Tara's Tirade - Lindsey Graham holds US hostage over immigration (orig 1-18-18)

The Tara Show
Thursday, January 18th

"He is threatening, yes, threatening - he used the word "force" about this - threatening to shut down the government if Donald Trump does not sign his and Dick Durbin's bill... He is holding our border security hostage, our military paychecks hostage, the government shutdown hostage in order to get amnesty for these folks."


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Just don't get it they just don't. Then again here's went into Graham does okay. Have you had you seen what we see greens to me yeah I was beyond shock when it comes to Lindsey Graham and apparently I'm not. Lindsay or I you cut it no you don't you would know there's no intelligent. Certainly can't count on the media or most of the rest of talk radio outside the station in the state tell you and thank you Graham just proposed its jaw drop. Lindsey Graham just proposed. Just progressed. Amnesty for twenty million people. In exchange. For border secure. He's a pack my process for a click on the day. That we color. That three out of four. Of the people convicted in federal court United States of America. Are immigrants on terrorism charges three or four people convicted in federal courts. Since 9/11. On terrorism charges are immigrants three out of four. Lindsey Graham drops this law. And what I is still OK if you if you just ready you're here in the news today that the senate is Ford votes away from getting Graham planned for this is the Gramm Dick Durbin plans you know it's mass. For bodes well. And what does. Is it read some news military pay. Would cause a government shut down if it doesn't pets you know who's on the government shut down saying it's Lindsay the Democrats. Okay here's what Lindsey Graham wants in exchange. For our troops getting paychecks and our government staying open and he's one likes to walk around talking about that trains. He says the two syllables that trims. He's a traitor to everyone me. Because you know what he wants he is threatening yes threatening to use the word force. About this threatening to shut government if Donald Trump does not signed his and Dick Durbin bill okay it's a two phase bill. We don't have full border security till the second face is a little in the first though not much in the first bill it legalize his nine million. Illegals. Three point heave I've to implement this part 3.2 five million darkest plus both their parents. And increase is chain migration. And words they make the pro remorse makes a pro Morse rate. And if trump wants. His border security his marriage based system. And it premier bassist and that's where we don't bring people here based on be the or propensity to vote Democrat. We bring them here on whether they'll benefit become trade not to Democrat party. He is what are you legalize the nine million in the first round. Now. Yet endorsed your you can't have what is unique not I don't know. Will do full border security after round two. When we legalize another eleven. A total of twenty. Million people he's holding our border security. Hostage. Our military paychecks how speech the government shut down. How states. In order to get amnesty for these trucks. Listened. Two hours senator this is this let's rim tacking to cheers staying Nielsen head of Homeland Security as he lays this. Out do you understand leverage. Sir do you think the president understands leverage yes sir. He says he entered are going to force the president to legalized what do you people. In order for our century to get border security he's literally Willie. To lead this country unsecure to get these illegal lawbreakers. Their citizenship and of course the voting rights. Now here's Lindsay explains this phase one okay. Phase line. Is stocked up plus more than that doctor kids. And making down payments on border security. He's reaches docket plus more than a docket is he doesn't even want a voice what he's doing. He's so ashamed casinos so rock yet stack of plus leading Dak at what he means is Dak is get there amnesty and both their parents nine. So we kid we amnesty nine million. We get a down payment on source security certain. Speechless. What do your face do you all of that. Phase two is sassy yet. As we move further toward border security in its full sense. That we began to find a pathway forward for the eleven million not included in phase once that light sweet get a glide path for them. I expect in return. They'll have a secure border. And we'll increase legal immigration so people in the future don't have to cheat listen to. Here's Tim Nielsen department homeland security's response to this does that sound pretty reasonable it sounds like a face to you. I think she meant a number ten did you. Reveal haven't really an animal and lied paddy did during easy. Finish the border security but until then we'll just put all your risk. Your senator folks that's your senator.