Tara's Tirade - The selfishness of Obamacare (orig 10-12-17)

The Tara Show
Thursday, October 12th

Socialism is the ultimate selfishness and we should call it out when we see it.


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Tax rates you know price insurance free fifty year old man with a 3700 dollar deductible. And must be AP PO I pay 37 dollars a week you compare that to a 126 dollars a week before. Obama kicked. I thank god for obamacare. I think god for obamacare. And I know you seek no you don't need to thank god or Obama. Tito you know you and you need to pay the family of four in the middle class family of four that. Was paying 7200 dollars this summer plan but now they're paying 171000 dollars a year at a decade a year this solar plant. There are paying Shimmy 200 dollars. This is Florida this go on all of the country. For a similar plan in 2013. And other paying 171000. The average premium for health insurance on the Obama care exchanges how does explain this this person has doubled I'm still. In four years double what why did that happen to us let's walk through the XOK. Because there's not a health care fairy who waves who wants. There freezing you pay 37 dollars and we now when used to pay 126 before Obama can only one reason that can be happy in your get a huge subsidy. Retest its comfort. That poor family doesn't go to get does go to doctor anymore. Doesn't have insurance anymore they paid for a couple of years to subsidize your plan banana can afford it anymore and their middle class. As for that country as how that happens and you sir are the reason. That we only have one insurance provider left on the exchanges. In South Carolina we want it to dictatorial system you'll pay what is dictate. You have no choice. But Toyota Honda while you're buying a sport but I wanted to pay 40000 U paying 32 but they weren't 32 I can't even drive the thing your paying 32. And he will not drive it's so man every year pays 37 dollars with is that a 126 or don't you selfish. Now it pretty close. It's selfish what you're doing. You break his Obama was nicer way to want you to break. Because it's fair now you got that break because that might came at some hardworking families pocket and making its benefit their own kids that's where that money came front. And it's not a sustainable system we have one insurer left himself Carroll is certain. Ensuing fight we have 30% average hike in premiums Obama care premiums so when you type the text to me just suffers that is. Which Sany eye to Minnesota meals I don't even know pay my health insurance thank god for that. Gisenyi and we know what you not feel that 30% average increase its waited for what eight in South Carolina. But a family doesn't get the subsidy you do you will feel. An up to make a decision between saving for college paying their bills. Or having health care. And those bills will crush them. They'll crush the content they've done a lot of damage of the congress cost hundreds of thousands of jobs the CBO notes. So certain you're 37 dollars a week did you pay now compared to what you paid 126 before Obama care. That didn't happen because the market improved that didn't happen because the competition that didn't happen in on his way it happened it through government mandated theft at the point the gun. And is porn people. He refused to subsidize a guide they don't even know so he can have insurance below market rates should get a subsidy so hopefully you'll vote Democrat. This toward people who now can't afford insurance or being punished with a fine. You feel good about that these can race you do is you care but stuff that's really care. You care about anybody it's a balmy summer I mean it's cheaper for me that's what's important. Issued feel location ever meet to tell me who's paying for your insurance. It's selfish. It's right on up to subs listen I want everybody to have affordable insurance I want a free market system I think a free market system delivered. But not at the Christ. Of somebody else how to pay for health care. They're trying to do you troops. And so you know why we don't do this anymore in our society. We no shame people argue. We should shame on you. Not affordable insurance. But for insisting that somebody else pay for that's what you're subsidy in this. And that's what business insider is set when they're listing the disaster is a facts in this trump executive order. We care only right. I pictured it association health care plans will allow people an individual small group markets took two chips to pull together to purchase insurance or more favorable rate we we can't have that yet. According to reports he's quiz it is to be terrible while also not be subject to certain Obama care regulations hoping they can even cheaper for people participate. And your reaction is gimme gimme gimme it's not fair they should pay more subsidize me that's selfish there are turning means mourn but that's selfish. It's not somebody else's responsibility to pay for years and this idea that some rich guy somewhere is gonna pay the bill he's evil anyway so he should pay my bill. Mean again I've been telling stores and have been on the air here my sister business owner. Dog walking business fantasy spun rolling catch. Jim blue cross blue shield plan that she's been losing her hearing for years it's extremely expensive they don't know why. And she had blue cross blue shield plan that as a single mom she dutifully paid for the covered her aside everything they need it was great low deductible. No problem going to specialist she needed to see Obama care hits boom and which is subsidy. First cheered Obama care she's paying for just herself which she paid for her son with a subsidy. So she had image dimpled decision which one of them would be covered and she dropped her son. He he wasn't covered for a couple of years dad finally picked up the bill for that but that's so expensive sir that just paint 600 dollars a month. Her deductible was so high that you can go to treatment she needed and it didn't matter anyway because that especially she needs this crappy obamacare play. So you know those who paid for that answers thousands of books my dad at a his fixed retirement income. All of that and user a fifty year old man. 37 dollar we pressed 126 dollar plant so it makes you feel that you should know you did that to a single month it wasn't so rich back. Get one over on me the probably makes too much money anyway it was my sister. And you she did she gave up that business to go work for bank. Because she couldn't stand what she was doing to my dad anymore. How much he was having a patient could Washington what that this is with surgery answer silly you know. Who did that for you. It was not. Obama it was my dead body is fixed in come and my sister who gave up her business to subsidize user. So I deserve I to me and I get thank god for obamacare. Stop for just a second think about somebody else.