Tara's Tirade - The Carter Page virus (orig 2-13-18)

The Tara Show
Tuesday, February 13th

"This is a guy so known to the FBI they don't have to spy on him. He works for them. In fact, he had worked with them to catch other Russian spies. He was their ally. He was their informant... He was their asset."


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Just a year ago all the Smart people were mocking Donald Trump for being seen enough to suggest the Obama administration had surveil those secret wire tapped his campaign. What up paranoid lunatic base and get off Twitter. Yeah now we know what actually happened. The question this point is how many people in Trump's orbit once it spied on by the FBI. Yup and it's a big one coming weren't spied on by the FBI. Crazy stuff coming out this weekend you might have abrasion the significance of if you understand exactly what it means. Gotta rewind for me here to tell you where this is going. Way and the Hillary campaign. I mean the heads of the department of justice and the SP lie. Applaud that buys a warrant. To spy on track they apply for under title and that's a critical distinction one the media has not explained title one is used to after spy networks it's the highest. Class a war that she could possibly get as a means is if they took out a title 1 morning. And you came to see me. Downstairs you want to leave his bid people often do notes or something like that. And you add title and Warren any. But because you had made contact with meat. They could then spy on me they have to go get an antiwar biggest fan my phone calls my emails my texts. All of and the Britain's high of one warrant is to unmask and spy upon spite marks. It's it's to go find special would would they do what they're saying is look at current page is buys Nino whose whole network it. As anybody Carter page comes in contact with. They inspire you have to understand that to understand what they did here. Big confirmation over the weekend a lot of mainstream media missed deafening as head of the Intel committee who would know he's seen all of her. Intelligence around us are a lot of anyway it would at least what he's able to get into the FBI and the DOJ. Admitted to thinks here's the first one. And it's significant. It's actually. Huge. Carter is who would when you look at when you take a despised by warrant on somebody that you tell the Carolina we think this guys is a Russian spy or a terrorist. Where both. We we have we we think he's tears would have to he is so dangerous we have to unmasked. We're we're gonna have to go find his entire network seat who all is you know cooperating with him. To do something to hurt the country. One problem they knew cart page was in the spot. He works for the FBI. The German treehouse broke this last week we were all over. Gemini and as head of the Intel committee confirmed it over the weekend so this. Ice show own to the FBI they don't have to spy on him he works for that. In fact. He had worked with them to catch other Russian spies. Was there out he was turned four. He was a guy anyway I know we think this guy's spyware truly is win despite no he was your ass. That's critical Siegel an at and a tejada used it this is what's terrified. You know Carter paid is an interesting individual. OK but he also was a guy who who court cooperated with the FBI back in 2013. They used him in the court. Case OK so what does this mean the FBI uses him as an asset uses him to spy on a despised because he's got Russian connections. Use them as it uses him to plant listening devices you can tell me they did not did they built the whole time they know he was a Russian spy and Allison he's national security emergency now. They should get the warrant on Carter page. So they could send him into the trump campaign he's one of their assets. They needed somebody they could trust and control. Think about that. We came out over the weekend Carter page. Did not answer or make contact with trump officials until after the warrant was taken and I think about that from. That's knots. The word was all about Donald Trott. It would created the impression of the five judges all commendable Carter page just he's not could be. Big spice hunting down the country and cookies and he's okay thank you don't remember Tron was a big part of the DOS he. Turn separate paging you know Donald Trott. At the time it took out the war. So what with Carter pace is they've weaponized they turn into a virus basically. As sentiment to a healthy community. They took asset theirs like the size accord about it and send him. Into the trap campaign. Therefore the many walk through the front toward the trapped campaign they could then spy on anybody in the trap campaign. Don't what are they we're talking Carter page or not is different does secretary should the CNK yes sure you know what Steve Dana get to see in just a minute boom. She spiked. Collar emails or phone calls everything. But it didn't stop. That's the crazy part. They didn't just send Carter paid into the try to campaign. So they can spy on everyone in the truck campaign. These symptoms to congress. Wait white. They send him to cut to think about this Carter page testified. Behind closed doors. And in open session before what congressional committees. Nude as lays this out this weekend to these are two big pieces of our breaking usually hear more about this in the coming weeks is that just how mean as works. He drops his stuff for people who understand what he's talking about you'll see the proof a couple of weeks just how I've been so far at this as I listened everywhere he says listen what he set. The implications of sending Carter page into a congressional committee to testify under a title one more. That means every single person on he's dead that he talked to credit Paige talked to. On that committee the FT line is now entitled to go look at there emails they're text and a from a process that firm and these are the same committees investigating who now. The FBI. They used Carter page to spy. On the people investigating. Their crimes or what would be their crimes to keep an eye on that. They used Carter page. To keep an eye on the committees that are supposed to oversee them that they are supposed to insert tube not the other way around as with the FBI did take a listen noon is drops this hints over the weekend. We know now has been declassified we know that anyone who was talking to Carter page. Was likely picked up by authorities now that would include remember Carter page has been a suspect of congress. We have interviewed him. I think the senate has interviewed him so so this is scary stuff right I mean that this would mean that they would have congressional communications. From our branch of government. They would have to anybody that he was talking to in the White House. They keep in mind when he says they would have congressional communications they don't just mean okay you know congressman's office rents corridor page asked him to come to the committee. Now once you make contact and Carter page. The virus infection. And they can get anything you half. Anything you have your text your emails on any subject. Not just your communications with Carter page. Anybody he'd touched got infected with the fight the virus. Nothing about asthma now let's rewind frenetic. Because this cancer is a question I had a couple weeks ago and Anderson as Gregg Jarrett on Fox News reported. That Robbie Rosen Steve the number two when he is a real number two at the Department of Justice threatens the intelligence committee and a couple of other members of congress that if they release banana. They released Republican memo he would release congress members' private texts emails and phone house. Would Rosen Steen have doesn't you have to go go to fight the war to get them. There's strange stretch. Gregg Jarrett. Fox News had to congressional sources on. He's yet to congress members told me that are right resisting the Justice Department threatened and he put the memo to release should text your emails although we've got how with a hand. And speaks perfect sense of course that they've got noon as easy mouths they'd get get easy mammals phone calls texts when I was in there. Because they all talk to current page and so when congress talked to Carter page. Your office sentiment letter requesting information. You were copied a letter to his lawyer. As a congressman abiding committee both. They carry to get everything because they got what are cart page entitled one warrant. So if I had bonded or you bumped into cart page gracious. And they generate all your emails phone calls and texts and humid. Sierras where X. So what new and is just tell us as units guts couple weeks before this stuff hits he will tell you what's come. He'll tell you what's new is just told us the FBI used Carter paced notches to spy on trumped. And the White House and trams campaign he's Carter page splash in congress. The. Erie people who are supposed. Who they were supposed to insert yeah. Where does descend from where we need it the unmasking. That's a whole separate. The senate to mess we even talked about that. We don't know who did that included looked up her whose emails there were trolling or that's Cummins who thought this is going to be huge it's huge and erratic control.