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Saturday, January 20th

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Good afternoon of state welcome to another edition of obstinate outdoors I'm Philip gentry at. Along with Tommy springer ash from the Arctic of of Alaska. You're listening team won and 630 Debbie Doherty of stood out goers in need today's episode will be entitled the cold and flu episode I that's. Here here so you have all of that you have all that stuff. The cold weather and all the accuser inside William. Which which was really nice I mean now Nike ads and have them I'm just you know I'm relating to I guess today I get the other kids and sadly units like well that's really nice to have him home from school. For the first hour. And maybe into the latter part of the first day yet after that it is not a move along those two I'll Friday when they close goes like. Clinical. Putting out music more money liquor store yeah wouldn't it. I can feel sorry for Pinkston who would who would accuse at a school. You gotta make decisions you know army what are you didn't get ma. Kitty kitten yeah. This is like. Yeah. There's. So it's it was amazing and the next thing you know if you the sniffles store yeah and and call Bob it's so far so good. Not a good trade Sid you you heard you were. Warden and daughters off this week oh my god shirt okay. In my blood work done this week I walked in the doctor dollars and musher Alia parliament knows in the nurses they're just cracking up I said man this is the last place up one of its time of the year. Show for you today. We're gonna start off with a upstate edwards' blog talking more about coyotes. If you were a social media fan you may have seen. The oracle it was posted in the state paper from the South Carolina director of the Humane Society of the United States. Is used how much stock don't shoot that cavity. So low PG decided to pull out here is yoga pants and lighter and provide the response. So boy yeah we'll cover that we if you did I'll Wordock talk a buddy Bartlett John we've been no bid promise and our marksman promise and to talk to us he was. It's been about ten days. Out there on the Mississippi file wasted it they went Mississippi and Arkansas and some other places in. Dot com now clear cut capital of the world is big bill O'Connor and Minnesota will get the yeah. We'll get the report from there we got about one more week live so a lot of folks here. Won't take solving go to Arkansas Mississippi and horror meet. So you get about one Wheatley at that netted him plagued by freezing. But he sit me in decent cup first couple days it froze it was tough piece of the me when it fouled out its own. The ducks were all over the place and we're gonna have are gonna wait a minute segment were gonna cover radio bar that rifle. Like. It's a savage pays seventeen. Will be profound emblem on the go on a week in the spring will be profiling the road kill the weak wit. Consist of our make your favorite street rat. It would use seventy no Jews or. Coming up you could you wanna make him a squirrel murder right exactly only could but in them. Nine estimates yeah against a tree resident yamana is that committed the true redshirt thick right now they're in and and have heard easy Pickens with some I don't regret its deer hunter oral but opt in Latin musical after black and stacks of court occult or worse yeah I did not alone didn't. Leaderboard Chapin. Better idea. And it didn't have idea special Colleen just early buddy Chris whales got a special announcement I'm not gonna ruin it for him but. He's talked about it a little bit on the show but to us that Chris will be on what is briefly and we're gonna cover article from caring honest horsemen. About spinning tackle for Trout and they're talking about. The moderate. Conservative. Method for catching collar and proud opposite you know you've got chief last fisherman who like. Release everything indicates and any got you you bass fisherman or you cold impeachment in his life. It didn't I was really may have put admitted killer so this middle of the road is normal eyes you just injury using spinning tackle in you know. Maybe keep him a couple of nice ones for the barbecued. It's great they'll only get to answer the door to illustrate cameo it's our money. Mike Johnson from the Clinton announced Mike cities and he will be. In the middle aloha with some folks who needs it. Exit these guys are Arafat. Adamant that no incident I ain't no telling almost all happening and it's interviewed a lot of disparate SAU surely it. Sit and talk to you he says it and just make sure that money Pena's gotta finger on the all the blood okay. And rested its worst day is estimated terminated we're gonna have a calendar of events I hope I can get to a call us. You gonna lose this. Time it does and exactly. And this time. Because if we don't have time did we just refer people to our FaceBook page where they concede the distracted. Pleasure boat driver pulverize a vision that. And just amazes you and that's saying yes scary like the network. It was at an organ where they don't corporal games well you know. I'd just that mean I don't cobra gestured driver a bunker well it was scary yeah I mean bailout he had to be in that mode there will be tips and yellow. Say put don't have chance to get to you there also. There will remind you that we won't would do it may be. We won't tell you right now but but shows coming up next weekend and now must apologize yes I must also us give thanks to our. Our new number one fan yeah I think is Martha good fell out of doing that from good station and mark the text to meet her new show last week and she said. You should've said it was next week yeah this last week in rock act and you aren't there about a show and I'm but why. And so. Yes but no because well yeah I got Monday's makes that certainly the bug show is next week in we will be the year and because we screw up. All right screw up we got a brother. You'd get to benefit because that means we got one more we can given away bunch of tickets that would give away a couple of premier Moshe tickets. Or. Always tell me if you go screw ups and screw up yeah well yeah. I'm never threw me a break period alone have never stated we were proficient I was doing this real this in the dark I don't know Alina well we exist you know today I believe the microphone that of course we wander in here all the way you can you know and so far away some continuity. So they they let it looks to you for leadership may it's like how yeah yeah. Well you know that the sun. Dressed this way we rover and I had a baby as well later today that that they want let's let's get a break don't come back we will mean deep into the okay that's. And taught more about today gum caddies in more so than big gum liberals don't want you sheep and caddies. All three of stakes talk station 1063 WORD a stay outdoors power buy everything outdoors hardee's and everybody else supposed to be a part of its iTunes will be right back killing saudis. Before you into the net. Less food to the car. To ask Colin Alonso error Colleen not as 180347. One of 63103471063. Festive color number three cuts for airlines they'll earn our. And no will give away a pair of tickets to the South Carolina upstate bug showed it's going all next weekend I'll promise. A promises mistakes which he and if you're staying in line from last week in in or sorry Toyota of Warsaw in your early. It what it's beautiful out there in a park about 08 while you're standing in line at solo you weigh apparently had tickets and in the meantime. Would jump into the yen opinions diaries and talk more about caddies. Caddies have been in the news a lot over the last several years as human ink had being cameras are all the rises in general not just hurting in remote wilderness serious. Putting Kris sightings are being reported around suburban neighborhoods. Which is one reason why they've been in they ended up in a mainstream exactly exact you know even our local news. You know all of our news stations and I'm not the we're awful because I can can give it but they keep one person out and if the yield. All the time. Who does you give disown your phone like you for your fan of it and also need to pop what we're live with you know. Yeah we whoever made a large dog taking a a bathroom break on the corner of so and so we're live here. And give us your reaction on this Darknet we have like that that like and it just pops up all the time in so you see any time somebody wants to go play some some time he's in our neighborhood. The anyone's open and his. Well earlier this week the state newspaper ran an op Ed article paean back Kimberly Kelley. The South Carolina and rector of the Humane Society of the United States. Who did you get in serve bad music here's the caption supplied with a short video of the company's online version article asked. How much do you know about coyotes. Well after viewing the video and reading this Kelly's opinion article anyone who's been hit tab Billick saudis in real life. Draws the conclusion in this killing should answer the question herself with. Not much amien. Article which is entitled stop don't shoot day cavity extols the virtues of this non native species. Has on overall wildlife health why admonishing the actions of wildlife management practices. For reducing cavity numbers as cruel and ineffective. Neck cavities or not the innocent creatures portrayed in the scale is oracle in fact caddies are subject to Kate and is different. Par low hepatitis Manger in rabies. Caddies also harbor variety a pair sites such as fleas ticks worms influx Corso the springer but at least we can give him vaccinated. Further the article flies in the face of years every search that has pointed to increased county numbers as a leading calls a reduced deer and Turkey population. Particularly during the you don't rearing imperious. Of these game animals. Which is about definitely yes there I mean for Turkey's a manipulated Turkey anytime turkeys are the triple the job. I'll outdoor ship and you know falling seasons writer in a corner for white tailed deer in and I think that's why a lot of you know. I don't think he was good that way but trapping season opened. December 1 read through march 1 correct and it's a good time to start Trapp in now a wave of pseudo science has proliferated. Lately suggesting that caddies are capable of magic increasing. Or reducing their numbers to adjust. For printed nation control measures and what they're trying to say is what didn't do any good because they'll just automatically multiply Assad to go into or replicate her in. And you know if there are five caddie short on your property either gonna magically pop five more caddies in here. I noticed audit processes and to do many efforts of trapping and hunting has its. And even takes a stab at several harvest programs endorsed by Georgia South Carolina. And North Carolina State wildlife agencies to encourage owners. To hunt caddies you know the truth that this is any wildlife oh compensate for reduction in their numbers over time. What this means is it predator control is not a warning don't solution to the caddie infestation has occurred. These programs need to be instituted in maintained. Basically from now or in order to keep scouting numbers in check as we're not gonna get rid of them. But Khamenei is like it's like you know want to show that comes on before us couple hours before us with the yeah. Because we always reader takes the what is it that Garden Show a large area the guard show every years like. How can I get rid of Reverend Wright what is like saying. I sprayed for crabgrass five years ago when I don't understand why still got cramp grain in that the thing is you've got to spray for crabgrass continually every year and you kill it match Indian you know you maintain your loan in next year you go spray for crabgrass and now the article concludes bemoaning the inhumane this. We admit women win him jump and hit him article here. In fact the spread of caddies is been traced to two factors a natural increase in migratory ranges by animals and sales. And the importation of caddies back trap first sold to fox hunting clubs now surprisingly that practice. Of tramping allows cavities in foxes in selling him to permitted fox hunting clubs for release in pursuit. Is still legal as Christ it is crazy. And now while this may or may not increase the overall numbers a caddies it does Lian to the continued spray editing Hamels. As the article concludes. Her article concludes bemoaning the inhumane as some trapping devices emit its. Insinuation of razor sharp spike John trapped use for a predator trapping is simply incorrect. And state trapping and fur harvest regulations specifically state that devices which devices are legal for trapping. And net pertains to the tret size in the placement. Now is she also says. You people are using poison out there well I'm gonna tell you that the use of media poison to attempt to control coyotes. Is a violation of both federal and state law the use of poison indiscriminately kills other wildlife and pay its. And may even be fatal to humans it coming contact with poisonous substances now speaking from personal experience. Having good a fair manner trapping I'm amazed at the gripping power of the smooth age foothold traps. Used for parity trapping. Which calls no damage to the animal. Me mightily ample will be at me you know we are recognize you'll be all right when I kitchen mean Tran well let this guy is not due to this that's not due to the transit cigarette. And in two springer's point having incidentally captured over a dozen domestic doll folks. Whose owners Ahmad Edward violation police shall police laws every doll. That I trail was returned safe and unharmed and all are. Though each one did receive an earful about why you and your dog Roma property but I mean honestly. I had dogs dot com opponent neared their legs in in a foothold trapped in. I opened it scrapbooking known adult confiscating sneeze like many things in tennis that Collie overreact in this call we are come get him. And dogs. In in addition the recent regulations have been instituted. Allowing a broad range of hunting capabilities for homeowners who NT into person predators. And you know we had gene was news US last week you talking about how law you know you can you can putt in night. You can use these different count optics and stuff. And you know as mentioned the use of electronic calls is okay. And in the registration and licensing of homeowners and plans to be hundred transmission gonna do did not write a bomb. But the you know I I don't GD. Probably never wield the humane society are not United States is this that that we've gotten a lot of heat. Oh stayed outdoors because you know the humane the face of the humane society is is hide behind puppy dogs into the care that would be correct. But the humane society United States is the biggest anti Hungary. Organization. That theory is in in his not just honing its you know the leader opposed to cattle breeding in in all this other stuff. And is there much of millions. It's amazing to me like how a person like Kimberly Caylee is going to table. And put something out like the us. Against the people wildlife agencies whose total job is to study. And figure out what's good him best from the while yeah it's on exit to me. Yeah and how they needed it should be needed to was. The fact that caddies are not a native species here in units desperate to show enemy nets 101 in wildlife management is. Anytime you have a species it's introduced. You know Indian a lot of hunters and trappers are at fault for trapping him and bring in a Meehan right and MP will sell old these aren't. He assures companies brought damion to control deer herds and now there's a total. BS and N dot you know RD and art completely denies that I've never. Seen rainy insurance company has steadily insurance companies were never okay and they're gonna judge your rate. Braced owned the new anyway and we covered at a obviously have a months ago about. How many. Deer vehicle collisions there or a mandate they don't do proactive stuff like that back. So it. Anyway. The bottom is Flacco is tackle well it's so educate yourself yes they get yourself owned owned what we're talking about. There's too much in the political arena we trying to negated it into too much politics here on a show but you know solve life. I'm only aside our opponents because this is what decides say is I'm supposed to thing. You know. Know what you believe and believe it. Right and you know it's okay if you believe one way and you investigated so you don't wanna change my mind. Believe this because of some than our reader my. Personal experience exactly let me answer takes real quick every show great information on moved up here. From Florida welcome to the tundra brother you have wanted to resume deer hunting in South Carolina but don't know where general public current team is permitted your help is appreciated here's my take is simple play go to the South Carolina DNR website. SE DNR. Dot com man everything you wanna know Abbas that's not a right website we wanted to but tell what the correct when civilian. NC dealer I. I don't I Becky tell us you know Jesse did you know already had a great and and and they'll give you all the information more public land is the different games those that term of the years the season's. The whole shooting match is right there detector says we appreciate you here welcome. To South Carolina from Florida. Man I'm from lower Alabama originally and then we're both been lost her mind being here but it works at a lower on. You know our dot ASE die go to Vegas and they have maps online maps of wildlife management news and you have to have a big game permit to hunt. Yes public land and here's a good bit of public land in. Other information there Pia and in also you can. Mean go ran in you know use it is as you immediate word you can find dear close and you confront folks Italy claim him you know I don't know that here's a big. So plowed land. It's not being released true then there are several sites on FaceBook we we check out Gloria you know upstate SC deer hunters. Yup and South Carolina dear honored guests and they want you view pulse of what's going on and correct make some recommendations was got a break and when we come back we'll ring up our buddy. Oh lord John we got to sell winners. Then let me Mott congratulations see you tonight shows and will be right back after these messages are not stay outdoors make everybody happen happen happen along with 106 buried a BO RT Slaton. Welcome back to stay indoors where it's time for asked to call. Our Bonnie Bartlett John. In U does allow hang on cinema do we go in. But it could have been edited and unedited. So tomorrow I'm not out source cosmetic I appreciate it Allen today SMS I knew that as you're yeah. Is that from Boris Boris I do I do you want but it didn't counting down the best thing I can do is go com as an ally and Gloria. That's coming out it's you'll all the other side you know when he started veer off and you'll be way out New Year's. Push America we're viewed as they get. Excited so Bart you just got back from a whirlwind tour of the frozen muted winced. I do and some don't content in men do so tell us how you trip wins. I didn't get it is definitely exactly top top top of the of the trips so a lot tunnel so that. There's definitely a tough father of the coldest stretch that we've ever been on as well. Which Erica went ourselves for about 45 days was was pretty get front abolish public lands own. Wait a minute publicly and how they're dangerous and hit a I I. If you're dealing with that's for sure yet if but in a lot of following it we were very fortunate to hit it when the ducks were there. They're a lot on the white river for a few days try to get in life from nice little bit. Worked out OK with with some big ducky Mallard and if you gamble and then now went to the bottom lead. Tuesday throughout Thursday. And what certainly started it follow that and it was very very good it was they were definitely bird there for sure lot of phone. Now I guess so yeah I always heard. When you talk much dot com and you know freezes over nests there sorely kiss a DF they roll you know there are few treats it you can do and some of those guides asked dear man may warp speed and I'm actually got a couple buddies up on real fluid in nearby to run in sales in the Grail. With ice eaters and keep in paths open both to the blind and also there dug holes bullet. Who wind when you've got out when it's frozen over and you've got open water. That's that's pretty much in the a big draw for notes. Oh absolutely if you if you that everything's frozen up and you have that little water bowl that's it they're just for the ducks are gonna go down. That's one thing to say you know I have up around here if we battle you know it's may be too which is that the Mac devices out there we were battling 68 as a device he. You kind of battle it into the vital and I cater to LA or California. Did it should just about a he can't win it's it's very very tough. To take days to go to Paula I count myself not hours per site. Yeah yeah and in so I guess you know stay you know move in water trying to find some moving water. He is though warn of the tricks because you know moving water won't freeze. As easily on us and it won't freeze but. It doesn't freeze that's the last thing together usually. You absolutely can get that new water when everything else is locked up your. I don't guarantee that you don't kill two birds but you'll definitely been a whole lot better situation than most people trying to but right skate cylinder conduct. Yeah now we're talking about you know South Carolina home owners in. And date along the coast may be we still have some remnants of I guess what they still call the Atlantic fly away. But a lot of homeowners from here. We rule it out to the Mississippi fly away in hunt you know the the Arkansas delta in the Mississippi delta and even down in Louisiana. At the drop of the hat. Tell absolute immunity it depends on how much you like to drop lets you know that. Eight to ten hour drive depending on where you're going really not that bad feet yeah capacity to reject them and the talk coming out there you know of Mississippi follow lay Arkansas area of Oklahoma Kansas and all those places. You know a bad day out there is a phenomenal dive back home yeah it's just it's a totally different situation in terms of how the bird reacting you're the number of birds out there. And just that the areas which are running at two totally different lifestyle of humming out there for sure. You sell you've got a group of guys it shall make the trip about every year. Our do you do a lot of freelance holding out there here or do you do you vote have a gad that your meet up with. When we first started we've been going out there for Obama probably 1012 years now. And lot of it was running publicly India would be if you go about me that we get some of the of the W main areas we go to the Mississippi River in your hot little. We'll pockets off of it. And then you know we do it sometimes we do it got it on one year free surgeries that. If you don't have to pay the big got prices and took some of the prices aren't that bad. But if you wanna do apology parade you know go to public land at the exit or you got to time and energy and that the resources to do that. Public land will pay off is on you do your homework a little bit. And you're not spend and electric return dollars a day on my aunt did you know you have to pay god for. It didn't didn't speak to their death I mean what kind of homework can you do Earl what kind of what kind of scouting do you do once you you'd out today area. So that you can find the places to huddle publicly in Indian. Episodes about in and basically you're going back the next morning kind of in the door found in those places. Yeah basically I mean GPS is college kid if you got a DPS and you're content being a bit of water special on the river isn't in large flooded areas like the primary like the white river. Have a GPS deacon mark spot that you think look that you found. On the is definitely key and let sit down we go out there we might spend the day don't scouting before we even heart instead of just go on out there and you know coming hunt in the bond as you know. Can spot hoping that that is gonna work out. Into play rod around out see what kind of not duck numbers are saying. What signal the rice fields in DC about two birds out there are the right field locked up do you need to get open water. You know is everything you know on salt and everything movement and he's gonna have to unify and where the dot concentration that. That takes a little bit of time but what you get it figured out how to get some key factors typed in there you can make a pretty good decision on where and what you need to do. And so are you are for the most part are you honing Adam a blue black nature taken we have to you or you you'd be the mean what were the rules here. I imagine if you're old wildlife management area there's not so much. Other restrictions. For a beating out of the bowed in you know like stand in in a flooded timber stuff like that. Yep that's the top is out there that the river levels they can fluctuate pretty bad says. If you're you would have to take a boat and we definitely come if prepare for different situations. Especially with the vote if you're gonna on how the budget definitely have a blog dormant and some areas you can hot out of the you have to run out of the boat if the water is water level was up in the water owned these certain areas is not technically public plan as private land on which you cannot get out of about it but it York running public plan. If there's dictionary is out there where you can on the boat but most of them. You know urine ankle to maybe about how water and you can walk around fairly. Fairly easily debt or watch steps you don't think you later so that's not a good morning and yeah yeah. The most of it definitely on accessible by boat and and you can get out of bird walk around and then you know on different areas. So was that word were you hunting any any of the flooded timber was that frozen. I you know we were definitely in the on the December. The first couple days or battle on the ice is so thick we are basically write off of the creek channels where there were some some local water he just couldn't get back in there but it is device you almost drive a truck on that. And then the think it was too David Wednesday temperatures got if how sixties and they pick Pollard an out pretty well rest of the week we can get back into the timber holes where it where you wanted to be yet. And pot some more of the water. And man has some exciting honing right here when you're standing in a chamber knows ducks come flying through and in your body sheep knew and course always claim everybody else's does. It apparently today it is definitely. Sight to see when those bird star Kevin Berry you know they're they're coming down from sixty let. Treetops in this odd in your face it's it's really really neat that you appreciate it. Whole lot or borrow got a real quick question I loved watchdogs that work with Doug Connors do you take your own dollar do they have them out there are you can go either way you wanna go with it. We do Leo we've got to have our personal unfortunately but I have buddies did do down and they're very good dog they do a really good job trying to. And it definitely as a perk for sure yeah on the debates haven't ago you know all the hard yards retrieve on a crippled. Through this fall when your legs and so like jello when you come walking back that have a dog to work for yet. It's you appreciate watching the dollar over the top and work it takes development it is just there's pretty cool to watch him work and embryo reduction act Soria. And those dogs love it today coming away rather they would not be rather be doing anything else that's exactly right. We're looking here in South Carolina have you have you heard many in you you'd look in it. Hunt now don't miss it flower waving compared net back here. But there are few places I know space around are around the store the year that folks who'll fix a farm pond or stuff like debt. What what's the duck season been like his followers from your customer standpoint you. Armed this year has been pretty par for the course now like every other year in a week. Lots of wood ducks on the ground he has some places not so much but did there's plenty of wood duck for most people sheet. There have been some some. A little push a barge coming down people start seeing a few more Mallard sound saying. He gab all around the area election had one gentleman that actually close to the store down here he shouted entails one more that is impoundment. It intends to vindicate our ducks down here usually don't show up until this season is almost certain lists that we get our cold weather. You know January February and if it's into the season and January and it's almost like they show up when when a federal lip unfortunately. Yeah yeah F Kennedy got her around for sure. Yet in I think it's one of those things it does like you're talking about that the guys who were big bill content fans they they kind of do here to stay in practice of put new vehicle was out in. You know just unit queued up in the morning include the waiters all in freeze your tail off and all that in May be don't bring home all the notes but debt that's a good. That's good practice for him now whispered. Absolutely and it gives you you know not more so just the honing his much it is that the passion for and they're good guys you got the fellowship in the corroborated I analogy buddies in the morning you know aspect arguably most days. And then there's nothing like coming back to how we feed 26 cafe in you know even they don't break for us. Knew why you close the oil. Vasser they really don't particular cannot hold midmorning nap. Yeah yeah well loved before together we were read more talk a little bit about trapping season and and I know your doing a lot of trapping two. Are you is for a reason the numbers in. Folks who were getting into the trapping. To to protect the deer harvest wing were those numbers like. Dave definitely increased in the last couple years what we've seen as as an interest group of people coming in and asking about it in the store for sure. Pumped I think people are come are becoming more aware of you know what the predators are doing to their dear urged their Turkey populations. They're trying to take an active active and you did too you know counteract that with them. We've got a lot more people that have started to get into it start trap and a lot more people it don't wanna learn about it and to find out what it takes to actually do it. And it really doesn't take much you don't have to be Italy got it goes up there run the trap on every single day and doesn't for a living you can do it on the on the side instill. You know I had at a benefit back to your property I don't know for sure. I think one of the benefits is. You know both folks like care on a farm a wildlife spot you're carrying trips now and folks come in and they look at Dan and they can actually lay there as owner he has already negev gruden this looks cool. I learn how to dubious. I'll actually and we don't several years now and my success that we carry what we get from our most of the doubt to actually do for a living and the they're they're they're entitled what we do need to tear what size traps were out of traps what what Bates but that whole nine yards and what we're gonna meet him. It once you get into it you gotta do the trial and error that and figure out what works what doesn't work it's a little better to have two related to relay that information to somebody just trying to get into that. Well Bart we appreciate you being only show where there's always great to have you always informative if folks so wanna come Leonard a look at some of the Trenton supplies you guy working in front. Our off how are ticket 62640. Howard hit six that'll that'll polling South Carolina. Come down they. I Bart Bart Littlejohn care not a formal our lives block free save our yet great to have him on the show and it's let's go to a break so we income backing get into are gone the way. Right here to stay outdoors 1063 WORT. Powered Ariza everything outdoors we may even bill takes loud reading here as we come back. Satan. This way the gun of the week is the savage arms a seventeen series this is great ball rifle. Says Darth continued his track record of innovation we Dolly may seventeenth is the first hop performer semi auto real fire. Designed for the relatively news seventeen HMR cartridge. It's unique delayed blowback action performs to its peak with the new a seventeen Borman tipped ammunition. We CC I developed specifically for the rival VA seventy also provides safe reliable operation. When the standard seventeen H immoral it's. The loss of seventy nets that basically is based from the old 22 magna correct but the but the project how the bullet is opens nickname correct. And basically what debt debt does is that he is a you it is kind of more impact. Up close up close but it's not so much for a long range if that's what makes it to us man out as good or exactly. A good formula now the hard chrome bold case hard receiver. TO rail rotary magazine in but rifled barrel boost performance even further. While the user adjustable act you triggered it savages famous for provides a crisp light pole for the best possible accuracy. It's just this eighty eighths actually springer Sid is when he came in he said that's what this kid only you know swap people. The what's her name RJ and de -- that's what he's just for alligators right down in Florida at the Seminole Indian couple you father son yet so he uses the seventeen. And in in its debts Amin is almost point blank range but it's got a lot of knocked down power his puts him alligators asleep and this is stated Robert not sunny forty years now. Only squirrel that but it's what's right don't alligators and well and if you're doing something new you know let's say rent canoes are possible moves there you know this morbid season are now south. Our results are armadillo. Yeah that'd be great Logan savage man. Like I just never drops the greatest. I will allow go to when I go to my grave a little savage are put it will we think we got say you does the manufacturer's. Suggested retail price all this rifle itself. It is full wandered in 74 dollars in its tapped for a scope. Listen you know also who. We talked about the team around rotary magazine has got a 20/20 two inch. Bush and rifled barrel ending course he would that at Q trigger. Oversize bow to handle to and so secretive we can get real ordinary NES problems obligatory issue 120 do is. Everything is small off when you got a 22. And so you you don't feel like your hunt with. Arugula and sometimes and you get rid of a cartridge and get a medal in your quick that it was sadness. Both it. And actually got a little bit more information on this seventeen a two more rifle cartridge. It's a it's becoming a popular rail and it was developed in 2002 by the hoarded the ammunition companies warn of the Horace T eating in most accurate real far. Rifle cartridges available today like say it's is somewhat the case is a nick Dan 22. Would you call that the long. And you know let me just Magnum. I would tell. Us like twenty Magnum is guy and as a bullet diet better. The bullet diameter is one point 79 and now the pellets that your shoes and at your cross and yeah that's a point 17 cent rise certainly is gist. Point 002. Millimeters smaller. Then use the pellet gun right but it's got a lot more stick for that Terri is recommended for small mormons. Of the muzzle velocity you know hundred yards is 1870. Beats per second with a whole ordered in twenty foot pounds of energy. At that source to drop off in the store they assassinated did a hundred yards at the muzzle its 224. Pounds of energy. And ended a hundred yards is a 140 so it cuts almost in half from him and when you get to twenty dummy to 200 yards. It drops down to 62 so that's why they say is a good short range and in what they reckon me and it's good for a bat speed yards. Arm and this was one of the media teams to recreate the ballistics of the five millimeter Remington magnate rim fire. And you know rim fires would basically you've you've got you don't have a whole lot to choose from you've got you got the twin to long rifle you got a twenty Magnum. And historically that's about it was short and he Willis Holmes yeah the short and you know in the real fires a lot different in the sitter fire through which is gonna have. The primer yeah innocent whereas the other he can hit anywhere on the house hat again is an a hole by seven in the primer correct. So big they go and a lot talker like compared news to the they need does uses 22 W mark casing. Because it doesn't require this special bowl and a magazine you know you boarding a lot of these. Got a lot of these villains. Interest in trying to make the ports that were already chamber right for the twenty magna. Vienna this article there have been videos of people using him to take coyote and hogs but nonetheless it's within fifty yards and a very well placed shot. It is not recommended by eating manufacturer. Via it's like you see it is in a depositor lose donuts is a faster flight path. It's got longer range capability in this is compared to the twenty a flatter should trajectory more accurate. But it's got a list kinetic energy and it's considerably louder yes it is he has radio. That's our go to the weight the savage. Seventeen. A seventeen well let's go to our break for the our web the news that we'll come back the road together I hear us say that hours be right back expecting who's up next.