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Saturday, October 21st

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Hey hey it's Saturday and now and which means it's time for a stay out no word on 1063. WORD. With your host. Citizens. Philip. Said sake or is this like your bad day in October man. What's it when we kicked Tennessee's behind. Did you get Osama that rocky top. So we got a great show coming up for you today lot of stuff going well. In the woods yet the war yes he around the upstate and we will start out. With the upstate outdoors yoga pants diaries the pumpkin spice addition. My. And if if you're not familiar with it you're like well. I yoga pants an hour west of comma absorb blog because. Only. Housewives with three kids and Al Gore riders right blocks. A day and say here real popular and well yeah what that vote. And now they don't versatility. And I'd like your regular particularly in area. So are do you the president or blog for today is reading docs. And as bug docs is the key to successful fall featuring. This gets good right now we don't we Issa is a crucial time run out the ego and their president be really just going crazy them already started lonely at Fisher gonna get really good in. What you did flip a coin. Well actually it would get ahead of our sales yeah where you were gonna give you information today on today show to make that decision yes because we're gonna talk does that stokes. Zacks is the FaceBook page administrator for upstate South Carolina dear homeowners. And that's pretty cool FaceBook page supporter and have both been following that for allow. And it's dedicated to upstate dear homeowners and you know deer hunting is is is a pretty solitary sport. When it comes right down to you're in stand mostly usually buy your seal failure and it's not like it's not like speech not a Broder you don't con where unabomber those people agree to come out there myself a lot of folks take yourself follow them and they sit there and you know maybe to get on FaceBook and now. And so if that's if you're inclined to do net and I know there's lot of people who group who won't man. Do you say a million yeah that's why CNN's that was supposedly where you and checking in in Dallas award talk about Zach will tall Tuesday. About all of the states after on deer on her moment page. And it also may Andy GC is a Carolina sportsman had the hot beastly this doesn't even look like a South Carolina a year. And the lower part Anderson. Ultra portable and reveal county. Has produced yet you know 160. Three's trophy book. Pretty pretty cool story we'll come from hours. Things are I had and thin nose spray is gonna bring us the road you can't I I didn't have time blue wool we today. Fresh visit that was given to me about Luke by whom yeah I would be you and other. Org it was a backstretch today springer stout I'm Ken springer style banks drill field here. I dislike him or anything just like from Phillips begins to look. Is talk about a yeah this talk about. Plus digital H and it got this from Indian arm motorists. Watch out for dear only state road springer sit and yeah Hardaway is no guy. That's unfortunately probably the way updating. Motors should watch a major on the straight guy lied to everybody it's true this time of the year enamel we get the tab changing would get in that in that discussion in the top ten is born. There's really low value have a car that afternoon in note additional market bought 3 o'clock link any via. Closed might be in Alabama and all it's true. Did spigot. Alabama got an interesting article and there's been a lot of this cool ran an out or circles these days it's from outdoor Alabama dot com. Is talking about deer management and is it possible to use Colin. In a CU LL ING net that would be basically say it. Well I gotta I gotta feel this deer because he's got inferior genetics and now more Q of the units at Coldwell who certainly may not meet management standards. You know for those folks who who Maine's beer for. In a big rant correct. Unlike me and springer I many student Philip Fraser out. Dear sir Philip Fraser. So what are they called hello hello books CU a Leo so another where you're kind of not geared Nazis. Your Nazi. How they get a mother her via the they're they're detrimental to the ire on OK would not like that when he interfered and yeah I never thought about that when. You're gonna Thompson and Jon Stewart John. Is the bass nation tournament director and if you been following the outdoor news you know the Beers now standard oil but there world blog topic about sixty. Folks who were only Karl. Finishing the Basque nation tournament Basque nation he is the amateur. Level of BAA essayist. And the cool thing about this though is the top three finishers of vast nation into today's tournament will give a invitation to speech. And the bass master classic being too and so that's you know then and that's pretty unusual Debbie likes say in. I'm not even now you know. Nick Saban saying I look you springer finishes. You know dog years and under 43 minutes and inviting him to sit on the beat were Alabama senator Mike Arrington I would make that Damon yeah. But it looks like it's like getting an invitation to go route to the super ball. Like to you for that and compete as that's why you're the man I was trying to think so yeah zoos and that's why you are that they'll point man this this to these are right here but that was beautiful. I honestly feels like Rwanda 505. BD yard national voter summit be like Nona let's pick some springs good it there you get this he did he could win and get on the beach in Alabama with a authority political. It's not being aired during debates underway Jason give me another cigarettes are. The calendar of via its we got did not yeah June I was gonna save you some today and an idea. What I asked that I don't Rogge has some some national while Turkey federation have couple chapters I haven't some stuff and some other things it's quite interesting. Coming up for the upcoming weeks and so to have. Any infer parting shot today it's a story about a man who trusting key association. Any jumps down his throat. Not panic had been there before. This first time I've ever heard Omaha Beach jumping down somebody's through because it try to key is that's. As crazy via Munich in the stories crazy says. Stay tuned for that it has dragged. That's up from down under its remotest berm across upon this. Brian over their UK oh boy but it's not from is not from down under sales organ down under it are you there are under today Beilein. Well it can't oh yeah today I thought of that bill made it. Busted out much to go to bed you might send its. And miss Megan there and I'll Andre sorry you want to. South Australia on any heightened worries now days. Body fitting his sex or read I Wii maker Saturn bag on the Glasgow or break moment come back out slip on the camouflage joke Prius diaries in maybe get some pumpkin spice it would talk about how to read docs. For successful fall fishing. I euros they have no word what a 630 WOR DVR stakes talks stations they tune we're Paribas party's gonna learn how to fish and docs in the yoga pants. From a V win site one and 63 WORD dot com put this up every week. And you know. In order a dichotomy not a dichotomy is wrong word. Ali don't even go with the other word that you all mail Ellen we'll have money. I. Cancer deterred and so are you OK okay so that most of outdoors blog a lot of times ones that being deterred the punch bowl of political. Stuff go and all could you're looking at the win side of 1063 WR de Jure and it's all this politics politics politics and and also Rhonda Miller was a big no stinker. About how. How to kill a year or I don't know. A kid your speech. But I think Estes I think that's part yeah my opinion I mean there's no sports anywhere else and and also I'm only we get saturated of that other stuff yes well there are of the day seven days a week so this week's turn in a punch bowl is how early docks too successful follow fishing. Now early Friday morning nets yesterday. BA SA has released its daily press release containing the current standings of the best nation championship. Which is being held on like Corel is we can't it's a bit striking because the results listed until you drill down and look at who the competitors York and warmer for ten years like. It was like one dude had to teach. And one do did three speech. You know yet and it did the waves were really low low lower than what you'd expect for a when you like. Nor can determine is this. And then you look at of the Basque nation is a network of locally organized clubs whose members participate in and support a range of activities. Including tournaments conservation Indy initiatives and youth programs. They're they're organized in 47 US states and TN countries. Australia Italy Japan Mexico new India Portugal. South Africa Spain in Zimbabwe. And next they had about five or six things from different countries they were you in this tournament that are industry this weekend. The best nation has played a major role in BA SS history since the BA SS chapters were formed. In 1968. And in May do a lot of stuff but big big folks who win their Stater they're here they're called they get invited this championship. And these are every day gas from around the globe who love bass investigation typically don't have the time money and resources associated with. You know the professional anglers who come down here and spin you know week pretty features and right. You know I have all the latest gear in united way points that ball from border problem may be not there but anyway for some. The best nation may be a stepping stone to bigger things for others it may be just the way to you know. To have play and best racing's equivalent of the Super Bowl absolutely because I consider their shot yet the top three finishers are invited to compete the bass master classic which is also going to be auto like oral nick sparring. Now having said all this is not unusual finding me the competitor her struggle indicates speech. OK even even approach would struggle this time here because. Arena transition you ought transition. Fallen South Carolina goes from midsummer to early winner and back again and that often occurs over not. Which means bass are constantly on the move. And add in a debate feature also migrate from deeper shallow water and in fishing and high profile tournament can turn into hot miss. Now one of the most consistent patterns and features on many lakes and this includes like Corel. Is vision but no doubt they are okay all the docs on par or floating docks and allow the structure as a follow the light levels. And in most cases a laugh for some adjustment to Eckstein into were tracked the docs to reach the war. Many here lately there's been a whole lot more peaks standing yes. Because corals eight point 35 feet down. And you know they intentionally dropped it if you look at the lake levels. Last year and the year before there were like 45 feet higher this time years I was weird. Well I. What have we will end of that but when well when we had this tropical. Storms company and drive they intentionally dropped the late in it they were gonna viewed internally. Any religious didn't get a whole lot of ranked. Now in order select the right dot Holtz speech anglers typically look for three things current. Bay speech and data net springer from Alabama is like current. Why they don't have an like horrible can stay here is to it you know you think did a big like like debt would be seemingly static. But daily water generation from the dam as well as wind currents were due to thick water currents Italy can anybody dot its position work current is moving under the dot. Is more likely the whole fish is basically compared to another dog it might be like in a back AMOCO somewhere here. Where the surrounding waters more standing. Now with prevailing water currents will come they siege now dead and mean it like currents washed debate speech into it. But the current tracks made fees because it stirs up sediment and activates the little tiny little plankton and other inverted were the big speech. And I'm talking about three and being shared. User share Adam blew back hearing Annette that's horrible story most predominant forge species so he gets them active so to finish becoming. Now if feature being prime merely bass but strive for urgent crappy and can't feast and a solid 2012 pound catfish coat and determine yesterday wow I wonder what meg I was using I don't know that that's what's. That's amazing now docs was structured nearby also provide a risk here is for both creditors and they feast to hold onto and that's considered a plus two. Less monopolies water India now obviously the bottom contour under the dot contributes significantly. The how deep the water's going to be. NN dot this located on the aids is sometime the channel whether that's a creek channel river channel or just a drainage ditch. Are attracted to feature on the might not only does the contour serve to channel the current. It also serves as a pathway for migrating bait fish and feasted the only him. The followed sort of how well I very so you're hot if for how way runs up underneath your dock you all have folks say here yet. Think about it like. This is I haven't 85 if I don't I like it she thought the only interstate Iraq. You could chick filet is he's an interstate. And interstate exit opinion and they don't have business by that's got to be some circulation of bite these are now finds out you walk by asking how China the weather few waffle houses that are not off the inner staggered but death there's a law class day is busiest that are. Its own a major interstate yes that are new Islamic nation. Do a sub. Dance alliance the equipment what do I think it's pretty neat. He's admitting that countries can you imagine a guy from OK let's just go off the deep in here let's say. Zimbabwe. Yeah. How many likes is that ever seen him you know like like Hartnell out if he's ever seen one and that you know those guys are trying to you know they got to figure out what today. And they're coming to light like that and that's why Ganassi but do you fish. As the NSA. I'll throw an off almost. Blew me just show ends you know I mean. Take somebody from here Tyson let's see where Toyota is the only 'cause Casey's a professional alright my take here as they tell a pitcher your average two I'm. Consider myself an average because Arnold bass speech well. But take somebody who is a term whose club bastard got to. Only Carl any take him overly donors real OK okay garnered real horrible you know. It might be sort of similar. But you know they maybe they're not that familiar with that or somebody from Texas through error or Colorado Louisiana there yet. And so they come here you know you've heard about like our culture cause bass master class it's been a hornet like. You know two's three times in the last ten years and I column and you know who finished just go jump in about it. And it has been kind of tough patter. The cool thing about it is he is it in the second hour we're going to talk to Jon Stewart who's the best nation tournament director. We can ask him some of these questions her about one nobody is one of the things in that I really inch did know because. The stuff that came out in in advance of this was at last year's bass nation champion who just come back group. He came down here concentrate known spotted best Lama can't spot a bad spot advance Mike. Very rarely is a tournament ever wine. Almost body Vasily coral agree changed on some big large mouth you probably not weakened then and still surprise a city. Guys not be in limits yeah bigger target spotted bass so we'll talk to Johnston or about that and but before then we'll get to our break. And moment combat we're gonna ring upper buddies Zacks dunks he's a FaceBook page administrator for upstate South Carolina deer hunters and we will talk to him about. Some deer social media. Right here don't have sing out doors 1063 Demi your EDS based talk station I'm Thomas. Right after these messages. More you can get a common sense retirement planning takes on it 7130. Cent of which is what most people prefer to do. Especially if you're ward of the nearly 5000. Members of the yet say South Carolina dear homeowners FaceBook page. And you can thumb your nose or you can text your nose so. Because we got Zack stokes page administrator on where this Zach welcomed ousted endorse. Sailboat and a aren't exactly doorman. Produce it in there less self love for a national. Do everything we got people right now gone. What does that. Otherwise I wouldn't doubt exactly yeah yeah a lot and alerted that seat. As you know we just we were just talking about that in you'd you're the wife of a hero of a deer hunter. You know Blair she cuts follow is is a tough time but. It's also good if you know if you're because a lot of wives your deer hunters to do in springer now we're just come up before we went on here rely. We we so I actually solve the you know all the FaceBook page were so much that he had this Gilman second year molasses I'm done now. I don't think senator Joseph six. So. Those have all ahead staff before you say I do not I don't think not I don't you know any there. I dagger this surge your wife is she pretty understanding about all the time you like is being in the woods. And he just he is Jim Nelson should we do. If you defend them got a collection. I'm very if you gotta battle the old time and she's very understanding no. They got well these guys in times that's that's not subdued him out of the issues that have you I don't know I don't have a. Yes it really. Was that warns it born into and don't appreciate you coming on I know you and your out in the woods this week and so the whole social media when it comes to dear owning you know a lot of folks are like. Arrow I have no use for that but. One of the things that I really like about the FaceBook page views it is spring and now we're talking about this in vero is kind of a solitary useful work. But if you care your Smartphone with you in the stand is kind of like you've got 5000 people that you can check in we did and you know kind of scroll through wind and made it it is like a big deer clove. Very mean you know it they'll shoot special you know robbery at 3 o'clock knew what Obama only good you know our show the look through and this motivation is still a little more here. Agreed I can also hurt your statements that they can do good enough pop pop. If not original idea bond played his entire city you know these looked and looked. Missouri dear you know denying the remark last week by you know around house. Course you get guys on their bill you know on our secure interlude a greater courage bill actually it. Oh yeah yeah and we we've actually got that right up from a careless or him. In a move on the little. A decision about them because. We're not sell it all out when I actually saw they don't upstate South Carolina dear hundred page. And ten people were saying. Last conference after on the conference if not a little bit I know it was and I could get the scoop own Jeff Burleson and written an effort fearless foursome but Jeff Burroughs MBE two it says Aaland. And for many zag you know doing his radio show and good god we work five days a week get another job and then we try to do this on Saturday it kills me keep up halts. Only exactly what's going owning the status followers may be did you know have a dear movement. How their body you know you know if if they're if they're not seen the air are the deer maybe start to chase is basically I'm able to scalp Leo at stake. From the kind of thing it's on my laptop the united. And it didn't even little simplifying liked you know. It is different counties residents have a drop but now a lot of good arbiter open you have a week or two later and you gotta you know our decision to the polls the people at W. Other a lot of Europe now combine them rather put the normally what I generated net. What else and that's it exactly and you know one of the things I wanted to point out in and I guess this is part of I guess a world in Orlando is our way and half a don't appear first posted GC don't own enough FaceBook is from you and is slightly good as we can't sale firearms all Facebook's. Our our group will get deleted. MEM. Is it just really pisses me off because the whole. If you get a group of deer homeowners there relied. You know hey I'm getting started. Does anybody have you know rifled the day would sail near whatever. And in in so I get started deer hunt they'll be a great avenue sure for that but you know wherever Facebook's originated from Providence now. You don't talk about selling the guns you know will give the Muslim terrorist I hold my agent I don't. I figured I grew yes. Julio Julio we originally. You know well we allowed it until it looked toward cracking down and no word per Second Amendment anybody there is that load having only a bit. The group is very able further trying trust you know risky but I'm more video which we can we can do all you are people look and suddenly do. Just getting started their great way to couple mile but unfortunately can do it. Wellesley said so and I never handing the interactions with with FaceBook you know the mysterious face the force that is FaceBook. So what is it you do you know you get a message yourself and ends say and you can't do that. Well among I'm not certain exactly because we're pretty proactive going heard that they were right cracking down on it and they were shut down groups entirely. So we gotta gotta hit it. Forward get to that point sudden they're actually had to do with it so well and they're in have the most ordered by an understanding about it pretty good job he'd been up there. Good job on these acts and so he would day is it just firearms is negative for archery tackled to the public art medical. Are we had no if you all archery crossed boot drive a mitten and if I think if there were knowledgeable about it. Black powder refund to originating being leveler but at the mail yeah just like you are used to good regular army but I'm I'm more afraid that. He knows some. But look nerdy and mister Milliken group person try to band sentimental thing gun. And trying to go to keep that out to the archery. Broad cross those what are you also are Legos a daughter playing duke report. Now spot around that cynical thing that I really like about the FaceBook page views. And in your notes and sometimes it can get tedious because the same questions come open necked guy didn't realize it's someone answer this same question last week. But there's a lot of really cool folks who were owned. A McCollum. You don't give the same responses and I've seen all other beer owning you know pages where your life. It's either someone to make it fun Obama's life I semis go take the time and naval say okay this is what you need to do being. It yet probably would there for the most part it's mostly good group of guests let's let the key to always real little have to. You know early only had become administrate a little bit and we'd sort out but for the most part you got a good group people there. That want to help out you know that's the biggest thing to bear now. Good kudos to use act for for will be you know taken that initiative and in weed them out Comesa mother you know that's another word I look at the and and if I wouldn't Charlie springer the radio got a goal they're light him up. Okay us some of them are retarded stuff they in the means that and stuff they spew out of their map just because somebody. Shot on smiled here are some crap you know it is all right take a corner and nobody. Own and you know. Whirlwind world war community in we're not keeping their buddy genocide together you know we want to roll into the same problems. One of the big things that I saw was there is a lot of confusion about the deer tags good starts I mean even among even among I was I was in New York the other day in the poor lady veered it was printed tags out. I mean so much and she's real patient. In explaining the guy while the tagged while I needed to tag and how much it costs and stuff like did us in a lot of that. All the upstate south on a deer hunters page you know say an okay wall what if if I if I do the this cannot do this. And people take in a time to explain it to X. Yemen and there's confusion blank specialists urge you know and not Boeing which built robot to approach appears they are good that it could deploy you can go and hopefully get all the land information. The cannot now mean there'd been ordered to bet that and I got to also to do it. But you come into the group and get pretty quick information. You know let their appeal promote. Our ex. So the last question I got for you before we have to go to our break I saw where you could opposed out there about. Hey man we're looking and it either mechanisms dinners for trucks which you know out work people are nervous about yet is not your shoulder I. My truck or half yeah. You know fast so we don't matter we go have some we don't have some swagger we Q where in in proudly boast they were of space after on a deer hunters. You mum worked on now I just got had in yesterday. And I'm now looking at this prolonged drought that kind of bit everybody's you know we're butter Waltz but. Homeland and probably had burst in the next couple weeks we will move old order stickers or bill played up there keep everybody intraday. Exactly you go to do to have through a distance just union idea make sure you have been that solid hands in the sun bothers cover a lot of us we still have mayor we look like this on my answer. But I'm wouldn't really honestly don't look he's given me right now. Trainer and 'cause springer likes to hug when he is eighty. I thought they would flip flops though you've got a only knows that Obama says his son Zach ye may never go home yeah one thing about us. We have said this is the is would you wanna do you wouldn't call. And if they were all Lockett tell me. The united Doerr about Q I'm doing okay we're book it has I spread the players we're. Awesome was that may we really appreciate absolutely no end of folks if you or a deer hunting fan. We would highly encouraging absolutely it'd you know FaceBook and you've got to be approved by the administrator got to know the secret handshake right. Asia and upstate South Carolina dear owners all FaceBook and a man we just appreciate yes eminent public resource center for everybody to enjoy what will send a probe built. I is that we appreciate it man kill them and feel. That. You sound I'll do it got to that killing girl and so on that happened and all you know my therapy what big die or kill him and do them because they. It was big enough we're gonna get our breaking it won't we come back we're gonna talk about. A 163. Needs deer and it was keel down in and be real. As a house right here to stay out no 1063 WOR radio stakes ballots Cox station in the home of big box and be at stake. I figure out back. Well I tell you what it truly amazing deer was Q old. Was just last week was the twelfth. That. Would believe. I don't know words of the twins last week glanced. Thursday yes there. It will. Get dates wrong. They were we get our age is just another day that the back persons needs her and take city nick thinks they got to tell. And got me all time followed up. Anyway idea out. I stagger so got this from my buddy Jeff Burleson who beat me to the punch in submitting this idea to. Here I'm a sportsman not that I'm bitter about it during thing sugar it's a story about a Easley South Carolina homeowner who kills a twelve point 163. Inch trophy. Using a strategic management plan wireless listening and says that fillets of easily South Carolina missed out last season only a massive book. Only his aunt Bea deal county honey land he started getting trail camera photos of the same book this year. And that's when he developed a plan to get the book in his sights on the evening of October 12. Phil is playing came together perfectly when the biggest book of his hunting career. Dipped into shooting range. Deer hunters developed in follow a wide range of management styles. From targeting data news and irregular shaped anchor configurations. As what we're gonna talk a little bit later on biz cult calling this culling. Bad beer work. Two or less strict policy of if it's brown is now which is what springer since she. If the phrase empty there'd back. Right yes Sarah Phillips and his crew following totally different honing strategy they trip lightly only holding select areas of their property. And only pulling the trigger on something big enough. For the record book and SI get a black now NASA and discipline right yes and the other thing though thing award talk about it we've got some time at the end this segment where he is. Only hone in select areas of this property. Now the bottom line deer like to go where it's safe and we'd like keeping it quiet. Says Phillips that means no full wheelers and when we shoot it's a good beer phils also refrains from shooting any did lose all the property at all. He said the way we look at it our neighbors and coyotes stand out the days when you kill goes on your property your Killen the number one thing that would bring in the bucks. After hunt hard all season last year the big book had alluded Phillips and nobody last season got a chance to see the deer inflation. Now once a Philip solve the truth he was still around he decided to Lynn Hughes don't word. All the book out of hiding. He's in chase and those whose LOF Phil like argument must sites saw waited until a few weeks and a gun season after the neighbors. Started shooting up the goods sales familiar and their rut started to get the books on the motive. By the second week of October. Phillips noticed the road was beginning to take golf as his superhero but you know and -- the Sony afternoon of October 12 he slid into hardwood finger. Between two large pack of tickets and climb very had a kind tree he had previous selected. Because it gave him a huge viewing area and had played in natural food scattered about so a couple of lazy dolce year. And general Colin right. Okay 'cause there amid. Bucks is no there. It's feared being made it special that no they know him yes and are also Lou let's look back in the picture you see is climb to stay behind absolutely. Not a permanent stay in there no not a permanent stamp because of the biggest dear I've ever Kyoto. Was from a tree that I just mean a win out and scouted and act on first time on it ever climbed experience. And is is why these dear no underlying you know you you had to stand now you won't. But he fade once they say this stand or someone is being in uniform. In that makes it tough early in the hunt a group doesn't step down to begin feeding the and they suddenly scattered and started blow. Now Phillips new redirect charity or Bo was about show opening got ready. He said I caught a glimpse of a deer in an opening 200 in feet deep you or the are less solid planning and preparation sooners still undefeated. That's 'cause he knew it was one little window at the deer was hitting. Danny popped out and all rockets it was tans. But both filth is ready he squeezed the trigger on his 300 win mag. The how ended 200 pound beast fill in its tracks in three pieces you know once phils but is it true lifetime specimen with a twenty inch in. Or did it take out at a 163. And four. Seizures and you would do yourself justice to go to the South Carolina a careless or honest more yuck Carolina sportsman dot com a look at this picture this book is massive yeah. Yet a mass in Nantes. Any at all makes me it's yeah I mean everything he's done it twice. I mean you've got to have Tom patients and put in arming that's what and if you do like he got it you see what the end result. Oh and the thing about it is you know you've got you got a clothes yet. The it. They have to agreed to pay we're gonna pay the ladies I don't have much properties god and everything related grim day here and you guess I look you know we're not going to rat Oliver property. Are not gonna go out put in Cold War now you know an alert stuff or not an issue goes after order Arnold shooting any thing. Ellison makes a book the record books you've got to be able to Joseph engineering. OK is this a 145. Each. This year. And how hard is that to get those type of members today. In banana Darlene hard it's harder than your regular run of the meal club you don't say that. Yeah I would say probably most people have bit their own the land them you know. It's easier to do know some clue I know some close little for the status and moiso and this really cool beer I don't think you will schoolwork. As atypical we're looking at running Crockett because debt what is it that lifts side. I mean from the picture looks like it comes out about another teenage yeah I was from the right side but it's a massive book. Italy is least. It is he has got to rule let me noting like conference after airlock and Thomas Scott we're Democrat Paul Wood because scrabble owner Indo Afghan. So Iowa the other thing I wanted to point out earlier in the story was the only hole at certain areas. So even if you got all these strict regulations. Got told me this long time ago he seated in the day only hone it used to want to do it here year certainty players. You've got to give dear sanctuary. Yep okay where nobody get loose for any reason. Harry Carey says dear new university. They never see human mean nobody's going in near cut Moshood Leon's a nobody's doing not so we're yeah round reformist at an ad that's pretty tough spot and the thing about ideas. Okay in enough had this org I have mop this argument with myself. Usually after I'm Sydor looked into the six point additionally it walked auction. He's a minute can I did and I must say I never go getter Trevor exile stop killing me today and a ten year old beer but the thing about it he has. He is for many deer hunting is about fun and enjoyment and part of that means. You know cause I eat a lot of the right okay and in Arab I don't know exact Phillips in all he may be the year 3000 wait. He may never know peace property these guys did you put it fun. Yeah okay. Meet yeah sport. Trophy OK so you. I'm all about then some some paper light look you know I just I don't have that landed him in. So enjoy deer on and worsening don't till someone else had to do with. Right. Go for the break going for the right roadkill cafe on the flip side topping our news coming up upstate outdoors we'll be right back.