Tara's Tirade - What Russians were really doing during the election (orig 2-20-18)

The Tara Show
Tuesday, February 20th

"By the way, most of Mueller's indictment will eventually fall apart. They will probably get them on the fraud charges... but as far as the bigger election interfering charges, they're going to have a hard time on that."


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Harried shadow. The media and hysterics over the weekend sees she seed this different is it thirteen rushing to mail her. They weren't trying to influence our election and steal our democracy or dealer election influence or democracy yours think. Mueller indictment. Let's start with this idea that would do way it was one in Muller's indictment and most of all is the indictment will eventually fall apart. They will probably get them on the fraud charges. Opening bank accounts in fraudulent names and doing things like that they will probably get them on. What is far is said the noted that the bigger election interfering charges they're gonna have a hard time with that there's a lot of good reasons why. Al but I would actually. Spent any notice an immediate and serious meek we can't spent a total of are you ready for this. 3111. Dollars. Online name. FaceBook advertising social media advertising 3111 dollars in Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania during election. This country thousand dollars per state as told. On the three states. That's it. OK we keep hearing that is my 239 he had for the whole operation. But what about these FaceBook ads that would mean focus of the indict. After that perspective from here the Russians spent a total of a 100000. Dollars during and after the election on FaceBook acts. This is while Hillary Clinton how lap dog media that favored her 91% of the media coverage. Of trump was negative. I mean there is no way three has investments. In three states and 100000 dollars total could even come close to countering with the media day. Will sign on TV. FaceBook executives. They would this is where Muller got the information on the facts FaceBook executive calling stretched. Told the US Senate Judiciary Committee in not ever the total number. Of those illegitimate Russian ads. Drop in the ocean less than point 00. 4% that's not 4% point 004%. Of all. FaceBook contents are about one in 23000. News feed acts. And that's what we're stumping for Hillary. The Russians also planned election rallies for trump and for Hillary. The truck rallies. You won't hear this on CNN site total of 31 people show up the am trump rallies. Had to turn out of roughly 101100. People yet they organized by. And I can hear a lot of that from the mainstream meet. Well why you do it isn't it why are these Russians doing is they spent. You know I had a couple of million bucks. Overall on the effort they. Spent a thousand dollars on FaceBook ads. GGX there's actually very good reason and has nothing to do with influencing. Elections. Nothing. At all. But before you and in about in order understand whit what they were dealing. Yeah actually have to talk to Julian Assange of all people. On Twitter. The group. That Moeller indict. The research. Agency. And as a so pointed out this week but he got better say they weren't just running. Trap cash checks and Hillary had stacks. They were false or running kitten appreciation. Groups and pages and advertising for them. My hat and had to kittens Hillary and comp time. Why would they do that. That the truck effort and the Hillary effort and a pretty effort to by the way they were there'll Bernie's way. We're just so other ongoing efforts to target groups of people who were fans of or hated thinks. What they do. Well Julie assigns explains is perfectly. In a series of tweets. Very ML in the Muller Astrid tripping indictment is something that we have long suspected at WikiLeaks he writes the inner research agency that's the Russian group that was. Targeted by Muller the Internet research agencies troll farm is geared to develop audience is socially active communities. EG through an alliance means in order to spam them on how did anybody wanna eat. What does that mean. Well they find popular things trends these people are talking a lot about on the Internet like cats. And try. You ever gotten the most. Mentions ever of a candidate on FaceBook dormant study. Best use of social media by anyone ever and it wasn't because of the Russians so if you are trying. To get paid. For your ability to spay am people who care about trump. Or about anything. You'd look for a big group of people who care about something right whether it's kid is your trump. And you get them until light. To communicate with you assumed it therein for. That's what they would do it they were trying to make money. Not influence the election. Assange goes on tweeting before advertising networks can advertise they must build audience. How much a buyer race. That's the Internet research agency that when the Marlins are and how much of I Ares activities were simply trying to build audience. By gaining followers using tweets and means likely to be shared in these communities. Bingo. This is the only thing that makes sense do similar indictment these rations are so stupid. They got to come here and asked people pay what stage suites are owed the purple ones in Kremlin would have known them. If this was an actual influence operation I doubt the Kremlin has influence operations this country as do we most of the country. But this what nick Julian Assange goes on tweeting IRA. Allegedly also ranked kid appreciation groups are we also believe that these kittens were part of a plot to divide America. To not distinguish between audience building and customer advertising payload is sketchy. Sy suites the US has 320 million people a trillion dollar media and cultural sector that employees. Over a million people I do not necessities possible whatsoever divide America by trying to hide the difference with hundreds girls and it wasn't. It wasn't. Somebody would you. So it makes this makes cents. And it's not just sign said. It's the vice president's. Of ads. At FaceBook. Christine. All the Russian acts strangely echoing it Julian Assange should.