Tara's Tirade - Trump approval continues to climb (orig 8-15-18)

The Tara Show
Wednesday, August 15th
"You know how he did it? He's talking about things that matter to people. He's treating people as individuals. We have so much more in common in this country than we have not in common."

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Here is a president trams approval rating is great now a better than. Ronald Reagan's at this point. In his presidency. You would not know that. If you watch CNN SR noticeably not controls on the techs fly narrow. Was actually going on. And because that's what happens when you tune in here. You tuning here every age expecting to hear all kinds of crazy hate that they tell you we spew on CNN an ashes are learning what's going on in the world. Yes or even listen it is easy to listeners say she's terribly unpopular nobody license but now he is outpacing Ronald Reagan at this point. In his presidency. And or else going on here too and anything if it if you're hearing hysteria and went in constant never renting. Racial hysteria that is thrown. And president trap. That goes on and on and on and on and on and this just eat it is spoken of as facts are a lot of these television station that he is a racist. Well there's never really is proof of that offered it's just he's just racist and discuss CC we states. Why are you hearing. Well it's gonna get worse. Not easy could be yours it's gonna get worse than say watt. Donald Trump's approval ratings with black Americans. Just hit 31%. Up. Thirteen points. In one year. They're B got for about his approval ratings with a black Americans hit 31% at thirteen points in one unit AZ view all about how easy 31% is terrible. She's gray. Black people tend to vote Democrat somewhere between ninety and 92% of time. I show ya de are pretty approval rating firfer bush with blacks as you know would dead at one point was thought to be wonderful at 12%. So uneasy at 31%. Yeah she is and it is today if it is black American to 20% of black Americans started voted for for Republicans. Just just want it's point 11% 22 to really to really be strong showing. Democrats this will be cooked at the national level. I Vista this is history number nobody has ever done this. Before but then I find myself saying all the time about try. This is with resignation. Reports. This is not approval this is actual votes in the last ten presidential election cycles the highest black vote share for Republican. Was at 12%. For Bob Dole in 1996. It dropped captured 25% of female African American vote he'd when the twenty point election and analyze when it's gonna happen. What with Democrats having alienated about white male voters the weighted they had. Now which is essentially them saying you know I hit the road Jack don't come back. And just the constant. Dearly and trying yell rhetoric. Which by the way. ES I watch is ending its cheap today I think they did they like males can't hear this. This mail trashing never ending on and on and on should discuss the Washington Post us. Pretty mad editorial. About how Haiti menus is a good option will begin needed to actively discriminate against them. This anyway meant they say a man. I'd like many here that stuff too. So and you did it be different Trenton have duck pitch have done this a year. And you know why don't we did it he's talking about things that matter to people. He's treating people as individuals. We have so much. Uncommon in this country than we have. Not we can't. You know we all struggling wall repair bills now wanna file feel financially secure well my job we won at 88 you know a good paying jobs. Once we appreciated at our job we want to be wanted add our job wanna be needed it at her job. We don't want our job to go to somebody who's not legally in this country who or who has been brought in to depress our wages. On purpose and dilute them did you know the voting pool in the workable we want all of this thing. It's so we trucking as you know think discriminate what what issue is is leading next it's the one of the Republican Party member the postmortem on Romney. Laws because we or against illegal immigration and do assuming amnesty then elects. Trump went the opposite way. What's the one issue he wins the biggest on the Hispanics and black Americans. Immigration they get a they've seen it they know the jobs Glenn. I wanna say Hispanics and black Americans and easing his best when trying to build in those illegally here they wouldn't jobs went to people who illegally they don't like death. And that's how I Egan a carbon Harris poll sixty. Percent of black Americans is 61% of Hispanic Americans saying they disagree did they they disagree with the democrats' policies. They they agree would trust policies on immigration disagree with the Democrats. He's got their full attention. And so if you hear three times in a five times a Chancery and that's what they're in a panic. And here's the democrats' hands are tied Democrats of got the puck it used to be when I worked. Creative loaf and I was the only conservative on staff and it worked with a bunch rabid liberals right. I haven't a conversation my liberal editor he hated corporations are corporations. Note no matter. You know what they did what they've produced how helpful it was. Any of that if they were large corporation could could not stand the idea of a large corporation but he would tell me I thought all Ford for small business I'm fine with that. Okay. I'll business to scale. But it was OK before small business backed. Like fifteen years ago. Nancy Pelosi is asking Jorge had dead turned talks about John do you not job you agree judge judge don't have jobs you know platform. She's is just weak we would love to create jobs through government infrastructure. In dollars you can't even say anymore. In the Democrat part that you want jobs you do can't admit that wouldn't fly a business success. You can't say that you want the economy to be healthy that would imply Disney's success. You can't say. That you want to see companies hire a lot of people that would imply business except we can't have business success. We can't have business success to success because the did the liberal philosophy is based. It's not a political plus speeds is psychological plus philosophy and is based on Giles. It is based on a no we're not gonna help you get ahead or gonna take dead guy who you were jealous of down. And what that guy is gonna succeed. Even if he does in an ounce wishing you cannot say to these people. We're gonna create jobs did say earlier regional business shots stabbing government job at camp org camping so. Leonard tied by their lunatic fringe primary voters they can't save these things. Even talk to black people Hispanic people white collar people middle class people Danny O'Rourke. And two is that I don't wanna job in government infrastructure weren't jock. Oh we can't talk T. Yeah no. As is did she was even willing to say jobs it had to be government jobs. The hands tied. And so all we got his charms a racist and her Republicans are racist. Everyone loves a Republican miseries. And everyone who's married to a Republican is erases an everybody who even knows your Republican and is nice and and sometimes and doesn't throw feces at them like anti fat is a racist. It's early yet. NF. And not working anymore folks its not working anymore.