Tara's Tirade - 4th Dist candidate James Epley (orig 5-24-18)

The Tara Show
Thursday, May 24th
4th District candidate James Epley calls in to talk about his positions on issues in the race for Congress.

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Yeah no wind district court candidate to James actually whose staff and I'd say has more anger moorings hair. It more terror. Dates and things staffer for joining us I'm particularly like when I can't and it's pursue need to get to meet to interview them as you did so. And thank you for doing that. I'm excited now as you know I ask people tough questions on the start with those first. I read this agreeing only used so it might be true okay it it in mind I don't is ray might be trip. I'm but I wanted to know about it. We are indeed we all including my own family business you know had struggles during their news in the Great Recession we will that I I have total sympathy for that but. I'm you have had multiple judgments. Against you and your three companies that protects building protects management's. And arbor green builders including an elderly couple a retired couple that you oh a 160000. Dollars to I issue. Took the money to build my house but then you didn't. And build a house and I am I get companies go wondering go bankrupt but it seems like you personally as this couple the money. It did you build the house and can you explain me what what happened if if he couldn't build the house when I just give the money back. We had a hundred final that actually probably honestly when you talk about the current recession you know it looks. Each easily impact on memorial by the district and you when you've got people declare bankruptcy or not you when people argue and and other Shelden or can't jedi bankers are. Just close the door walkway president I would now you're there for our ability quiet. And I couple actually allocated out spoke to them after the article came out the first thing I said it's you know great to hear from you how to kits please counseling. I did finish their house now we have any style money in the company defendant saw actually strapped on the go well and finished myself. And we finished out completely went through the whole thing we measure that was done I hope we can get to a court procedure. We went through this thing we did in the concession and worked out and remarked how to act about. Pay anything that was left owed but calls it's hard to manage things when you're expecting and I don't you 2000 dollars a year and killer out there another counselor. And so. What are you still owe them our 160000. Dollars then he finished the house. Called out senate the house through the process when we actually had all the money's coming and I had a performing at our priorities always got a 90% of those banks. That debt obligations I you know this in twelve years ago and we weren't there the whole process and back then you know at ten years ago is when we gave them. The confessions about Scott what happened is that when you've got your catch up coming can't. Your car and everything else trying to do all these banks and take care of as many people who cigarette banker who want to bust and again there wasn't enough to actually pay. Then abouts that the house was finished on except I don't see other modem. But so a 160000. Dollars and I guess you know campaign I'm good Don trump when you're working for him in South Carolina pages 74000. Dollars. That you know we didn't give any of that today and to continue paying the debt off have you have you done that. And now and on the Allen manner and we got a lot of other obligations and we pray and that's our you know you do what you can at the moment you guys do or the crisis and you deal with a and but I am still talking to them it still on those up and it's on the randomly taking care of an up again outspoken and then racially about. Found that Palin actually first when he told me it says don't worry about right now actually get to your campaign to your election is almost talk about life. I'm not so you know they're still an amicable relationship there and it's still something that content on them. 01 of the members of their of the couple lady on her 60000 dollars to told the Greenville news. But he needs a lot more understanding of money and management. Which you agree with that that statement. An and will that affect you in congress were bread that's your job is about money management. And now I tell gallant that I wouldn't agree with that statement I may not have if you haven't been through truth Percy if you haven't seen. It's hard to manage and then when you got cash flow when people are paying you. I mean when you run a business I think you that you and your family understood what this and playing well I don't that you can do all financial planning you want it you've got. Or 500000 or receive or on the books and you do your budgeting based upon those bank and you want to go on the net doesn't come Tampa called atypical or Tutsi origin and you. And then you go to the next step by hole thing with their own back to take the next step out take the next step at a closed door on the tent. That's a hard thing to do it very difficult thing to do and it's it is. Hard for anyone who hasn't been through that experience to understand. How you maybe have a decision to me you've got. Someone that's worse twenty million dollars that's legitimate go at something and you have to make trust me pay and then it Pena Palmer who's not well up Mike has ordered all of this house. I just by Obama. Try to pay people are needed him would be at least impacted by as we were collected processed but when you don't have the cash flow coming in minister did each year. It's hard to do their business on an actual al-Qaeda. To have come through that process but out of bankruptcy allowing to have paid. 90% of the best that we had on me it's only an oracle products at the time. Was actually account to Karl it was a very difficult and were not easy. And it took years to actually get that done our bit managing board you have. Are very carefully you'll get him much or expected again. James athlete he is running in the district for Republican primary race for congress. On and estimates seven to bring nominees because I mean meet me personally lingering unease is twisted my words in this reported things in that that I have said we have set I mean they ended in some cases they Platt made things up so I wanna get out are going straight here because they say you did it doesn't mean in my mind you did anything. But I do wanna get on the record. 1995 in Burke county. You and your passion and I had no knowledge of that total must they're there's they're sporting employees and that downing at least like end their luck. I had no knowledge of that topic into a 200 dollar check and he said that that's what brought us out at any knowledge of that does so I could not. Speak to about well. RAI Jane ads exactly and now of course thank you have for joining us answer her questions this morning what I don't move on to am (%expletive) issues. Right now in congress there is eight and movements to legalize to. Million dockets not just those that sit President Obama allowed to stay but too many doc as with chain migration that's pretty much what any kind docket deal is gonna look like. And you deciding you've followed tribunal campaign Foreman the state I mean you know what this means he lost the popular vote we legalized two million doc is we chain migration. And Lindsey Graham adds another writer to the bill that says they get to go to vote in five years. Al were always the country we're gonna be one party country that's how serious a Darko vote it's. Will you vote for a daka amnesty in any form. Now or not I mean I got behind president chomping now when I don't trump campaign I'll also say they can't person joining nationalistic suite or in the now. Not served as Israel director went through I did every campaign events South Carolina not looked at Eric Wallace thanks in no uncertain as an authority and washed and for the very reason you're speaking up edit profile word about the future of the country and the only reason we have involved in politics is don't water relief and our children. And really going to be a reflection of America that we know and that we love and we we've come to cherished and if you break at all and you come here illegally you need to go back. I don't see any gray area like we have good pick immigration laws on the books we speak and forced. He would Jay at at bully you your took Ford trump in how Washington for several months but not for a whole year. And then he came home wide to come home. Well out there doesn't for the transition period went through coming back and stay longer I actually came back home again to try to make an impact on Iraq came back Q. I run by lieutenant governor Kevin Brown's campaign out while Kevin has at an honorable man I integrity I think do we need to. That type of mindset in leadership in Colombia and I came back to run this campaign. The call let told the president and I told him out there. That I really don't have any interest in Maine and Washington DC admitted to to help him transition to come up here because I have a thirteen 1415 year old. And I'm going to be alert my family you know it's gone up on Monday flew back both chronic and ever been a week into this city. I went up there to try to help like to transition. And that there had an impact on your family you're going to be await your family have to socket competing. And then you haven't had a true impact and things and now we weren't there the entire government we looked at either view of how we reorganized government how we eliminate duplicity where do we trying to streamline efficiencies and run a market business and they don't know things we were doing new American recommendations back to the White House and doing these things. And that's incredible but the one thing you got pretty quickly is that if you don't have a voice in about it. If they massive federal government and you saw the grain Sanong beach digital clutch couldn't get anything done. Without test you can see help people get apprentice so complicit and just starter and look and quit and not. He's doing when I did not serve my role Russert the president and then came back two to do my family and and Michael. Get a jump on the line register for congressional candidate Jay at play welcome back to show up thank you actually. I'm dead yet james' efforts our own folksonomy you Jane I talked to them so Khatami had come anyway done. Yet dead so anyway I'm of waved proms this country has is that were twenty trillion dollars in debt. The entire US economy is twenty trillion dollars that's the annual economy how we get their one neck budget full of borrowing at a time year after year after year after year. Com with candidates telling us that they need to deficit spending in totally lacking a do it now and they go to Kyra since they do it anyway. Town are you willing to commit. Mom too not voting for a budget and if it is not balanced if it has arm debt. Spending in it that we can't pay for. I am and I'll I'll tell you Miami and we were no longer rule and could cap era and a so we have. This benefit and and in this. Adam that benefit some no wonder they think it works just a finance. You're just came in and do the same process amid a problem out there are no in Washington that. We have such a huge federal government and all the built become opting all the they've got a hundred things collectively thank you go open at a particular bill are comparable quarter you're going to be. Armor torture constituents if you don't perhaps into the sort. So they get everyone voting in lock step Democrats and Republicans about the lobbyists and special orders but it is about the money coming into money make Washington go around. And you're gonna have to have the courage. And don't worry about your political career could not stand on the principle to go ahead and try and make the tough decisions you have to build a coalition was Luke Hancock really aren't that relationship or marriage and your art and and I call them all and and what it's gonna take it's a band of people like can actually go together stand on principle to try to say enough is enough. We can talk about they think we have got to start stream on the start we got a cut on immigration is a little heat policy not to implement. The coroner who the president has masks or hand on his desk and he really prepared to do they need to ally on the war and couldn't believe their people double screen and looked him. Not apologetic and I'm going on in this trying to mental presence there began and how that point and a collection that we are for the outlook. They James simply he is a running in and districts of four for congress. I'm Steve mentions in congress members there. I'm what's member of the South Carolina congressional delegation in the would you vote to most light if you had banned in congress over the past couple years. Well I had a look there everything that you down colonel Kurtz while well I won't just talk and online species. Sort of South Carolina delegation goes on Iraq Golan. I don't know. On him. Narrow looked at rice and and understand prisoner who was sitting caucus but today you know mostly guys in a boating rattled on most issues don't have to look at. There's an exception and to see it are some things that I might disagree with an ever lament the not at least in principle on the proper character arc. Steam it's James up league and Janet for district four. In addition for a congressional race speaking of the freedom and carcass. If they word to invite you to join in the they are a coalition of pretty hardcore conservatives at least it's hard cores are finding congress anyway. How would you enjoying the freedom caucus. I would not I actually spoken to them again about that does not spam our. I think it union and the need to host strength in numbers are one person did some things that doesn't mean each are going to be at a town every issue. Which you've got at least to have a big group and banning air travel court to have an impact. To be able to go to the steps of the capitol deterrence and that we now have the numbers. And we are not gonna grant on this issue until we address these very real concerns were at people's out there are. And the people their respective districts. Because we've got it it would look they're represented people who are worried about the political careers and hurt to behest of the money at all other than that and the career politicians are well Ron Washington. And we have to have some people that are band together and that's what's so I'm afraid Crocker present corner. Gently gag congratulations and starring James amply again and I talk different to what they call you Jack. Not just yelling finding out what's going on in this race and and and whatnot. On its congratulations to first thing congress all of printers been moved in. What's the first thing you're gonna do the thing that's so important here that man that first morning there you're gonna hit the ground running. Well those two things I would say first of all the while more call upon ball further country's national ban characters strip Carlo and arming Camara. Organized by grandparents are provided abortions. Not seriously sorry winner. Our data on two separate statistical announced on mainstream America that you cannot provide abortion the federal dollars were Crennel hello all what does that. But I'll looked out of poverty and the wall. Some resonance and action in the second thing I directors all of that to me you the most important thing to do with Oklahoma and little change Washington we hope to make me and you're. The meaning it can't talk about we've got about campaigned on a triple. We cannot have people who who were getting elected simply because they have the most money or other kind of an Odyssey Washington and are they well know this cycle low income to China there. The slowdown apparently and art and that they saw a lot of the seat but just because you have the money doesn't mean you're their person for the job you know the last but I want to stand to do that. It is not unique to him in as well we have across the board. In this country is is congressman is 22 people on the phone soliciting competent campaign contributions people directly affect about legislation to go vote. And we have got to get the money out of the process here that's how they keep their legal and argue there aren't. Campaign finance reform to get exposure based bank will be the most important thing not a quick court order to benefit people that stay in the country. You do exactly he is a district for a congressional on CNN and come James we had some members of our congressional delegation am actively fighting offshore energy exploration off our coast. We UB one of the dose or will you be supporting president trump and his valiant effort to open our coast for exploration to find a find out what's you know what's out there. You support exploration. Underscore exploration support expression for several reasons one thing is very shortsighted and a political statement so there are they well let's do it to him. There are areas that we have on our resources in the world. They will eventually I'll be capped at some point whereas the options out he'd need at least be informed about what it's out there. To know what we have to bail out plan accordingly and Denmark Britain aren't your app. You you won't be able to know what other city you can decide if this were tapping coming up thank technologies developed. Of the chance of any. They are while we're on the goal. But the people are out there is it's very minimal harmonica or not they. Now we do need to explore and found a lot out there you can do some crude upon down learn them and I get ten property in your particular about it. Potential multi billion dollar impact on the state economy in addition to providing energy independence that gives us our security we need. And when you look at what how Reagan brought where. The Cold War and he didn't like it now at least the pop or more market. And for Russia today don't go where they had their biggest export I was an idol and any weakening economy and you're there to get things not. Now we have our own energy and we have the ability to produce and we're now back to being more or Clark is leading energy producers and I give us a lot of strength and honestly don't know the Middle East and we have to be able to. At least assess the clinger. Yes so what do supported our. I did simply wanna thank you for joining us on the show before you go where can people go online to find out more about it. You know an agenda at play dot com and now live on that there won't want to look at it I'll encourage everyone took. To look at cancer got out there to look at their motivations C one other little. We don't need more clear politicians we don't need people to simply say they vote their outweigh the public entity that. If you don't have small little bit publishing and in Washington you're not technical money being spent and not liking how much of voting not. You got their Little League can't simply say never Ehrlichman murder Arkin articulate the message get out there and advocated torture including armed. Our guard bigger game zeppelin dot com or whatever support. And too quick in and take this historic opportunity to support this president to get some fundamental change on the Washington that would lead. It's usually impact on our kids then the next generation. I'm Jane simply thank you so much for joining us today on the terrorist show.