Tara's Tirade - Interview with Lee Bright (orig 6-13-18)

The Tara Show
Wednesday, June 13th
Lee Bright talks to Tara about moving forward to the runoff election.

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Good thing I grades to election results. Yeah it looks like organ or not the governor's race can be John Warner and now it verses Henry McMaster. So it is your four or congressional race on any Republicans I'd. Looks like it will be leave great and probably William Timmons. In the primary runoff joining us this morning no Lieber I'd Haley Halen. Are you all right Harriet. How you feel about last night. Well you know we've we've got that's on the run all that we need to blue route where life is and now we've just dump it worked extremely. Well. I yet and numb emit Williams Jimenez right on your heels their mom what was he about six points behind you. He was. But did you amount of money the least bit but probably eight Parse what would spin I think they're done now we go again this Ronald. Then we know we're gonna start spending in this target my message across. You know I NN I was wondering about because when you you know you ran nick to me knowing in your your rates raise keep senate seat. An entrance remember this I mean it's like everybody crawled out of the woodwork to punish you for your opposition to gas tax. To punish you for your for your bathroom bill I mean you had the environmentalist you read this chamber of commerce thank you had. All of these two and they respect they she had they spent well over a 100000 dollars just on radio. Armed and so I. You register for congressional seat very easily leave rate. Well we get give manager selection you last election which I'm not a Democrat primary this selection that you were or a Democrat primary. It wants an Internet primary yesterday they can't vote the Republican primary in two weeks. So that's the dynamic that's that's definitely different because I did turn a lot of Democrats in the primary. What are some deep here we are going to be facing off with that you know with with William Timmons so what do what do you think about running against him. Well you know he he's. They were timid. Certainly somebody if he's not really strong and immigration he's not strong loan owned rock on a plane to concerns linger and so I think we can. But the contrast especially with the don't actually do Graham went. And in about tiger and the gang of eight which is that you had in your normal which hit some. It was very telling some audience is again absolutely you wouldn't answer that perfectly can draw clear contrast. We wouldn't tell folks said this morning Ali ready get your running for congress in the fourth district. Oh it's crucial the next two weeks had to turn out to friends and neighbors are with Dennis. Got a solo eat tools to pull snatch some of the by a race horse her. If donations we need people like phone call owns go to local owners are. And you know only bright for congress stock common volunteer eventually brought it to congress dot com. Because links next two weeks dubious Brit so we're starting this war in either round to date isn't. Out top so confident in a lot of the other candidates voters will come our way and all that is it to 2% plus one it will actually unit. True conservative finer Q while Washington. I'm anything else you want to have folks in this morning we break. Well I'm disqualified him home or how are true battle and you know I really appreciate have a concern regret you want there are. The spread dementia particularly this year is okay eventually quotes around broke loose. And likely be conservative when they elected they don't all the wall and function guerrilla city ulyetza won the opposite has little ball. I really do that there's genocide as it is going to be you know only a little bit. And the end end and really that's not just rhetoric from you on you were pressured by everybody from Nikki Haley to the chamber of commerce tube. The you know NBA the NCAA on your dot com and you were pressured by the leadership on the gas tax. Com and you wouldn't back down and it costs you your sanity they spend so well over a 100000 dollars taking. You out you never backed down on and I that's a rare thing to see in politics Hamels never see in nine merit when they do because it takes a lot of intestinal fortitude. And backbone to take that kind of Hayden watch that kind of money spent against you and still stick to your principles. On so I say I I am confident that you can do that when we send jobs to the hopper up there in in Washington hasn't seen me do it. I see due to the local and I ask you about something because people are going to hear I noted in a run ads on this. I know they're they're going to an and one of the things about used to mean honestly bright is that your bathroom bill has been so mischaracterized. As a hate bill as a why media he he didn't wanna you in my change genders it and an all your bills said tell tell us about discussion here lies about in the ads they lay lied about it last time all your bills said was. That a local City Council you filed that the state level a local City Council countries or what ever. Cannot. Force businesses. Until led men into women's restrooms in women into men's restrooms but he is the business owner would like to do that may think it's good for business. They can't. Yeah it's not it's amazing to distortion but when it's it's been that way to the left wing media for so long but. In it attract black conservatives win the just this side this year. And the fact is there Charlotte City Council is gonna find this season or Caroline. And it would not allow me and you if you thought there were women to use the women's restroom in this state will allow what. They would under new. So this was unintentional private businesses up and know a lot of local people don't realize it was the it was not. Widely reported is they try to do that in Columbia south Caroline. In the miracle of butane and testify against the Euro so the bottom. Is there were one vote short clip this out early and when I'm prompted kitchen to a don't they don't that you're circular. So. You know we've we've got to fly and into left says that in the end you know week. Folks are are not paying attention that they believed in the mainstream media's told the truth. Yeah amen to that absolutely Willie greatly wishing the best of luck. And I know you be stopping by on throughout the next two weeks of course Clinton is welcome to do so is well and hope he'll be joining us again. Eileen where can folks go online to find out more about you. It's lead Bryant. Someone namely bright or congress dot com. Carrie Lee thank you was so much for joining us this morning congratulations again.