Tara's Tirade - Fears of transgender impostors prove true (orig 11-22-17)

The Tara Show
Wednesday, November 22nd

"Here's what Fair Play for Women, again a liberal feminist group, says: '9 out of 10 transgender people have no medical treatment for their gender issues. No hormones, no surgery, they just change what they call themselves. This is why we're worried for children and women."


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Remember when this whole transgender thing got started with 2016. Yep and if you believe. That not letting menu gore transition into women. Into women's changing rims restrooms. If you think that's gonna result in some kind of assault to that they just wanna get people are going hair 'cause they have. You know ill intent is here you are intolerant and you're really need to examine your thinking they Niger it very you're intolerant you don't know what's going up and away. This not just the thinking implicit this thinking in South Carolina. Where we break you remember busta he would bill but for wanting to pass a law that simply said. Listen businesses don't have to a comedy. Trains genders or gender usual bathrooms they can't they won't mind. Morning welcome to do you think that's best be busy you go ahead redhead do. The wind and stop. It's simply said bill that he filed for the chamber of commerce dumped a couple 100000 dollars in the coffers to your rhythm. And the bodies simply said listen you don't have to you you are not to be forced. To go with somebody else's beliefs. And in great efforts and he was vilified. Nikki Haley was against Tim. He was treated it like an idiot pry it period these deities they were just born the wrong sex is not their fault and they would never pray on anyone in after. Everybody. Have won almost half a female transgender inmates are sex offenders. We went. Now guess who's point this out this isn't UK where their a couple of years ahead of assignments. Feminists. Campaigner since they call them activist. Art on the issue. A these men who transitioned to be women being put any female side of the prison because they're preying on female inmates. Our report by the feminist. Group fair play for women. Are liberal women in the UK. Some met at least 41% to transgender inmate house in jails across England Wales are sex offenders. Compared to 17% of the population as a whole. And there are lobbying to keep them in their own separate space okay they don't have to be demanded they don't want to. But they should be put with the women to watch because women are being brutal ice an intact. Says to. League right now intolerant big hit no liberal feminist. It's from the party in the movement of science rate can be about science which we are we winning decisions based on published in science for your rate that is just facts hard cold facts. Said this policy renowned English must jails. Is Jews every gate you know. People by the sex that they had done a press. Here's what fair play for women get a liberal feminist groups set nine out of ten transgender people have how have no medical treatment for their gender issues no hormones no surgery. They just change what they call themselves. This is why we're worried for children and women. While. Care for women found a 113 males who identifies the opposite sex were in prison system 46% of whom are housed an eight men's prisons in England and Wales. Reserves specifically for sex offenders. And depending on they say that the jail while that as the national policy. To integrate them you know where they want it has they've they've done they've not done it on prison prison basis yet but that's coming. Poly count. Early thing that kicked off to this that kicked off this whole thing. A two time. Convicted male rapists. Who says he's transitioning. Was put in a women. Printed imagine and locking you in there with him. Jessica Winfield he goes by now. Yeah used to be known as Martin ponting told guess what he did. He immediately began to harass women. Making sexual advances on female inmates they have since had to segregate and yet you problem is here. 88 in Bruce Jenner is even X minus Caitlin excuse me and keep the bad times. It would yes OK sure you wish to right now our year the year where you know he's not Seligman. Stoned when. Yeah I mean how he. How do you handle.