Tara's Tirade - Career advice for 12-year-olds (orig 8-20-18)

The Tara Show
Monday, August 20th
"It's easy to get lost in the small pond that is school and to think that how you are measured there... maybe the measurement of you is mediocre, maybe school is not a place where you thrive. Well, don't internalize that."

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I swear I have a moment with you kids in the car Furman is an eight Ellison with two parents say as what an NRA but so what other people say. You're like typical. Young person. Here's the deal. Yet a school or a Amy do great in school and I encourage that replaced to learn work ethic but it's not the only determine of highly Africa. What people think of UN school has been our talked about this last. What people think of you in school how popular you are or not. How well you do in school when you do well I hope I make if you're transition into life easier. But it's not a determining a pilot come. And I know that sometimes. Depression days put on you in a good way because they let you buy your parents your teachers is is very well meant. And it's easy to get lost in the small pond that is school. And it thinks that. How you're measured it. There may be the measurement of view was mediocre maybe school is not a place where you throw. Well. Don't. Internalize. That. EU would be shocked how many people and I and I am and he can't noticed they get through life. I never thought and I went to school with would be successful who are today. Including new really well in school people knew not to the top 20% of my class in high school and then publish anybody else is rank. You wanna embarrass and and some offense in the unpublished category that shocked me with how well they've done in the last. CCC's Jeanne your card lean year best in school we need to accept the parent to help your parents give you and do your best job but understand. That the way you measured in school socially. Academically. Though may feel like the only measure our view at this caught at this time dealing measure Michigan that is just one small measure that eventually later on your left wheels completely forgot. In almost completely forget everything you learn their two of killing me. When my son sesame square root for number plus nine I was embarrassed I can remember it was straight a student. So listen try hard work hard this year. But understand. That she'll be measured on a whole lot. Broader scale on a whole lot of other more important things when you get out of school. Then you will in school. And echoes for academically but also for you know popularity. Sports. The things that matter now. Seem like the end of the world does seem like big things they won't that are currently at all. In 1015. Years he'll just be memories from your book so enjoy it take it seriously work hard and statistics. I understand it dead it's. You can make a ton adding your life. You can do amazing and marvelous things they'll move the world the town you live in. The folks whose lives she touched without ever making me on Earl without. Ever making team without everything being the most popular person you're like yeah there's one person from my school. Who fascinates me more than anybody. Now into a private school was very snooty. Lot of upper and people we weren't those people my mom or my chip to sense there. And we took great pride in our academic achievement my family. And in that private school it was a thing of shame and if you are not going to college and they would just printer name under will be working. None of forget this one kid that matter who he is now his name was printed in that category. And I would see that kid also along and then he had like. These Mac daddy lawnmowers rate went like big industrial alliance this is by his junior year in high school our team I'll throw my neighborhood and he. Had put his finger and hook up to the back of the pickup truck. As that he had earned working his first job. On and he had so many lawn customers. And as we did all summer along and we see him on the way employee and he was slain in a way in his eyes kidney will be working category. Yeah. Well when will the rest of us understand how well but business was going formed by the time he was sixty. And there suffice it to say maybe a decade later around back in town and I find out that not only does he earning huge and prosperous lawn care business. He and two other businesses as well but he died and force that he had started phenomenally successful businessman. But nice house out in lake city don't understand the latest school measures do just one small measure in your life and it will be forgotten. Not too long from now. So listen. If you got some special inside you and you know that the measures that your being measured by right now maybe don't captured completely. Protect that little special thing inside you you got a lot of time and a lot of space to grow. And to show it's in the world. So you know what go to the front door to smile on your face if not number one or number two and number three not even number 55 or god forbid 255. In your class that's okay. Casino went. Work ethic or take you a lot of places. That most people. Won't go. And if you do that and your dependable. And people can count on you. And you treat them in life you're leading you would be treated and you do that now and once you leave school you'll be shocked. To elect Peja back to that. And the rich is scheduled keenly not just in that material things. And also on family and and friends hands general. Prosecutor. So let's measurement system that you are forced into right now gets down. Assailant is not a single lake. Getting at a high school. And you lead your parents' house. And your eighteen years old and a Sony really different about Gillette what you leave school. I say what it what jury eighteen Healy parents' house you'll get to decide what people around you you know like a job you can leave. You don't like one career path you can lead you're not stuck with the same mauled people. Yet forced to be with them you do anything you want you go anywhere you want to be anything you want what every is there to struggle for you this year in every. Kid is different struggle. Whatever is is a struggle for you this year. Is going to be so far in your rearview mirror in the future you'll laugh about it when they're punishing that will struggle at something. This is a silly almost fate measurement system I don't know why we created this is society I don't know why we. Try to drill kids into one size fits soccer is life ain't one size fits all is a lot of paths to happiness and prosperity. And the click issue right now could share. Not eighteen you live your parents' house and you go where they tell you go and you do what they tell you do and and they tell you do these things for your own good because it left. But one decent you gonna be able to choose who's around you whose advice you take what kind of people you look up to. What do you he'll even have so much control and it's right around corner so listen hold on tape. Get through whatever challenges are feel deep bass step. But no this is only temporary this is just short time not you it's one of the past times in your life. It it's you're never going to have his show little responsibility and so much potential for fun. At any timing elect a right now. So. We're here artists. Take it seriously. Not tips. And it's a bunch shake enough get back up again the next morning nick you have so much and funny and stole many opportunities so many years to screw up and come back front. And be okay.