Tara's Tirade - Why Bush is defending Obama and the Clintons (orig 10-20-17)

The Tara Show
Friday, October 20th

"There are no accidents in politics. Everything is scripted. Every. Thing. Is scripted."


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Speaking of the truth so what happens. All of a sudden simultaneously Barack Obama George W. Bush hit campaign trail and that we're in simultaneously. They are no accidents in politics everything script. Everything is scripted. Why are they on the campaign trail right now. Well Obama is on the campaign trail to distract from what's going on with Russia. She's indeed did it means a lower actually apply to him. He need a lawyer right now and may still be applied to him he scared this Russian think he's taken on enough weight. But he scared that's why he's out on the campaign trail we MC in their long time. Comments occasionally but he doesn't formally go out what George W. Bush and campaign trip. Rush brilliantly point out history our show bush took it on the chin from Obama again and again and again he would not respond to remember that. I mean out right lie is insanity. Stuff Obama lied during the campaign bush was enough he said nine I leave office I'm done here and I'm not mean didn't he when he read a letter. And so he is nothing to say about Obama nothing to say about anything. Nothing to say when Obama attacks the people who supported him he's got nothing then all of a sudden he goes back on all that. To tell us what a monstrosity trump is and how horrible he has and how terrible the country is right now and he Obama yesterday hit campaign trail at the same time why. Would bring them both out. Your reasons number one the clintons are in trouble don't tell me Imus go go in any of images section of Google and type in bushes and clintons look at the pictures that c'mon. They're really good friends. And he got Jeb Bush giving Hillary awards for her you know citizenship. But by the wish she'd never give one of them and the bush failing. Letting it leak out that some of our voting they you know we're not be voting for trump in that election to be voting for Hillary all of let it be known as what they were doing. They're out there to distract from Hillary and this nuclear thank mark my words. That's what bush is doing. They are very tight. The bush legacy was perfectly upheld by Barack Obama almost everything we that we have hated Obama has done bush was the one who pioneered that you just didn't notice. People on talk radio and what talk about it they didn't tell you the truth. And now Hillary's in big trouble and so is Obama and that's and tell you that's why they're out on the campaign trail today or yesterday is to distract. From this precious stuff. They know how big of dealer says the public finds out that's exactly what their due. So George W. Bush is out there. And you can hear the anger in his voice did you hear him talking speaking you can hear that they're the anger and the rage I never saw this ad Obama. I neighbors saw this when Obama literally turned tail and grand. And allow the creation of the ice state never sop of boy ain't you hear it now why was so angry this week. I think what bush is saying it is the second reason because stroke just didn't eight months let bush could not do. In eight years we blew 2.4 trillion bucks on us foreign wars and we lost 4400 people so far. I always had to show for it was a a Middle East so to stabilized that we have we we we had a healthy rise in place it never band it was an utter and complete failure in total waste of money. Bush knows that he saw she spends his time drunk paint watercolors of men who died many center there I don't think bush is. A cold person I think he's badly misled by his father who is a bad person. It's a bush just watch trump do an eight months. By relaxing the rules of engagement bush set the guy have gotten so many of our guys killed. By being willing to kill ice is fighters is that lend them surrender terms as the many months would bush and Obama could not do in sixteen years. Bush knows that it was humiliating it was the final blow. As you have bush out there screaming this stuff. Crucially nationalism distorted and a native isn't. Forgotten dynamism that immigration has always brought to America. We've seen the return of isolationist sentiments. Forgetting that American security is correctly right. By the chaos and despair a distant places. Or threats of terrorism infectious disease criminal gangs. And drug trafficking scandal emerged. Rush is right this was his deplorable and I mean he just slammed his entire basin posting here he really has but who is bush really. Talk about isolationism and we've we we were clean native isn't he goes on about how wonderfully immigration is banned for this country and how could we turn our back on this will be nativist. When you hear that consider cool bush is and what he did this is what he considers normal. That trump is absolutely. Reversing. During the decade of the 1970s. We let two million immigrants into this country 200000 year. During the decades in the eighty's and ninety's we let four million people and four million people that's venerate of immigration. Between 202010. You wanna know how many people the bush immigration policies allowed this country is according to the Center for Immigration Studies keep in mind four million people a decade in the eighties and the nineties. Fourteen million. Under bush. Fourteen million that's legal and illegal this is the guy who ordered the border guard a mile back from the border in key crossing points. This is the guy who signed. The bill for the wall in the Rose Garden when his party was about to lose congress and then nine months later. Completely undermines it. By switching to a satellite program wasted billions that went to the contractors at specialist in that. And eventually had to disband because it was worthless now says we're nativist because we want to build a wall they signed the bill to build and then undermines. This is the guy who ordered the border guard out of our national parks that but the border turning them into a virtual highway. For illegal immigration that's how we got to the fourteen million by the way fourteen million in the decade between 202010. Those raw with the with the limits bush. Bumped up. That is the single highest immigration decade America has ever seen. Bush says this is just your reactions and you know we're we're rebelling against globalism and we should embrace it he says and people should not transition well under the new global economy. Sir that's probably because she gave it to their jobs to foreigners. You look at NPR. Real wages for blue collar workers. Declined 5% since 19732. Thirds of that decline happening between 202050. Bush engineered that. During the same time period wages for white collar workers went up 41% they went down 5% from her collar workers. Bush did that that's not a transition to a new economy that we have to adjust to not be nativist that's a deliberate downward depression of wages. This man. Was a pox on this country. As a B here though all the rage it's because he's been exposed for what he is I wanna like push he seems like a nice guy but I can't get past his actions. And the worst the worst of all congress had passed a visa program to alert the government and funded it when people overstayed their visas. Bush refused to implement it should had to. Had he implemented that program we might have caught the 9/11 hijackers two of whom came back in the country after illegally overstayed their visas. We cut that they wouldn't come back several of whom were illegally in the country on overstayed visas. We might stop 9/11 the bush would do it. He quietly tried to implement the program later but it was such a disaster. He failed how to pull the plug on so if you wanna know the real bush legacy. That's it. That's it I can't change it those are facts. Think about it what do denial and attack us where we went winds up. 2.4 trillion dollars on our wars and a Iraq and Afghanistan 4400. People dead over 3000 from the towers lung. And the Pentagon all of that can be traced directly back. To his immigration policy and his failure to implement that visa program that would cut. Those 9/11 hijackers most of them now all of them but most of I mean every disaster of the last fifteen years you can Trace break back to George W. Bush and consent in his lap he knows it is not a stupid man. So when you hear the rage. It's because all of that is being exposed. Absolute damage that granted fourteen million in a decade under him. Compared to four million. In a decade under Clinton so he slams native is Simmons says orange color understand what his version of anti native is in his. That's who wishes he wanna know why he's mad he smacked his terms winning which is a good thing.