The Tara Show - 9-19-18 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Wednesday, September 19th
Kavanaugh accusation is an elaborate scheme orchestrated to deny Trump a SupCo pick and ultimately save abortion; How bad chain migration is; New York Times reverses position on Trump tariffs to what Tara has been saying for months; Alexandria Ocasio Cortez uses same gesture that Dems claimed a month ago was a secret white supremacist signal

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Saying no when you mean yes. Or yes when you mean no. Ridiculously mean it. The day Brad Tucson turnaround they got to women out front raid pride and year old demanding that this this woman be heard rave now. It's a woman how she must be heard. Fine. Says Chuck Grassley. A man and a head obscenity Sherrod may bring Monday it will here which is gonna say. No she did she did. Won't or why was she's you've talked and wrote. Ham decides she's not gonna speak. Until there's a pull FBI investigation. Okay. And they didn't dispatched. Along Teemu women to go and do interviews. On cable TV demanding her rate to speak. Which they which side to giver and she doesn't want to. Right because and I'm still FBI there's an FBI and this is so blatantly obvious this is this political setup. The sad and it just really disappointing to me. Bet you had you use an opportunity of a the accusation that the concept. Of a sexual assault against a woman is reprehensible no question. But you don't have any evidence of it and you are using this circumstance now which is blatantly political ploy to delay a nomination so that you can. Tried to lump keep a dubbed certain individual from getting on the Supreme Court and keep the president from getting somebody he wants on the air. And you're using this. Under the guise of a sexual assault which is a serious and reprehensible crime. And then this just diminishes. The next opportunity when someone says hey hey hey hey you know this happened to me. Really. You know to which we believe this one because we heard this woman that that balance of this and and just it's it's incredible to me that the Democrats are just willing to use this the opportunity so blatantly and and and the damage he can do to the credibility of the next person who make make this claim when it is true. But you better here's speaks. And she can only speak at her top time of her choosing which. Scandals and inter Supreme Court nomination is I can get it menuing about that now and that's the game. And when he put that together with the with a completely dishonest went Dianne Feinstein did this senator Feinstein who's known about the so mean. They had these hearings they were extensive they went on for days people got arrested they were on national television you suburbs. Rate so I mean you head all the time the world over a thousand questions CO submitted to answer bribery Cavanaugh all the time in the world to do this. And she doesn't say a word knowing the whole time that she's got this in her back pocket. Doesn't say where another demanding she be her. And here's how crazy this gets. I mean they did did the free legwork on this in August when she does two things is Lindsey Graham points out hires an attorney. This is the accuser and takes the out lie detector test. Right to sit around taken a lie detector test for all of this in our next. While we hearings. Are still scheduled while they're still going on the processor is open ended. You can come bower and there's time to do the things you want hearing you investigate all of that no. She just gets you ready she gives the lie detector testing me it was nobody's seen a light. Tech test or the results. They just you know say they have it which by the way is not admissible in the Cornell law began with. It's not in fact Washington examiner did great piece on that they're interviewing various current former FBI officials who are saying look you you cannot rely on a lie detector test. It is highly subjective. And it depends on the conclusions of the person administering it. And that it is possible. At to lie on lie detector test a tells a possible alert when you're telling the truth. And that's when they don't rely on them. Not to any great extent in terms of Dick you know determine if crimes have been committed. But anyway nobody in Seattle and Texas you meet soon you have no intention coming forward right knee just added the last minute she really didn't have any intention the whole time of coming Fowler. That's that's in that explain the timing and courting the Democrats but now she's come court. We must listen. Well if yeah intention coming foreign honey why did you hire an attorney in August and take a lie detector test about this very pink brick Cavanaugh. You didn't have an intention of coming for you play to you release none of that until the hearings. Work clothes to. He's so dishonest if this were to have any credibility the very second that the president nominated Brent Cavanaugh this should have come out. If there was any credibility to this at all the very second that happened the next day. I guess you should have expected district coming up and here's how pre thought out this was by this woman okay. I mean the first dementia when she EUP it was him but but but she mentioned insert therapists yet in 2012. These very same week that Brett Kevin has name was floated. As a potential Mitt Romney appointee if he won the presidency. The first time by the way his name was publicly floated. She goes to the therapists he you know women Obama right to when he talked Sid that's how long ago. She planned this and thought about this and said nothing. And it is no like Cavanaugh was launched on her you know she's got like you know just the summer six weeks to figure out she can bear you'll find the strength to testify. And cut truck put out. A list of people he guaranteed to pick for a on the campaign trail ended 2015 and 2060. It is when he AT. Suzanne well you know she hence I changed in nine. Why. Why but this is it weird this is a what they're hearing get a 50% of the country on their media is to senator Mazie Hirono what do jerk this one in his. Guess is perpetuating all of these guys are next actions is some men in this country and I just wanna sit in a minute this country just shut up and step up. What do I think that unfortunate okay is similar. My upset by this you know the unfairness of the. Why isn't he cute or to step up by as she had to step up what does it have to be in time for choosing that is completely inconvenient for the rest of the country. But here's a thinly this wresting thing about this for Medicaid you're Democrat you you've already chess move this 333 moves round thing right. This is brilliant because think about it if they can get. Just kept at your two or three of these senators to to vote no on cap not a battle this thing. They had the ultimate talking point going in the mid terms down because snow at times or confirm anybody else that time now and so guess what. It was stopped. A trap Supreme Court nominee takes center. It's really easy to understand you cannot you vote you stop it that's what they want and they wanna use this to turn people out scores. Went even Dianne Feinstein says. I did this statement kills me it's nine seconds of insanity pulling who she's been deeply impacted. Alicia could be lying well then how do you know she's been deeply impact it. This is a woman and I really believe he's been profoundly impacted by this. Now I can't say everything's too so I don't know. Jail ignorance clock out. Quite appropriate term to. What what a ridiculous statement this yeah oh honestly Democrats you should be embarrassed at this whole situation you should be absolutely embarrassed. You know it's just. But once again I've got to give Democrats credit. They will use every single yeah weapon in their arsenal to achieve victory. And that's the one thing I admire about Democrats if Republicans. If conservatives well no I'll put this when conservatives do five that white Republicans don't. Now if Republicans would fight. The way Democrats do and use every weapon at their arms arsenal. This country would be seeing growth freedom and liberty that it has the world has never experienced before. Because we would do away with all of these ridiculous over regulation taxation. Who strode restrictions on our freedoms and liberties. And you have opportunities like we've never seen before if we can get conservative constitutional policies in place in this country. We're already seeing hints of what that would look like. Arm with by the women get into this marks akin to a proper just to say it with timeout that I have found in New York Times. Admitting that trump has China over a barrel they have no for the miss them. It was. Of the New York Times I was just roaring. Reading mess. All because they're finally having to admit that he's really maybe not that stupid after all and maybe maybe there really is something to this we saw stocks jump higher on the EMC. Out announcement of the old you don't trade situation the next round the so called trade war and explain why that is tomorrow but I just want to read a few lines Vista you preview women do tomorrow. That president trumpet imported impressed terrace drive 34 billion Chinese goods. And you know try to match them dollar for dollar that they allow us to enforce a little that they can't match anymore. Okay here's the New York Times are eight. A Chinese officials are quote generally confused. Said Raoul and you know Joe's oh Jada a trade specialist at the university California Los Angeles there's been traveling around China speaking with officials businesspeople and workers. They don't know what to do he said they worried that the tit for tat model is playing into Tron sans. Well it is yeah. For now China is punching your time's right. Writes in his city it would add tariffs to sixty billion American goods which account for nearly everything in the hiatus from the US. This out. It is still considering options are to get this is a newspaper that as I was telling you what they just wrote months ago. Until you don't worry. We got this. They don't import anything from us snake here retaliate or hardly anything. Because your markets closed to us in violation of and you know new I'm an event and TO rules. I would say don't worry is not to be a trade war sort of have a trade war we'd have to biceps from. They don't they know we have sells up to the middle lettuce raid this is New York Times months later. Sing exactly what I said. Parachuting everything they said this to the scared tactics and hysteria the at a controlled prices all of that. New York Times when I told few months ago. Because trust me facts and leave to Chris Lee you've had this now from the beginning. Now the just blatantly obvious that this is this is a tactic. This is a negotiating tactic it's exactly what it is. And this latest round of tariff increases or another tactic because China's backed up against the wall Dan as the New York Times just admitted it. A mine. I know. I just got this text I hope this isn't true. Lee texture raids tier I won't say who I worked for but I can say that the Woodruff road exit that's supposed to close and reopen buyback Black Friday and will not be opened for Black Friday now. No cap had five Defcon talk and have fun Black Friday shoppers. It's about okay if you're new here. Like Thanksgiving not rate. Just do don't goal on Woodruff Brodeur would at least you will never get off again. Until spring now packed I have to launch. No. Emilio to get off to get that. Oh I hope does Nigeria can you imagine. Perish the thought. Text your your getting on what your Fred during Black Friday you better Wear your astronaut underwear. Great advice SP from the local. Gesture is just finish to Anderson are Spartanburg for their Black Friday shopping all the same store I'd done that before action up like Freddie but like Christmas. Seventies. Then going media. Going Nia you know Christmas season wrapped on the outs nuts. I can't and yet we add fabulous new products by the like. As a come to our attention we want to tell you. About a because there are some proposed some folks on the tax line who could really use this price I can see it making a tremendous difference in your life. Nicholas. You know the feeling every time eagle on FaceBook or watch TV something offends you run now there's Hillary. Yeah introducing the negative missile defense system or net. Once you have a set of nets people be able to hurt your feelings for instance when you get your parent and adds you'll learn that you can form your own opinions without having you get them from the Internet or the news or are now when you'll receive the package of easy to use net cease that's right. Growing or old pair of nets as your nets get bigger you'll have more confidence and you'll need our proprietary carrying case looks more like a sack. And so when kitchen ads don't worry plated steel. Dads are now available for men and women because more and more people could use it there so the next time you feel offended by someone else's opinion relaxing because you've got mad. I. Yeah we need some of those high school students. We're doing that petition. Yet advocating against high school students having to Steve standup presentations in class for great. Nantz and work at a time attract get married so anyway. Moving along. I N and any other example this year an and I adulterated answered the ad that is our society did you see this New York Times article. Chain migration used to in Ford's entire family villages. Of formula we are so stupid. This is why is that at as I'm reading this to each understand about Irish are our system how works. When you up hybrid he's coming here you are Green Party won awards lowered fees what are you gonna do. On eat you have to prove a whole bunch of things like that you can support yourself to somebody here who will support you. The people on hard times you'll be born on welfare system that has backer and second you elect take. If so what should get in here. The chain migration system billions. And that's where we feel really bad you could damage your family so we let you bring them all here. Okay those same set standards and terms of you know can you speak a language are you litter it's can you support yourself. Collier grammar I you're heading an eerie timing years and you have no visible means of support. Them. Yes if you applied for a working visa or Stephen of these at that point even have a hard time getting. Chain migration why do. Noel Fahey. And that's the problem. And show. That's how I eat at these stunning statistics. About you know huge percentages of our Arab our of our immigrants. Non yep don't speak the language our language our literate in their own language. The Center for Immigration Studies. Senate and I was just absolutely believe because they're almost the standards. For the Cheney. Out knowing that it. Listen to less. The New York Times is admitted that the process known as chain migration where newly naturalized citizens can bring and limited number of foreign relatives to ES US. Is used is being used to impart. In tire small villages. An extended foreign camera this is so stupid. Graham has got one tooth. One leg. As can name multiple surgeries. Kim speaking English and can't rewrite your own and language. To America. Kind come. Here's New York Times the engineer and it arrived in America when he was fit a twice three with a good education little else. Job a nuclear test site built on an about a Katrina between 1980s and the 1990s he brought his wife mother five sisters and brother. Over from India his native plant. They insurance sponsor family members of their own. And there are clan masters and about a foot in New Jersey in Texas with more than ninety Americans. Nurtured on the strength of one ambitious. Engineer. Who can. Another illegal immigrant chronicled by the times jag did pat tell. Was able to bring at least thirteen extended family members to the US food chain migration. 1977 begin US citizen responses by the James his wife for green cards by 1980 fighting and sponsored his mother by sisters their husbands and their children. Most of them settled in New York due Jersey area. How bad is it back since did doesn't that nine point three million foreign nationals have been able to resettle in the US big chain migration regard lists. A worst he knows. Regardless. Of their abilities support themselves regardless of their medical history. None of that is considered must change again it's huge inflow outpace his two years and American bursts which amount to roughly four million babies. Every year. Beat number extend Timmy foreign nationals who resettled in the US last decade is greater the need total combined population Los Angeles Chicago Dallas San Francisco and click OK okay. Let's free. Our list three once you're from it was go back to young engineer 23 years. Okay why we bring him here. Now I get education. And marketable skills got a job nuclear tests I'm not sure how I feel about that but okay fun. I would I would love these open what is what is really didn't give me give me thirty cents. Why do we need grandma. Why don't you wife mother sisters. They're children there has been their children's children and their spouse but why. Do we me ED. That. They are welfare prelude to a hi all what I did get. They can't Ken have you ever heard them make that argument about chain can't chain migration. Will end racial exists in we've always done. Not like this we have. I don't listen only happens like once every ten years so it's a big deal Lee. I actually agree with Nancy Pelosi puck that's. Scary thought I know it is scary but it does happen sometimes and remain Democrats were saying. Then we can't release. Any of defies this stuff any of the warrants any that because it will expose. You know a source is in means today is his very dangerous yeah ten feet by hiding it we end up covering up well a bunch of felonies by the FBI DOJ. This okay because it's really important that we not disclose sources and means knowledge. Enigma that was step one OK now. They have let's. -- demanding. That's president trump not selectively release the fight defies. Parse the size warrant is he must release the whole thing because. All he's doing is trying to manipulate he's made Robert Mueller look bad in the FBI look bad assists to manipulate public opinion when heat. Is the one who committed crimes that we can't delineate here 'cause we don't know what they were put. Web but he is yeah. Oh. Don't at all you know I wanna see I am I disappoint my son and they hit you on to. And wit which is doing he did not decide to do this. The V on members of the intelligence committee held a big press conference like. Our two weeks ago and they specifically laid out hey let out these pages this you know this this this this is what we wanna see we can't get it. It's been under subpoena DOJ and FBI think laws don't apply to them they think subpoenas don't let them just us. It's in SOB so I'm will just let you know should we just we gonna ask the president try to get an act as we can get it from the east people so. That Democrats are now have no flip the script before others and not married dad like all of it. And dot kidnapped yeah there's say he started high insurance by not releasing all the good release not no. Lisa I wanna know the whole story. And it some part of makes template bad oh well so why so what. The miss it we deserve to know the truth here the Mildred and gain is what is a whole thing is not out. Is believed either side real man to manipulate. Can speculate. And throw shade. If you. I'm so I she grew her. I just ironic that he's dissing people weren't when I ask peerage acted heavily redacted we didn't we now and in nerd the hope of trees prayers seen a year releasing Collins a hack with. The sources. And no means. OK. I if you want to see people on Daily Beast and contradictions are unbelievable via the muscles they turned themselves into like cash and Corey. I've just got to ask not nervously representative Eric swallow. I have what is nobody hold if you look at this is Associated Press rate as mainstream media she get now. April 5 2017 headline swallow laser he's a congress member Democrat pierce turned declassified the surveillance documents. Executive or a Democrat on the house panel investigating downtrend. Donald Trump's ties to Russia is issuing an ultimatum it the president has been accused members of the amount initiation operational he should prove it. Release. All the doctors so I drove orders the DOJ to release all the text messages that message miss his and ocean documents. Slot well Contra smooth absolutely lawless. Says he's trying to undermine the integrity of the DOJ the FBI agents communicate patient this page restore. I'm of the delivery to juggle undermining their integrity a little and that's what's in those documents. So I mean it Democrats. They understand it did not trying to protect anybody from anything but themselves. Namely Hillary. Obama and Loretta lynch is it looks real bad for your party if everybody gets indicted by Iran's prosecutor and and that is what they fear the most an honest prosecutor. Yeah I think I'm amateur those in the general angrily Maryland completely different human imagine what it would blow decree for mighty I know run on orange jumpsuits yes. They would run an orange jumpsuits although I would be happy. To pay one time extra tax a feed to a fund more than my do we trying to do you know crank polio or yeah ours it they can make for exactly. I know I just left into them a I mean what meantime meanwhile. Did you sit dead the accuser of Cavanaugh. Are her first excuses this this this this is developing by the what was it she is not coming on Monday to sit down because. Charles Grassley who is a mean mean mean man and a white guy did you know his weight now I've heard that he had he is which makes him double mean. It was could have forced her to sit down at the same table as her attacker. K which if you were in the trial. You would have to do the same thing. And good point and think about that well here's the thing it's not strip. Grassley said that they had. There there was never any plan ever to have her. In the same route is Cavanaugh or even the same hearing is cannot they're gonna do she secretary hearings he he had categorically. Deny it it's not true. Zach gonna happen. So she's coming out now. Now she says as she demands to be heard but she will not speak. At all under oath as she would you not speak unless the FBI does the investigation first. Well and just put it came misses us just so so he annual EE got to wonder am. The inbound you can see who's watching these Jimmy's pass and they're not giving people a lot of these underlying deeds house it's just a loop of these mean old white men want to hear what she has to sex acts. There they're getting what they wanted. They're they're getting the the a photo ops they are in the hit the headlines in the mainstream media and you know their their positioning this in spending this just the way they want to. Meanwhile. In this what kills me when you look at this Keith Ellison think he's number two. In a leadership the Democrat party. Tom Curtis had the unmitigated gall yesterday he is the number one leadership Democrat party both from the DNC and Keith Ellison's accorsi congressman as well. Com and an unmitigated gall to demand. To demand it that Kevin cannot be confirmed until this woman is hurt. OK while he is number two it really is number two Keith Ellison's. Former live in girlfriend. Has accused him a repeated domestic Bosnia here's what's crazy Baptist. The two cases almost exactly parallel. Each other except she's told. For a different contemporaries. About the domestic violence by Ellison alleged domestic bounced between Anna she committed a eyes throws your round. Her son. Shot a video of him yanking her by her feet off the bed and dumping her on the floor violently he claims CN Ngo. But she has gone too extensive counseling. For what she says where that was the domestic physical and emotional abuse by Ellison. And as extensive history being counseled vibe for it by her counselor to his main the notes from their meetings. It. And these are recent allegations while the congressman was a congressman and while he was in leadership the Democratic National Committee. Not when he was a seventeen year old high school student. She says. That the Democrat party which is she's a hardcore Democrat I mean she's you know she's true believer Tripoli drinker. She is they will lie here her they tried to shut her up and they tried to intimidator. So I mean Allen Allen here and he'd Elson hearings are going to be don't know when that's gonna happen now. Will there be an FBI investigation will there be a house ethics committee investigation. Yemeni disease that would said they did they were mother a gun into a Franken before he resigns so web where is that now. And deceit Tom Perez who is the number one it's DNC Odierno and key dozens energy demands. She be heard police. Hypocrisy on display. Yeah and you know what the only way to women this is if you have the media an in your pocket you know they're willing nor the hypocrisy dip. Otherwise you wouldn't put your neck on the chopping block. Unbelievable. As she's it's unbelievable. America America. Another day of total toll tantalizing trumped sweethearts this achievement between church and found that Tera show America can. A Twitter presidency of George shut down 1063. WOR DE. True to me. As an openly stated there act. Simply trying to impact and change our election by attacking our farmers and ranchers and industrial workers because of their loyalty to meet at strip. What China does not understand is that these people are great patriots and fully understand. That China has been taken an engine the United States on trade for many years turned tweets. They also know that I am the one that knows how to stop it. There will be great and fast economic retaliation against China ever farmers ranchers and or industrial workers are targeted. Charmed tweet right now everybody is saying what a great job we are doing the hurricane Florence and they're a 100% correct. But don't be fooled at some point in the near future the Democrats we'll start ranting. That FEMA our military our first responders who are all unbelievable. I disaster and not doing a good job this will be its total lie but that's what they do and everybody knows it. I China tweets. Or Disco. Here the Supreme Court is one of the main reasons I got elected president I hope Republican voters and others are watching and studying the Democrats lame duck. Yep it's old and Warren and dog eared it is the same playbook they used with Clarence Thomas. Can't believe nobody's. I had people don't notice that's suffering SN. Trip tweak Kim Jong-un has agreed to allow nuclear inspections subject to final negotiations and a permanently dismantle a test site and launch pad in the presence of international experts. In the meantime they'll be no racquet or nuclear testing hero remains. To continue being returned home the United States also north and South Korea. We'll file a joint bid to high speed 2032. Olympics very exciting and I want to go and do you know who wonder who the North Korea and I'd turn to eat the recovery got started on Election Day twenty sixteens is equipped. He's quitting Peter Ferrara. I act commentator on fox a former advisor to President Reagan quote the recovery got started on Election Day 2016. It took China's tax cuts in regulation has to get the economy booming before that it was the worst and so is economic recovery ever since the Great Depression. It took just six months for John to get 3% growth he means. Even know they said it was impossible and that it's already report present and I expect it's going to grow faster and faster we're just getting started here. So says Peter Ferraro former advisor to presidents. Reagan. Yep anti drug tweak two hours ago North Korea arrangements denuclearization. We've come a long. Way. Yes and we had. By the way. Catalog this. GC this crazy girlfriend she's in is I love her she she is the gift to their response given. I hope she wins I hope she wins a general election displaces a Katherine in to congress so knots. Yet this socialist it curled my with a crazy ice. Reminds of that crazy girlfriend had that plan. Yes did you see this photo of her she's also look to some guy and who he is doesn't matter anyway you look at your complain if plants and where none of that matters. Did you see either hand signal she's flashing. These did you get this. Yeah it's like when he taint here you'd come and your point your finger and Jamaica know when did you know like okay. Yeah. I should should should that. What were told last week that was the white supremacists. Who won't. Never when the in a woman behind Brett Cavanaugh flashed it. This is real nose in Mississippi did this this enemy knows that the white supremacist symbol. They know that and so. You guys today this was his cause hysteria you could you could clearly tell me you know that Brent Cavanaugh as a white supremacist. Effectively when you disagree with his white supremacist clearly and obviously you know so if you flashes of an reasoning Disney they have no other way. Communicate with each other. Nudges any sort of large digital world wide system on which they could send electrical impulses. With critical information she. Now today. They OK sign themselves and come okay what I just jittery nine. Now remember. She is the wife of a federal prosecutor the woman. Their. Signal to let all the other way supremacist note that everything was going OK here. I presume you wanna send out an email to tell them that rate. Well so he's says he's gotten death threat today threatening him and he wants everybody no Snow White supremacists in fact she's half Jewish. Yeah okay. So I don't it don't let was so offended by that then where the car wed his deer broke out we're the calls for the crazy girlfriend. Alexandria OK she quit tennis. To resign. I just a moist wondered about that especially since she heads. A noted record of powering around with an actual white supremacist. Yeah a guy who ran a line. Socking it to the Jews. For New York City counts. It's usually the problem. No they end up actually said this. And now she's flashing white supremacist it was I don't know who they investigate this. What are the clouds. Forty investigation of the crazy girlfriend. Woo do I have to do everything myself.