Tara's Tirade - Interview with 4th Dist. candidate William Timmons (orig 5-11-18)

The Tara Show
Friday, May 11th
"Thank you for showing up! This is the hottest seat in all of South Carolina. A lot of people won't sit in it; you did, that means you're not afraid of your constituents, and we always appreciate and admire that."

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Get running and journeys now is it state senator William Timmons he is. Well among mean pack of thirteen to read plays century Gatti we're gonna try to get all of them on net before it is. All. Over Gordon mr. Timmons. Moran thanks Bradley yeah sir definitely. Where presage dornin is on the show. I'm a jump right in question I was asked. On congratulations your elected it's her first day in Washington. What are you your impressions of denoble when woody and it was the most important thing TO. Well your preferred candidate got the president and they what can I do to help you get things done in Washington. That would be that's the first thing is injured and it. Okay and willing to have a guy would enough that was actually the reason I ask but a red cow Lisa why I was gonna ask you. All on you are a longtime supporter of Marco Rubio. You started donating to him in 2015. Own at least 22700 dollar on donations. Add to the press T and T yard. To rubio to the presidential campaign that right after rubio who is a member of the gang of eight cosponsored with Lindsey Graham and four Democrats. Amnesty. Did you agree with that. Now I don't agree with all of senator get editions that I thought that he would be a formidable candidate for Hillary Clinton and I along with a lot of other people in the state including. Then governor really tired and gallium editor's Scott. All supported him and then you know the best man line in the primary and we have the right guy in the White House that I hope get our country back on track. But she didn't know you can donate to trump still on two months before the election. So I didn't think he was investment in the primary until after he won the primary. I got the art I think like many people I didn't think that you would. Be able to win the primary alert. Ours is concerned that he premier Ali and I couldn't be happier with the person we have out here and yeah. There's a donation here a thousand dollars to senator Lindsey Graham. In their yet 3182013. Vote out of that I ambassador Wilkins to attend and that is how. OK I imagine I was that. Yeah I definitely go to Q it. A lot of things that Wendy Gramm those. Is it why can't tell you this I mean I I don't know I'm just looking as I can remember how angry I was in all of us were Marco Rubio. John Mateen and Lindsey Graham when you donated to Lindsey Graham at the time he was smack in the middle of the gang evade amnesty that would have legalized eleven million. People. You are mad at him I mean I can't imagine. Writing a check to him at that time I I. I was disgusted with him so we're Americans. Well I mean I disagree with other pollutant then that while long term trend. And mentor to come to an event and that would exit for his presidential election. I think it was it was in the Lindy grandma who has. Victory act or whatever whatever he called a national security something or other. And you know he was running not on immigration that I'm his running on national security and on. Pushing our national security power to the forefront I think that's why you ran her. The president so. Yeah I mean. I have donated the many many candidates that doesn't mean I agree with them. Okay it would seem to showcase it and restarted the senator William Timmons and he is our running the district four race. To replace Torre Gary. I just like you said he is rescinding needed she donated to rubio and Lindsey Graham right around the time that they were on co sponsoring the candidate bill on amnesty don't do you support amnesty. For illegal in and I. Do you support darker amnesty for illegal immigrants. I mean this the thing the president is going to get the best deal an ominous report whatever he. A question so I mean we got to secure the border we got the ball. And we have to get everybody and packed back up first and foremost thank. And then we got to figure out we're gonna do with all the other issues in immigration that I think that the president going to be. Pushing for the best deal possible and I'm a do every American health. Today because Endesa thing an end I didn't manage to Marco Rubio just in endorsed you congratulations that's that's a big endorsement. But yet he says he'll do everything to get the Wal-Mart rubio just voted for the omnibus. Bill which restricts trump. To only building 21 miles of the wall and he can only use fencing of the kind that has failed or not. The demo project that he has but you accepted deed. In endorsements of a marker rubio our own. It I would have won my name associated with some especially after you amnesty and all of that. Com we would tell us in tell a story you accepted the endorsement from him. Well I remember route sitting black ball marker give Nikki Haley and contrary Gabby. Hold their hand I and that on the cover of time magazine and I think that day are going to lead this country in the right direction and I support them but at any college degree with everything they did. I don't have to agree with. People that I think they're doing the right re building the biggest problem it. There are countries that we have people an office in Columbia and Washington they're not making decisions for the right reasons. Though. But at William Timmons is that it supports it what you refer to that sure I mean in addition they were together because they were campaigning against. Donald Trump I mean for the day they need to know whether we like or dislike things they were doing they were the dot anti Donald Trump never Trent crewe. Add beds at that time any Nikki Haley even gave her response to know Obama's city the union you know she trashed she trash truck I mean that's. What they were doing in that bed photos Sony talk about admiring that photo that's. We what they were doing. How do you feel I don't like I just I guess I thought no way they should tell you the truth about where you're coming from Wilmington I'm not picking on you you every an interview ideal in this race this is is going to be tough every last. Let me get to the quite okay go ahead you're free to fight where Aaron for the state than it would mean Mike Bair and Johnny Edwards. Johnny Edwards is now aggressively campaigning for me to my. Race for congress. Note this the bank where the opposite op at a rate that doesn't mean that we. Our intermediate mean did he think he can do a better job then that I could when we ran for the senate in you know what. Now we think I can do a better job anyway up in Washington though. Being on the up side of other campaign does not mean. Any data back if you do agree on look. Can lead it in the right direction let. That doesn't mean that you disagree with him on everything I mean did you want to take the Helm look that you believe that you can do to do a better job but guess what. Campaign then people when people lose. Note focusing on. The past is not helpful put poke in the future results when requested. You can get the job done in Washington with what congressional district and I believe I'm the guy. Just like I believe now I don't trust the guy that he can save this country from the brink of collapse. And just why put that up because like I said your your history is really show that you thought Donald Trump was that I up until you know after he went and no rain that won the primary but. And yeah Christian a sending you you post on my face but it was appreciated ennui it would put an article up about senator Marco Rubio. And Dorsey right you want incidents that would know would put it up you could respond on William Timmons and in again he and he or senator William Timmons who are running for I'd trade Audi seat. Alan I knew in your response referred to Marco Rubio. As a conservative an interesting to me because he had just voted for the omnibus bill be large second largest spending bill all of history after the stimulus he can had just criticized Trump's tax. Plan and he had just. Refused to help the Republican governor. Of his state run for senate and city wouldn't criticize the Democrat. Running. In his statement that so in addition to. I know again being a cosponsor of the gang of eight amnesty bill with Lindsey Graham you also donated to. I think it's interesting to AT did did you think that he is a conservative what what you think is conservative about Marco Rubio. He's 100% pro life he believed actually pure luck options and he is a graphically. Supporting the Second Amendment though I mean if you can. A look at anybody policies and try to twist them I mean you know senators got voted down of the spill and he doesn't work because he thought that we needed. To. Increased military spending he said that is number one priority but to their country then. They aren't they did eight years of Obama though. You know. Sometimes people. The way present contradict you and they did think that. They might not necessarily agree with the entire thing because a piece of it extremely important. Though I mean again barker review of the national political figure and he was endorsed by trade Gabby I can got by the UK so I think that. His endorsement is extremely important. The cut. One. I mean I don't think that. The president going to endorse someone. And I mean I'm taking any endorsement from. Conservatives that are well known that I can get the pit there are thirteen people in the it is going to be important differentiator Shelton. I think this differentiate me from the rest we can't. You had Planned Parenthood on end but last year you voted for it and for this further state budget I need to say budget which funded. Planned Parenthood we could dig and Hamilton on this is well on another cat into a race it. And actually never voted to get went in the budget and I go to get that every time except work that final vote. In the bill lacked in the budget last year and I did that because I got pictures seven providers and it does provide is very important and at the very end I was told that. If I didn't vote but they're extra dot com. I'd like that I late late think. I don't support Planned Parenthood I have a graphically plot but renewed the funding the budget I voted against the health and human services portion of the budget last year and this year voted against the run this year but has. We got to stop fighting Planned Parenthood and you know. Sometimes you have to make hard shortened and provided a got a budget last year were very important meat and ultimately. That funding within get through with that I'd vote. In the future I would not be doing that. I promise I won't not look her budget plan they're honing in Washington. And anyway he did do that it's eBay restarting the senator William Timmons he's warning afford tray daddy's. District four seat and however I mean that's exactly. What they will tell you when you go to Washington now mr. Tim as you know we cannot pay its Planned Parenthood funding out of the budget. On and so. The imminent and I'll tell you that an ensuing have you been in on the record going well you know it's still in air and you voted forced him into need that's not a 100% against Planned Parenthood. I specimen had folks out there like Kevin Bryant. On you lieutenant governor publicizing it and saying you know no we're not we are not funding Planned Parenthood here so I mean did you did vote for but she say and I can do it again you can proms he died you act now. About a I voted to get all the human services or right issue motive for the final budget. List would still didn't have the final Planned Parenthood and Harry it's better right this year so we're gonna give credit for that. Trio. What is the most important thing TO that you want to accomplish. Up there. What do you think we need to do the most at to save the country. 21 trillion dollar in debt and that we don't pick out soon or not going to be able. How easy it was six. It can take up a lot of hard work reps and the mentality we can't. Stand the next generation. Huge here we can't mortgage. Our children's and grandchildren's. Future so it can't take people. Working together to address I don't know reform obviously as the security Medicaid Medicare are the large drivers out there and we just have to find the common and led about a budget and start chipping away at our debt long term. President trump manually selecting inevitably experience as a as a politician and that seems to be a popular king these days. However your money your campaign opponents stand Hamilton. Did levels of criticism adds hue at the debate comes he said dead you are in the 34 you've only served half a term and in the state senate. What qualifies you to go to Washington to an end in the closest aides have had no served longer than that what would what would you say began to cigar cutter pop a cut off five at the end and then we'll get to really respond. I actually chose not respond I mean the good thing I've. Done on time and my two years. And I've worked really hard not gotten all and I'm not gonna. Compare that the other two former legislators or ice because I'm not gonna take cheap shot people. But there's the pain is a long history of sending the best person. Washington nick mold any sort served two years in the senate. Carol Campbell thirteen years and says we're going to Washington. And you know you got all these people that. This is. Exactly edited done. You send that person pier. And the question did the person. My history of prosecutor. As to counsel small business owner in the true then. Advocate legislature. May need uniquely qualified I I believe that I'm the best candidate and I'm gonna do next and that. When when a collection and go and fight for our conservative value in Washington. I think frank Perkins everybody is in Washington and William Timmons its current sitting congress member would you be most lights. On no voting wise if you went up there. I mean that's a great question and I don't even I don't even know. Honestly got. Look at. All of my effort uncle in Columbia the last two years and I have not followed all of that. The only record I'm that they edit scream caucus and there efforts to try to bring sanity to the process. But I'm locked in a pick one out of hundreds of them. Talking to unsafe senator William Timmons who is doing this today. OK here's Liz these impressions of coming in aren't beaten Texas line. Mr. version of this on active debate beyond that omnibus bill. What is the second highest spending bill ever our after the stimulus in US history on it was certainly a budget buster. Com added to our deficit. Are you willing to commit to never voting for in other budget again unless it is imbalanced or doesn't add to our deficit. Well now we have to reason that I'm daughter go to the idea we had Planned Parenthood funding and about budget. I say that I do everything possible. To rain and the federal government are spinning out of control. We have to start chipping away at debt we can't keep spending the next generation money. I mean. Sure. I can say that I will not Oprah a budget that. Did not. Balance the budget but also. Did not address long term spend. Net questioning at his command from a listener asked him one question how was he going. I think what they'd baby how is he going to get drilling off the coast of Pristina I think. But with the person means is. You know our our delegation is going to be certainly influential IST you know whether we have exploration for oil and natural gas off our coast which is what trump is. In the process of doing now on the may be eventually drilling do you support exploration arm off our coast for oil or natural gas. So we got a lot of conversation about and Columbia and ultimately I think that trumpet made this state issues so I think that. State legislature needs to make a decision I think we got to come out against Google and tourism. It to questionnaires. Risk reward. If we start you'll not cut it going to adversely affect ordered. Tory and our largest driver of the Connie and Doug John and I just think that we need to really carefully at rest so I that they aren't met I need more the nation's. Are you a lot more nation so I would. In my efforts to make sure that I was fully inform or make the decision. Well let me because we've RE had other members of the South Carolina congressional don't great occasion when and I can't you say any more information the best way to get it is to explore off of our cars which is all trump is proposing now. Primarily in the exploration phase they're not in the drilling phase would you support next. Would you eat it would want to act which would let me ask you would you support exploration off our coast. For oil or not. I think it's important no it down their the next question has already paid for now we're gonna. Don't pay for that the oil companies due date the government gives them our leases which is what I'm in the process of doing right now. That Obama blocked in the government gives him leases they pay for. And I did track so why I don't the company going to stand pot in the ninth the dollars to study something if they're not if you get out of so it's not a question of exploration at the question are we going to drill cuts. I mean I note down out night Charlotte. Be opposed to government borrowing that studied it looked out there because I don't even studied that we have been elected we really are that. I know oil companies starting it if we're gonna make it did not that the that the public policy perspective. We need to understand exactly what's down there but. We can't allow. Prod companies to. I intend to nine dollars and then. Site deluge hit you can't drill now we got it. I can't wait I'm I'm confused so are you still we do do you or do you not support. President trump. Allowing leases for exploration has the phase we're in right now that's that's what he's he's doing companies will be able to apply for leases. To explore on their own time do you support that or not Henry Henry master our governor is written a letter to trump. I'm asking him to put South Carolina off limits do you agree with governor now off limits to exploration. Do you agree with governor McMaster. No not now away on its decision the decision that the general public. And it's not a question of whether trumpet going to allow people the Gulf Coast a federal issue the federal government has set that we can't requested are we going to. Understate party pass legislation including. Exploration and Nady got stuck out but again we need more fish I don't know but. No it is it is a federal issue around they can ban on in in state waters. But not in federal waters beyond state waters that's why that didn't governor of Florida hat as trump not seem to take Florida off the exploration list only trump can do it. So media is in the general assembly or legislature can't get it wanted to decide that as far as federal waters coach prompt well and that's why did the big governor wrote that wrote the lag stretching out. What we encouraged are you not street yes these are eagerly you. Are you but OK let me let us regularly read this way at ten entertainment's. What do you agree. With Henry McMaster that trump should not allow exploration off our coast that was what he wrote in the letter he asked complete and I listen to agree. I hit good deposition I think the federal government certainly the state I think Scott Charney is not the kid has stated that out yet. The federal cabinet approved it you need. It's structure on client and if such as we don't want then I. Really think that we shouldn't have. A private company intend to let doctor. Export something we're not gonna let them. Remove those resources and because we conclude that understate that. The interest infrastructure and dot net that would need to be on land is huge. And doctor on a 100% if Billy say you're not going to be allowed to put structure on the lack. Surely it again we're not to vintage feeling right now him Garnett phase they have to do expiration first that's with the lease is for. Except the fact that you're not gonna give them ideally if you're not let them get the the ground. So then then you're saying that they should be allowed to explore off our coast because we're not talent and Cheryl later that would mean you agree with the governor. No I think that the state legislature need to make a decision. That's my position in the state legislature has not yet laid down and until why don't exploration. Doesn't make sense. Unless the federal government picked up going to pay for but it. I'm against all I accompanied investment of nine dollars and then the state legislators say just kidding. I mean that. Oh let's say wanna take that risk so what do they want to take terrorist it's it's their money and they ER and we can't without expiration can't possibly have a debate did you say do one more information earlier we can't have a debate. Because we won't know we had a. Long they're willing. That they appreciate the fact state legislature. Is going to let it go on a layup later today. If they wanna take that risk knowingly apps are. It blames Chinese are 1 am we got about two minutes left dissent and wanna give you bombing and a New York. Running ads replaced trade caddy in me Republican primary are Yediot that there remains a necessary and tell us what everyone I'll make you make your pitch give us a sales pitch why are you the best candidate in this race why should we vote for you. There are some address the earlier comment you talk about re DOE. One of the top spot looked certain members in the United States senate heard the American conservative in an intense got ranked in the the top five and a half or a long time so. I just wanna address that urged and it was honors honor to receive an endorsement. And I hope that I go to Washington. Transpired the other country back on track act as certain my niche. I'm the only former prosecutor and right now that cart questioned them. And respected advocate. Number two started six mother and all that got stolen or not about the budget. I know. All of the challenges that small business owners say. I know how it feel to be. Regulated. By the federal state and local government and how we just have to change that we have to remove this. But throughout the structure that it's just strictly our economy. And most importantly are not so that statement. Only two years. And I know there's been a huge write about it yet but our spot at the bill that result the three controversy and everybody. Little Johnny had a lack it agreed to accept or Kmart. So I mean that was. That alone wilding incredibly controversial. Result a probable that. Don't belong so. I've proven myself to be effective. And I got study. The other two or legislators. I just think that we need to stand up later it is able to. Site from a polite and respectful disagreement. Is able to. Cause pockets of destruction. And I believe I've done that they. And I know I didn't get low orbit but it seek good it would absolutely both formula that made it out of that. I guess with that are both in opposite bank you can't have yet to show. Sure what I always Miley is my last question is is always says senator William Timmons. Com how can people find join lines read more about you. Sure out. Both in the dot com is my left eye and tell the numbers everywhere it's eight X force that on 68821. I. Have been extremely accessible. In my tenure of the state senator and that we are stuck at number cigarette in my life. If you ever need me. Colleague I will respond and I. Look forward to the next 3030 you don't. I ED hate to use I I I had one more question wanted to ask you on because Dina had been at and I wondered deliberately betting on you he's charged about term limits. Arm and supporting term women's would you are you willing to turn limit yourself if you win or you just support term limit legislation. I'd channel and myself and the senate now do it in the US house 8% how many turns out. Twelve years as the number doubt until Google. Lot of political block it I'm not that. That so long conversation I think that one after a terrible that. And too big to make sure that the bureaucracy. Will not Dan controls. You know four years six years there's been suspicion I think. I think then you just let. Bureaucrat take control the government twelve years and not. Accomplish the purposes of term limits while balancing the need to have you're electing representatives steered the ship the rock. Government bureaucrats. Again thank you so much ram. Sure -- thank you fear for showing how this is the hottest seat in all of South Carolina a lot of people want city NAE did that means you're not afraid of your constituents and we always appreciate your marriage back. Thanks for joining us state senator William Timmons and again he is running around to replaced Eddie in the district for congressional race GOP primary.