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Saturday, January 20th

Upstate Outdoors


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Ooh I just ran over scar. So less leading as having the dice bag so we'll go to do it. Students. It's boost now with an alert I just made wanna okay organisms other squirrels days. This time of the year mayor squirrels are a ma'am I have a rough is not a whole lot of food and they spend many many hours a day. Looking for food which exposes them to folks like me who. Now and enjoys nothing better than kilometre red putter and in pots and here we go so others coral stand you don't need two or three squirrels. I make Schilling nice explained you know all the hair don't leave make sure they're nice thing calling. Okay right. Salt pepper original misses bats a little all one bag of frozen mixed bashed vegetables. 118 ounce jar of pines and chicken gravy. And one to two cans appeals Mary. Buttermilk biscuits not cut a hard time from Ole southern differing stands this kid's dare admit pat lit me up like a black Roman candle and this gets. And and can gravy. She should you are just and I. Hired as a southern cook OK so anyway I'm sorry this works for me because you know Iranian now let's stretch Jamaican and I usually don't have time but you can make some gravy I can make some gravy but this is one of those days is that you can go to get the real quick in and really come out good enough that somebody would -- estimated you know they've beaten a lot of squirrels but there always kind of tough Willis girl's gonna be tough especially if you fry okay because they're basically anathema muscle okay Sophie dual ideas even if you have like people in Alabama. No teeth. They're nice and tender and go right on the head so would you go to New York eat or a large skillet. We gonna run the squirrels with some of that mrs. dash and you're gonna season to taste with salt pepper. Add to this do it. And cook over how much you Dillinger brown and or all sides the. The squirrels or the quarter squirrels. Flip is needed I didn't go to remove the meat and place in a crock pot. And wording into water are half a can of beer whatever you like and could go top three to four hours now what this is doing his distant horizon that may. In his I'll go to fall right off the bone remove the meat and allow the coup okay nice save water and broth. And if he won't thinner great beaten can remove the meat from the bones and returned to the cooking pot AKA the crop. And today using gravy and broth if desired that what you get a lot of good flavors going on lot of different flavors and Ali and it all of them work together. Stir together could go how for another hour and half or until the but all the vegetables are good in tender and hot and served with your cake and buttermilk biscuits are you gonna have squirrels. Vegetables than this it's. Perfect perfect perfect. So they haven't this waste roadkill cafe Southern's coral student. With canned biscuits. I'm gonna canned biscuits and a giants and I read deposed where she was given to general and if you ever issues frozen biscuits is the I I gotta I got a better one for ms. pat again. Obama hardee's today that's why are you so you know some parties maybe from scrimmage and yes you may get some gravy exactly and it's idea. No problem the real if I'm Buddhist must have found someone doesn't like you know there's no substitute for people like missed pat in. Violate grainy on is in the date they were the best this game makers they're. Not take you do there's also no substitute for our roving reporter hey this way also we've got all the land 'cause creates you've got a lot of stuff go known in you got kind of a special announcement for our folks. I think you have a special. Welcome to. Sounds like. Hell. At all you out where we're excited about you know your what part or bass pro shops. And I and I'm gonna run I true create heat which the boat they and that. We're going to be told netbook or a bat well it's around it appears that has the coldly about it. Spring we will give the spot or is it going to be simple little satellite. What Mo Mo addresses to sporting green ridge drive. Yeah did you learn how does okay we're. Senator I need a hundred dollar. What was decided to do without you know a year ago. It became legal in South Carolina or bottle Lindsay is charities that do grapple. Now I know people into an apple for a cute but you don't like it well but bitter legal exile out. Well Whitaker and legal pot or thought about it and we decided that the goal this year. We're gonna try to Foley and this being the street beat the rap or not this book. And so are the raffle tickets are going to be 100 dollars. In that it sure made the rappel. You know we're gonna draw at the shops over in Charlotte. On December the first 28 Jeep we got a lot jumped out and up to. But this boat all. It is absolutely loaded. We get it but certainly AP. It. A double powerful. XP or ring units. It. Pot full day there's just this loaded and a toilet is great crowd it got a once they're out portrait of it up. And now somebody's going to be reduced adult bait and I really ought. NASA signed by the K median Ed when neighbors both finish out of it meant. They've picked this democratic. National park and response by nitro that we weren't put nitro. I'm definitely changed but it actually this year they run their state aid. And I and a cool thing about eighteen is that their Q so why don't they just updated an eighteen foot boat. But it should issue like that twenty foot boat. I run the pro the cameraman and the that Marshall even met voters actually vision those here in brawl that. I turned the storage system and they both got experience epic. Nomination would pulling it down the road and it could take pictures look at. And and we're gonna have this picture which you know it close well dot org. And you can borrow it. We will mediocre or awful possibility that outcrop and it all that crap at Yankee. And hopefully they'll drop a picture York. So Chris whales dot org that's brought and variety and caught sight when the nitro. Me. We don't it'll be right this year so we're we're very excited about bet. Not bomb stepped not only here but I'll also be willing to bid that if you stop by the Chris whales Bluetooth. It's going to be out there to bass master classic at the TD convention center. Our old all Kristol probably have a few revel tig is all handed you can just. Right now. We're gonna have all the school up there at the best shot there at classic you know we'll have our legs will. And you know they'll be all about it you about it I have several approaches to our diluted. You got beat Bo. Any gummery giant fire doubled our. Hang out at the but it didn't sign out perhaps that's just going to be a good job. And own up there bar rap oh they thought it best you have an outlook each. Why are you you going to be around next weekend at the green bull bug showed Chris are you all close they can somewhere. I am going to be I'll speak somewhere that we you know we're we're cranking up for our best last. And and obligated notre lake Morton Alabama and Israeli troop like art Alabama's the closest other agenda when a boat. All Lipitor for one day and etc. but up until the charter but but it all of that light. We're gonna be here. I'll be doing some backcourt shot him an upstart next week yeah. And and so we're you don't get into that lead to an outlook speak brought it back sport bike where it's going to be a lot of schools don't act so. And so was speaking to win chipping your body wants to say we're we're we. Like to promote union the local wild game banquets for your organization and if you were. Didn't talk to Chris had him come speak you can also go to the Chris whales doc a war PG. Look at it it does not match. Possible Chris I this may well what do all we can't help you sell those tickets in in somebody hopefully one of our listeners again in net night true blood. An album look bet he does he go out well we're gonna have to go to all it. Maybe take some pictures deuce promotional finishing out the year. It warms up one game and then you forget it I'll bring her credit I don't tell tell Anderson yeah. Yeah we don't let us this habit but pretty about that about sixty degree there. You know maybe it'll be a veteran will keep bill. Absolutely maybe you can criticize me on the show and let me brother. Ascot man let there yep yep and arrest a man yeah I tell you what I've known Chris for a long time and his ministry is coming along bigger leagues and by its bigger. And I'm just had heated up that networks can be part of that. I agree. Right here we go number I don't know I'm Russia sought no order it's a tricky downhill RD the State's balanced budget. Hey man I'm just here drone Jake's detained at a well suited checks line and we'd get springer what we got okay we're gonna start back when we're talking about the coyotes. And as to the lady from the humane society. Which would she prefer homeowners. Thinning the herd or letting nature inning in any big level I work at a resort North Carolina and we do not allow hunting we predicted seventeen years ago. That if we did allow a limited by a season to end the deer herd. Disease has arm agent wouldn't about five years ago it happened. Disease struck hard to hear her in the Gaza assigned to the test of disposable. Of the bodies or the carcasses generally just Pollard the smell of dead corpses joke there you have it back to the seventeen meg. Seventeen HM ours they nick down point two mag I'm used no squirrels. But she better hit him and they had as from TR. And landscape and introduced pretty easy hit Freddie Mac last week you had a speaker. On optics he would those that takes too was driving could not write that dale. And if you will go to our FaceBook page Dexter. State outdoors. Placement dot com best article and that man to steal all our FaceBook page just like its own FaceBook. And also a springer canned biscuits and now we're. Son you've lost it so regular text your operation. Yeah and the that it optics company did gene represents is a UT yen. Alpha tank to Newbury. And Jeanne wits new ski Debbie I guess in UW this case and he is. This he wants he's got like it is go to GO eight yeah production yet again productions. He does more YouTube stuff yes which you can go he's also a staff member with sniper hog lights. And now episode you you don't FaceBook I don't know that he has. You know a lot of folks are doing is they're not doing web sites anymore because they do in your tape they're doing YouTube and are doing being new social media FaceBook. And Twitter and whatever whatever Twitter it's still haven't grasped that yet. And a Twitter. Nobody made me sign new angle and date was because they got this awful of the Carolina sportsman dot com and our. When other FaceBook. Or Twitter not blister their talking about. Spin teaching. And they're calling it a happy medium. For for a Cold War trophy should a die hard five features early some of them. Our schools are full of great features. This spring energies to net you know because he's on bail money pro staff can't. Say something Burkle were clearly not all just give alone and a you see here has been a member of a dear club. Unnecessary out of it the same question unfortunately side yet so portraying. The break features as Loeb ralphie should killers. Who consume every Trout a cage. Is pretty accurate once again play bases. And are equally score for fly after issuing considering them elitists. Who kit speech not to eat but to release now between those two extremes of course for thoughtful plot features who occasionally guilty state and bay features. Who only cage enough to lead. And already sat you'll find Trout features to considered their way of station is the only true way efficient. And I follow in the middle. Because it course I didn't write this oracle would trap features you hold a special new H without attracting school or from either side or the Spinner fisherman's. The big image or spin teaching over flat vision is the cost. Also a lot easier to do it no kid again now fitted for fire feature requires a sizable Alley a money rods reels lines leaders. Plus all that you know pipes in you know again I have always seen you know musical Whitman in. Used to waiters and stringing said they gained in result can be hundreds of dollars more if you buy the expensive models now depend on where you purchase you can get a complete spinning out he would. Including rock real land for other holder dollars and heaven of money left over about an assortment of spinning lowers you know. Inland spinners. Still isn't it best this week I and I due to an occasion because I've had some good success with Trout fishing in big strains with in lines manners. But I don't insult war absolutely. You know I mean you when it's got to treble hook coney NW got a thorn in Iraq War. Of bush tax blue runners along low yeah how I love inland Spinner. Now as for the advantages of speed edition ever made peace and there's no ministers no fushi don't have too costly major who can you'll avoid the irritating hang ups. Wind hook and singer caught the sinker or cholera and rocks debris in whatever. Getting into this technique. They're there they're comparing these in York is kind of along oracle this was written yeah Bob said one who does our western North Carolina Trout fishing stuff. And does a good job here yes he does a basically when you're talking about us being stationed. What outweighs the it was I would start. In the river. You know listen you going to the jogger the shoot two or whatever and all of them have trails again on either side of them and so you walk down a ways on a reverse forge you wanna go and any deviant. And I always stock my way up. Excellent okay because you know back back toward the car was because. The Trout are gonna face of stirring absolutely okay so I'm Gideon in in almost being cast in and that's another thing to. That I like about SP infusion. Fort Trout he is you can cover a lot more water and you can find feature quicker and in your job I'll learn don't ever overly even just a little just a little cook it mysteriously upon learning the Biden they'll be a couple of trail during an out and here. So you so you walk in upstream and it in your behind this feature in your door in front of him. And you kind of got to you got us being you got a real little bit faster than a full war excellent so it's it's it takes a little bit to get used to because you get these don't appear and you got to started spitting in. Faster than the full water. And get hit Trout to a notice it and you may only have you know I mean if you're a big pool you can go opener pulling back for either but if you're fission and move in water. You've got to be I mean it's almost hand to hand combat. And I'm really surprised at how close is to feast to chalk river a lot Upton. Coney Camden. And you can get real close to those feature I'm I'm talking about really our rob links. You know plus that more linked to line. Is when you you to feast or you might he might be seven feet in front of the rod deal when he needs it he don't know you're there are fewer stocking up behind him very well say good there's no mommy you don't see the debris that you kick up goes behind GS does and that I guess the sale and if you're walking lightly you don't hear that Sam to become an up Gonzales. A mantra heavier January but I am I'm sure they can CSI lateral final pick up some tea but so your game course you're also. For the most Florida and in this for South Carolina and some leisure merger talk for a release Trout so they're not as spooky. I know a lot of guys who argue that effect but. But they're they're not as spooky in in. You get their reaction by yes and I just reaction by ever could did you know I've done my share of the old norms I don't know bottom and sit near nest committees about like channel catfish. Our drop shot and it. Yeah hung up a lot that's you know with the spin the wood to spin in you know you though I think an iron. And you gotta get this bitter to move from and a lot times that's been what's being about four times and Bloomberg and they heeded if you are right spot. So I'm not out how I today and I love to do this faces life for bring impatient browse deal through a man a slow any time. I'll I tell you in the technology in the rods and an end Ollie Ollie advances we have made in in the learn and everything a small spin in. Combination. Rod real. As the only thing I've ever known Philip do entry window you can do so many things would just you know three you know different size spinning reels you got the whole fine covered you know whether it's. Pitch in minnows are Troutman streamer jacking up the elephant Luna. Yeah I mean in one of my favorite things it sort of reminds me this is nothing like it but I load thank you Spina. And I use like a six footer. Actually one of the companies that I work with being imposed and and a nice. It's been Enron pushing the shoe and dossier socks and you shoot crappy G eggs in you knew that that things fall. And men you can solace for you get a like the place like horrible or green would cry dobbs box and you kits are kind of stuff until. No it's mr. crappy. TV we cases it worked well whatever wallet. Don't don't say any notion that the focus is usually in dollars like Matt may god now I'm like oh Wally he's MFA he'd wiley just got engaged. Her. If you remember his fiancee his name but no mister Kraft is go have a mrs. crappy well maybe they'll have. Hope to granite up. Then there are still got a break and yeah a little give tickets right now. Money cases were given that is why now so there is running the show solo escalating give we got to take to a pair of tickets. For the upstate south care on a boat show we're gonna give those away. To. It politics springer stringers are always fingers and are okay just collar until money Casey as you want is 180347. 1063. We're gonna give away a pair of tickets right now as we get or break him in. So just wean a guy. Right here I think out or lose it is very WR media I was like yes please don't they agent. Are you a free ticket on the showed all of column when they are third fourth level on O six Larry will be back. Congratulations. To Chris from pills or you've won a pair of tickets to upstage center on a bug show you can't make sure to tell them to come out here during all this hour she didn't know spoke while who remember what you are you worried about stuff and other people know. Use it every office. Apologize Ali did you showed up and isolate AJ Wright come that's done OK outside and get back just talk to my job. Mike you are yeah. The other job and we need some help me. Out. And dying at it go and nothing legally anyway do you. So a lot of attention upstate outdoors and are you looking for a place to do some coil chuck Currie and says. Content are placed to relent wrist relax a good shoot some ski we got to gown follow where you right now that you need talked to Mike Johnson from. The Clinton house plantation might welcome back to show. Like outlawed rocket today which you know originally when we you the F. Q where. Are you a hunter and Larry are you hunt right now. We just being sure we get a bullish in my. Oh cars the entire you're just part about eighty ordered urged a very fair shot. All good for the real well this all led heat and air worked today do it to no she reviewed me and now I adamant. Maybe an orphanage. Is because as I do doggone good god I. That's it resonates. Global demand because Italy that in every advantage jail so they haven't by chance. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah so I don't know now yell back to the clubhouse lead lunch warn him finally gourmet meals. Well yearly fees and a Haslem summit don't go boxes sit down here and collar and a maybe even. Pose a barrel to cap off I. All you get all day hey Kia from springer and. Rarely do that here you got knocked out of iron urge right quick comeback candidate mailed in. Al little look see up not too much is a little yeah and and college day. Or Monica space you know the quail and show occur in a pheasant hunting Aminu is is you know deer season's over now. Not to Charlie slowdown much but now's a great time to come out in in like you said knock down some quail and Joker. Absolutely get till march 30 purged. Wait wait byte sent out. Choose reporter Burge and a bunch of non data on its global gag response. Anybody have a good camp. The only tactic wise and quilt clearly she could move around in token and get denied a year yet and me again yeah yeah I like that deer hunt we're such. She did and you can also Wear deodorant to death something new out. I'm not a million yeah so you can Wear my doubt about it I. Thought well. I Mary and again these great award equal it anywhere yeah route that. And Marleau line mullahs. Looks it may in any you know Randy say Russell well I reckon I can start wearing deodorant Guillen in in you know maybe use that non saying it. Shampoos that she does not mess this big deer season I don't we're a stubborn nears his. Are agreeing learned amazing center. And there's no romance where it. Both stern woman home I chatted for a week now must have own cap. Am I actually aren't. Are you ought to limit outdoor magazines because I'm sure the dog if you got a famous dog she's like. Boom yeah marks milling goose. It is no mole. I'll Mario you have this enemies go to the digital. Only expect from her bloody rise out of the what but not have a serious interview equation for you might want isn't a choker. That's so we used to do with a beer bottle after we finish drinking. Well. Out loud it as I applied without the a quail analyst smartest person but some kind of partridge yeah. Cameraman yeah Greg Abbott Hartman shot like that and no matter. But they try like crazy. If they're big enough that you know ability you know its year a no obvious sheer. Give you that bigger target. They do not really good there a lot I like him better and oil when you're eighty. It was burger cooked odd dirty Mike you wouldn't Philip gave me some the last round that dog got together and in springer could come up Obama all of us and tell her brother gig you know an. Like. Yes also. Hagee cookies coming you included in crayon and I'll put it on the grill him into bay in the painless some Italian dress and and and beer. And just kind of let us you know kind of simmer in that geez for a little while and I'm mama simple way and you know did meet beard not type address than I did well Como. With coma my my UK on the ground floor of the US OK as an investor we will come up. We did Tommy springer cookie in packages Komi aluminum can and in a six pack of beer and a couple of bottles in the Italian dress and and used his and it doesn't sugar from the Clinton and went nice and our free zones and mailman Oliver whirlwind like a million dollars. Sorry I think he'd bring to date back and go to McDonald's where they are. And at. Yet while yet so. It is far is you are now talking a couple of days ago about some of vehicles that you have coming up at the Clinton house and in. And while anybody can come in in in in going in bu Q for the quail on its. You've got some low organize shoots coming up down there. Yeah. Audio argue huge debt that comes displaced as the every Torre forces leave she. Most people don't know marsh date had about 600. Kids. Anywhere from. 610 years old Alia. Eight Kane senior school. That are competing compare really India sport and play arena now not now. For you shoot this is it by the coil shoot you just tied the key is out in the woods and release imminent some money cosmetic issues federal law. Assault or English okay. And teach. These kids get very yes here's near real good shooters they come out and well I'm about to wake up her parents and grandparents now watching. And then there's all kind of just look chair he had to answer this on the coming around Purdue next three or four months. Every terrorist Friday Sadie you Warren to Don cherry issue shooting hand and help the gate cult. There our calendar in college so we can give you a list of the law issues we're gonna happen and he's the only open. And eco thing about dornin feared shooters Clint house is. You know it's out in the woods and you can walk if you won't who are you muted neutral which you guys also got a bulletin golf course. And mandate there's nothing better than spending a Saturday drive around a golf cart and no stop and it each one of those stations in new coach Newton. Osaka absolutely. Robert Morgan now and it got cars nurses and rowboat. They keep us in superheated got course. If you if you have a large party email Lotus Notes Celine yet so onion and we bring them in and out. Which led as you know. Noted and you have a large party wing HL organized Utley in Haiti generated fortieth or launch. You come out is mega day of that here. Innocent and also for you because in February now not in my case but in in February is when a lot of the Al Gore or ladies in our listening audience start thinking about. Well I got a ring for Christmas. Right so who is and now's the time to start plan in and a lot of folks don't realize is and I can speak from experience because I was down there in June me about but we're not married but. They Eddie is a first class place to come yet made dance club house. Absolutely. We do look tremendous amount lives out here we get too big departure on horses and wagons we can pull you land here drop fuel gauge maiden. But you back on that wagon GQ batting. Are you can do like Chad deity and embody your body come cheap ski for about our most for the waiting. And in inning comeback kid to the overlook mayor in just had to be a big task. Elliott also your airway on yeah. Yeah out windows fonts and make as I got to go to Florida decision for only new to the weekend today. It was thought they may look at that Thursday Intel yeah. I mean yeah I don't know how well you and it's pretty name Cologne yeah and I don't Goosen god yeah. Julia young guy I known that I made appear shorts and flipped my kind of people right there brother. Yeah yeah Dayton says yeah it was great so well and in a lot of folks you know talk about. If your corporate GAAP and you know you if you got a corporate group forever you wanna go do retreat in you know give out saddened. And do some stuff that's a great place to also come under Clinton announced. Absolutely it had. Two or three corporate events just this week they come down at stay logic nourished. Well gas data. A lot nickel together. They slept together and they. Now. I. What happens at the clubhouse studies it is. Yeah yeah yeah coding yeah same day eight in the same watching that shot or play together and it really had. A really good team building at BN. Just being together patent he's dating here there and get some work done and still get passed on to go along with. There's a lot happier GK crossed table when your when your cooking in and just being together or torrid couple a day. In of that yet and we kings say the name of the company now could you decision Dale's Libya. I didn't I yes I did. I think there are. Back at. Weigh in in is you know you sedated the haunting new eurozone down here. Deterrent I'm sorry. The quail hunting is open and fuel march 31 is that what is. So Russo do you have a lot of spots available for folks who want to come out there in Turkey hunt this spring. At. Slowly. We're actually only start and Lee Anthony's have a part booking you don't network going to be looking at bookings. Boating dirty on this chart Nate weaker case. And a get on the books. Starter early. And indeed he urged you know radiation. They used to not double until middle April and the season and then change your story here and gobbled now in March I think as ornery and in my open essays and a little bit earlier yeah. An earlier better likeness is there. 1 bar or in the march 1 are April. Agree no watcher flawed like out there. Tremendous. While. Excellent I hear an god I hear goblet in the city have Harrington I was pushing when I didn't talk about current Ahmed Al blogger Chris mr. The good thing about all of the are they haven't yet that we plant trees quail. Turn right back around. And CD Turkey. So I mean their worlds and world these guys are for I mean Irish priest PO DC aegis sea sorghum seed is everywhere. So this is just so tremendous not to say that he nearby and you can control say do you control that. Aiming at Wachovia Alia. And sooner or later we'd all get to know who is on the radio to come in and do something now and if we never get the US sales department in gear to figure awarded is we golden. Narrowed it probably is happening here yeah I ask this time. We need to come to an iron in no issues and Quayle for that season ends up or maybe we come down here in new area. Are induced a ski should I would really like to put together a and upstate out the worst. Just like almost like a shoe and down and like you do during the summertime in just have both of our listeners coming in in. You know hang that may inspire negotiate some skis and didn't you know have a have a lunch or dinner down there. Absolutely and I'll still be in charge of the season that in common target the better it is. Michael it's not like we don't say it about four times a week on radio but he folks are issued and get in touch with you coming down near an arranged in no Holland or corporate meeting or skeet shooter. Just come and hang out how can you hold a me. We ain't do appreciate you league had a girl not to stature to Opel from NAND. And eight directory O'Keefe said import. We know always email us at Mike yet beat Clinton Alstott niche. Awesome and you also got a web site to Clinton announced dot com. We'll give you all that same information show you some cool pictures of the overlook in some of the haunting pictures in. And also worked calendar of events first of its going owned other Oakland house. Actually not a big barrel based book. Not social media and made his presence now so we did keep our FaceBook pretty well our. Pretty well up to date so you can really see what happened and from day to day Jewish Bible had FaceBook page. Also Mike Johnson doesn't that Clinton has plantation south John has three mere hunting preserve thanks for being on the show was buddy. Evelyn BA today I would do it they might I ask or break moment I met we got a job and academy has to do got a lot of it. I've stayed outdoors 1063 WRD stay tuned. It's a kick out her man so close and endorsed it icebreaker the 48 annual upstate South Carolina boat show coming up next weekend at the TD convention center army and Philip will be there Saturday from twelve. Took to doing our show up from the boat show show hours are Thursday and Friday 12 PM and I'm PM. Saturday 18 AM to 9 PM and Sunday twelve to six. Come on ceemea may have the look we should be hanging around their most of the day Saturday and we will be Kissinger isn't shaken babies. All right also coming up February 15 Tony and 27 and march the sixth crappy university. Will be coming to Spartanburg community college Fordyce and they hours of instruction. This is the only class for South Carolina the registration fee of eighty dollars covers all course materials including samples of crappy lures NG kids. Seating is often limited by classrooms. So crappy university does. Have a history of sold out venues so enroll early and ensure your participation. Errol Philip J. Crew we speaking on the sixth of march mar six someone do wrap up that claim of Berlin NASA did and I couldn't think of a better better cleanup batter then Philip gentry when it comes to crappy. And to enroll learn. Karl college an 86 more. 592. Ford 00. Yet you also go to their website at SCC. ASE dot ED used former community college. And it's in near continuing it. I'm glad you said that come out of mr. Al led up led ASE dot is that the other OK coming up everywhere the Tony fourth the new hope Baptist Church there will be a wild game dinner. Starting at 6 PM door prizes great food. The tickets already on sale adults Torre children -- and 800. Will have Joshua Carney being the guest speaker great gas super person. Disabled loner does a great job of imitating all kind of critter sales. Yeah and Josh had a little uphill skier this weekend that he had a a mild heart attack and he's recovering from that with no permanent damage a solid on his son of the south page okay war all the other if Ford and you'll still be that was one make school here and you know now he says he's back up and run broke a buildup of should. We're our prayers and also would Joshua and go last see this young man he's fun. And Brendon. France and the culprits as you get in contact with an 8645. And I'm 41225. And born on seven none for none zero and we also got a no other. Out of from excuse me at memorial spring Turkey celebration. The seventh annual Mike McKenzie. This is part of the outdoor dream foundation and this is only good deal. And now we know we head coach owner show before coach Carroll he's a big guy. And it does a lot of good stuff with this outdoor dream foundation in this is going to be at the Watkins community sinner in hernia pass South Carolina Friday march the second 2018 at 6:30 PM. Dinner our oceans and drawings and for more information you in contact coach arrow at 8642268775. Our frank DNA 6463. 9340. I don't to the next one another wild game supper coming up at the Mount Lebanon Baptist Church presents the sixteenth annual wild game supper on Saturday march the team at Torrey eighteen. 6 PM. Doors open at 530. And for more information you can column Melbourne. At 8644263251. Or Brittany. And a 647065164. All these are all our FaceBook post or FaceBook page is a matter of factually you can get a better look at him also coming up march the twelfth meet the elites. This is they kick out to the big bass master classic coming to town this will be march the twelfth. Doors open at five Anderson civic center tickets are twelve dollars. And for more information contact meals on wheels that 864225. 6800. Mandatory. Eighteen bass master classic. Present about Dick's Sporting Goods will be march 16 and eighteenth right here like Karl. That's going to be a killer right there and don't forget that smile at the TD can be considered. During that we can we will probably try to be damn there's some shape or how little you know more about it might be sneaking in the back door after we stole a bunch of equipment from intercom upstate 1063 so we can do allow show. But whatever it takes me ability good. Also come not. On February Detroit first we have a hunting heritage bank will banquet with the greens the wild Turkey. As the South Carolina association and this will be at the Saint George Helena I think yes and at right senator 406 north academy street grimaced after our. Contact Brookstone today 643861825. Or go to the national alternative. South Carolina chapter branch and all those are listed on there and that is your calendar remiss for this week. Yeah. Good job well I know is it only released a leftist two minutes' time now being huge ship ago. Ooh yeah really yeah. Lovely isn't scared by grenade yeah. Well our parting shot for today. If you're a fan of social maybe you'd probably saying is opposed to dishonor our FaceBook page. And up sit outdoors a WOR DC new coordinator and like her page we get a lot of lights they were waiting and this is this is a media do. They came Meehan. And it's you know all of these Al the world. Social media side to get out nor hello Miguel wide open its bases he got the 360 outdoors stuff. So I just pulled this off now or hope it's a video of a large pleasure bugs smashing into a smaller fee should bode. NBA entirely too close for comfort. The video shows a distracted driver crashing in sending anglers scramble and I mean you literally just general bailed out they bail out at the last minute got to go Oprah go and you see the bug come from far away. And they get out of it just in time courses is live to a lawsuit against 75 year old. More early Larsen who's driving the pleasure boat now according to organ laughs. The harrowing video was taken last summer on the morning of August 12 twin seventeen on the Columbia River. Brian may asks him eight years since warn of anglers who was forced to jump from his vote. Filed a 372500. Dollar lawsuit earlier this smoke or have you need supersize owned. You know what the Rangers were in a good question shares deputies with the flat sop canning spoke with mr. Larson about the accident NY and in he told investigators. He can't say where it was going 'cause he was sitting down instead of standing. In the Daschle's block in his view. No wow well never mind sorrow of allergies are and then a lot of the sheriff's report also noted Larson gets a rail with the assistance of a motorized scooter. When he's only in. And there are also reports from Larson's son in law and here's a guy you really dropped now mourn him who's in the mode at the time of the crash. Says his father calls been known to uses cell phone while he's drought and abode. And he warned him to pay more attention. So. Yeah let's get this guy has no replay. The good news is that nobody below aboard the fishing vessel was Tuesday injured. A few book scrapes and mild hypothermia was all the physical damage numb AS in his party suffered however the psychological damage. 370. Point five or could mean they had that you could have been dated. Well that's a universe today want to thank our guest Marc Littlejohn of care reform while I supply along with Mike Johnson from the Clinton asked plantation. And let's not forget go back to get from a buddy Chris whales springer tiger's own brother. British agent and here's the next week talk to you next week rather let you mean. Kos isn't about to show what live is what equally they're definitely would promise we promised Donna jug up next.