Tara's Tirade - Portland police won't protect ICE from angry mob (orig 8-13-18 H4S1).mp3

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Monday, August 13th
"They barricaded the exits, blocked the driveway, sent guards to patrol the doors, trapped workers inside, disallowed workers to get into work, at night they laid on the street stopping traffic at a critical junction near the hospital, and of course they left buckets of feces everywhere."

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I wanna hit some exists this is a thing that's beginning to happen in its arsenal scaled two of the app that's how everything happened I am. I mean we we've been all of the dole justices to hear and it's getting worse and worse and worse and we're just from a Wall Street Journal. On the Portland has had does some sort of riot. Or violence clash with leftists and their streets almost every weekend aren't mainstream media is studiously. Ignoring that the badge pretending that it's not their people. In is streets. Well origin. And DTD. Didn't elect is they're over 200 room I'm have been occupying the site. Some of the ice is office and demanding ices immediate abolition. To not to London you know function in the city of both Portland to all of that how better they didn't mean a federal agency like that. Yeah maybe they're causing doubts about we can you write me you have. OK so anyway. There is joy for 38 days. This went on. The ice office blocks. The ice stuff this is our piece of property Dino the government rented from their landlord he can he he could not even access his own property. That he owns because he was. You know driven off as was but basically everybody else by a vicious leftist mob. The targeted I sauces they they weren't went so far is even to follow ice agents home they told when I see agent to his children's elementary school. Screaming and parading him in the carpal lie some. These days just telling him. Yeah I know that's what has here's what here's thing here's the thing. You witnessed. Like police import cons. But I think you could follows somebody to the carpool line screaming and yelling and operate them. In front of their tour ranking you could block federal down sworn agents. From going to work them how is that have been little luster journal's all over this the reason this is happening. Is. Because the police department has taken the position. That they're not getting involved. Chain a nicer this season that western journal a mob surrounding ice is office in southwest Portland that's our judge none ninety day barricaded exits. Block the driveway send guards to patrol endorsed trapped workers inside. Disallowed workers to get into work at night they laid on the street stopping traffic at a critical junction near the hospital. Of course it left buckets of feces everywhere all the sales dipped. I am the other real stint people at this time. That you showed they went there for the boys here's a plea cynic at this time. I am denying your request for additional resources the Portland police bureau's deputy chief Robert day wrote to federal officers pleading for help. A K a citizen of that era and area. Needs to take out a federal lawsuit against a a civil rights violation against. The Portland police for not. You know doing their job for. You know. I mean bush is set for not doing your job gimme a switcher packs tax dollars go for. In that and that city is for those police to protect the citizens and and if you or allowing certain citizens still violate certain rules. And to stop a federal agency from lawfully conducting. Its operations. Then you got a lawsuit there that's exactly what the left would do other than you know putting. You know much of protesters out on the street and calling and the NT four buses. You know be on doing that that follow lawsuit. Well that at the end and we I've been I've been all of this I've been watching the law at a lawsuit just like venting and whose day. Where the plea stood back and allowed terms supporters with illegal parade permit to be beaten but do you know and right into San Jose Medina now and yeah I don't want to know Kazaa and go in there. Forget that okay Melissa how about this as a pick so at Robert day the are that the police earlier that police were as you deputy chief. Push to say now at this time I am denying your request for additional resources. I was in the Portland police were not going to get involved hours later after he said that the real meaning ice workers were finally evacuated. By low complete the heck no they wouldn't get mob. Evacuated by small federal police T. A YUS. Federal literally east team and I don't know what agency is Tennessee Department of Homeland Security because that's the only federal police force and I'm Noah. At the Department of Homeland Security the facility then shut down for more than a week the local police did. Not final we tried this with the IRS in the EP or why not you know. You know why don't we but the concern is go let's around Robert Molly's office and decides he just can't go to work and guess what. Wolf will follow up all those lawyers around to pit sense agreement that yeah. How about that how would be arrested in the outrage I'm pretty yeah okay. I here's some more for the last journal where all the police. Ordered way by Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler who doubles as the police commissioner. I do not want is quite I do not want the ad Portland police to be engaged or sucked into a conflict Flickr particularly from a federal agency I believe is on the wrong track between its. If ice is looking. For a bailout from this mayor they are looking in the wrong place and when he said look for about they're just asking can you send the police so we can be evacuated from the building. So blessed is now taking a position and dad to you have to pay for police services as a test crib if Europe put it your politics is wrong. And they are not gonna provide G the police protection you are four. To pay for then what is the what where is the requirement then for the federal government to support that municipality. With federal dollars I'd cut him off. Congress the House of Representatives should start cutting these people off. That's exactly what they should do. If you are not if you're gonna take federal dollars. And then your municipal services are not going to service those of the federal government that are within your jurisdiction then you shouldn't be getting federal tax dollars period. Cut them off. Think it's better OK so after the police decide. And they should but yet it's gonna take Paul Ryan be injected. You know consist he's he's never been to OK so after the police were you majesty did dish they don't come admit it did and that these ice agents and workers are calling 911. From a the ice headquarters in Portland and they're not answering Dobson and people. Can you imagine. Reggie like crystal locked in and not he's an increasing OK then. What does the they a mural of his erected at eight foot wall. Around the site no wait a minute wait a minute. These people that are protesting ice and they bill at all yet they don't trust like that you've got to me there Wallace trying to. There Wallace yes it's partner. Every American flag and yet. Oh there was an American flag outside the a's filling every American flag was defaced but anarchist in Communist flags were on soil or. So they broke out there Communist flags yeah nice yes so we all can know exactly who they are exempt or no matter what Nancy Pelosi says. OK still relinquish the ice facilities 79 year old landlord. Federal government rents it from him visited or attempted to visit his property on June 21 the political power is in the city of Portland have stopped the police from doing what they normally would did. He told me talk about the western journal reporter when he attempted to drive in the parking lot I give buyers swarmed and pounded his windows. In the commission mr. land this car struck somebody in a mob who wasn't injured his home address later appeared online and he says the harassment hasn't stopped. And and America does he know about this because the mainstream media and an anti bids earlier has blacked out our coverage on it yeah. And so they got Cindy were born have to do you reach a point Amy you go blue Sydney granting tryst renew America's. Three years five years when police may not come when you college here if your voter registration drop. It's just like this thing with us in going on at Texas where some. Some restaurant tour had his picture taken me Jeff Sessions ahead and on social media as I have you know here's. Here's the you know he he may beastly beaches said Jeff Sessions but at least you still look. The attorney general he has you know in theory in theory yes anybody and you know anything goes to this this place and I have to take it down because of the threats. You know we don't get that from the other side. Which. We don't and we would condemn if we did very quickly. And I would beg him to stand down as they often do I don't want Ers are being violent I want us to be the ones who look reasonable. So you literally have this leftist moss and near their totally Joost. By fate. Lies. Media coverage. Out industries to cracked skulls and and the media in nor is it. Doesn't cover it at all chaos meet anarchy anarchy there's chaos and a mess where if our police officer for largest resign him I mean what was the point. For gonna pick and choose who gets police protection. You know currency come down nearing an end and working real city.