Tara's Tirade - 4th Dist candidate Dan Hamilton (orig 5-25-18)

The Tara Show
Friday, May 25th
Tara asks 4th District candidate Dan Hamilton about his mom's story, Planned Parenthood, tariffs, and more.

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Good Harding okay joining us now the latest. And seemingly never ending congressional. Interviews so many candidates running in the district for erase it did Yeltsin joins us good morning Danielle to. 8 Erica morning Horry. Dent coming Addai Brady then if you don't mind. OK so I want or this really didn't really quickly and I have to compliment here at current little commercial political commercial is on right now the one about your mom. Probably one of the best political commercials I've ever seen probably Tod Ted. That's that is a that is a great story could he could you tell us just a little bit about you ended up orphans at nine months old. Yes terra I was. I was born in Miami Florida in 1976. And of course that was after being laid side. Birth mother was a single lady. And that became Christian washing is pregnant with me. And also was diagnosed with an in Europe are the champs are and the doctor told her that she could be here. Saved her life by. And the treatment. And and to potentially give destroy belied both of the child that mean yeah whim but she made the decision to order treatments and to have me. In doubt what happened back girl girl born herb. Cigna got progressively worse. And she ended up dying actually a mother stay at 1977. And during that time after world war she made her life's mission. The time machine had left to find a Christian family to lead us to grow up then and yet the very specific rules the family she wanted how's that. There are smoking or drinking. End that that I would have a Christian education and that's how we got about a Hamilton family in 1977. My head bit down in Miami they are looting shops aren't you hear a little early 1980 server two Greeneville. But how to bury interesting start lights and my parents that that raised me Alex told me. That you know you're here Serena got reserved you god gave you until it's always been a around. You know how to always kind of been on a sort of a mission a loop a greater protests. In my life that marker and instilled in me. And in accounts and who is running in the district four race numbers you've tied this to us. He had to being pro life and John you know to do knew when you when I've talked so as far about the plan turn nasty couple weeks ago. And MS is of a couple other candidates in in the race as well I'm Dan. That you know heady numbers you guys have a history of voting for state budgets on debt you owe fines Planned Parenthood even if it's you know indirectly. Com and you know I had known about that because you've had other people you know like Kevin Bryant who have protested that fact that there's funding in the air. You're going back several years I mean that's gotten news. News coverage. On things that she and it started asking one of the things you told me was that you know where I things co sponsoring something that would in the plenty of finding a Planned Parenthood. And I ask you because it was you know as a amendments. Date yet you did that make the house vote on that amendment. You weren't scared of are you had an excused absence. How come you don't you you did you had an excused absence. You're so well I didn't pack I think how are talkies bat day so I went down to Columbia went down there in a worker dharma Grady is shall Greenwood. Chairman of the Iowa caucus Indian art cosponsored an amendment that would strip that thirteen thousand dollars. Out now Planned Parenthood which again we are did not knowingly you know we didn't know that and darned good know that none of 116 of us voted. Just said that budget to be the senate. We found out about it job I worked together on that amendments. We were down there for all all day and a map boat came up back Cingular eight or 9 PM. And I had a flight scheduled yup four meetings there or early morning meeting that the next day. And that so I'm amazed that the lead at 7 PM missed the boat but I worked all day long to make sure that when that vote came up. It was gonna pack and attacked by like forty votes so. Yet that the idea let down. Yet just you didn't make the vote. Added it doesn't hold up I mean our if you look on the that sparked sir you know are mad at them it's McGrady and Hamilton it's it's to look and then we worked at to get that done. And apps apps are sorted out so very I'm pleased that that we were able to strip that down. At at and I don't mean to Christine Denver to mean six months ago that the governor's sense. Are a letter to our State Department health and human services requesting a waiver to defund Planned Parenthood so we have to find them. In the budget as you said the words Planned Parenthood don't appear in the budget I get that it's passed they're funny but. I mean the governor knew it was their six months ago there was news coverage of the governor doing that Kevin Bryant for T was running for governor right now for two years is. You know bent on this issue he's been on our air how did you miss the Planned Parenthood funding in the budget the governor knew about it and it's all these other people know about it more fighting. When when you voted for the budget with a Planned Parenthood funding. I I guess all 116 about miss that as well I'm and I never yet governor never had any conversations what so about that we have a three day budget process starting in Colombia that conversation. Did not happen during during the budget process and India that is an executive branch decision that we we saw under the executive branch and the executive branch went out and can create those contracts. Yes so tight against Osama bikes and you know won it are paid employee eat. I want that employee goes out in until about money is yeah outside I agree there or not but in this case. Yeah we are where they employ your outlook stay organ I look forward or Iraq or debt to do that in order it back in the day had a dollar the Planned Parenthood is that there's a problem in my mind. But we it was thirteen thousand dollars to governor did out an executive order. Longstanding an outlet that they have they did play a pair a bit long skinny their executive order that we do not on abortion in this state and end up money. The thirteen thousand dollars from the state was not for abortions and was planning or citizens. In still we we don't need to unplanned parenthood and and what are going to. A reason I ask is because. You know again I mean we've. And then this is why IG tough interviews because I mean people I've voters are sick and tired of people saying one thing in the in the prior began going to it's a Connors and menu button and fund claim parent could your vote for those crazy stuff you said you wouldn't. And that's why ask these questions speak about it. His voting am I went through calculated this myself okay seed Tommy farmer on here. I'm looking at your votes are of them for the last year the last session. You broke called lets you missed a third of jokes 33%. Although it's emas 34% off. All of this is it have I missed calculated that. I took it right off you're you're young you're done the legislative site and we commit to making all your votes in congress if you're like I know you run a very successful business I get where would you were probably doing you're you're probably. You know run a business but third votes missed is is that good constituent service. Chair that great question and mayors. It took two to two point and that if you look at were my entire career steakhouse. According to court target all but I mean 91 percentage. Attendance records aren't aren't they are. Engaged actively make you think capitals this particular session there are few days but I do best that each day went about a 180 boats. If you look at that how many roll call vote we have in the state house I think this year their bikes 14100. I mean just an incredible some of those are boats like. We're gonna change that the district lines in Kershaw county or were born to you know change the striped bass number from yet you catch twelve dated tenth. We have a lot of on the record boats I didn't ask I think out of this entire session next five days. Until then you're there is word data we had to literally a 180 boats. So when he and and those Lori and her work as were your personal situation that that came out. But yeah are you are make it out a priority get to represent my constituents very well. He talked effect down in Columbia that they are they will tell you that into a guy that is there he'd like nothing happened in the workforce for the culprit group is called me. What the top taxpayer euros in Columbia so we we get the job done and yeah I missed they're Cuba. In the different than they go to Washington is you know when you go to. Washington it's it's all our jobs and so I would be out of the real state that last. I go to Washington and they're not have to worry about that. According this humanist on the other of the thirteen hundred point two votes unless session you missed 439. But I'm looking at these. A lot of what you missed. Were actually having to do with the budget. So I think there's a graduate origami name is the third of the votes but a lot of those were budget votes. Vanish into budget. Exactly so cute too that they that are about whining plugged the very first day the budget which is a first reading. So that if you have a series go on every single part of the budget you have a roll call vote enters into literally hundreds of parks the budget. A missed that one day again that that's what they are best. 200 boats. But I had time to come back out there the next day what we will look the secular readings where. You really get to the lead in the debate coach of the depart the budget in the late the other one or what budget vetoes. On this which again was another day where. The house is in session on Monday to go you are not and part of my lol my company is leadership all the app out of town meeting. I will require to be and I knew the day and that we're typically not even in Columbia on Mondays are messed. But 280 budget Ito boats. To Deanna ham on ten he is the calm running in the district four race for congress to replace tree GAAP. I am I I am I have to ask you that this question. PRR. Looker a local chambers of commerce. Have given you their highest rating you for the number one candidate on terrorist list they have been. Openly hostile to conservatives. On and they're surrounding a path fund raising appendages have worked in the state to take him out in elections yet you have their highest rating. Arm or why why did it why did they what they support who do you think if you are a conservative. Where did you is that when you're at the topping your their list. Yeah of all the candidates in this race. Right yeah I think Steven brown and our burst out receipt cops or sure the Republicans. From the chamber in and I think it's interesting to know I'm not I'm a businessman guy so I started a business. From scratch from nothing at 26 years old the bridge over the years we arm our business and a member of the local chamber of commerce. So I'm. You know I'm I'm there helping create jobs opened what the economy here. When you look at the way that they had the chamber did that they did they question air so we police and the questioner back there Lyndon. They have been inner geeks they actually sat down the balloon boy I don't know there's until twelve votes there from Greenville Greer in Spartanburg chamber in either. Businesspeople are better here in which we did they just asked all the candidates you know about you know what we've done warned it would find a deal and really it was more about. Yeah are you going to you didn't have to agree with them on issues impact the Chamber's number one priority last year I mistake house was the gas tax. I voted against big aspect I told them from the beginning. I'm not going to get to the war. Thanks the floor at the year before that point and should know better I'd never voted there but for the past tax them. On the no. I told him point blank you know that's that's not where you know I'm going to be but they they did break it I salute and not think because of their their two major issues. But they wanna see happening congress and it is the repeal of obamacare. To kill jobs kill businesses here in the upstate and make sure that our workforce or were swept education that we're educating our next generation for the job that are out there and that's that the U. Think that they into the most focused on and you know again we are birdie gets them on great actors out but they each state so that looked into doubt that that's actually got a plan. Aren't releasing them in adaptability to get it done. This same time no and are talking again Hamilton I was Kandy district four race I have a copy of the question that yours were signs. Om and end this flat out asks. You know it it encourages he raped no questions it's flat out tells you they wanna dock amnesty. Om and they want somebody who will fight the trump. I'd trade at agenda an end so. I tried Jersey Julia our highly of were highly rated on average would you commit to releasing your answers to those questions that you gave the chamber Toomey we tried I've I've challenged candidates all of the ministries to do that and I've gotten several responses from the candidates would you commit to releasing New Yorkers I asked the chamber for everybody easy answers they won't given to me. Album so would you would you give us the answer she gave the chamber. And we will melt back to them I don't know that that we have Al but I'll tell you I'll tell you my two dollars on undocked we we don't there is no solution there that doc was an illegal. Acts by President Obama and there's no bickering that until we addressed chain migration and border security that is going to be the entire conversation and I told the chamber that. And and again. But you'd they do we're not asking the candidates to agree with them on machines they were asking in and I think 40%. They're they're scoring came armed the question there and the majority of 60% came from. The energy and and how are you yourself are you coached issues can you explain. I Wear your helmet from. And you know I have to agree with them all on things. Just there they're rating there are there. So you don't feel like even though they Gaby you're taught their top endorsement that you don't philadelphians who beat beauty kind of one. When it comes to voting in daka and that and expanding and because the dot proposal before congress right now legalize is two million with. Chain migration is tremendous arm pressure being put on Republicans who by the national chamber of commerce. At two to vote for that and I mean if if you mean you use our this race Dan I mean it to president trump lost the popular vote I mean we add two million more voters. It's lights out for the country. I mean I hated that bad but it played isn't we're done we're one party system and so we you commit to voting against it darker than on the record. Yeah I'm not going jet that few million or illegal immigrants to get to the roles in the if you all think they put a lot of pressure on me to go to that gas tax increase. You know you got don't think elevate put a lot of pressure on army that I just. I'm so I don't I don't take pressure from friends from enemies but does that matter into a little poem about bland and a boat but let's without their support. They also want on these questions the chamber of commerce or the local 12. Odd dance to take on the trumpet trade agenda do you plan to take on the track trade trade agenda do you agree with the trump trade agenda if you if you can do deemed not woods but he. So now and I don't I. I think Eric has historically there until it not work they are costs are passed directly at a consumer targeted theory. The very prime example I would add a concrete pipe plant the other daylight. In the middle agreeable in my state out district. And he's had looked in early territory I'd have have metal mesh inside that. And that he's actually gone up 40%. In and pricing because of the talk of care. And I eat there at best GAAP spices. They're not even important but just because you talk a cherished the price was increased arm is in good. And and that's being passed along to consumers that their bar there's there are disagree. Where president specifically armchair I don't think they're good. Yet today I believe he's just using them at the negotiation tactic there are are to understand worries to trouble real straight guy the president to real steak guy. I understand negotiation and I believe you'd let a good tool to get China to the table as you know we're there's a lot of talk about Russia. But China seven times larger than Russia and their economy and they are eating our lunch and we don't do something about trade with China. Born troubled by it but I think tariffs are not yet certain that stopped on the economy is very much based on a a free trade export imports a lot of the jobs here GE Michelin. It's BMW we depend on foreign trade for the jobs right here the ups except Iraq's armed in spite of the death to defend us. Do you on the day and tell us Dan Hampton support arm ending NAFTA. That's a big part in front tree and while laughter ending NAFTA. Renegotiating closing out there to be born to renegotiate. Absolutely. Okay I'm I ask you about on another examiner were supporters the National Association of Realtors is by a staggering 166000. Dollars worth of advertising. For you in this market. A lot of going to be even begin hitting may thirtieth. And most of the candidates that they have supported in the past or Democrats running against. Republicans in the only Republicans that the National Association of Realtors have supported recently where Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham against their conservative. Challengers. Why am I know your realtors so when I get that but what why are they so for you mean they don't have a history of supporting any conservatives and. All. Well I would imagine that you ran saw a study National Association of Broadcasters would would come out and help future Erica you're a member. Senior member of that organization. I'm a realtor yeah yeah I started a real estate business that 25 years old I've grown the business over fifteen years. I page views to the National Association of Realtors. So that they are number one priority is to help especially you know their men burst. Get elected they absolutely you know their agenda is you know look number one that we got we got to Reese or flood insurance lobby churches that. The huge lest you look at what happened in Houston. You know we had the government had to bail outs. The Internet into RT National Flood Insurance Program so I've got some idea about seeing the real world like you're being a real stake I like it take a Washington. Read and can actually streamline and get more consumer choice and plug in Turkey to huddle and government program right now. And then what the realtor wanted to do what I wanna do is is make that more the consumer choice and and spread the rest brown and not have a government bailout what church so. I know I've never looked debt you'd do they support but they're supporting me because I'm a member. Absolutely and probably that's their enrollment. Com and doesn't concern you that the only other Republicans they've had supported lately or Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. And besides yourself or that they have been openly hostile to trump called them unfit for office. And said they lead love to see trump resigned in when he seventeen this and that. They are are supporting you and you seem like. And maybe not really fit in with this list of people that they're that they support him again most of whom are Democrats. Yeah I don't care I have no idea how they'll attract chief who they support and if you talked a real state both here and count they're the ones that that would. Would look at them support me. In industry interest and it it's real estate people from all different company in Europe's elite but others doubt Google a real estate people here lingle. And they backed themselves because they know me they trust me. I got a track record down Columbia got a track record at the biggest person. And met and that's why they're supporting because they know me. Targeted in Hamilton on he is running in the district four race for congress came ask you this question. Texas right now sit at Texas has a economic growth rate to and sit roughly 6%. Armed south Carolina's is only slightly above California's at a little over 2%. The big difference. What makes Texas one of the fastest growing economies in the nation I'm is drilling home and that's according hand to federal statistics. Com show which you know and we could really do real NBA and it adds a game changer for us if we went after the oil and natural gas offer coast estimated. By two surveys to be we've got more of an off that coast and there are North Carolina North Carolina then the rest of the East Coast. Combines but would have to explore first not to explore. Several. Congress members. Have openly opposed and worked against in congress. President transplant to explore off our coast and figure out if you know oil exporting oil drilling and natural gas extraction can co exist with our tourism industry as it does the gulf of Texas and in California. How would you be one of those congress members are fighting it that word do you support. Exploration offer coast. Great question and I hit 100%. Support exploration there's no reason in the world we should Nazi. Exactly what resources that we have to weaken the independent of countries like Venezuela. He Nikki Haley just slams publicly or they don't have election that we're dependent on the country like that for our resource and so absolutely we've got to explore it and work in tandem. With tourism in our state we can go far off the coast. And incidentally. All from what I understand the research I've done we have our natural gas resources. Which is not oil very different. And yes I'd like just what a slam this idea we don't need to be in equipment oil spill will get a gap still gets well there's no problem. Could hit it dissipate there I think we need it or steal we have by the screen look what those you would say we we don't need to to look into that. DN targeted in Hamilton he is the congressional candidate in the district for Ares I NASA a lot of questions. Unlike you I am to sell yourself congratulations your elected to congress the furniture is all moved and it's your first day. Not if you're my first staying congress I would do the thing I was servicing right away I was most passionate about what would that be for you. Yet so furniture then in it. Assuming I had not hired staff yet I would go to senator Jim Jim dement two quote I worked all right out of college. He would actually got organizations in DC that's helping members of congress hire staff. And that what we found is you know you are staffed in the they're not are in line with your values in terms of where he together undermine so we would have our similar to that help us our staff and then I got. Or priority. Legislative do that outlook so. What I do and and I hire people they have a hundred day plan in their account accountability built in the that I think we need accountability what our elected officials so my I would publicly how this accountability and stroke on forcing them once spending. We're gonna go find a hundred billion dollars worth of spending that 10%. Out of the spending that goes on to Washington and find a hundred billion dollar gold and introduce a bill to repeal that spending. And bring back number two we're in focus on bureaucracy. Other a bill called deranged act which would rein in. The federal bureaucracy that the number one problem we see eye to try to grow but it shouldn't be dipping your top ranked lob the bureaucracy and regulation that came out of that while. Crushing. Small and local banks like the one that that I served on the board. The number three welfare reform we're gonna make sure that's so that they want to have benefits and the government they are seeking a job they're getting education. To get a job well but what I found that sick attitude and people are not even looking. The work that are eligible so our workforce is a huge problem when he gets back to work and not living up to got that so that's priority number three. And look for the biggest driver of our national debt is entitlements. In its we talked about one point three trillion dollars in spending. That was just actually omnibus bill back does not even include this the mandatory spending that going on right now to keep our security and Medicare. Killing and we got a dressed lists we get to keep our promise since. But yet restoring those for the next generation that we don't do that our country is bankrupt sacked twelve year shall now says security will bankrupt last week dresses so we got to send you a Washington have the courage. To address those. Big issue so those who are first prize for. Four priorities what a 180 days you'll see action from the on. Edited and Hamels said he is a candidate for congress in the district four race Dan. I'm weren't twenty trillion dollars in debt you just talk about any kind suspending her billion dollars is good but that's just a drop in the bucket. Armed the only way that you know we have gotten when he trillion dollars in debt and that's the size of the entire US annual economy and couldn't possibly pay it back. On is is one budget vote at a time in these budget votes add you know X two trillion dollars every time sometimes more than that. In debt and it will you commit to not voting for a budget. If it has dead if it has borrowing because that's the only way we're going to stop this is if congress members stop voting for these budgets would you commit to that. Yeah I'm also commit to it now but he per budget unless it is don't do the correct process you know this one point three Chilean on the books spending bill. Was put into arts for people for people to back Brigham and that's McConnell always see Paul Ryan. And injection and that windows has do not need you write about in these go to the regular order the regular process just like we get the state level. And and just like we have to balance our budget at the state does I doubt about the budget in my office in in my. My business if we don't you know how the revenue to make make the expense as we cut our expenses. That's what every household does and we will do that and I won't commit such a not voting for a budget that does that does that. Is in Washington. And in Hamilton Jennifer district for congress we you'll be joining me for parkinson's and you. My plan at this point character not join any caucus. I believe that we need to go there. And beat beat completely independent code of any car yet I understand that the between caucus requires that you. They basically have your vote and says that they did they get together and agree on the way you gonna vote I think I need to be accountable and answerable to the people fort district not any caucus in Washington. Whether or not to get caught its happy street caucuses is out doing the right thing in terms. They're priorities but ala the irritable she's the people in the fourth district stopped anyone there Washington. Did Hilton Aum as you know Paul Ryan and it is retiring among the to be put to the people that are talking talked about as replacements or our Kevin McCarthy and Steve is police who have been in lockstep with Ryan on virtually every thing. What would you vote four Kevin McCarthy or Steve's police for house speaker. I've I don't know yet terra Fuhrman about or what I would do as it is we we got to get through a a twelve person primary. And and then probably runoff and then I'll and then a general elections so when when I get to Washington. I'll sit down and how much each one of the folks that that run for speaker about training leadership position looking MEI. Are now exactly what their priorities are in what when they're gonna do it to help move our country in the right direction. So I I can't admit that the voting for anyone at this point until I get there and we see exactly whose views on the tape he got in at the table. And that he can do the right into the country. Did Hamilton how can people find out more about you. Are the best way yeah I'll right now most people can pull out of an end go to both. Billion Hamilton and doc are where they eat out or a desktop computer that mode in Hamilton dot com. Probably the best way to easiest way to find out a little bit about my background about my world. Priorities about about how I won't be able to hit ground running. Are we just don't how time this country to mess around with a small issues we've got to have. Someone up in Washington you're gonna work on the big issues straddle record in business and the legislature being able to do that has since they get a boat and Hamilton dot com. They can find out more about me and would vote to that how they're don't know support in the June 12 primary. RE DN Hamilton thank you so much for us up invite today this is the toughest interview in the state. Om and you have Don and many others won't do it on and and so I was admire anyone who's willing to sit in the hot seat Nancy the tough questions thank you for coming here also thanks.