Tara's Tirade - Political class misplaces outrage (orig 1-12-18)

The Tara Show
Friday, January 12th

"I am amazed by what we get outraged about and what we don't. I mean, just in comparison, just in juxtaposition."


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Killed maimed the respective. We operate from in this country has become so skewed in terms of what is an outrage and what is not. Since it daily average jaded to is said to trump used the term blame call countries to describe where some immigrants come from shouldn't on that. Obviously we don't support died here term we used to watch his language and cost the presidency. It's gonna cost us the country she wanna slap your forehead when he does stuff like that. However. Skill here. And amazed. By what we get outraged about. But we don't. Just in juxtaposition. Shoes I don't know today. An example would look in the news here. Obama initial. Official at Mench. Administration warned terrorists that Israel was going to assassinate him. Wait what yep we're actually helping terrorists aboard assassination is surprised she would bring them to the country. Her rats which is one of the two big dailies in Israel reported. That the US. Fortis is under Obama may try to PR brand deal so we had to keep him happy. The US assorted any Israeli attempts to kill Irene in general question Emma stolen money. Who was commander of the could force a USA designated sponsor terrorists. I'm mean I know this won't matter in my next on its treason there that that just that right here that is their ministries. Sending it pallets of cash to a state designated sponsor tier. Billions of dollars on pallets. Is he legal. It's illegal begins aiding and abetting a staged a Disney is sponsored tour but it's also illegal because it was paid his ransom in violation of our Los I mean you got into waste. No I mean debt known what. Outrage. From the political question see folks are condemned trump all day for the isn't it wasn't it was a wide by you know wise of him to use those words even close were meaning. It wasn't we don't condone. Sent the scale of this two year you'll not hear outrage from Republican leader. Ole. Presidential. Candidate committed treason by forty. The attempted assassination. Of an Iranian. Home. Well okay what how we do that you remember. You begin your truck administration truck sits on vacuum Carol it was now and he had. Accidentally exposed some Intel I think that he had been given from the brits. Wasn't anything really important but it was something that was that can classified immediate it was illegally present in declassified he wants and he did declassified. Rate an absolute outrage ensued from the median left right Friday's Didier is that's. Okay well we eat beach crazy. Israel. And a classified info. They shared with us in order to save. An Iranian terrorist military leader Lim is focuses for you a little bit back did you know you you seem he UC headrest someone the other day while. Our god bless. Leg blown off at the metal leg. I saw the guy just judging by her name a lot of times you know it's it probably lawsuit brass to Margaret after the masking as a K you know. He served in Iraq that's where his leg went well I always get brought blown up. All I'm is IDs were made by the yet Iranians and the Iranian army's in Telecom went. So what about an Iranian general who deserved to die ample of his own blood. I am for what they did our troops. We be trade Israel using their own Intel. Saves on. Our generation. Which is the red because just go on a scale he. I was not present but it president trump is a little bit to lose the lives with the British and so. But there wasn't a winner was import was a big deal that that's it carries but if we say to terrorists that stead jokers can we wanted to we wanna negotiate with Iranians. The blood lay eggs offer trips and worse. No hesitancy here was we want bill we never meet congressional hearings about this post there never will.