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Thursday, November 9th



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Welcome on this is the inaugural edition of our podcast effort the triumvirate. I am willing picked out a name for again and these participants are yours truly funny manner on the corner. And I'm joined by eight. Paris recently active. I did the folks on the on the excellent leadership for how it really making its only teachers were just ask them listening to come up something better than your. Yeah ministers and look to their own drummer man or podcasts of. No name that's right the no name podcast or you can now I'm you can email us. Any of our email addresses and send it to mind. Bob and 1063 WORG dot com and joining us from out of state special cameo guest appearance and by Vince Coca. Events greetings good not camera that's cameo also act. Canada appears. He's down in the bunker so what are we doing here. As AM vice presidential. Nominee once said who MI NY MI here. For those of you for certain financial recognize that cruel what we've kind of wanted to be able to and number one. I have the terrible triumph over it get together now where we can talk about. The events of the week things that are on our minds. And and kind of I share thoughts and bounce things back and forth. And I'm so this is this is our initial foray. Into podcasting. And a turnaround moment you begin if you have AM a topic you would like for us to disgust. Oh well couple things here I guess it is to have had deadly kind of sick panic feeling may be in college or. Com my high school or had his passion project and he can't ignore repeal system working on it pattern now. A year to get in time and right and you really did and you put it off to put it often than us tonight before. And you finally got to make that called you professor and make up an illness you don't have her. And you did that. And I know common I might. College yeah until I was in lettuce cheese you know she is with us sharing some personal anti Americans are not thought yes this and here had to you know and yes it's such a sense of shame in and panic at same time American project and especially when everybody else has. You know well that's what Mitch McConnell did this week with tax plan did you see that where you said under the sun. I've been network and on this tax plan. Just I'm I got a bunch of paperwork you're right yeah. I Chevy in elementary I don't on the don't have that thing all organized should just hang on amended its only been a year I'll get to it. While robbed on old goat children playing on Saturday American people. Vince can do that because he's originally from Kentucky who perished and just. Person out there now yeah you we might set we got to try to put how we don't so what are well OK so wet what is Mitch gonna have it. Don't know. Yeah down weeks in line for her thoughts and toys don't geez I'm I'm talented yeah as a matter of fact. I was they have terrible. Procrastinate or not necessarily to do in Korea Mitch. What are they doing to answer our day are they using the the same my strategy in the same template. For repealing and replacing obamacare. Don't remember a chance seven years from now when right. And Josh it don't add this to me underscores the foundational problem of this entire thing and I've been talking about this for quite some time. We're dealing with a political party with no. Rio controlling. Ideology. There's none. And the only thing that drives this. Is the pursuit of money and power that hit those the only things motivating these people in what they're putting together. Because if this were driven by principle this is where this isn't rocket science because you know I think it's the perfect opportunity to bring along something like. AEA fair tax or flat attack sure. But what they wanna do is they want to do tinkering here and there are and have lobbyists another Washington cronies and all of this process right. And that's what complicates it otherwise if you go to something like a flat tax text. How long is that gonna take you to do that not very long at all. While what's the purpose of being a politician if you can have power to contrite people's money. Yes and what's the point of being an elected official in Washington if you can't be entertained by K street lobbyists day and night. Get vacations to the Caribbean or whatever because you can give them tax breaks there are no tax breaks with a flat tax. Yeah and you know I added I don't disagree Dili at least he's an anti usage. Friends because heading did you unifying philosophy and that is to deny troubling in 20/20 best way to do that is to delete ceases to defeat this and we Murti scene does this start market. Rise to 30% since Election Day breaking all historical precedent. On just the theory. That he repatriate 15% of the economy and bring you back here are better tax plans so our guys in question nest just on the theory they might pass it would actually did you know something actually happens had to stop rocket more new instance aren't a roaring like that because. Trump is guaranteed reelection at that point we'll let the consumer confidence is through the roof could actually I knocked it down. And I think some of these guys and their their chamber of commerce donors would much rather it should it like a tax cut but they want trump gone more and I think that's I think that is there a. And and I don't know if it's alone here or if it's true but it's made a pursuant aligned again he's I like that you could just sounds good to have the same play if I drew the radios aren't but. That. We hear a lot about. Yeah on the two party system. There's a Democrats. And there's a Republicans and then there's the argument well there's not a dime of difference between the two it's heads or tails I think. There are not two parties are actually four parties and let me quickly give finally majority. On the on the Democrat side. I you've got the people from the progressive wing of the hardcore leftists. That now have wrested control. Of the Democrat party. From the mainstream Democrats and and those are I think a lot of the people who crossed over and voted for Donald Trump because they don't like the progressive agenda. The controls a Democrat party. Say got a progressive Democrats who got the mainstream Democrats or yellow dog Democrats. For lack of a better explanation. On the Republican side. You've got. The mainstream Republicans who we called the rhinos the Mitch McConnell is the Paul Ryan's I don't have the name and you know as well as I did the the the old line GOP Rockefeller Republicans. Whatever you wanna column then you've got the trump collections. Who are the populist that put Donald Trump in the White House so you don't have. The east of the yacht a two party system you have a four party system we're going to Democrats are reading their own will adopt a brazile book and all the rest and on the other side. You got McConnell and Bryant who are doing everything they can't just slow walk anything in Trump's agenda so. A what if it doesn't make any sense. And it's it's implausible theory really is. Yeah I think I would add to that date what's with where releasing going on here is control and fight for control Republican Party because the bush people through Karl Rove. Recruited show many of these senators and and a big runs east at thirty million dollars she saw going to Luther strange is campaigning Alabama Nat that is bush money from that. Rove US chamber of commerce nexus and the bushes are desperately trying to maintain power they recruited a lot of these rhinos. At and show today and there with your love but they think they're doing they're winning control of the party back and not losing an election and not losing a present them can they want to control the party back isn't trump wins. And 20/20. And continues he's gonna control party and they are not instead this is a big battle over the party. And who will control it. Yeah it it's like it was in the old days between the Democrats and Republicans and in recent years in the last decade. Or all they were doing was wrestling over who is gonna have a steering wheel and their hands they did. Policy difference just forget that they're all for the same thing in Washington for mainly getting elected. All they wanted to do this to say who's gonna control the power of both house and senate. And a course and lineups you know it's good don't on the upside it is the clinical sings in her or heard this week was. From pack you don't know the pollster Democrat pollster from right South Carolina who actually does have some sense you know we onetime worked with. Wit with Jimmy car Jimmy Carter thank you and he and his calling China something interesting is he was asked by break partner radio interview hey so. You know hey this track Roman determine movement this rebellion or whatever you know a year earlier what are you thinking he says Ali to me it's clips trunk. It's bigger than him now. It's a wider than him now. People realized unless generate that they can defeat the mainstream. And wind they know that that's a dangerous thing now that they do and he said you're just in terms of numbers there's Trump's support this year and then there's this bigger group. On that he calls the revolution. And and he's is gonna is gonna continue without Charlie doesn't even need trump anymore well I don't know if I'd go that far but I do we continue the eyes oh yeah he's gone beyond trying to I it. It's interesting because this is one of the things it's making it difficult for trump to be able to implement the agenda he talked about during the campaign cutting taxes rebellion repealing and replacing obamacare. And the stopping no reading from behind foreign policy that we had. Of there is 88 cadre well entrenched in Washington in the bureaucracy. Government employees many of whom. Were right are still riding around in princes with Hillary bumper stickers on its gonna take awhile to get rid of these walks you you don't replace. A well entrenched bureaucracy overnight. And this is another factor in NY a lot of what trump is trying to do is is being slow walked at least it appears that way to me. Yeah it's pretty. Pretty interesting to watch you because I you know I as you know I take a little bit different view and and one of these I'm I'm always concerned about looking at this in the context of of of personality so much as I'm concerned long term that this. Whatever we do needs to transit and Donald Trump and I agree if we make it about him ultimately. I think not only does this it corrupts us I'm concerned that it also. It it's it creates opposition in stirs up opposition on the other side. And we end up in this vortex that that really doesn't go anywhere because we're all we're doing is exchanging. Big government controlled by one person over big government controlled by another person. Women who will be here's my question I'll have an ask here. When are we going to have a conversation about this assembling. Big government period yeah I mean I was at I was thinking about this sea of the day when we were talking about the election in Virginia. You know what do they always watch. On election nights in Virginia. What what's going on with those Virginia suburbs outside of Washington DC right well wishers boilers Massachusetts or New York exactly. So my question is if you want to make a difference year long term not just. Some sort of electoral victory one time or two times. What do we figure out. How do we blow up this entire. Complex. That is basically sucking out the teeth of America. With these I don't know how many what does it tell eight of the ten county seven arrayed in the ten counties that are the wealthiest. Yes blow that right that's what needs to happen well dump truck policy forward get the job. I think it's Bob said that god is just during. Can manage our visitor asked maybe maybe too extreme and out of well look I I SharePoint events and I and I think you're right in that if you're gonna have a populist movement. You've got to have somebody that instigated it but you know if it ends up like Huey Long in Polk Louisiana. And all that I mean don't they shot him not on the steps of the Estee now so that didn't work out too well and here's the. I think anybody in and and believe me I don't want violence to happen anywhere but about an hour and unrealized chillingly get anybody who is worth anything in this political system. Needs to know. That you've got to put your life on the line that's what this comes down to you've got to be willing yet and I resigned I mean she knows this is one of my pet peeves about you know a lot of people and well asset to Rick tried. He came and I can't put less true yeah it's no wonder that conversation. All on. I see people talking about what the deep states doing this and that come. I wanna see this disassembled. You know Donald Trump wants to. You know it's just imagine the champion he would be if he came along for instance and supported legislation. To begin this assembling the surveillance states now. Just start tearing all of this stuff down. Seen this is why I'm not convinced. I'm tired of the excuses I'm tired of saying you know this group's out to get in this group set to get him. Well you know what if you wanna fight you're president. Take all of this stuff down. You know I don't know if you have has underwear but I don't know Ryan's underwear there's a mental picture right you don't want to. I listen I'm back yeah I don't yet and that's what I and I think the American people would get behind. I would be behind this you know I know people have this perceptual Vince Coakley against stroke I'm not against Donald Trump I'm against. Empty rhetoric. I wanna see if if you're president's stand up and be present at stop complaining about the media stop calling stuff fake news to come out and be a boss. And start cracking the whip and say all right. This is going on this is inappropriate this is not the place for the federal government we should not be doing this these are abuses of power. And it needs to stop Mitch McConnell put some legislation on my desk. Paul Ryan put some legislation on my desk and I will sign it well and if he lets that's what I'm talk if you think. Is not dangerous politics ask Rand Paul. Here I am now I'm on my mowing my own wall on his neck and reasons socialists who whacko tackles me from behind. And I end up with those six broken ribs and Irish heaven knows what else I mean it's. This this is now a device of the things that cannot have become and didn't like it if you're just dead your young flee. I hate to say this but I'm concerned we're gonna see more things like this Bob chair. Yup I'm I've I think much is being told if you are agitated and you have a right to beat up. White supremacist and who are white supremacists anybody who's a Republican running what jet jet is landing on the campuses that that's that's their whole agenda out. I'm get out there. Throw trash cans through windows set things ablaze and and oh and don't forget while your at it scream at the sky. He won a bunch Al Fallujah that was scarlet and me. Swimmer this guy what is just primal scream stuff try nothing no late sixties early seventy's wow. Hey you know what's on the Internet and digital world listening and have a Coke gimme a break. It's the age of inquiry and that's I think it is no I didn't think we've seen the last week or a couple of weeks really be look at it. Bomb every time okay ray Rand Paul is attacked. During that this is the weekend of the day a range of anti for a crime he sees a literally attacked that we can and their like. Screws he leaves his clippings in his driveway. No because he's a socialist etc. this is hard planes clearly claimed and so you know now good now the neighborhood association has waited honest. And they say it is a bunch of BS went immediately to guys like the most Christine O'Donnell neighborhood nodes are dramatic image human and conflict movement that's a lie by his in an immediate trying to hang about as bad landscaper early he deserved to be something up. And let me put he'll he'll listen like he did community. Put a payment yeah. Don't hold me here hitting every time they go crazy diet the NT for a guy an entity auntie Bryan Texas who shot the surged include. He's if you go as in shifa. For Halloween what you Wear all. Yeah write her a key so these poor people weekends of rage and that's where his skull masks. If you're going to indict you world. And if you know during the day you're a world like you understand now why do it mistress is in TP looks just like other videos. I need is so obvious when he did and why he was there Billick is not it is so mother love always she there was no she doesn't play her let's find another explanation. You answer it slid to left is coming unhinged and they're running out of animations for it and we're gonna see they're watching the. There absolutely got to look at what the policy and Schumer whistling passing graveyard yesterday off when these wins in Virginia and New Jersey. I'm sure a little too fast. You can have conservatism. I mean there are expected to win there are they not and so they do the expected in May win. And they act is if they won the Super Bowl. Like Brady comment from on whatever plus 283 down. The second half gimme a break that they think they're gonna can take control congress a year from now on the mid term elections they are deal well. No no love I would argue if you if they can just take California. This hasn't you know you gonna have to reserve judgment you're right I'm a better hold off on don't wanna go to go around and far. How far are we got in on our initial podcast time to wrap it up like let you know wrap ups and its killing six hours. Anything until Rome horse before we lose our voices. I'm Bonnie Mac I'm here and I'm Vince and this is our initial foray into podcasting hope you'll like it. Let us know and if you have a suggestion for a name. You can text that you Lewiston me here venture. You have Tara or you can email us and we were taken under advisement until Obama. There's a squirrel yeah. Elderly score how the rest of Dracula I see an extra. Douglas.