Tara's Tirade - Russian collusion and social media eradicating conservative voices (orig 8-9-18)

The Tara Show
Thursday, August 9th
"When you see the desperation... when you see Alex Jones being taken down - he's just the low hanging fruit. They're just slowly goosestepping us toward the takedown of Breitbart and Daily Caller. That's what's coming. He's just going first."

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Ari deceit as the Bellwether. Race in oh hi. I and other Republican was supposed to go down in flames is going to be disaster trump had won the district for eleven points. And it ended up in a photo finish it Democrats are blaming the Russians. For the Ohio watts. I am not making us. Now it usually can explain how the Russians that. Not any specific way but if you're a Democrat you don't need to tells you suggest it need to screen Russia Russia Russia Russia. Meantime that we are finding more and more and more collusion with Russia Russia Russia not by trump or anyone associated. Withdraw. By the FBI. And by Hillary association with Russia in that we now have backdoor channels to steal Christopher steal the British spy. So they can continue receiving. Dirt on it trump from where the Russians. That's colluding. With that Russians via a British spy in order to activate what they called the insurance pops the goal impeachment. We have that their own wars so we have the collision. We have the Russians we have despise we have the collusion it's all right there. But. Mueller. Will not and that's you know what Whitman when trump says which time he's rights which. Think the discriminate if you're honest investigate his what is his charge Russian Christmas doctorate seclusion right. It does not say investigate trap for Russian clinch it says investigate Russian collection you cannot. You you cannot. Do this investigation is an honest investigator and not find Russian clinched he can't do it's a pox. The main document used to get the prize award was the dossier. The dossier was based on information from who the Russians. You you you you you have to ignore that. You have to ignore that. In order to do to to be where Robert Mueller is that. The first thing he would do was it would it would what is the FBI is an investigation predicated arm of the dossier where's the dossier come from a gut dossier came from. Fusion GPS word fusion GPS come from they get paid by Perkins QE. Where to Africans could get paid back Democrat party dude that's a fat that's a felony that's campaign violations who was paying them DA DA DNC and Hillary Clinton won out. So the DNC and Hillary Clinton we're paying the Russians for dirt on trump in order to take out with the FBI's help the president of the United States American. You cannot do this investigation in a thorough and honest way and not find the collision. And yet he has not managed to find the collusion the actual collision and is moving onto obstruction of justice. It's such. An outrage. It is almost an unspeakable. Outrage to watch it. Day in and day out and day in and get. And now we find at the FBI's violent was filing their own rules their own internal operating prep procedures which is refreshing it's just rules this time an awful lot. This time this week usually it's the law for. And we find out they kept the back channel connection. To Christopher steal the British spy. So they can keep the back channel connection to the Russians through 27. Team. They were colluding in the FBI Hillary and the DNC with the Russians through 27. Team. Mr. Mahler perhaps should pick up a newspaper at some point but now they wouldn't be anything about that in babies Corey Brett back for daily car before they get throttled on FaceBook. Or wiped off snap completely. That's when you see the desperation. We used C Alex Jones being taken he's just the low hanging for they're just gradually to step in now goose stepping us slowly goose stepping us. Were to take down a pre partner Kyle that's what's coming that's what he's just going first. And take out bright Barton daily caller is no small thing when you an an an Arab you remember me right after the election playing the south and I told you it would go exactly as it is today. If you listen to the show this is old news to use boring as you you know this for so long because I told you literally within weeks of the elections what happened. That the numbers were in and we were looking we were looking at the audited numbers for these web sites and you were watching Draper you're watching that daily caller. In any hits begin to rival the New York Times. Begin to pass sites like CBS and ABC. Bright part last time I checked in and I'm sure it's down now because of the throttle. Last time I checked it peaked at break part was the number three news source in the country. In hits. And the game where it's not now is not TV it's it's on like they can't allow that. This is why you're seeing the revolution you're seeing in this country. Because for the first time. Americans voting in elections had the vaguest clue what was going on in this country and it changed every thing. It changed everything they knew what was going on in our borders they knew what was going on that illegal immigration they knew it all and they were scared and they should be. I told you flat out they could did not they would not allow to happen. And so Alex Jones is just low hanging for. And I say what even with the crazy conspiracy theories. The reporters that in for worse. Are better at covering the news and CBS ABC MSNBC CNN. There is less fake news on info wars on a daily basis than there is in those news outlets. Using Russia's not a conspiracy to. We at first I played the idea. We literally have racial matter up. Looking at MSNBC looking into the screen and seeing our president is controlled by the Russians without one sure I'd. Of proof. And then she tells you she could tell by watching him she could tell by his body language and they're taking at Alex Jones is conspiracy theories. Serious. Why is racial matter why is MSNBC not lost they're FaceBook page the Smart. This country we have never meet this country cannot continue to operate this way we cannot we cannot allow this. It has to stop. That's was come our pleasure they would take these I even forecast by one they would take. It would be before the masters. We're right on the sketch exactly as I told you they would I didn't know how they do it or what excuse they would use blocked. I told you would happen and you're watching it happening right this is how predictable these people. Are.