural ball. But that wasn't going on to their upper Echelon of the FBI. Awards and politically sexy enough for them to try to bring him down president wants. It's incredibly frustrating I shared David Clark I just want to thank you for joining us this morning on 1063. WOR DB for many years and and definitely hoped that she will be a back on the show in the future. As you can well not name and. Learned. Yeah. And this idol of those. Yep a new phrase has been to coins. Firmer for more ferocious sort of parent. Is this you. C'mon somebody out there wouldn't and generated this. Dole lawnmower mom. What women are well and a lot of I had no. Okay helicopter parenting has been huge for last decade yourself. But a lot of parents today for a lot of parents say hovering over the accused to protect the mr. good enough. Susan turned an even more extreme method that's becoming trendy today lawnmower parenting. As in it. They mowed down any person or obstacles that might keep their kids from having the best led possible. ABC news is just officially coined this term spin out turn the Internet for awhile. The am. Top examples of this said teach gay teachers talk exams on ABC news story. Where parent who left torture come to the high schools to drop off bought bottled water for the kid. He said he asked his daughter if they had later found she said yes but she really wanted to drink bottled water instead. A lowered. Rears his script can you imagine when this this generation. Hit the scene. You think millennial Savannah holy camp. Meanwhile. It in another example of the prompts you to big protest on line is renowned teenagers you know it is. Yeah yeah yeah when they're not sorting condoms or cinnamon up your nose. Team is are protesting against giving presentations in class because public speaking makes them anxious. I know when she make you anxious not ever. The public speaking nation in a pilot for a job and do it to defeat yourself you think that would make you anxious. Instead it's totally human nature to think generations that come last year. Way more coddled and fragile than you but I mean it really true. Teens all the treasured tournament to protest against had a standard in front of their class to do a presentation. It's not fair that day beanie anxious. The princess started on a fifteen year old high school student who goes by lean. On Twitter posted suite earlier this month the said quote stop forcing students present from the class and give them a choice not hit. Amy this is resulted in in their petitions. Her tweed is now at over 500 combined to read tweets in lakes. Eds this. And history teacher in Texas named Kathleen carver re basically summed up things are just different today quote a day and age where we have to acknowledge her students Felix. I. Overrated it's. As critical skill you think you're gonna get through let me tell you must like really don't want to the presentation. To my new clients that she wants to pursue it. A law OK then your fired. Mean how to quit at what point did did did these expectations end. By the way. In other news. My favorite thing today. Says so right it's so bad I know but it's so I have wanted this a hat and you know what when he hearing to wondered to heal your human you wonder detail. What happens. If you holds it. You know. Your flatulence as you say senate just letting it rip. My kids have asked me this they're very curious about this. Insane I don't know what I consider to premiere of the mass I I don't know who will you blow up. I doubt it but I heard about that happening. Will now. We know. Yet. According university new cast so in England. It must come out. And yes. If you hold didn't want to know if it will. Light half. It comes. Eventually. Out your map. And yes it will smell like you have bad Brett. Says I I've got I've got I've got to get home until the kids this. She recommends just passing gas. Here's I should put it in the the article but she wrote. After studying this and I'm not act that. To bed. I REE here's this is can beat a hot topic on the upstate pulled this this weekend I can RTC is coming at me and you're gonna have a volume a bumper volume of response producer Chris. A T are you have to say is gas in this audience meant excellent lights up every time don't ask me why. The next decision here's where she's at that Chris is laughing in the next time and like you would be appliances now you just hope not too far though. No I mean I don't want him gassing up his mouth. The next time you feel a larger volume of intestinal gas getting ready to do it does move to a convenient location. The best appeared digest of health is just Politico. That you're okay they never tell you which one I know right never they never do this drove me nuts when I edited. Okay like hello does that process to how long do you have to hold that in before it comes back out she melt. Note to our worse 48 out worse the few weeks. He's innocent his contract. Can you see this as the next big YouTube phenomenon. Can you not see out you are you can't you. Lavender is the last holding challenge yeah this is. The gas holding challenge. Curry didn't know and he people would be you know Jeter tied by the takes all of 32 great and you know. Ditto for shorting a condom. Com. I'd. Yeah I know. Dexter they. No this is not how it works OK does not technically correct he never told that your fared in they travel up. You're spine into your brain and that's where shoddy ideas come for. No actually we now know that I'm documented it comes out your mouth potentially. How long you have to wait remains. I know I guess have to find another study for that party cost hundreds of thousands of dollars so even end up paying for a to a guarantee.