Tara's Tirade - 4th Dist candidate Steven Brown on Chamber endorsement (orig 5-21-18)

The Tara Show
Monday, May 21st
4th District candidate Steven Brown calls in to accept Tara's challenge to disclose answers to the Chamber's political questionnaire.

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Yeah Andy used shall worries seeing if I don't see district check for a congressional candidates. To release there answers Tuesday chambers questions as to Spartanburg and Greenville county chambers including two questions. Especially asked if you're against the trump trade agenda after telling you the trade agenda was bad arm and if you are for at least aide Derrick yet. Amnesty. Chamber hey did you release their answers to discuss why make sure that would determine chamber is the same thing their talent ass. Com and showed they did she has refused to release a question that's finding QA and they want I would think they would want the answers out especially on the candidates they're endorsing so we can seek. What they said could turn the endorsement with LB. Thrilled to vote for them. Home sites don't see these candidates to please. Yeah go ahead release your answers to the questions. Even better if you work for the chamber she could leak the answers to me that would be even better the Republicans say that got the high ratings are from the chamber. The two chambers. And they worked together on this day and Hamilton and Stephen brown rated excellent. They're highest rating. Josh Kimbrel Shannon pierce and William Timmons. Got well qualified racists are those wrecks on local firings recommendations for who you should vote. For. This is the same group by the way you will remember that ran. Over 100000 dollars. All these allied forces. Against senator clean break on in the senate race. I storm I'm very curious to find out why they endorsed the candidates that they did and what those candidates told a sore Marty getting. Something many answered to my my question Stephen brown. Got an excellent rating from the Chamberlain went in Hamilton good morning Stephen. The morning are. So will you really sure I'm answers that chambers questions. I absolutely will adapt sitting right now on shuttle and solitaire or one airplane to the next. I'm headed sector are able reader about the aftermath power so all email that you particularly like this morning. Good but I'll tell your heart to tell you in my hand salute you'll meet you there right now the here's. There's not a anyone more conservative than lead in the race I will tell you are now in the position that it's a trial on the preparations are little little bit. So tough on immigration at my position more interpret that are chopped I believe that this nation illegally are entitled the thing at all period. I'm opposed to amnesty Cherie. On the docket Neil I'll go along with a presence has little tiller he he just to make sure we agree that chain immigration at the lottery to. Immigration bill law have a border security under those circumstance alone. I would are pretty cheap that stock opt out students at British citizens at the present vote but I am on paper branding and at which it's easier for the million people. As the president urged that those boats that even bother trying to adopt a program that aperture. So you well Stephen brown Nat who votes for aid bill that home provides amnesty to. I docking and see anybody but those who've who signs up under Obama's backwards 70800000. Of them. That's that's that's right that the doctor Ozal I was. In payroll and their president Ali I'll find out the new for the Democrats negotiating the searched each. Much concerned look where he has this you really didn't care enough about our system leaking potentially put a brand that child in the doc program. But he didn't bother launched in an adult the sign up for our program. Washington now been printing nuisance or open and declare where their ship leaderboard I'm I'm I'm willing to compromise on the dot CO. Lipped out for those who actually are out or not those who were not part of the doc program. We'll get you on the record calm on that Stephen brown and if you will email me your chamber answers I'd love to read and terra at 1063 WORG. It's not current T are you getting results.