Tara's Tirade - Interview with Sheriff David Clarke (orig 9-19-18)

The Tara Show
Wednesday, September 19th
"This issue along the Southern Border has been going on for too long. It's at a crisis point, but that seems to be oblivious to members of Congress who will not act, who will not do one of their most profound duties, and that's to protect the American people and allow the Commander in Chief to make those decisions."

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Is it cancer role signing a leak of Brothers C chief at a time diary blunders of the Republican Party have put in. Up to nearly a billion dollars a cycle have blushed a pact to demanded. Open borders that's been tried by a major industrialized country before we had no idea how it would work out but they don't care. So our race supporters meanwhile got a manhunt underway for an illegal immigrant. His 32 wanna for the killer and they 35 year old mother of ideas dumped just dumped her body inside the road. Not found dead at the end of the road. And Mexican salads they do just dumped the bodies. And he is under way under layer reburied them back over the border we can't get and that's probably borders work by the way. Meanwhile here's some other headlines from today Mexican town overwhelmed by the stench of a hundred running courses. What is New York Post overwhelmed by mounting murders authorities in Mexico resorted is during a cutter courses in a container perch on the outskirts. That a city in raging residents overcome by the powerful stench headline today break part Mexican street dogs fight over discarded human head. In Tijuana. Weis is going on why you pentagon Redskins jets mean I'm not picking on them. And using facts and PR may tenth 2017. Mexico is the world's second most violent country. Any PR. Controls Mexico's government. Is a Nabih said by 23000 homicides a little surpassed only. By Celia. Yeah we wanna have an open border with that. Turning now is when my heroes I love that anytime a team on television I'll just turn the volume up to listen sheriff David Clark mornings are. The more insecure for the kind words and melody listeners. Yeah absolutely an and it all of this we're assured last week I during all this nine elevenths have that it is by Joseph Scarborough MSNBC getting these trumped. Who is the greatest danger to this country it is trump who is more danger than and I eleven hijackers. You know it's amazing close first all Joseph Scarborough losses might need seven to resort not a shock value to get attention. But he liked about his son. Colleagues over there at news CNN and our embassy and see people like Tim consummate during the same thing. I'm you know this this issue along the southern border has been going on too long until a crisis point. But it seems to be it seems to be oblivious to members of congress who will not act. Will not. Do one of their malls per column two reasons prospective American people allow the commander in chief to make those decisions. And yet were so sure it's okay to have to hearings in the print and so forth. But indeed I don't need in the sector immigration system we have an illegal immigration system right now that is really hurting this country. It is an edge to same time. Prom where we have no scrutiny applied to the border. I'm we have met a president who is just these seeds is now in the mainstream media at today as I predicted by the way I am then say now wait at least. He he he is trying to escape justice how dare he declassify all these documents it doesn't seem like. Anybody at the FBI and the Department of Justice is going to be taking down for their crimes do you have any hope here. And she sheriff let David Clarke did you see any glimmers well. Non Colombia on all buildings could people who should be investigating and instead there's. This kangaroo court Moline best education. It is. Going out to people had nothing to do was rush police closed in missed it Russ pollution. Paul Mann a port. Only other people he's charts that I hadn't under these things had gone on long before. President elected. And yet there and you there'd there'd there'd can't seem on the it is it going after the people that issue litmus funny in America people know what happened here. It would became not true that your trip session but. If you put it together you concede that members of the Justice Department. They engage Sinn. Collusion corruption debt to collusion or one honesty Justice Department trying to prevent. We the people from electing ultra supported president and it state and then supporting his attempts to get this administration underway. You know someone beat behavior that they were in December to your requests a little wrinkle and people being held accountable. All the people want you to be you could swamp. They cover for each other every toast back and that meant transcend party sometime. Because people the other party nor APEC didn't someday I would want the other party coming after mutually kind of light. You know local school won't awaken and don't go talk also and and I'm not suggesting all of them but. There's not enough is being done to. Armed force to Justice Department if you will on to look at some of these other illegal criminal activities and lonely in the Clinton Campaign. You know the Clinton foundation. The Clinton Campaign role in metric dossier. He. PI at higher levels. You became corrupt intent of the Justice Department can corrupt under Barack Obama under the Paris. Became corrupt under Barack Obama Booker. Our government that is corrupt. We won our institutions back we want our government back we want integrity. And trust restored and our government and it cannot happen. Until there is saying it's thorough housecleaning and not just for the more real cute pictures around like transferring. But McCabe were struck to be our human relations department and little aren't second or third command. I'm almost thorough housecleaning. I don't see that happening and happening anytime soon could yield of Democrat. But overall people providing a front or a law enforcement agency did despite law enforcement but there's one. The FBI became used to treat them because they went after Donald Donald chocolate Democrats use their nemesis. Sheriff David Clark he's the author of cop under fire moving beyond hash tags of race crime and politics for better America. Yeah striking to me about all these demands on in the news last couple days that the FBI investigate. Bread Kevin not for the seventh. Time because is key accuser says it must be so you know. We didn't hear demands from the Democrats or even this many demands or any demands that the FBI investigate how they screwed up. All the tips they got about Nicholas crews who was going to shoot up the school I mean the guy posted. It is a name on YouTube. When they if they know is our name is you know is linked to your FaceBook account when you sign up on YouTube. He says he's gonna shoot this school. And they blew it off somebody called them then in January and his job by the way I is wanna get off my kinds he's gonna kill a lot of people I wanna tell you all and a manager says. I'd agrees I would just you know we'll throw the song went away when I gonna call down the floor where demands for an investigation. Of the exact. We don't want an investigation does that to boot my investigation of Cavanaugh for the seventh time. Roy and you know the FBI you know elements slam all the agents were on the Frontline but in terms of the administration. Undated a failure of leadership there and it's it's you mentioned the Nicklaus cruise we gonna. On Fort Hood. Nadal Sunday new ball he was on their radar screen that's what you hear from them all the time after Thursday in mass shooting one of the first thing regular soap the FBI. Probably dropped the honesty Orlando. Nightclub shooting the Boston marathons. Other incidents you know you can draw on an honest and Bernard penal they knew both these guys were quickly just brushed it off. As don't know foundation Aurora nor illegal activity going here in no no reason for further examination. But then you look at to charm the administration they went on and on Ingrid dogged determination with dogged determination. To look to get cultural but I wish they had that with the deal on a mass shootings and I talked about the inaugural ball. But that wasn't going on to their upper Echelon of the FBI. Or some politically sexy enough for them to try to bring him down president wants. It's incredibly frustrating I shared David Clark I just want to thank you for joining us this morning on 1063. WOR DB for many years and and we definitely hope that she will be a back on the show in the future. As you can well not name and.