Tara's Tirade - Predictions from Dr. Gerard Lameiro (orig 7-12-18)

The Tara Show
Thursday, July 12th
"The Walk Away Movement is so great the Democratic Party, I believe, will shut down within 18 months."

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Sharon Gerard Butler marrow it did some singing amazing. He predicted didn't try to shore wind monsoon before it happened. With his elect to world political forecast computer models that's what he does he builds a models that it's not pulling. But takes a bunch of factors into account and for its. How races will end. Up he's and it's kind of interviews after nailing this and outcome that nobody else a few anyway Saab. Coming well he is a model girls fired up now and he's making predictions. About what's going to happen in net the mid terms we wish we had a crystal ball but the next best thing are your computer models doctor Gerard the marrow welcomed the show. Although it's great to be back. Where do we were on marathon went to. Months with no one time and we had a great conversation man. So Telus arm what's gone because it is huge you know you re mainstream media Imus mean absolutely bout ended the lineup for terms proudly and pieced. And house after the Democrats take over. What is it looking like. Yet they're not taking over at all. Right now it looks like it that it's really have discussions. Or election about Donald Trump and believe it or not he is gaining support. From some of the places that would not have expected but you know I always they got to look at the numbers. And people actually leaving the Democratic Party and supporting trump may not necessarily registering as Republicans. Into supporting trumpet people out. The support damn. And so right now you know. Back in December people are spread all the gonna be a blue suede I heard that a lot in December. And then that and then in Warwick added that when he eighteen instead they well it looks like a blue ripple. And then after Roger will make people read what is. Let me tell you what it really hit it looks like it's going to be a conservative ways it's not gonna vote democratic at all. It's got to be Republicans or more conservative than the current Republicans in the house if the American people are slightly upset with congress it's that they haven't supported prompt more. And people like Jeff play this senator from Arizona Bob court heard the senator firm. Tennessee they're not coming back because they could see the Hannibal writing on the wall. And right now it looks like the Republicans are gonna pick up quite a few seats in the senate it's going to be a much more conservatives than. My prediction do it that Mitch McConnell go by the wayside for more conservative leader in the senate and in the house they mailed the Republicans may lose the keys seat. But they're kind of overall be more conservative or more supportive with Donald Trump. And the state of South Carolina and it's looking very read to me. And I and I think Haiti hearing then erring can well. Probably has sweep to victory there in place of Mark Sanford bridle right. Yet not done so deafening a surprising anybody you know Republicans when hearing congressional races. Bill is being made though I'd like them to send mean it's a razor thin margin. Or re examine the Democrats aren't you had to senate CC US. To have them a majority to and I I like to let let let's do this tell me wishing to see town's going to be after these elections in the senate. And then we'll have you back on after the elections to see how you did what what what's your prediction. Well I right at the moment I don't wave forecast models can change so certainly didn't have to implement nab and he had alum. Every month or something but if but that the answer is right now I'd give about 57 Republican seats in the senate. So it's got to go up dramatically. There any number of seats up high camp for example looks like she's gonna go down to defeat. It and there are quite a few others around the country. The Democrats are in a bad state as far as their party. They keep. The main things that are greatly while they seem crazy to some people let's put it that way. Maybe not to the Democrats. But for example getting rid of I eight. You know raising pat there's only have a booming economy that tax cut helped our economy do you know. That. The next. Time we have a GDP report they're thinking it may be over 4%. I mean I remember two years ago before the presidential election everybody was saying. Already have the live with. Slow growth from now on 1% growth is all we can expect. Well since I've tried to take over we had packed that's regulation that. And now look where it 3% GDP going before and I think one of the Federal Reserve Bank to believe that balance. That we may actually be four point 8% growth that's some well and all this is doing is supporting the fact that. People like. The trump the approach and that's why the Democrats because there's so ET trump are actually hurting themselves and losing seats that they could have retained. Something he said Qatar at I've been pretty curious about how big this phenomenon actually is as whole walkway movement he said to Derek Derek Democrats are leading Democrats argue not registering as Republicans. I guess to this kind of hanging out there. How big is that we we've heard anecdotal evidence so that you see on FaceBook has had wacko and limit his. No on Twitter is seems to be gaining speed steam I mean is it miserables it is a couple of pointers just a few people who'll go back I mean. How big is that. Let me tell you how big it is it's one of my predictions and my newest book more great news for America that seems to be coming true. And that is the walked away movement is so great the republic at the Democratic Party I believe will shut down within. Eighteen months I think it's gonna shut down it is so damaged. In terms of leadership and all the other things you need for. For our political party nationally. They lost so many seats. They continued to haunt the American public and and come out with policies they're ridiculous nobody wants to impeach trump accept them. And and nobody wants to get rid of I eight set but the third and nobody wants they increased ten. Act as an economy is buzzing along at this rate every now would be stupid they'll so the answer that major. Add to the point where the Democratic Party. I think is gonna shut down and there's going to be maybe some type of Socialist Party and its place. But it's not going to be the old Democratic Party have JFK. Or Scoop Jackson the most famous Democrats of years ago. When you say shut down we don't you like to just gonna quit or resigned there's no more Democrat party GG ninety socialists will take over the Democrat party as it is or where certain lack. Well you know sometimes people I asked. Shall all the company and change the name they might change his name but keep the out party apparatus there. But the Democratic Party and the party I think it will cease to exist you know the week. Party did really well in the early eighteen hundreds of about 1811850. Giver bake it. And you know I know the very successful party elected president and every bank and they're no longer around. Party common I think they don't have to live forever and the Democratic Party choosing to flaunt the will of the American people. They basically collect a bad bliss they just basically I wanna flaunt what the American people been telling them for quite a few elections. And they are losing out on their future. So I think it's gonna shut stamp. And I did that on some programs. I went so far they the Democrats may never run and never another presidential candidate it may be somebody else like that socialist. Candidate. Are there already done that I think. But he's not one out I'll end up. What is the Democratic Party still exist spent the day but I think it's gonna shut down. Give us arm to warm your predictions quickly because we're up against a break but your predictions or her fascinating. On and again sectors sings sounds crazy but then everyone thought he would not when you're doing no interviews on national television saying truck was gonna win. And shall not only did he win this where we talked news morning doctor Romero. Not only did he wind you. I got the Electoral College. At total state by state almost exactly correct. Before the election. It out where that you have very close and in fact I predicted he also would win New Hampshire. And now I think he won New Hampshire debate gave a big Hillary. By a thousand votes and then we later found her 6000 votes that probably weren't dispute may be not. Legitimate votes. Let you know they don't usually change elections. This foreign past the Election Day itself. Yet about other future predictions I. But coming up. There have predicted. Since funny fifteen and I think it's in the perhaps that the happening that after the historic too funny sixteen presidential election we would get a president. Mu would create a conservative. Supermajority. On the Supreme Court I think where we Arab definitely gonna have a conservative majority after Brent Cavanaugh is. Gets through. And I'd make that every Ruth very Bader Ginsburg is going to be retiring. Actually very soon within about a year to. And then trampled it is. Third at Supreme Court justice nominee. Who will be appointed. And I think that person and glad that Detroit we're gonna have a rock solid. Conservatives supermajority of Supreme Court got to help this nation for years to come because they stay in office for about thirty years on average. Those pompous going to be affecting our jurisprudence. Until past when he fifty and that is the main thing. Yes let's hope those predictions Uri. Doctors are now Lemerre I have I ever read I have no major full book and a semi but I have read parts of these actually fascinating at tell folks what they should be reading for you right now. Well I didn't go to my web site great news for America back com there's about a 150 web pages but he got a lot of free reading. But awfully good Amazon I have I books on Amazon and the most recent one is called more great news for America. People are still buying and reading my previous book great news for America because that's that's not what some of these big major trends are that my numbers are zoning. That are affecting the country in major ways and by the way I see eight. Religious revival. In America coming in the next three years I think that's worth reading about doing my book more great news for America. I believe it's toward the end of the book one of the latter chapters so in case you haven't finished. Reading the book yet pair I recommend you read the ending where we have the religious revival coming. I certainly hope so because the country desperately needs that doctor I and is totally agree with you absolutely thank you so much for joining us and the deathly have you back on. Doctor Gerard Le marrow.