Tara's Tirade - Why conservatives lead more satisfying lives than liberals (orig 7-20-18)

The Tara Show
Friday, July 20th
"What does Liberalism tell you day in and day out? 'You didn't build that. You can't do anything by yourself. That's not yours. If you're a woman, black, whatever, everything is stacked against you... It's beyond your control as an individual. You are helpless and you need us to fix it for you.' If that's what Liberalism tells you, no wonder you feel hopeless."

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He's it is in this this interest me so much early you know me this. On headline. Conservatives believe their lives are more meaningful than liberals study finds them and that leads that leads them to bomb you know breached. Themselves is having higher life satisfaction right. Food okay this is interesting research by the University of California is is a new study and it. Conservatives are more likely haven't established sense of their purpose of light at you know in life than liberals. And a nurse in California study and analyze a series of surveys across sixteen countries. Found those with liberal beliefs are more likely to be a perpetual state of searching for meaning. Then their rage major parts of whom I think is a very simple answer for that put it what is it what do you think. I think that for most part for the most part I think that most people who were conservative most not all. And and and I'm certainly not X closing excluding liberals from the C either right but I think many conservatives. Have a deep faith in god. And they realize that what we're going through now is all temporal this will all pass this is not our final destination. And that. You'll also that week. Have responsibility for our own lives. And it is not for government to decide. Nor to be doing everything for us we take responsibility for our actions we take responsibility for a place in life. We take responsibility for improving our place in life. And I feel like that many liberals feel like it is government's place to do that for you. And if you've got an election every two or four years or you have political trends that are going to change the leadership of the government to depend on for your livelihood. I would be installed constant state of chaos and who continually as well. But I think when boom mic like a said because of I think to a mini conserve not all but many conservatives have a deep religious faith and I think that that has a lot to do with it. Here's John from credited I'd love to find out what would you think about this too why Al why this isn't conservative Serb people who know politically have more conservative views are crushed sixteen countries which makes this is fasting is not just America. That John you know they are more satisfied with life. They are less anxious. They're happier. Tiny meaning in life that when the city Cutler said is related to the sense of their or feeling that things are the way they should be and that there is a sense aboard her flight feels KR eight. Then that would likely dipping your sense that life. Is meaningful. I think this is absolutely. Fascinating. That this is that the case. And also look at what look at what the liberal organizations within this country are doing right now. You're being persecuted you were being demeaned you're being to file you were being persecuted in and and discriminated against you're being dissed him powered. And look what conservatism. Is trying to tell people. Work for yourself. Do it on your own. You don't necessarily have to have all of this government help you can do this on your home we're gonna take things out of the way to us to have government stop interfering in your ability. To you know succeed. In your endeavors and and you will have more opportunity to keep that in which you work. Here's interesting that it did to reflex. Explanation for this would be to conservatives are marked no religious than than liberals which has been over and over and over by studies that month supposition tiny. But the steady Arthurs I can infer religious beliefs when analyzing the response it's. And still found strongly as strong links between as a conservative ideology is having a stronger sense of purpose compared to liberals who. I would still say the same thing in that like I said many not all but I do think that if you are dependent it if your viewpoint of the world and your place and it. It is incumbent on what you can do about your own situation and life. Then I feel like that you have more you're willing to take responsibility for what you do and into the outcomes. And you'd you put that responsibility on yourself. And so you can then revel in your own success whereas if you were always depended upon the government or regulations or. You know some other outside entity allowing you to succeed or. Of paving the way for you to succeed or for giving you something that you determined to be success then I know I just seem much more satisfaction out of those who were you know willing to work themselves. Yeah Bennett that makes a lot of sense eight. Too because and he what is liberalism sunny day and day out you can do anything by yourself heating bill that you can't do anything by yourself that's not George ISI yours if you're a woman black you know whatever. You Elisa Alyssa by a timer Donna have to putt at least half the population on everybody everything is stacked against you you're never going to be page or do you ignore place. You're never gonna earn your do his business he is beyond your control. As an individual you you are helpless and you need us to come to fix it for your report on power you're you're you're on your own and I mean you're just you're you're screwed you're not going to be able to do anything. And good luck with that. On what that's what liberalism tell you no wonder you feel helpless you UC people enemies faceless enemies coming at you. Bound you know right to left oppressing you simply because of your gender or the color of your skin it you would feel pretty hopeless. Exactly. I think there's a there's a thing here though there's something even deeper. I'm going way deep for Friday OK okay I have worked a liberal news terms for for a long time I have been on the inside I've been behind enemy lines and they need to know I was conservative. And I've watched how these people work and how they think I'm telling you there's something to this day that liberalism. Is a psychological remedy for failing to do painful self examination. If your failures in life if you know you should have been able to achieve more casino in your heart that you're capable of it but you haven't for some reason. Eight it is used this is only two ways that it their minds can deal with that. And you can either examining your failures in Hawaii you know where you failed to learn from and go forward as. Every business owner does this you don't do that even a felon business and it's a painful process. Or. You can't accepts the wind from liberalism which is really just a psychological solve a panacea for a it's not your phone now you're never gonna succeed things have always been stacked against Rita just middle class and somebody came from a family with more money. You AG he is you're never going to be able to do it and you know what that is that frees you from having you painful self examination right. And so you continue in the same behaviors. That have continued to guess hum snap on yourself and and mobilization Iran and continue to blame others for industry and population has no meaning. And and this is why despite the failure of liberalism over and over and over in in in every program and everything it touches people continue to cling to and why they need it. Because they had somebody telling them over and over and over it's not her fault. The world is aligned against you you're a woman in your had the wrong color skin you weren't born into a rich family you're never gonna succeed because of it. They have to hear it's like a drug they got to hear it over and over and over and over to protect them from the pain of doing painful self examination so we need self examination rehab. Weaned yeah. No we we we would that's what liberalism doesn't Rosen gives you that's where they repeat this over you every city hearing them say. You know homophobic racist a racist sexist now go to Obama but his they repeated every day he's too. We'll need to hear they have to have a main lines on a drip into their veins I didn't fail because of me and I think the problem if you're listening in your -- liberal and I say this are liberals quite a bit. You start to think about that you feel like you felled in your life and the C convict is it in anyway Q is it in any way connected to your political views still starting there. Clinton is one of the greatest examples of this mindset. Just think about it. Her behavior following the election she long ice. She write each and she's continuing to search for other people other groups other organizations. Other entities that are responsible for her failed here and she has failed time after time after time that is brilliantly you have display in my mind I'm sorry if temporary left. Me speechless that is exactly right is but it's not just her it's all of this they have to explain. Why their life philosophy failed Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders. I mean would you go on and all yes you can build that it's not yours yeah. You know what they're really saying that in talking to us in the business owners they're talking to the people on their side yet. Other capable of what other artists have achieved but for whatever reason didn't do the work too lazy self doubts. Two shy didn't achieve more than trying to delegitimize success yes. You don't build that you can do anything sit their follows good yeah yet yet they did you do run did you determine you yeah yeah it's not my fault I felt. Is there's. So liberalism is she's won it big fat pill that you take to avoid the pain of a self examination that's what it is that's what they offer. It's why they're followers never hold them responsible. For their failures this year they're not following. To achieve anything they're following you feel better about themselves by what. Everybody being ripped out. Yeah the best illustrations this was from Obama remember one Obama got asked that question. What you know. It was a liberal news reporter who was weird was mainstream media reporter we know every time we act. We raise taxes on the rich like you wanna do less money comes into the it did treasury sec team be good for the country Obama. And almost did that doesn't matter it's it's ready it's about making things equal yeah. Up. I guess. So it's about helping the pour more money it would oh ostensibly held the pour into the treasury rates no. No it's about cutting people down decides to save others the pain of watching their success.