Tara's Tirade - Google's censors manipulating elections (orig 9-13-18)

The Tara Show
Thursday, September 13th
"Going into this last election we had one of the richest, most vibrant debates going on in America we've ever had. You could go to Breitbart; if you didn't believe what they said, you could go fact check it over at the Washington Post; you could fact check the Washington Post at Snopes; you could fact check who's funding Snopes. Google doesn't want that... They said they were going to start blocking what they consider to be fake news, which we now know is not fake news, it's the real news that's fake."

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Yet this is adding I'm getting a read well enough grin permanently on there is that given what's in the news I mean this whole thing together and in back wait a heck up of of lower fining him now mean. We were finding out that despite their lives of their recent couple of days at least Peter struck the disgraced FBI agent. At that Angie McCabe James can me and Lisa page piece jerk they they were those are the heads of the FBI at the time there. You know knowing full well that they had capsule in Iraq evidence suppression collusion against trump and fact we're in the process of manufacturing evidence solidifies court. They are coordinating with fourteen different mainstream media reporters to put these lies out there knowing everything that they say is alive at their evidence is fake. Grade she got that going on which is an absolute outrage and and shocking. But at the same time your watching at this other you this this other video with you got these Google in zack's right in there they're saying misses the days after the election. You're seeing a Google CEOs suns are up for Shia I think is how is is less name. Alum seem vowing they're gonna fight big news and it make sure that the low information voters get to real news. You mean like in use from none near times awash imposed the FB I was manufacturing that is. That news. To me and what can you you're watching the deep stage the elites in Washington conspired DOJ FBI and a few other sister agencies. Was leaking to to the media. As part of the effort we don't know if that's the CIA or the DOJ will we'll find out eventually congress is gonna get it all unless they lose in the mid terms. But done. That he has we're seeing now on the one he end alignment creating the fake news to all of back has seven and on the other side you're seeing the other hand how it works with Google we're gonna block. And the real news we're gonna force the fake news. Add because people just aren't believing it enough and we're gonna fix that I mean the stuff that was said in this meeting is jaw dropping this was. On a come to Jesus as a college term meeting. I'm after the victory of trump everybody is devastated I wouldn't egg wash the whole hour is like nothing you've ever seen before. Om and CEO of the Google's CEO son dar. But strides are outlines responses to the election. Including educational tools to reached what 1% Christopher sent them participant described as a low information voters. Sarah do that he said he promised to prevent fake news. From impacting future elections CO Miriam full or whatever the FBI wants you know liberalize their concocting this week I suppose that's the real news according to these people. I'm yet with you know he's alleged fake news exactly be. Impact allowed to impact future elections that the Google had big begun investing in a machine net learning. I'm artificial intelligence tool. Add to block big news and amplify what they consider to be real news were refining up this morning it's not real news. And the video recording. You know say this again immediately following the 2016. Election. HI confirms to employ you asks that globally Google uses products to help people make informed decisions. That's terrified. You watch them bright barred video which is kind of hard for me to take these people seriously as many of those Google workers out in the audience. Wearing those ridiculous rainbow colored hats with the propeller on top a little beanie caps just like you've got to be kidding me. But the power they have is a pioneer and let's leave humble and that's what is so disheartening here is we we had a situation we're you know. And when mused on formerly college journalism but you have the free flow of information on the Internet. All of that and all of exactly and and you had. Varying opinions varying perspectives are a diversity of opinion yet and yet now we have got these tech giants who were trying to throttle certain opinions that they personally don't agree with. You know and much as I keep saying here well we have now is censorship not by the government. But by the corporate Croat cronies of the government. And I will still site that what we're looking at. Is the Obama administration spying only Republican candidate the opposition candidate. This is what the deal Obama administration was doing to the FBI DOJ and other of sort of agency's there were involved in this and there are crony capitalist buddies in the in the you know with the social media platforms. Spying on the trump campaign trying to set up the trump campaign to try to keep the president elect. Come from having you know about a smooth transition of power. And this this is what's don't know what else to say that I'll be the idiot that got their first and say that. The truck administration means to me the Obama administration was spying on the Republican candidate. That's what was going home and manipulating the news about it. Creating. And and creating fake evidence to get the ability to do so they could get him as part of the insurance policy. Meanwhile. Overeat Dougal. Com they're talking about that they wanna take a did in this news being one today one paper local efforts to bring it Google tools and services. And to the grassroots they're gonna invest in the grassroots. Com Q with educational products. On the about the news to reach segments of the population they are not currently finally reaching many clinics and that does it those are trump voters. Likely. Well wage from voters who are blue collar workers they voted wrong you're gonna get is good enough fixed in an educator. Bomb as elsewhere in the video the Google CEO at response to a question about misinformation. Fake news spread to low information voters and how would influence the election outcome and who CEO. Promises. More in debt investments in Google machine learning an artificial intelligence to combat that. So instead of marching you off to the re education camps still does bring the re education camp two year. This cousin you said that two of you could be the police guy and for the early education can I don't want to. Larry education get it gotta love your stay here here is your rainbow colored bikini kicks sac where it always really really are on top. Yes. This is an and I can still hearing conservatives or lack sir right cherish a market. No okay let's back thirty years OK and I was pork okay I was name in thirty years ago and I am still a kid let's just going to when he. And that in 25 years case of like thirty minutes ago Irish for yes exactly and what would we do you know you you can get the newspaper delivered to your house raid but I couldn't afford. To pay for that so I would go by the paper individually each day right metal boxes of papers right. And you know win a conservative to conservative papers actually in Charlotte we had. That did the Daily Mail that I suppose I put my card to the curb went CNN and went to get I can see the box there. And somebody for a private company. Got my way you can't you can't you can't have that. The minister Singh earlier in the box they'll be can have. Truly you to tell me I can't have. I don't wish to read it today. Meeting tomorrow. After we approve everything in what you do that. Oh yeah was six months from now we're gonna rip that doc straight out there right did you I don't read that no no better than me. Mean it to a private mall with baseball bats doing that on the streets of America back when we get our news in hard copy right and they said you know beat the mail the mail that. All American home blocked you from getting that mail to you shouldn't be reading mad. Would be outraged. That's what Google is doing. But his uses in a box anymore. And they controlled the twelve steps from my car on anchor were a list. Picked it up too well depart there's so I had to run a fast champ onto the box and then run back bomb. Tenement change already my day bomb to get to get that did the two papers or wanted to one paper wanted to and it's it's a great there with a baseball bat. Writ up so would've thrown in prison that's what you're doing. People are saying capitalist never be able to block. You know they shouldn't. Know what they shouldn't. They need to be neutral forum. Are they need to have the same risks we do every time we come on the air here which is to be sued for libel and slander. Congress gave them that mutual form designation with the trust that they would allow all voices have an opinion on me short of you know crime or whatever he can't sell children on the Internet but. You know what I mean but the short of that and they have violated that trust. That is what has happened. Meanwhile. Wait actually here at the extends. All of the mess sit around. With the coming election net by FaceBook and where he's worse every day. Now what they are actively attempting to stop those who are criticizing the Democrat party from needing me in public. Text your answer what's the difference between Google deciding what to publish and the editors of a newspaper deciding what to publish a huge. The editors. Are during a news. Cannot block you from seeing the competition. Google. Now can't we never had a thing like this before. This is a whole new. Territory. And getting it would have been almost impossible to do before you would've had to rip the newspaper box out of the ground. Emeril does newspaper boxes used to be a chain together in every city yet read the newspaper box out of the ground Bob Black people from walking to it. Maybe just put a lock on the boxes nobody's allowed to read this paper than it is definitely don't want you know. Well I would never been permitted in our country. But is going on right now. They should be Democrat big deer deer or where lawsuits affect there was one in Charlotte about the placement of those boxes. At this for city streets and the city had to allow those parks is on the street you could not sick you weren't and she's she's five publications charge Charlotte try to do this one time. And that everybody else gonna have to go away and then their argument was well this is unsightly for tourists. They lost. And they had to put them all up and did all of that but imagine at one point they got to like 25 boxes in every cluster casino's five Sony people who want to put their stuff including us. So we we don't have that before we literally had a power. Blocking access. To stuff. And it likely said you know going into this last election we had won the richest most vibrant debate going on in America we've ever had he go to break park. If Kimberly would they say do you go. Fact check over the last in pleasure defection the Washington Post dispensed you could fact check who's funding steps. Dolan want to act. All kinds of new artificial intelligence tools they said it was gonna there was are blocking what they consider to be fake news which we now know is not too. Big news is there really is at stake. We just learned that with the FBI and it's in the tax demeanor they're going back and forth with fourteen reporters they're lying you. About Russia collusion or planting fake stories. And he had good wanna stay on the other hand I'm we're gonna we're insurance you're forced to see these stories when you come on them to look for the news. And organ a block. What we considered to be fake news said they've got to backcourt. Tech stories are moving away from Google to duck duck go as my browser. Elena doesn't solve the problem. It doesn't solve the prob we have to have access to see that big islands in every city of newspaper boxes. We have to have access to it. In this case there's people who never had a newspaper rice is blogs its web sites. Some private company missed some whack jobs wearing a bunch of bees is not get to decide which you read and what you don't.