Tara's Tirade - Analyzing Roy Moore's loss (orig 12-13-17)

The Tara Show
Wednesday, December 13th

"They took out Roy Moore - that's what they did - to destroy Trump." 


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You have actually dosed wood to explain what just happened here with the with Roy Moore I've been setting this up for days. If your video listen all Republican pun and scream and yell but Democrats is not fair okay no is not fair and a mile ICI organic but that that's not new. What happens here is a high pitched battle for control between trump and the bushes for control the Republican Party. Not X one is T a the last hour a week or so. Trump had finally arrested the RNC. Controlled the RC purse strings from the bush hits and they donated the one more campaign. Am guaranteed try to take him out in the primary firmly Republican Party is not involved in picking and choosing winners and losers in the primary they tried taken out. As a he now has the purse strings of the organization that tried to take him out he did near that's a heck of a to the bushes are freaking out. There actually freaking out and I total ever remind you did that the the polled captured it all. I was like a year and a half ago. C a 5759%. Of Americans said they know they've they fell at the corner and a country that no longer felt like if Alec a stranger in their country things had gone so weird. And that began when the bushes took over the Republican Party in Republican Party stuff fight. There's always Ben is balanced to the war between a right to left this country the right stop talking when the bushes took over the party and filled with people who want to undermine our borders. Our culture. And they hadn't Karl we're recruiting this is why things are so messed up Republicans stopped fighting this is when everything tilt it this is why you don't feel at home in our country anymore. This is when the elites who share a culture very different from ours begin to take supremacy this is why you feel weird. All of that is because what the bushes did the party that party needs to fight this. People agree with us majorities in America on issue after issue after issue after issue always to do was articulated we went. And trying to stop that so there are high pitched battle with Donald Trump for control party. And crew took the don't lose cited this who took the Roy Moore allegations to the media to the Washington Post we have to tax it was the bush is. It was so bush is was an X Jeb Bush staffers worked on and off the bushes for a lot of years. Break bread published texts. Nothing about the timing that he enjoyed the primary did that. Chris shot a morally object to mark is these bushes are so clean pure like the wind driven stuff they couldn't and apparently did. Why they need Roy Moore split the vote with the real enemy Mo Brooks who should nominated Matt REIS says that Luther strange they're back wit. If you keep control part. That's why didn't take a Roy Moore in the primary they waited until. It would cost us dearly needed seat. Perhaps controlled the Supreme Court being out of put a real conservative money. At perhaps being able to save the economy Dampier the bushes and they launched did after it was too late to take a remark that's what they did it. That's where this came for I don't lose sight of that. That's what did and I time and Bill Clinton I would I would be so resentful of hw. Again this is a guy who gross women in front of his wife at please bill has the decency to do when Hillary is not around. As an issue on repealing the reason it never came out Clinton could use it against him by HW when he was run against some Christina we'd she don't Hillary. Eight study is every bit as bad as Clinton is not worse because he's gotten away with it. Lindsey Graham Tim's god none of them what HW go away they don't want to stop throwing up abolished beacon for the Republican Party they're finally Tim groping women in front of his wife. Just like Bill Clinton he's no different that's what Powell rented twenty years that pal around the saint. They don't object to anything I'm more Stein and making it studies probably jealous. So yes we seem. They took out Roy Moore that's what they did to destroyed. Try. So that I'd pitch ballas you understand this morning. And you know exactly do they knew conservatives would stay home and they did 50% of the turnout from the presidential election. They push your buttons that's what they did and they say they won district demeanor when the war.