Three Big Egos Podcast 8-2-2018

The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, August 2nd
Traffic has Tara mad and Trump's approval rating.

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Well ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages are welcome to the latest addition all. The three big goals and guess I am one of your post Bobby Mack AKA. Elderly couple. And I am a little tequila AKA terrorists serving since. And you're also joined by also rev broke my name is Vince Coakley. It sounds like something out of clock. One of the from Bolivia. Bio of doctor evil movies or something that kind of reminds me of Hannibal or act and other web every originally it was one animal was for the guy was alive bomb and a week and he's got a Mike drug just rates and he played there he's serving his brain to them. I television all right valley until until well at at at times and to a dinner he certainly guys bring to mind that smells good yet and I said dad and yet they are you seeing there and I didn't get a sense that would essentially good. And it reminds these little kids it's a little on gory I I was in Sam. But in that she's got that movie I where I was still dating phase where you can't feel like policy that. You know I mean I have often said I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. Can you have all island they had you know I had these. These when O'Neal left you liberals probably you're gonna have a bottle in front of them seeing the latest. Polling data. My time just have. Here in my little on hand showing. Donald. 50%. Approval rating in the Rasmussen. Poll which just happens to be by the way. Five points higher than these same did Barack Hussein Obama boom boom boom. Long at least same point in his president at a highest second anti you have totally read my mind that was where I was going next Bob. And I appreciate that it's I need more many in my life who could really. Anticipate we're going next to dial out and tell them I have ESPN. The fact that. I'm sure this'll said they had chuck you humors in the Nancy policies and federations have a fear because of course we know the big blue wave is coming in November right. I have no idea and he needs to be pretty pissed off by now I mean I would be surprised if there wasn't a way I I don't get. Yeah there was a big story the other day and I talked about it briefly on the show one of these condoms and analyzes all of the races. You know for health seats. Talking about that you know them Democrats on and on the big blue wave to retake the house in November. And it he ran down the various races from right you know from state by state. Taking a look and house seats that are in spades. That president trunk or in the hall handle on this story is big blue wave coming in November trend right. And it talks about how the Democrats need 23 seats to retake the house right so then Daniel the end of the story worry breaks down the analysis. Even an eight Q did it in five categories. Number one is. Absolutely positively democratic number two is a leaning democratic members three years in the middle and in the same thing for the Republicans meaning. And and no sure things from the rebel against the number of seats. And the guys don't story even if you include the ones that are neutral all ends up to thirteen. Wait a thirteen game for the Democrats up. Can't afford to would you leave them to ensure -- Humphrey changing now which isn't all of the whole story I don't get it I mean this is like you know what. Amateur format that makes no well yes that's true constant or Matthew and he's got a lot of things I've been traumatized by common core math I have yeah. I had to re learn how to deeds of Monday's Ali do is tablet form more steps to it right to make it harder. And that purpose and I'm not an outline his actual purpose of it tears it by. The Marxist who came up with it was to make outcomes more even. Because like the higher performing students it's just social killing for a college it did there's more opportunities made little acts in a little mistake she's go low score and rise everybody score lower ranked College of Charleston just announced after a two year hiatus. They are going back to life using again. For judging people based not on a meritocracy but on their color as to whether or not they'll be and it. Well as you can tell by looking at people. That way mussina send a photo yeah we can tell by looking wait a minute I would got a dollar photos Tucker and I don't like photos and voting place is. Where you know they can tell by looking at you that you are who you say you Irish are minorities so therefore you should be in minute break I mean John Harbour of course. Is being sued because they're not allowing enough Asians. The end because Asians score higher disproportionately. On our all access you know they in the SET only other and so they're excluding. Many of them and I didn't suit over that then it's just it's crazy. Yeah it's all crazy out there until you like. Arm is this all that you re just talking about underway here as late for the recording and a podcast which you Vince I apologize for. An and I hit it in the if you know where we are where on Darlington road which is that you didn't. Almost see Wal-Mart heard from our building almost a month not quite getting the average you know we all know how much fun it is being at the intersection of war. And go Arlington right so I got so I don't back to his returns in the gutter turn it any deal I'm done at noon on the dot and I don't coal. I mean there are plenty of time for the tide care overall and yet it's okay Justin to listen up it's noon on Thursday. The day that could. I I I am still sitting in traffic at sixteen after he out. I couldn't walk is less and Ron Paul marks about a mile yet you know at a brisk pace and then here on time well I think education my car I should traffic is ridiculous. Place I still hold I believe the. You know correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I still hold. The the all time record the week before Christmas and this is them like Kyle got seven or eight years ago actually imagine how much worse it has now. The McDonald's. That is just you know right down Woodruff wrote it's like I don't know it's about a mile maybe a mile and a half time he stood on the repeat could see it. Yeah you could and of course clearly come you gotta come across 85 raid on an accurate so I decide numbered dash down and get a sandwich quick Rite Aid. I gave the zero. Fifteen minutes from McDonald's and you need fabulous intercom. Information and entertainment complex I mean I'm pulling out what little hair I have left. Do you realize according to Greenville news on my teacher. We are adding 7000. Cars new additionally additional cars a year to Woodruff wrote yeah up to traffic load only Idec key continue. Indefinitely oh sure again you know because we believe in growth to plus will be saved by the gasoline tax well absolutely I mean look at what they're doing so far do you realize. 8%. Of the money collected in gasoline taxes is already gone to improve let's move and I are. And it still took sixteen and plus minutes to get from Wal-Mart to hear net and a friend. You promising a theory that this. The new people I felt this they tell you when you move here everybody tells you prime you've got to live and Simpson. And living five fours as regards their rights are being run goes there crack raid and is a local scam Billick was shut them all down and Suzie Terrell right. Because once they go down a Roy Woodruff to go home they ain't coming back right great at. You know dishing it doesn't mean her for a presidential killing has drowning known more about what happened to Emilia Earhart exactly. So why. And I'd go for this because you know I didn't really do to drive during you know. I really think it through when we brought the house which if I didn't know instability yet that I yet don't know I like what I know when you move here are really is about a week later. When it. Woodruff is my on ramp to the world. Bryant yet they cheated that would drive 500 miles to the highway and there's nowhere near that part of the highway I wanna go anyway and now right she can't hear what your Fisher on an opera show all the new people fall for this. They'll move to Simpson bill king and then. And then you realize you just spend the rest of their free he lives on Woodruff road and it makes you wanna put a bullet your head and so can we talk I kid you not we finally. For the attack but this. And we moved we're done now we are not. Living in a place that has you have to get a which shall we I don't have literally into planetary early example of the final round but we moved to a place. Where you do not this is one of my specifics when my husband was looking you do not have to get on Woodruff. To get to work night or to get from work you can get there entirely without ever getting on Woodruff the fame as a threat that way yes and I live event. She takes the back way round I've never been so annoyed Blair wrote that I literally plan out where I live in the city. And you move. On to get away from it but in the meantime for the schools City Council Greenville county council is addressing this issue. By approving an over the media outlook is huge complaints from people who live in the area further downward drift towards five point. You know that whole area there are aware of where the the cemetery. Is like ally out but another job things that are there are now if you Mara. They plan to strip mall and narrow now last throes some condos and there's wells only got a few more highway act. How many highway act collusion with the county council to make sure that we have you know. X number more cars pitted on Woodruff road it's absolutely insane here's some Cheney's ray ray here. And it is actually Greenville news so it might be true remain in Greenville daily worked his daily for some might be trying to have to put. Caddie addiction do not know raid right arm but what they claim is. That I'm in that court from that quarter mile. Of five fortunate that intersection right up there right thing good about five parks in the last fifteen years. They have added and approved. A hundred a little over a hundred businesses and who the hell I don't know. So it's basically would they would they approved was the like housing and commercial premium every effort for those businesses and they're proud of it you know yeah. On the growth slow growing library as there lawyers and roses Andre rial is a new business is down and end. A new web tax revenue I think that's a factor yeah. Yet you better believe it man it's done it's ridiculous two minutes they had to move Ellis physicist air. Have for a fresh start idiots who move who fell four and moved to Simpson though. You move your things do not live to instability communities we do not. Move to Simpson now because when you get there now usually you got to Simpson Miller is pretty much okay. You know you get to what is it Fairview road. Yes yes and an and you are pretty much OK then get excited until about now well let me get now apparently wrote is turning into Woodruff junior. Yet since I was pretty hot little place tennis I would recommend not leaving your house. So I would recommend that it is not a quiet bedroom suburb panel well you know we've been here and people are going to be working from home. You know yeah. That's good news and I just. And of course you know the mall when he olds. They're they're not working and also have to worry about of their dad and mom and dad's basement now show that everything's cool now. It's so it is great. I'm also yet no but back to have president terms approval numbers yell and do you think there's a psychological thing going on here who knows this is imploring approval numbers but. It has trumped effectively become the American psyche a an underdog. But he's so beaten down show. You know damning 990% documented 90% negative coverage. Yeah come on 90% I was in nineteen no money that isn't negative coverage and by the MSM. And and those who did get 3% got fired soon after. But dad but yeah I mean is here is your underdog thing going on here and again and takes it they went and listeners like Garros and awaiting ram. Has forced like CNN's I had to sit there for legitimate act it was nothing but one negative trump story after another after another after another after enemy at some point people just like. Like in in rebel lewd here early fairly find screw you. Because it's so ridiculous deciding believable well that's that's pretty much trumps attitude you know. No no insult will go on responded chip you know seems to rework his history I think is you know you attack me I'm gonna double down and. And not come back on you you know I also think it's interesting part of filed one of the big merit serious. Apparently is eroding. Did you hear about this Hispanics. Shifting their allegiances to president trump I didn't see that this poll showing 810 point spite if Hispanic support for president trump. And you are starting yet. The Harvard Harris poll has his document as is shown up in a couple of other pulls him. Did you say a home for Honda and yes part airs live very liberal polling they deliver polls is it is Harvard. Om and they colds and how Hispanics blacks whites whoever I've felt about trounced. Immigration plant drank six supported by 61%. Of Hispanics for the Democrats plan and 60% of black people this immigration thing is is. Is driving. You know Hispanic support now Ford truck. Which is the oxygen character Ronnie laws that I put they put dead you know who. How are we losing out an annually conclusion is we gotta support amnesty and they're gonna heinous right well apparently that was dead wrong. Right. Well you know down the one of the of the big Gerome guys from big proponents of that of course as Lindsey Graham nasty. You know I know he's he's wrong virtual. Carry more Hispanics than any GOP presidential. Candidates. In in the last decade substantially more than Romney is substantially more than McCain. A funny gift and I thought his Hispanic. Vote total vote total was higher than has been burning GOP candidate and not in some time. But yes it it's interesting to to see that. Are are we how we do and I'm not on time here we. We're where am I thought we were kind of pushing the envelope about a sands have disappeared from the hourglass. Sold on that day he's a and I think I'd expect someone else Serena. Hot and found out. I am actually in all went this way always appreciated your tuning in for the podcast and a will be back again next week. Until then this is el Grupo AKA bunny match saying any of those amigos yes and a little tequila seal it finishing up at lash out. Pelosi rep wrote. Thanks again.