Tara's Tirade - Trey Gowdy grills Rod Rosenstein (orig 12-14-17)

The Tara Show
Thursday, December 14th

"When Trey Gowdy does stuff that is inexplicable and not in America's interest we're gonna hit him over the head with it, but when he gets it right we're gonna play that, too, because we want to present a full and complete picture. So, good for Representative Trey Gowdy yesterday when he said this for the record."


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Well you know Ivan scratching my head as have many of you about it straight Gary. And his ongoing support for Robert Mueller. Even as Mahler a specially marked Gatti and his committee. Why not only with holding the texts these outrageous text where we're seeing the heads. Of the FBI plan. An insurance policy take trump out 'cause they feel it. Well the people in this country. Including once they make fun of that they see shopping and Wal-Mart are just too stupid to be trusted to elect the president as they can give you by the way yet they they think you're too Don. To be trusted. They can actually smell you at Wal-Mart here's what Peter struck the number two agent charged to our intelligence at the FB I'd say just went to southern Virginia Wal-Mart I could smell the tribes support. He is. Girlfriend texted back yep out to lunch with redacted. We both hate everyone and everything that's what they think you view Washington. You you're not a match seeing that we're not telling you now on talk radio to gauge all fired up it's what they think have you. You're too dumb to be trusted me to come in and fix the situation. And this is the guy Robert smaller brining it to be a part of this team and and later fired. This is a guy who mocked our congressman trade area everyone else on these committees. By now in not responding to the subpoena that covered these texts but not telling congress about their existence. I was not happy with our congress member last week when he could get to smash shack instead praised Muller for session mocking him astray and obstructing justice. While I defying congressional subpoena and doing one thing a prosecutor should never do and that is withhold exculpatory evidence. Which we still don't even know if for Mike Flynn nudist any of this when he cut to deal with smaller steep. And so I knocked I dowdy pretty hard for praising Muller especially after dowdy a couple of months ago. What I'm told a smaller team broke the law but will say it is the only conversation I'll have with Robert smaller it was stressing to head home. The importance of of cutting out the leaks with respect to series investigations so it is kind of ironic that the would violate the mall and make no mistake disclosing grand jury that material is a violation of law also has a former prosecutor I'm disappointed that you and I are having a conversation. Because somebody violated her oath of secrecy. Yet twice Tre getting would go on to say he still believes smaller is the best guy for the job in expletive delete as a Muller Natalie essentially lied to them about the existence of the text defied their subpoenas. I continue to say Robert Moeller readers. Here's our fellow citizens best hope for finding all what really happened congressional investigations don't have a reputation been very good. This army but no luck you of email called mall Gary's office. Enraged by that and it appears that can be. Is listening TO. He talked about on having its U. Go back to South Carolina and explain this whole thing to south Carolinians. As he grilled mr. Rosen steamy yesterday and went straight caddie does. Stuff that. Is inexplicable and not in America's interest we're gonna him over the head with a book when he gets it right we're gonna play that too because we want to present a full and complete picture. So good for representative Trey Gabby yesterday. When he he said this for the records this hours at Pickering it. So this agent in the middle of almost everything. Related to Secretary Clinton and president trump. Sent pro Clinton test. Anti troll attacks to his paramour. In response to being told may be he is where he is to protect the country from that menace Donald strong piece ahead. I can protect our country. At many levels and then he said Hillary Clinton should win 100 million to nothing I'll think about that mister deputy attorney general. Pretty overwhelming victory. 100 million. Zero and what I rev alas my what I call was this conflict of interest furry. Senior agent the FBI can't think of a single solitary Americans who would vote for O'Donnell trial this is the conflict of interest worried. Special agent assigned to many went on without warning not to belittle trump supporters must saying he could smell them. At a Wal-Mart. In Virginia. This is the person we needed to avoid a conflict of avengers and he said this makes oral fully deserved to go and demonstrate the absolute bigoted nonsense of trawl. But it wasn't content to just disparaged Arnold strong. Yet to disparage. Donald trumps family. What he said mister deputy attorney general so that deuce Max are about to come out he's talking about our First Lady and children. This conflict of interest furry special agent Olivia beyond. So we were told we needed to have an object of impartial fair conflict of interest free investigations always openly pulling. For the candidate yeah role in clearing. And he's openly investigating a candidate videos bias against. And if that's not enough exists trump is an asking idiot. What the app just happened our country this is the same man said he would save our country. What happens when people who were supposed securely conflict of ventures had even greater conflicts of ventures and those are replies. That's not a rhetorical question. Did you nor I nor anyone else what ever sit. Pete or straw on a jury we wouldn't have him objectively disk passionately investigate anything knowing what we know now. Why didn't we know what I had a time and in the last question my final question to you and I appreciate the Germans stations. How would you help me answer that question when I go back to South Carolina this weekend. Billions and. I got to shore represented Jim Jordan battering it and that was affirm right roses Steen the pull the plug by the way on this corrupt investigation at any moment. He referred them to IG's office there investigate recent statements. Over and over and over and over.