Tara's Tirade - Liberals don't actually care about illegal immigrant kids (orig 7-11-18)

The Tara Show
Wednesday, July 11th
"These are two liberal judges who've just ordered catch-and-release, that you could get your free ticket into the country if you have anyone under 5. We've got open borders right now, folks. They are going to mob that border."

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You here's something hard breaking. Yesterday at the Border Patrol found 83 this breaks my heart three year old little girl wandering. Alone in the desert yet. The coyote her mom had paid thousands of dollars to get her and her mom are over the border had gotten imam of the over the border did mention to the three year old over the border and just dumped her. He's come to their. Money here's some a breakthrough hurt Google. Rio Grande and dead soldier they routinely find them floating there almost didn't make it. And looking for cheap labor in Democrat votes rate. We shout this whenever we want but it's about to get worse. And I warn you about this a start warning about would you guys eventually be conservative he's got picked this up their figure out which is what just happened here is just devastating and it turns out I was right. Member judge. We had a hysteria over the children radiant I have to read yet you have to to reconnect to kids with the parents right or otherwise it's human rights atrocities. What was about it. I don't care but it was saving about this the first when went Obama did they didn't saving the first year trek was doing why now. I told you why because we just had a Marxist win the presidency down in. Mexico and his platform was at the Mexican government will now openly assists. Including physically moving it Mexicans up to the border region to help them Christ. That this was an economic policy they were to settle in the border regions not as they had before all over the country but in the border regions and the reason they sorted Judas. That was to create a hybrid zone that would no longer be aboard. His lot of border is sparsely part two is flattering his stuff out there that they can easily move into the towns take them over I disintegrate the border that was. Placenta cash cow as Boehner fastest ways to Exel an extra trip to cash that could take over law enforcement cities towns along the border and and enforcement. And it is now the national Mexican plan by the way did you know that and so he is encouraging millions of my border. The same topic do you think escalated since. That the left was so all children are being separated from their parents that's terrible. So there was this ruling and I told it was devastating stating and that and I was right. Now the judge's ruling the kids have to be reunited with the parents will one problem we got the Florida's decision says kinky good kid. In testing more than twenty days possessed like imprisoning them right but the parents. So yeah 390 Kitna parents guess what. Don't always do that folks tension release. After twenty days to got a kid with you catch a release. Ellen go you acts. Virtual open borders as long as we haven't hit any kid is and a floating in Rio Grande will also be who cares by an Ottawa. Even accrual policies are congress will not stop they are awful they break my heart. The way these kids are being used. Well I just got worse yesterday it got her rift thickly worse yesterday. We say with the doing now. District judge Dolly G. Ruled yesterday. That's all the children have to be reunited with their parents know DNA test. Where did take the time for DNA tests and and now this is a friend yeah. Right into left as one DNA test because she's can to console. Passports to tickets to the country. It's. Devastates. So yesterday. Judge I dug deep actual entrance zero tolerance policies spread our right. Directing him to comply with the 1997 florist decision by releasing migrants which children after twenty days I pulled gee that's what they would do. Nailed this. Now that before the judge he did it I knew what they would do. You got suffocate. Any kick it don't matter. To let's go to twenty days catch released into this country. Not. Jamaica no no ended this country why. Is just liberal judges Alan ray Clark is ray. Big but folks they just we we just had an open borders really do real which is that all you music pig that's what they found dumped three year old yesterday. You know what I carried dumped certain. Amount we see clear across the border. To get carpet board shall begin neater and more. This is what we're doing when congress won't act. Is congress think it is immoral. You talk about some yar cry about Rachel Matta that's what John cry about with these liberal judge or do. They just ring the dinner bill. Kids are gonna pay for. A lot of them when their lives. And then they wanna step further this is her briefly. You know I'm even hearing about this the trench is. It is not reunited kids went to parents job all press indeed. Why not the DNA testing him. Why. Ball for the purpose of the lawsuit they took a simple hundred brake assist thousands killed and at some wondering. It's example hundreds that they trump in you know include concede department only security to show the judge would have been well guess what it. A lot of these parents. Aren't parents that's who DNA tests to show they're not kids parents kids just meal ticket. So it was so that you are out of this this hundred. That they had begun to DNA tests but they've been an able to sort it all out. For the reunification. Yesterday found. Murder verse. Been convicted in Mexico. Murderers are were among the parents. Drug deal Ers. Cartel members. Know leading immerse. Yet and a lot of actually related to the kits they brought over yet. Eight other purported parents is 700 world I will not be reunited with children do to fill criminal background checks could turn a series convictions or child abuse. Are due diligence is protecting children this is the department of homeland secure. Let me be clear. Health and human services could transfer every child out of her care to meet the judge's order they had Dubai July 12 tent but they see no we're not doing. We are not reuniting kids with sex offenders and murderers and people who are not their parents and people who are and Mr. T rad do an act. They can we do you Knight who you are reunited him on day one we won't. As a drug administrations refusing to comply with the judges were good. According to court filing she this is what they want for children have been reunited with parents are ready adds a united hundred these parents. We're fit electronic monitoring bracelets in relation to the US because they brought children with them illegally. Melissa this line from reprint this catcher release policies effectively mandated. Adds a law for illegal aliens who are I would children younger than five. By judge Deborah as Rula I told you this is what this ruling would mean I knew exactly what it was my site. Was wondering how long it would take conservative media figured out majestic. Along with US district court judge Starr he's refused Monday to modify 1990 seven's florist at some of these and to limit liberal judges who just order to catch released. That you could get your free ticket into the country to have by anyone under five. We got open borders right now folks. They're gonna mob that border. They gonna mop it. I guess Nancy. I'll see him. When he works. The parents. Are refusing to take the kits. They're dumping them at the border. And going hope. Thousands of Central American children cannot be reunited. With to their parents are department homeland security's his wife the kids to parents of temperament border just implement around. Why. Well guess what. Four children and youths who are left in the United States for their parents. Are allowed to file for green cards on the grounds that their parents abandoned Dan the migrant children are eligible for welfare and aid programs. But. Once they get green card what happens. When you Vinny your kid at the border to get green card and guess what you're eligible to bring it to begin a process. On the day the kid applies for the green card which is day one when they show up in the country you're at your eligible to begin a process of guess what chain migration bring parents. The new American will be allowed to bring an hour for parents and siblings via I reform chain migration laws. And thousands. Are being dumped on our border by their parents just dumped. So they can get the green car. Harris could fix this by noon today. But they refuse. This folks this is gonna get a lot worse.