Tara's Tirade - Speaking to younger generations (orig 7-16-18)

The Tara Show
Monday, July 16th
"That would be my advice to parents who feel like their kids are lost. I was lost. And if I can come back, anybody can."

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Let's sit and some time with Johnny in great court good morning John. Ellen you know Richard urgency how do you explain it a lot of our public education system the media and spelling of blitzes that did just spew out garbage brits think things went right on through. Did the beginning of the second barely understand he's your try and I generations easy going and going back to church in larger numbers older. Oh. Yet again being ran Generation X. You to another which conservatives have a platform and I think it to put that their. The pulpit to America silent they will not risk political issue which. But I think the profits of insurance the pockets of generations see in this generation. Are the talk show host my daughter's just heard a kink she's been wishing you every day. You've been here in more more young people are listening to talk radio and listened to bin Shapiro and call start in mutually. How can do when you're leasing your daughter listens everyday Allen does she do that you know her own choice searching the car with you or how does that had that happen. You know all Archie sir podcast. Every day take. The podcast or two hours long she worked at school. Archie and school she listens to your podcast every single day because she wants to. Oh absolutely because you bolster. OK you know. And not sure luck to every nation almost formed an eighteen year old you've you'll ever get to meet you execute. That is awesome I wanna know what I wanna soaps that for myself too because I'm trying to keep my kids on the right track how old. Did you get her prompted to do that he'd had a would go how did that happen how did you introduce her to an in a way that she took to. Arched bridges is to troops it's it's true and Kara the truth is powerful. Yet is buried in debris. Yet we would you know we go to addition church. We're always listening. But we we also urge spoke to the contrary idea is to point out the fallacy which. And what you were probably in Christians so we have a standard. To which we can compare strange. In particular concern my daughter says there's all that you'll Wear. We listening to your farm that you are cheap low stand on chino and children that will. Where the preachers where the preachers who were is truthful in his arm up. His terrorists are gracious we compare graciousness in airport which. You know we do you know I know we do and and you know what you people so what you'll lose your tax status but there are on funniest thing this. There are moral issues that can be addressed in a way that is not political. Septic loose so what a about the tax issues to speak to what Russia excuse you hear age you have cross from the preachers in America. If there's ever moved to remove your tax exempt status. Are you ever move to remove this sweetheart deal that they get further. Total of mortgages. And detached and it's the poll which in America what light. When you dig into the airport their pocketbooks. Yep. And you judge I and I wonder what your daughter was said is I love my lent younger listeners to to call me at Chevron's the call until now putter to the final line will will drop what we're doing. Onto Kazaa I love to talk to young people and I especially love other young people hear them on the air all but. You know going for trumped by fifteen points again many of them couldn't votes it was a 50000 a 50000 person study. Arm but did they arrest him they would vote for if they could say they went for trumpet fifteen points and female members went for trumped by two points in other words they bowed jump over Hillary. And now we're fighting other going back to church in larger numbers than any other generation in this in this other study. And I love to know what is missing. I'd love to know why would they what are they seeking that is missing from their lives they know something is missing. They're looking for a new church in a way that other generations did not what what is it with this generation now found in a message her I would be fascinated to hear that from. From some folks who who who are in this generation city. A lot I think street sanction from observational award. They're looking for truth and number two they're looking for solid shut down lashing social relationships. Something that we mention that. Something that's been on Israel yet. Social they're looking for people who bullied like they do my daughter and and other conservatives liked her work her age. They're basically loading. Yet the big screen feel pretty nicely. You gotta do temporary workers say or Carol there there are. And see you know what I wondered sag is you write it you've probably heard me talk about the psychologically get the thing that trump has done that more than anything else in this country. Wish to re deal. Armed that the media had convinced us that people who feel like us were in the minority for a long time and as we were silent because we would you'll be afraid did. We were found a majority in and one of the things he has revealed time and time again. Is that we are in the majority we didn't know that and so we're becoming a more content you know that's a listen to the media you feel like your isolated and alone. And I are finding out on all these issues and I and I ice swear goes back to the NFL kneeling thing when we found a 60% of people with. The president on I think was 6360 I can't remember that what what it is not just made it he'll speak out some more. I think trop is awakened the sleeping giant. Well that's. There has to be some type of education and instruction you show the troops you've got a note the troops before or separate them. Yeah have to absolutely content. Absolutely. And and John thank you so much in in again I'd tell you tell your daughter in thrilled that she listens as welcomed the caller email. Any time. Love to have her input on the air 803471. Or 63 text line 71307. Tech sure it's my daughter left here a year and a half ago good conservative she went to you and asked and now she's a limp she is a liberal lesbian very frustrated. Fraud. Listen don't give up on her. Dole don't give up on her keep that it keep that it keep that it keypad no matter how much ignore us was set. Some I'd tell commentaries I don't put I don't paint myself something I'm not on the show like I don't do that I left the Turks COLT. Done finished totally agnostic. My broke my father's heart is deeply religious man I left I was gone for many years I even baptized my children. And live. And he kept at it and kept static and never gave up on me never been in this is well over a decade never gave up on me never gave up on me never gave up on me. He never did. And I am back. And that is a miracle. If you had asked me seven years ago we UB intra or seven years now and left. And I have a deeper fated or never hath. I'm and so I would encourage you just don't let up don't give up but bid would be respect full. And loving in the way that you get my dad never once raised his voice and kneed or got angry at me and that's why was still able to to listen to him he only did do. I Anna's was an act he told need to pray. Since I was a diamond doubting Thomas Agassi facts legacy data this is why don't believe does the Russian indictment I SEI as he sat down in Tom's idea. So I'd actually a price dis we pray. Corporate prayed for a revelation pray for something. Can you do Daschle Kayla I can happen died but okay go ahead. Listen. Tranda. If you if your daughter about the stuff because I less. Safe so be talking like this to me 78 years ago item brought my eyes. But I did it and boy did I get walloped. If I told you what happened to me after I said those prayers eventually took awhile you won't believe it anyway which is why I want telling. But it did you it's happened is something mass Abbas have been bigger than you aren't. Prayed. For revelation pray for proof and then go back on and I elected be open to it. Be open to it I was in an open to a and I got walloped by. So that would be my advice to parents who feel like their kids are lost. I was lost and if I can come back. Anybody can. And again I know how nuts this sounds TU if you are like me seven years ago. I I would've laughed at this and thought that host was nuts but I'm here and I am wearing them today. And listen don't give up on them about the other stuff either keep sending them articles keep sending them information. Keep sending them links to podcasts don't give up on them this generation can be convinced we're seeing it in the studies were seeing it in the surveys.