Tara's Tirade - US involvement in Syria's civil war (orig 4-16-18)

The Tara Show
Monday, April 16th

"During the American Civil War, would it have been appropriate if a Middle Eastern country had pulled up their ships, picked a side, and started killing people?"


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Our rates again go to detect trying to take my career and will open. Somebody's always dose dose and I'm on the tax on. Text your rates yeah makeup and you Tim. Makeup who cite Iraq I think. And make your mind up whose side you're on I think trounced her. Never traverse. No I'm not calling in today I'm tuning out all check would leave for traffic and I won't read my conservative news sites. Normally keep anything different than now what they hear on Fox News this weekend about the serious thing I understand that actually do understand. The checks to erase the opposite love the way you call on both sides keep up the good work here. Look I'm always gonna tell you the truth to the best my ability I'm human so I will fail and that at times. But I'm gonna do the best that I can and I'm gonna give a team the way it is and I can sugar coating if you want to sugar coated version of this go listen to some of the show. Silence you hear it's not. And you know that from the beginning. I have been every bit as brutal to George W. Bush who I think really made a mess this country in the world. As I was too Obama. Spend more time talking about the mess Obama's made because he was president time bush was not but you notice I will always give you the truth. I'm not gonna make it into a good bed black white good evil for you 'cause the world ink outweigh. It's not. And that's so are you in the beginning that I would say bad things about George W. Bush but over time you came to see what he really was a lot of you and I've had people come. I think Chauncey you know meet with me in public and ID public appearances is employed many mabus that's used to say about him but now the more I see the more I know I understand Terry thank you. He was the first major global list. To implement open borders policies to spread his his father aspired to it he never got around with the country wasn't right. You wanna know why we have tens of millions illegals here it was George W. Bush who started he made it okay for Obama to do I can't change that fact and American sugar coat of forty. And when Chara contradicts himself. It's headed tweed at this we'd have to tweet at the tweet about who the rebels are. And that they're located in ices and trump knows it and I can assure the code that's for you either. And tell it the way it is. And a way it's not just trump who knows prejudiced toward Tron tweets. Tweeting over and over and over about it again and Obama to stay out of Syria to to not act as OK it is air force because that's who the rebels are. It's not just me. They all know it up there on the hill here is Ted Cruz. On the blaze radio in twenty. River Obama was contemplating bombing Syria aims to send troops in Bonn Syria. Over his red line being violated the way they never did prove that aside did that attack. Fact is more than likely the rebels did given the kind of poison a chemical that she missed. And the rebels have been documented by the UN multiple times as having gas innocent civilians yet we never. Ever called him out only pretend they didn't do it. And so you know we sell and take you sadly manages Padilla what yet can what are we bomb the rebels for for what they do with chemical weapons. But the chairman and CEO we pretend we don't know. We don't listen we did this we did it Libya is well now out now ice is runs Libby never only had to go save. The rebels in Libya I'll never forget Sean Hannity screaming and yelling about us leading from behind we should be in front of the bombing right. Controls Libya today Google look it up it's basically prices. And other jihadist rebel factions fighting for control of Libya we bombed ice is into power in Libya as we start me usually bombing Syria will do with their tip. I can't change that factory. And it's not just me. Instead Crist. Wait white. Here's Ted Cruz is in the beginning of this he's talking about how we bombed the Libyan rebels into power. In Libya and any talks about how did the same people in serious. Turns out and Libya we actually were launching strikes and we'd we knocked Qaddafi out by taking the site don't like it or not CBS news reported this of the rebel forces that included members of al-Qaeda. Are we supporting al-Qaeda in in Syria to what's going on all the good guy that was the red guy. Well unfortunate reality is there a whole lot of bad guys there. And you know the president has been advocating arming the rebels. In Syria I think that strategy that they don't sense whatsoever break. The kind major rebel groups that are fighting right now at least seven of them. Appear to have some significant. The al-Qaeda and then I'd give you one of the simplest principles of foreign policy that we are following. Which he don't give weapons. People hate you don't give weapons people who want it Chile. Well that's silly Ted come on what you're saying is don't give them weapons that can revenues among you really when he venting Ted Cruz. To blooming now. Here's Joseph parent who was filling in for Glenn Beck on the blaze that they are asking them. I know would you know what to Siebel in Gaza in Syria. How would we don't want a repeat that we backed up a rebel forces had no chance of winning Qaddafi was gonna snuffed that that uprising in two seconds we or the president decided let's lobster missiles in there and basically paved the way for the rebels to take over not that many months later they attacked our consulate they killed four Americans including the ambassador and we still don't. Don't really know what happened in many Ghazi nobody wants to see another ring Ghazi in Syria and actually the fear is that. Went Ted Cruz said that. We should be focused on defending the United States of America that's why young that it went it. Sign up to join the military not to do it as you know you know search service al-Qaeda there. Yet you know illness. Fox noticed it. There is contending this weekend that they don't buy a model for. Hats off to Tucker Carlson and Laurie Ingram for attempting to tell the truth so here's here's the question I'm not an ASCII. I trust hit some chemical weapons facilities it's hard to argue with doing that chemical weapons never good hands anybody in the Middle East. But another charging more strikes. To see you do the show here's the question okay during the American civil war. Would have been appropriate. Thing Middle Eastern country to pull up their ships picked site and started killing people. And it's not much is it okay for us to do the reverse today in the Middle East and why does that fact we've on the chemical weapons factories make it different this time. Last time we hit a Syrian air force base until the Syrian soldiers are now we say we don't know if aside in the series actually did the chemical attack. In our next targets are not chemical weapons plants are we still right for interfering in the Middle East. And what do what am I would have been appropriate Fords and Middle Eastern countries whenever they were called at the time. During the American civil war to have pulled up their ships picked the side and started killing people. Love to hear your answer them what's difference between that and what we're doing now maybe there isn't your not.