Tara's Tirade - Debate over Trump's language an intentional distraction (orig 1-16-18)

The Tara Show
Tuesday, January 16th

"This is why Lindsey and his friends went in there and exaggerated what Trump said: because they desperately don't want to have this debate, and they certainly don't want Democrat senators on record having to vote yes or no on that House bill that really would trim immigration... They gotta stop this, and lying about what Trump said is the only way they know how."


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Stories come on terror regardless of what the issue is that kind of speech as soon naming blank hole. Should be coming over our president and you know that you agree or truck and to condemn certain things he does or says. Just walking into court so Bailey here if you respond love you and show. Well yeah adamant. Hold on when this first broke I condemned it with reservations. Because I wouldn't convinced it was her. Obviously not counting you wanna say we have three people in the meeting saying it didn't happen. We are lit degree turnaround similar again election boy reset well ice some stuff talk to a friend Tim Scott. I assume not come out unequivocally and say he said. He'd say. So regardless of what the issue is that had a speech should be coming out of former president I think he did. Pretty greasy used strong warts and that's what I'm going with at this point. Some not gonna condemn him for what Dick Durbin says he did when three of the people now meaning says he didn't say. And I didn't and I and I followed for so if you don't get a condemnations from needed she did the other day when this first broke that's why I'm not get suckered in planes game. You know here folks. Lindsey Graham does not care one iota about what trump says he doesn't care. If you care. He never say this in Tony thirteen. Because Canada is a place where people like this day they liked candidate we like Canada would love to have them visit they wanna go home. But Gaza is a nice place. The people coming across the southern border Lou then hell holes. They don't like that they wanna come here our problem is we can't have everybody in the world who lives and hell coming to America. Which is gonna have to create order out of chaos. OK so now the only urge is amazing so listen Graham says that this committee meet and to be able to committee are Democrats Noah says a word nobody cares. The you know corrected Lindsey Graham and told him and Lindsay apologized after say well he's am sorry he just acknowledged that he's insect Jeff Sessions. Jeff Sessions are worried a bit Damascus really poor plays traditionally have places to yell and willow well we don't know we don't wanna say that. Says is the only person who cared you know that tells you to impress them here. They don't care this is just a big distraction. And then Todd cotton. Nailed this. Senator Tom car he cares enough face nations is listen I was in the meaning I wishing is close to trump is Victor senator Dick Durbin was. I mean here at synergy and Durbin has a history of lying about committee meeting you know about what goes on White House meetings anyway he you know he was chastised Ford by the Obama administration. And prices this in this is the heart of the matter. NYS officials have to have said leaving the word aside he says he's strong language. Help me understand the strong sentiment about why people come from African countries and Haiti should not be allowed in. And the strong sentiment for why people from Norway should be allowed and what's the policies sentiment the president is is supporting various not to put people in mass. Husband supporters that country of origin quotas or arbitrary and they treat people based on where they're from not who they are today for instance. Over 300000. Indians are waiting to immigrate to this country they can do so because we have arbitrary caps on the countries which people come. If you change our immigration system to a skills bassist. Specs and treats people for who they are. As individuals as opposed to right residents of a certain country or relatives that certain people the United States it's a system that's more in keeping with American value. So then it in this notion americanized which is what is at the heart of this debate because what people need to know is that their president is in judging people based on the color of their skin. But based on those skills that you talked about so can you say then that the president in your conversations in this specific want. It was not grouping people by based on the countries they came front and that was sentiment was nowhere in anything you say he said not the words but the sentiment from him. That that was absent from his mind or anything here that John. What senator and senator Graham proposes to expand our country of origin quarter based system. The president practiced strongly against that as he should and I do as well because we want to get away from a country aboard a system by that treats people as Nigerians and Norwegians and treats them as individuals and doctors and scientists acute computer programmers and so forth. Yep bingo. That's it. That that is what they're doing an again we've now got more people who were in the meeting saying trump didn't say it then people who were in the meaning saying he did. Definitively. Is it with this wrong was this is screw up. Silver lining here. Silver lining which so relying have a funny way of working out the back but his. I've been talking about for years until a six months ago. Isn't yet now we're the biggest of the premise though the liberal media has now had to admit these people coming in changed not because they're skill set. People now learn more about our immigration system than they knew last month. I think that's a win. And Todd is right about the senator Tom cotton. You what he says and it's sweet he C you know what awesome let's shut down the government and the documents to. Go and do. I dare you Democrats go attention to government has a shot into let's see how that plays with white Democrat voters. A few there still holding on to it. Here's what Tom cotton Tweety said Democrats are now threatening to shut down the government if they don't gain misty from millions of illegal immigrants. Let's see how that we're except for them especially in places like West Virginia Indiana Missouri North Dakota and Montana. It was say see I don't find out. Way. Yeah towards us and target shares in trouble Garrett is great Whitney. He spoke. Political morning console poll you know percentage of Democrats Democrats went to support shutting down the government over docket. Over emcee for illegals. Just 34%. Support shutting down the government over docking amnesty. 34. So this is a big loser. For the Democrats. A big loser for the Democrats. So Ellis coalition demos that. Let's go ahead have a debate I wanna have that debate. A spirited debt current Sony wanna have that debate. And this is why Lizzie in his friend's wedding and nary an exaggerated what trump sect. Because they desperately don't want I had this debate and they certainly. Don't want Democrat senators on record. Having to vote yes sir no one that house bill that really wooded. Trim immigration we have nine point three million fewer people coming here because it would eliminate chain migration yeah I went three fewer people over a decade coming here. They accept this and lying about what trump said was the only way they know how.