Tara's Tirade - Stating the obvious (orig 1-19-18)

The Tara Show
Friday, January 19th

"So the fact is there's this memo, and so these Congress members are demanding that it be released to the public. I would like to see somebody, my God, anybody from our South Carolina delegation step up. Step up and demand it be released. Come on!"


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His story. Sort of carry 1 because this so am every once and while one of your techsters early gut check you and as one has. He wrote a bit and Jacksonville all week away from your show stress free week above smiles in my face now attendance in your show I'm fuming thanks terra. Many don't legislate out about this memo that has come out. And we members of congress saying that it is worse than Watergate the spying on trumped the lawbreaking by the top Echelon. Of our you know our top law enforcement agencies in country what's topping your low on fort what was your law enforcement agencies can you wary corrupts banana republic you are. You you cannot go on functioning. As a country I non authoritarian manner until lettuce is dealt with. So I sometimes get lost my anger over latest on the country that right so passionately love. And I get caught up in my anger and I forget to tell you what is obvious to me. Which is that we're winning. We're winning. I get angry at what is the past and I forget to tell you that the future. The president. Is a miracle. And something you be so excited about. When you look at what we dodged. Here. So the fact is he's this memo Anthony's congress members demanding it be released the public I would like to see somebody might got anybody from our South Carolina delegation stepped up. Step up to me to be released from time. What are you afraid. Russian affairs. But. I'm afraid I'm clean. I am squeaky clean and squeaky boring clean so I don't care does affect me. No maybe some you are. Instead I tell you what your country. What are you opened your mouth. Diminish memo be released Connie need a lot coming from trade Downey. Every when he disappoint me. Do you disagree you should be honest national news shows demanding his memo be released. Bigger than Watergate Shockey and we have a guy like Steve K okay whose temper I mean he's he did your part. Marginally useful sometimes. Good for good zinger every now and amateur Gary volatile scary. Most the time special on immigration where president Steve king of Iowa. Republican. Tweets this. I've read the memo. It's it's still classified. The sickening reality set in a long no longer hold out hope that there is an innocent and it explanation for the information the public is seen I've long said it is worse than Watergate. It was. As this is this allegedly T cells. The absolute complete corruption the top of the department of injustice in the FB lack. It is still classified top secret what happened yesterday was that the intelligence committee mystery people as you tuning and voted to release it to all members of congress which they condemn. And you know what I had tried to list of people I'm knocking today is going to be fair from a knock tree guy a much erupted. He declassify anything he needs declassify this thing went by noon. This doesn't need to be float around. We need to know what access. Worsen then what is this like this be like if the FBI colluded with. The president Watergate. Committing crimes. Covering up these crimes it's just it's nuts. It is absolutely nuts. But she's the tip of the sport thanks.