Tara's Tirade - The Deep State gets deeper (orig 6-13-18)

The Tara Show
Wednesday, June 13th
"Folks, we are just one election away from genuine political persecution."

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Ari so many things going on today I can't add eight even I don't know where begin. With what's going on here and when you put together. It painted terrifying picture let's just. Jewel wide angle lens here and move way back. And just look at some headlines from this week is if we were looking back in history twenty years from. I won't we see in this week were you looking forward history for forty years ago. Headlines are unbelievable. Rudy Giuliani. Very respected person. For many years on both sides of the eye. Shaking his face the deed stay. Actually asking on national television for the FBI not to to interfere in the mid term races. I just just think about that it's. I was criticized for that he was ignored. Because they'll know it's true I mean Fox News talked about a new fight the mainstream media ignored it they act like to cook. It's a real possibility. That's. Terrified. It's just it's too. I get to really should conversations that we're having in this country and and held that's not a big deal anymore how far the goalposts. Have moved. And you heard me talk for a long time here. About the about about the FBI. And the Ira slowest learner and how the lowest learn tax Kim was in les cancel the targeted. Was much bigger than anybody realizes. You know the judge ruled about a month ago for the victims in the case they got class action. Settlement meant Delis like a class action settlement some legs will definitely do with the government. And what other things a judge found was that 25%. Of donors who gave it to Tea Party groups across the country or audit. Only because they gates Tea Party group 25%. That is political persecution. That is system that tries political persecution we also found that the IRS files of lawless people donors to the Tea Party donors to conservative Jewish groups donors to pro Israeli Jewish groups it's about nazism. Over a million files remember this were taken under Robert Miller's watch Marmol is west of the Irish illegally you need it you need a warrant for every one of those files. Taken out of the iris and taken her to the DOJ by the FBI. For persecution. They teamed up with what was learned they were gonna make these people's lives miserable. They were going to investigate people think find any thing. Gary auditing them they terrorized its people. Now we find out. First weird just one election away from genuine political persecution. I cannot tell you how close we are look at the headline today. This time it's the FEC. Federal Election Commission. Wait what this is now at yup. Federal elections commission and federal judge hold a secret federal election Nazi anymore. Federal elections committee plot to target group GOP groups and their donors. Here we go again and yet we are getting should appoint his country. You could not you check if you want until. That your life is gonna be hell. Federal judge blown the whistle on a secret federal elections commission scheme to punish Republican groups and their donors the latest signed up in sight of an anti GOP buys at the elections watchdog. Thank god for trump was in his truck appointed district court judge Trevor McFadden thank god for that. So the key measure of Hillary gotten an appointment. Shined a spotlight on the FBC's are General Counsel. I would they highlighted was how they were targeting Republican groups and their donors for investigation and harassment. I am while on ignoring. Stride donations. That we're going to Democrat groups. So Daschle as usual lawbreaking on the Democrat side that was being ignored has been going on for a long time. While innocent donors to Republican groups were targeted. That's the FEC is thought this is just one week's. And that doesn't even can push rod Rosen steamy number two really is a number two at the department of injustice. I saw somebody on FaceBook. On one of the guide to support congressional candidates have FaceBook page is making fun of me for calling them the department injustice they did not suggest what I should use instead. To describe this monstrosity. Right Rosa. I even we even hear about this for almost a year. Threatening members of congress toward tasked with overseeing his department that is their job he answers to them. He was going to subpoena their personal email asks. We know what happens once that happens right admitted illegal an illegal. As they did it to the punch. Will that is a stunning thing he was threatening that you investigate us some kind of dead don't abuse your email us your boyfriend and girlfriend is enough. It's a mindset. Is deep inside the federal government folks at a time that we are one election. Away. From USSR style former USSR style. Cuban style. Chinese style persecution won it elects in a way we get just a couple of years to fix that's why these elections is so important. So enforce Weisman so much time on the questions and as these candidates in background in the I mean because if they get pat Howard before we crash this. And a yeah it did give you running for office in which you name on the ballot but your business can be district you can write a check. To support a conservative but your life's going to be turned upside down. Even be audited you're gonna be investigated by the Justice Department the FBI may be. The SEC. The IRS you need so many lawyers yeah not even to be able to keep your life straits. That's what. We're CC. I should book sisters think it's just a house its members of congress. Threatened by Robbie Rosen steam. The guy eight. Who's got the news around president Trump's net with a smaller investigation and is trying to figure out how to kick out the chair. From underneath them. That's where country stands today effect that ought to terrify you.