Tara's Tirade - Putting Trump's presser into perspective (orig 7-17-18)

The Tara Show
Tuesday, July 17th
"Can you imagine if Trump had been caught on hot mic yesterday... Obama did that to Medvedev... they were talking about disarming the country, and the resulting deal they later cut disarmed this country but allowed Russia to continue building up weapons... but the mainstream media didn't care. So do you really think they care about Russia now?"

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Deer or when Hillary Clinton. Riveting and respective. Showed up with that cheesy reset button. To Wear red for relations with Russia. In immediate thought that was swell. And many remember. When Bill Clinton took half a million dollars or firming Moscow related. An entity was bank for a speech and media thought that was fine and many remember when that Hillary Clinton added Clinton foundation 240 million dollars. In fines. And from that arrow Russian backed. From the Russian backed donors. And in turn around and gave them that 20% of our uranium and immediate thought that was fine. And then you remember when Barack Obama's administration lied to us about the whole thing and sit out that the Iranians never gonna leave the US has just silly. And we found out after Obama had left office that that was like two that it had been shipped to Europe in the Middle East and parts Asia. And that an immediate thought it was fine. You thought I was fine. An immediate thought it was fine that the only actual factual collision with the Russians that we know of was between Hillary's campaign DNC puts dossier together. And they paid that guy Christopher steel to go to the dirt from the Russian government and that. An immediate thought it was fine. And when the FB IT back and joined in on the collision using that dossier to get defies a warrant to spy on Trump's campaign and the media thought that was fine. One person factually documented to ever have colluded with the Russians. That's Hillary. The leadership of the DNC. With cash. And she planning cash spending Sheikh since we're looking at about what 140 at point five million from the Russians. You're doing John Podesta the chairman of Hillary's campaign and him. Was cut serving on the board and they Kremlin that financed 1% Kremlin financed shell company. Taking millions in payments for serving on the board and didn't disclose that as he was regard to by law on his filing forms and we took the federal did. In that. Yes cancer campaign manager. Can you imagine if one entrance campaign Enders have done something like that and liberal media didn't care. Should I go one I could for another fifteen minutes just getting warmed up. The hypocrisy here is knee deep and what you can tell that legislate out in calm rational factual terms. That they don't care about collusion with Russian. Mainstream media didn't care back in 2012. When food was asked who he preferred for president. Not trump for Hillary no. Mixed. Or Obama. Clinton Obama. And it talked a lot of smack about the Russians and couldn't and one of seems logical to me was outrageous. Now. That was an outrageous in fact dating Carole. Trump had been caught on hot Mike yesterday. When he thought the microphone was off telling couldn't he relax second and I'll I yeah I can I can disarm America. Just can't give me and let me get past the terms. Obama did that to Medvedev. The president of Russia to tell proved nag I can do something started to turn a disarmament disarming the country. Resulting Jolie later cut disarm this country but allowed Russia to continue building up weapons. Can you imagine if counted he page but seal of approval Republican leadership. But the mainstream media didn't care. He really think they care about passion now. And kept us. They care about two feet and try. Why aid are they also obsessed with taking to what she did a cover girl their own gripes. And treat the biggest kind of nice not to fight a war it's not. Is the one nobody talks about because it's the biggest cram mobile. Hundreds and hundreds. Of illegal accesses. All of the NSA defies database. My emails or near your emails are in there my text. All that soul in there. The FBI allowed its contractors to illegally axis it again and again and again where the data go the final NSA report and they announced. Violation of law. At B I'll echo on why and where that information got. And the media didn't care. Remember that Samantha Power our former ambassador to the UN under Obama her name is she's hundreds of times you where she was called before congress. Post recession unfortunately. And asked hey listen does Jenny you'll let you access that and that it can that be illegal freedom did you do without a purpose and you weren't part of an investigation. Not an axis of somebody else is my name little. Oh look there's a squirrel. Is a question debate. Where congressman screaming you and and in demanding an answer where they. You know. As the answers would answer all of the questions that we had. And story be a very different one. When the media doesn't want you to hear. So you remember is they Nash or T cry. Why Maine say have steered they are very scared they are what didn't scare them. What you remember that went Obama lied to them and to us. Uranium never left the country yet it. Where is it now we don't exactly know you know what went through European each. Yeah of uranium Hillary sold. The Russians when they relied too about that they danger can imagine if trump gave them another 20% of our uranium. And they donated 240 million dollars into the trump foundation. Try to be in prison in handcuffs. Can then they'd care.