Tara's Tirade - Russian collusion investigation was launched with zero evidence (orig 4-23-18)

The Tara Show
Monday, April 23rd

"Devin Nunes, head of the Intel committee, he's now gotten ahold of the intelligence, the documents, the source documents used to launch the investigation. They have no intel. They've got nothing, which means that the Mueller investigation is illegitimate. It should be stopped instantly."


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The unbelievable revelation. That our Intel agencies head zero zip zilch. No evidence. Of collusion between trump and Russia nothing other than their own wishes to find it. As long been hidden from us. This is said the FBI and the DOJ refused to comply with subpoenas from congress who wanna see the source documents why did you start this. Because we now know that the dossier is fake so what was your evidence you can't just goes by not political campaign in heat of the political a political battle as you feel like. Can't do it. You have to have some kind of indications I'm kind of evidence that there was collusion there wasn't. DeVon you know as head of the into committees now got a hold of the intelligence. The documents the source documents used to launch investigations they have the they have no until they another. Which means that these Muller investigation. Is completely illegitimate is Ubisoft instantly. And you know what else is bad known as the state. He has to he's seen these documents you had to it they've been the basis of this investigation. Rick Carlisle was just stunned to hear this on Fox News from DeVon newness to glisan. This Gerry you've got to explain what you just said I think this is extraordinary. That you're telling us that in order for the FBI the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into so called. Collusion between. President Tron and the Russian as there was no official intelligence used that how how did this investigations start I don't understand sir please explain. Well I think that's that is the point we we don't understand we've never understood. Because you know we have we have. Access to these finished intelligence products and we've never seen one. We are never so we thought well maybe there was one that went through a different channel that was kept really quiet it was secret that was kept from the congress and and other folks well. In fact after investigators reviewed this that's that is not what happened there was there was no. Five eyes intelligence product as a as it's been reported. There was no product and I think that's a major problem. Hi yeah pats and a that's a major problem a huge. Problem which is why you're not seeing any kids clearly being blacked out. Sensing cameras it is the biggest breaking story we've had in months on the drum freshly picked. And you can find it anywhere but on Fox News that it. Investigation should be over by noon today in and just society. Unlike hours it would be.