The Tara Show 9-3-2018 Hour 3

The Tara Show
Monday, September 3rd
Bill Frady takes over the show and talks all things Dicks Sporting Goods, Hunting, and Springer joins the show.

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Happy Labor Day. Third hour of terror show. I mean guest host bill Freddie Ingles advantage talk line is 80347 ones are 63 B common sense retirement plan and tax Linus at one trees so. I got a couple things that I didn't plan on talking about that I want to talk about first things first on the text. I want to ask your question. I feel sure you can answer. What is John McCain done that is so great. I think all of this has been overdone and why would he let the demon Obama speak at his funeral seems strange to me. When I was a kid. In school. You have to take algebra right everybody's taken out. I. Could look at an algebra. Problem. And nine times out of ten do you answer to. But I could not do the order of operations sought flunked algebra. Now. To me. The answer is more important than the process of getting to the dance. As a matter fact everything to make the everything in everything I do and hand to hand combat in armed combat all of this. Economy of motion. Is. Paramount. John McCain first of all John McCain is like any other politician. Most of them don't ever do any. Much. There there they serve. Looking at how many actual laws come passed out of the senate. You got to sort of sit back and say well okay possessing. And that seems to be Evan Clovis seems to go with whoever has power of the house and the senate and the presidency all of that seems to be able to do have to go hand in hand. Even though people like you know Clinton did it mean to I had tipped to Bill Clinton he managed to make it work. In ways. Ronald Reagan did. Right. For John McCain. Like it is with a lot of politicians it was all about the process the process was this thing. Whether or not they got to the answer was never his thing. That's why he voted against obamacare that was the point I was trying to make you didn't hear that part yet evidence that where we have taken back in committees has to be debate has been votes has been this has been that. Then we can talk about. Because this is not the way the Democrats passed it. They passed about ramming it down our throats and I didn't like Vietnam I am of these two wrongs make a right. This is why a lot of the never cumbersome problems with trump because trump doesn't care. About the order of operations of the algebraic. Problem. Here except there's this is bad business bad business we're gonna do something about that most of the stuff that has happened that is being good in the nation that is make committee the economy ripped and Rourke. Has basically banned due to Obama. Not Obama trop I'm sorry. That was a really bad missed. I've got I've got Obama and from my office that's what's happening at trump is a woman has pushed us not to. I mean how many times they vote to repeal obamacare in the house and then actually pass it in the house. Seven eight. But then. You know when Obama was in office it was about repealing obamacare they weren't trump comes and the office of becomes about repealing and replacing. Obamacare. Why does there have to be a government. Solution. To a free market issue. In answer to what did John McCain do to sort of great he never did anything so great this is the problem. I mean what did strong Thurmond dude it was so rate besides lived to be a hundred. I mean in the senate. Was even talking. At that point. We've come to a moment in time where politics is primarily April it has to be a performance. Based profession. And 99% of the politicians out there today do not perform. Why do you think so many of them are quitting. John McCain did have his name on. Feingold McCain McCain Feingold whatever was which was they campaigned something campaign finance thing and that got kicked that kicked out. So his signature piece of legislation no one had got done away with. And he was a war hawk who's always want to go to war. Which is not. That's not. Bad of a military man but what what made McCain bad in my eyes is that when we had he was the vote that. Didn't repeal obamacare. And he didn't get it is you know a senator. Who's supposed to be the higher minimum summit is the the upper house of congress. They're in that's where things are done. Am to on the text on McCain was lauded for crossing our wanted to win if ever do did you view the site crossover cars never he never got it. Dealing with the left is like dealing with the Borg. Member of the epic John Luc Picard speech. The board common we fall back to take this system we fall back they blow the ship we fall back no more. They're like the board. And he never managed to make that happen he never managed to make anything happen. Now you got a lot of press lots of them get a lot of press a lot of the risk Graham gets a lot for what he'd done. They'll become members of these coalitions they call a gang loves. I'm you know is that good connotation to remember that Yang. Has that changed Adam did it. Know these guys are statesman. The closest thing that we have to statesman. And it's it's the most in the most per furtive way you can imagine. Are there on the left his or possibly cushion one agenda the same agenda over and over dim if they lose a cushion if they win they push it MMU the past. And it if they have all the power necessary to get past they get past that you like they did Obama can. The only thing item to stand in the first two years to when Obama was president is why we don't have. Why we didn't ban guns and why we didn't bear and you know free markets in my we didn't. My we don't have single Payer all this other stuff because. They have the power and they thought they were going to take it. Obama who was invited to speak at his funeral told John McCain in one of those televised meetings that you know John we don't need to campaign anymore hours we won. So it's not campaign anymore. Because McCain was born disabled you know. You know it's not a 100% mandate there's some people that don't want this no job. We want. Takes on our members or tea from a McCain near last in his class wrecked four planes. Keating five never met warrior didn't love to benefit is and military industrial complex. Not untrue. Ballinger at all remained. So. If that answers your question opened us up most politicians. Don't do anything I just remember that it's not as out of McCain centric thing. They and most of them don't do anything to get back we're gonna talk about Dick's Sporting Goods. Elisa and 1063 WORG. IRA Eagles advantage talk line is 800 reports have ones are 63 B common sense retirement planning text line. 71307. I keep I keep grandest of about Dick's Sporting Goods. What's talk about this for a second because. Dix quit selling. A ar fifteens. Barack. And 13. And they haven't been selling them since sandy hook is essentially. Now. That's fine as far as I'm concerned that they wanna take that stand the CEO of Dick's by the way and any CEO of any company. Has a fiduciary responsibility to your shareholders to make money but the CEO of gigs is the principal shareholder. Of addicts it's a family business so. What he's doing is he's basically taken a stand. To virtue signal which is then that's fine too this is that this is the free market at work okay. This is the free market work now. Some members in the premarket who have businesses where you get other a lot of people say you know if I had this kind of money I would I would do with it I would never make a mistake. Well. These people would have money like even Muster I didn't I do I do right up for you the most on even mosque. That was put out their own water on The Washington Times and I got sort of savaged for that because Alec and even must gonna seed why is it in the mosque back habeas camper on the planet. He's a billionaire everything if he if he if he launches a rocket blows up he's a genius if you launches one lands a self these genius. His genius no matter what does he mix Tesla is a genius. He's always been ingenious and everybody just looks up to jump except he is an incredibly bitter. Her man. And caddie. You know. All these guys resent out and say whether billionaire's wealth yeah day except a lot of them seem to be very very unhappy. Coming to Dick's. Dix has been given the effects of this for quite some time this is not some new. Phenomena what they did was this is this is a piece of PR this is an unforced error on their part. This latest bit of will. Our business is down where your business is down because this visit Dick's here in town and I can go into the Dicks and I could say hey. I wanna buy everything says a devious on the front of it and I couldn't get any help if I had if I was out there with a sign saying. Million dollars in my pocket wanna buy everything he says the devious. Now I don't know that's because of this thing with AR fifteen. 'cause a lot of businesses nowadays trying to cut back on personnel I don't know if you've ever notice that a if you've ever gone through self check out day ago. Because when I go through self check out I never get a disk animus that. I don't know why you stand behind me. Answered the springer. Haven't. Anyway this morning at you for bringing springer and down when I have to do that I appreciate this. Well. About Benjamin. The upstate doors co hosts Tommy's springer springer is like the loss springer. Readers like the walking talking only natural caffeine I promise you. Another human example and I thought it was taken ovals sharp objects and returned visas got weirder bodes. His pop about. Want to points. Able managements and mobilize him. As far as. Dix is concerned. Why does say this was an unforced error on their part because they've already done this and they have these other there's apparently. Field and stream jobs out there. That right good morning. You brought it. Dix folded. Okay why in the world the you get all of them in the middle of the bass master classic. Powered by Dixon. And simple brain hits don't like this. A main OK everybody's calmly at the bass master classic bright how many of those are going to go hunting. I think it just just do random. Just ask a guy down. She is ridiculous but I by losing money. And only him next move alone. We don't need you anyway. Was like watching a Major League batter's box with the rituals of the mine and everything that it did it all together. I I keep by bears ten minutes in America. I don't understand I don't either late lot of crazy stuff going on bill phrase hilarious and I'm just praise the lord they're great people like you. And sales. Still breathing in this world today. We are we are great and modest. Yeah I do what I think you've that if they could have always curious. What is springer like at 8 AM in the morning Alessio and it's about 2 o'clock in the afternoon that story's already probably didn't. He's already have like is your coffee drinker yes our Monica is already had a sixteen cups of coffee you just don't look at him I TomTom home to the good stuff yeah. The guy they know not coughing. So. You're operating and then at 8 AM in the morning until I actually know that he like this twenty sports said it again and him not aiming in Europe to show be a bit in and play yes they come out lastly exceed two with a I'm a big failures level would you date. But what can your grand hall here about the bad the book I can't say you're about the bad this grim pod unknown planet. Koppel operator are you in pretty good shape in your grandpa. For the potential conflicts. It's also meant well above all except to a pretty good should part I don't consider must have been hampered literally. Mentally yes that's aroused Golan I've got together exactly feel today though I've I was somewhere review escalator broken I was hit ms. gentleman right here reduce. There was yeah I steers email on this. I've got one Dix is a I shot yourself in the foot I don't know if they're going to be able to sustain a and his vision tackling golf clubs but tumbled to. Well I mean. Sporting goods altogether has gone down I mean I heard how many golf shops are leopards true. And I mean gulf of them upside is gigantic and exactly. So getting out there and do in this now one thing I mean the gun industry is way. I don't know how many billion dollar industry the average salary of somebody in the gun industry is somewhere in the 50s60s I think. Probably now that there's probably ought to be below this problem you know but when you give him an event averages above the median average. And getting out there and making the statements like assault weapon and high capacity magazine. Is just that this just political speak that it is the that the magazine's ago when two they are fifteen. Standard. Correct that's what is they were designed that way. And Ed Dickson now we could probably go to Dick's Sporting Goods and find the Ruger mini porting yeah absolutely which is a they are fifteen without a customer correct. Same Sam round. But around capacity. That's great but Gundy by the way the same still and is one of the eighteen years. The one that they never shot anybody I know it it would itemized like eighty rounds you know and nobody even got a scratch face would never hidden MIA in every it and if ever going to get in trouble with some people that eighteen is that won't suit make. Everything I owned British. Him exactly. Anyway. I mean interrupted that ran on that. Now now. I think we're coming up on the next break we'll get back now hunting season is bounce it started Saturday he official. Does see every every got every got I've got time to play our little stupid. I'm like god has him to give your first opening bell in honor of hunting season oh my god you know. Yeah. All of. Didn't. So dove season Duff the subsidies yes there. You know Israel's his core system that's close to bill and I'll appreciate a lot ones must say number I like that really makes the anti owners my aunt and you know the dove of peace you know yeah. I just of but I didn't okay what changes of his inner game of politics although there's a lot of politics working its way in Huntington men in that sense. Our and I saw where there was a lot of grizzly bear hunt it was a vote yes was stayed by court correct that is correct. Now you know and I would isn't it right but you know inadequate you know just like California cameraman runs they eat people term. Paying on a Medina you know the mile mayors of Bayer has already papal. In that amazing this is absolutely amazing. We're gonna build on to the politics stuffed animal about some stuff off of mr. springer does springer excellence that we get back. They're listening to 1063 WORD. Salt and those who knew him. For a bit bare anyway. Sales a measure talk line is 803471063. Become a sensor retirement planning Tex lines 71307. Bill on John McCain's accomplishments he lost an airplane lost three runs for president and became a vindictive old man and women just as promised to repeal obamacare despite current president. Just say fevered ego. Has at that person that applies to every politician in politics Ling and nowadays I mean go broke through to a county councilman. These people get elected in May sort of forget what. They went through to get elected we've had to speak to what they had a bit of promise what they had to protect cajoling and everything else they had to do get elected to it. Enemy get elected him in. Well them they're in charge. Hello there I'm in charge. See my eldest daughter is giving me a Smith & Wesson Emma. MB nine shield and her boyfriend delays aside on it for me is they haven't bought it for me yet but I am. But I'm here must be love. To their superb again for an old guy. And Iman. And they go with a lot of my shoes. I'd support it as. Well put together look. Just think came in today and he was like you know. I bought these used not because of the person who designed them but because it looked cool I don't light. You're the last person in my head I was like you're the last person I thought would buy issues because they're cool or talk about my reasons. I I promise you in the icu and a pair of easy. On middle lose my mind. And my my my human races. I don't come you'll see him sooner or later I'll make sure we're next time. We're world here. That happens I'll lose my mind. Let's bring a springer and on this one but I hate for anybody okay. In Michigan yes the Department of Health and Human Services services. Has required that Foster parents give up their Second Amendment right to in order to be eligible to be Foster parents. Totally against the constitution. Totally. Foo bar. I would be moving out of Michigan. If I could. Bombing in Michigan and Michigan is don't opponent this mister B of well I mean Detroit is but I mean most of Michigan most of Michigan is a fairly. True I gotta love and stay yes I'm in the northern parts of Michigan up in up in that part one tidbit actually live there. Most of the time right and Yorker. Now what they're warning with a judge's warning is for them to store firearms MM and operable condition. Which. Makes them dentists which means they don't shoot which. Ago. While why I have a bingo why have them. Now the they got support from the Michigan attorney general bill shoot your files and Hammond has brief on the behalf of the parents. Said as a practical matter when a firearms kept him home for self defense it's always a news. Criminals never take a day all the may never call ahead. To serve its self defense purpose again must be readily accessible whenever its owner believes he might possibly need. Bin Second Amendment foundation which they're specialty is lawsuits that's what they really specializing in Alan Gottlieb got involved in this. He said this case is really about comments as well as the right of citizens to be able to defend themselves and their homes and their fans. Rebel. Night. By means I was about but I. Anyway. This is say this is the way adage judiciary attacks Second Amendment. Which the only problem with the judiciary like everybody's always like well I can't wait for this to get to the Supreme Court behind me. They're nice guys and they can't force anything they they did evidence they will there's a right to abortion. And forces. And you can find a and M this is the thing about our nation today. And you notice you know this with the hunters are well maybe not I don't know maybe hunters are little more involved. We gun owners especially in various parts going from Mississippi. Two left. They're quite apathetic about things unless something really hits the plan right and then they'll get politically involved. But. Wouldn't it be better. To get out there and just you know pour concrete and everything we need to have discarded up and say okay we're set. Let's tackle this whole air through things yet. But why why why are we humans. Good question bill. And back to your deal with the hunters. Hunters. As far as when it comes you know I have been around a lot of hunters and and lot of images complaint. Complain complain complain and I don't resolute complaint is not known any that you gotta go vote get up get off your behind go vote I don't sit around a bunch of homeowners complain. Coming just complain complain I knew that at the house from a life. So the phones we have a policy Paul most talked about ms. Kent. Yes sir what can we do for you. Morning bill that this this Christmas present this springer only EU. Patient at the same times and I'm holding the phone calling you by the Ottawa. Most of the time to time space continuum cannot take anything I still producing the show. I don't know he's another warning because I think I'm qualified to be the same mental category which as springer which cost eight. That they're going to be hit it is yet here you know get along fine. As if it if back to the topic at hand on June 8 because it's it'd this has not been constitutional about it. Aid they are going to be justified in this and doing that because it's. No constitutional law ever enters into would teach their rules and regulations also the have the authority making the rules. It's all consider private sowed their constitutional really doesn't apply. And they'll tell you. When you win the dual shock to all of why they are they to jump to the hoops and essentially submit to whatever this authority is. And it's are free will to do so. You don't need you don't have constitutional rights in that regard. Just the way it is today because. I have ever seen. A government protect constitutional rights for men and women well this a couple quick. When when you know when they went to Alabama. To enforce immigration. Yeah. Immigration in in itself integration integration in school you're you're receiving integration yes but at that time they were put there were integrating. It is and balls and a list of essentially federal prediction. Short but well I think what you're referring to go I think torture for him to now is a new interpretation of the new normal I don't. The problem is that we don't have that kind of mindset that we had back in the sixties today. Well that's a tank that this is the dissident and no one ever put a date on. I disintegration is invalid re using this interpretation bright happen over 7200 years health and we just have to report by generations of people that have no idea at all. Yodeling they're not acting as main deck in the citizens citizens. Are the ones that test religious. You're having your rights. A guy that's put a much wider definition the only one that can give you your rights is god. And this one you should a burrito I lookup to refer to I have a conversation with to make sure that you understand exactly the right is only thing else is a privilege. They don't I'm I appreciate the call I've run out of time thank you very much. All right we'll be right back more with the springer when we get back you're listening to 1063 W a larger. Males and managed talk line 800 for 471063. The comments as retirement planning Tex lines ever won threes are seven. Let's go to the phones James he was talk about Dick's Sporting Goods yes sir. Hey bill laid on the morning I'm just trying to cope how much. In any better and Allendale disbanded I got an. Well I probably I go for spring mount umpire the pro appears split pull it. I think and. They go. And wanna go on about day to contain metal jewelry experience on the you know Finland went to a dollar would about a month or two ago. And you're glad I try to you know stay out of it so whatever but we kind of need it and stuff and Baylor Bears who would scuttle all the end. And and I always got to take a stroll but with a gun to honor. On just kind of look what they have and you know I've done it before Indy can always build a little disingenuous because you know they they got rid all of AR. Fifteen rifles. But they didn't get rid of all the quote uncle assault out shotgun with the breach barrels in the coastal groups are not you know eventual barreled into account. You know the shorter barrel shotgun that you do and I used for hunting and then they also ahead. You know the I your style bolt action rifle like you know the six point concrete more. Same bird you know rifles and I'll let and I just under the little disingenuous because you know I understand your big guns out as we're not been a silly art. Well like you have before with the building strain which upping the closest one out of that I know of has been asked all of all places. Ullman and I've been in about one and they had a whole wall of AO arrival. You know it but they kill people you know we're not gonna tell you are but the little late and about Tilden street and in. My eyes were able to offer and that's where they pulled him from his last. What you had beaten Al lady is now you know Annette and recently but like you did they came out at sandy hook into that we're not gonna. We're not gonna sell yours but their whole com between sandy hook import corn. They were still get money all the way are just through a different avenues. We're sure sure it's it's old virtues are going these guys couldn't that they don't have doldrums by this is all looked good yeah this all directory crested gained you know to gain a little pressed. Now sometimes you little bit of blowback asked the guys who want to start he of the whole load looks looks more talk in and out burger. He went in and out murder was there before that cat was in the DNC in California they'll be there after he is did. Yeah and in probably about not a be in the DNC anymore over the island so. The funny part about their trip though was as we got to the counter it checked out in the girl last that was taken the bell and counter. He had just simply wanted to on upper particularly reward program. An hour flight. No no thank you your Q level and can add why did you only to be perfectly honest review and you're like oh yeah. And I where I I don't like your gun ball big or they are so we we do our best not to come in here this just happens to be up. You know got to vote. Extraordinary types circumstantial whatever resources you know why. My alive when we got out of the park like you did did you did you notice her demeanor completely changed after you said that outlet oil. I like seeing a guy like it but you know that. I don't like they're pumped up. Well I mean Madison talk aboard comes out of it battle for Denver ever space that they don't know anything about the weather talked about the event they have no idea whether site. The other battered. Either that the guy begun counteract last month that you're not good look bank drowned in yellow brick like that but I would like. I like how we that the dongle that I yours but you got that Alex jog and run there you got multiple one of those. And you have that they are spelled bolt action. Rivals there and the guy only bank he could do it down a shrug your children allow any you know I'm a little bit but you don't camera that I do. I just bomb that you know little. Odds and he would he do Ghana light in the elite eight in yellow that looked on afraid like I guess here would you play in but I just work. And I understand. Sure but the girl that picked the girl at the counter she was completely offended by a lot of you know that's like Q you're the Dick's Sporting Goods you know. I'm all in coming import it into is it as an employee of the month the bureau there. Bigger thanks for the call absolutely yes sir. When when a gun grabber goes back a mostly gone forever talking points are always. Scripted and less they they they lose themselves like where I'm. I think it was Schumer this full semiautomatic. Switched. Chuckie Schumer. It was him or somebody goes guns. Terry McAuliffe said the 93 million people lose their lives to gun violence every day. When we be done already. Here's a thing about cuts the gun grammar is we don't it isn't they did that they dislike guns they love guns. They don't like you who haven't they go. They don't like you have to get out there walk around with the armed personnel all the time I mean when he was still alive are Arthur Sulzberger the publisher of New York Times. This guy that never opened his own card or. This is a guy that never pushed his own button for the elevator. Never went into a crime area he had a concealed carry permit in New York City. Chuck Schumer has a concealed carry permit in New York City. Not surprised. OK so if guns are banned want I mean I have Tony Gibbons and the posts it's never get to me they never give us. She's. So. Those getting out there and question this virtue signaling about guns there's a way to fight gun violence you're gonna have to go. Into these inner cities you can go along way in the inner cities two years you know to embrace the Second Amendment if you get rid of the same politicians keep reflecting. That is a big enabler if you let them have a little education leave the family intact. And you know. Just those steps to give a little economic opportunity right now in Chicago it's more lucrative to be a drug dealer there's no business but there's no McDonald's and imminent threat cargo to go work that is correct so. What is left for them and and that's the tragedy. And this is the part I don't give about this this is Chicago gets ignored every day I've black lives matter every town for gun safety. Again and Gabby Giffords or company or organization or diversion to divert all researcher everything else as has Baltimore. As does the entire state in New Jersey as does New York City which has its share of stuff happening. San Francisco LA there about it you know they're they're they're on the up and up as the illegal aliens go there for the free healthcare. All these cities where crime is gone up if we got rid of three of them. We get rid of probably. Half the murders which is the stuff that we need to be agreed that. Our number four is coming up we'll be right back. 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