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Saturday, October 21st

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Welcome where folks. Spreading terror and before I get started I would like to. They should be about within radio range right now. Welcome Obama and add to the great state of south airline a barrel their way while I was gonna try to surprise springer on a visit says I go on to Seattle so I don't Heredia. You're gonna surprise you would visit yeah they didn't work out the OK I gave up told me so they're not gives you a I don't know I. Like diet yeah no doubt at odds are really no home that it nobody knew I love you mom and dad. Are here again we're going to odd man I tell you lot the other last week that da da the dear god has blessed to me in my opinion here in the great confounds the the intercom upstate in fact they came in big white bags and they'll do injury me in my opinion thank you. You should thank you frank Lancaster down it to a guy to the front and very cute thank you brought us any does the dude and I'm like yeah I. That's. I know that's corrected his dishes where the flavor is generating. And here aid in in in in if he do this like Tim you and also this is owner. Stayed outdoors FaceBook page as well as my personal FaceBook page as it is everywhere he. The flavor to this innocent comes from what you do before so we to donate is one quart of apple cider leaded or unleaded don't matter six ounces of beer. One and a half pounds a thick sliced bacon. And at least one bottled twelve ounces of barbecue sauce you're to a size so you could take the children innocent into a shallow baking these. And eagle porn nothing apple Sadr apple cider and beer. The cover I don't go to sit those and refrigerator. Two hours minimum along with a better okay they were gonna remain bad in pat dry and then you don't know what apple cider beer. Yes bring an action on the way we always beer. You know volunteer committee OK unless Hillary's and and you go to returning to India have to do that either return the of this into the dish and you go to take your barbecue sauce and put on. And you don't put it back in refrigerate for at least two or three hours. Are even longer the longer the better cause that's where I was player's gonna generate soaking into this dear okay. I didn't know preacher out no real front I eat charcoal or gas don't matter. And you're removed a mate from the freighter right and let Spain trying to get you know Britain to Richard or close to it and you gonna wrap beach took of innocent in some of that big. Sliced the bacon and Q it would toothpicks all right. I eagle brushed the growth rate was tomorrow more you got the stuff now we can despray it to keep it for mistaken RE complacent little bit of form you agree with you like whatever is best for you. I think you're gonna place to visit paces on the grill so they are not tension. And the bike is gonna kick up some flames that's why sometimes it's best to do we'll piece of aluminum also the flames are such kind of because like up column of our department command I could go to drip okay. And keep my own man hiding or have the bacon you know what is going to be flame and I grayling turning occasionally while brushing with a barbecue south. Do this for about fifteen to forty minutes until the biking is good and being almost Burke the bacon on the outside. And and I tell you you'd go to Mona saucer. It's really good the flavored comes from the bacon in the cider and the barbecue sauces to his mouth water and you need to try that recipe Osama him backstretch she got brother. And please tell my wife included cookie to list on its overdue on top vote girl but girl listen up this spring here a guy. No cook deer meat Lackey is they. Store Bob piece of cow okay do not over cook it very very very easy with the deer tear knees love and gentleness and not much heat OK got that yeah they go about Europe and the question. How do you cookie until the bank in Smyrna. You only know you've got to be rolling eagerly kind of you know what state claims up a long time now riding an and that's the break. Aiken is going to be rampant that causes the thick slice I tried to run almost completely covered yeah the deer at the Venice is not will be exposed much did all it. So basically it's could get in in a bike in hot you know an oven and in a bank in pocket to make your pocket here again and that's how you're able to how can you do don't buy converters but the the the deer meat doesn't set very. They quite flammable on the back towards us was a. What do you make it under the Portugal. Does this make you know the back grants. Got to Medea aren't its there annual warning that you first should watch out for dear own state road motors throughout the state need to be constantly we're roaming the white tailed the year. Despite a persistent rumor. Motorist for injuries or damages resulting from deer collision you have to track down a dear Steve he's got any insurance. Giant. You know you would say something like yeah yeah so but as a stage human population increases and more people mood of the country. It's increase in the commuting traffic is basically in dear related areas which now and you're going to get that far into it. Department of public safety reported rosling 2400. Deer vehicle collisions in 26 named. And I would pretty similar to figures from the last few years group dare owned from the late 1990s when deer everywhere they were everywhere here. They say sales deer management through regulated annual harvest. Is the most effective way of curtailing it deer vehicle collisions and South Carolina is pretty bliss dobbs I don't know anywhere it is a where you'll need to. On new year you know like. And and probably some of the highest deer vehicle collisions occur in states like Pennsylvania exactly where they don't allow you to deer hunt though like maybe three days days out of the year. And only with primitive weapons and pin rocks and instead son he had a logo that. Don't really evil guns you know who. Now if you're low when when your travel alone in nears a dear sided will hit a vehicle. I don't know I don't know is springer gimme your input on is they say sounding the whole or in several times. Flicking your headlights. And if no other traffic's coming in reducing the vehicle speed or recommended now I agree with the slow now apartment. Blown a hole and I. I don't know if any of those worked as are just suggestions okay. When you have a situation like that you can do all three but here's what I please suggest you not do yet is this deal some of these smaller roads you know how where you are calling yet. Don't don't jerk who earlier you'll and swore okay I know you're thinking that may be better off than heating their dear yeah. But man a lot of these frozen of these no shoulders and summaries you know county roads around here you do that what's gonna happen. That's how you geeky there you get NA actually say later here an article policy is. You know. It did taking evasive action his marrow is what you want it run off road hit a tree or you wanna argue the call our future another caller. In a thing about it is Heidi if you hit today or hinted you're slowed it yes Arnold buff Lincoln lives and I. I don't really think that just try to reduce your speed is much as you possibly can without losing control of the year and I'd much rather some money isn't any big pains me to see dearly India is on the road and they saw level already started but it also pains me to see you know and mortar but you got these crosses involved almost sounded right there were some water opera nutrients that life. Don't let no one ton Jiang is we talked about it are earnest and I went how changes here a few weeks and it's going to be even works OK yeah because you're going to be movement at a time one plays a lot of traffic in the in the day like there's going to be no daylight comes goalie get dark at 3 o'clock. And is just in net income plus the raw that's going to be even cajun Gloria so just be aware of that work every you travel and it doesn't matter. And this is be aware were you say one dear you're likely is more. And also be aware when you see the signs yet. And people so why they're arm across the downsides of Britain the signs just more likely here is they don't more particular trails. And it takes her and we actually got it takes is if I hit. Do I get to keep okay are due Anita tag any answer is. No you don't need a tag right but if you need it you you have to file an instance our pour and if you got that incident report shows no problem it was hit in a vehicle collision. Bin Hank yeah there's. You know have no problem you have pay you 500 dollar deductible to you heard sure there are some out of Iraq as a. I question and that's that's the exact truth of what Phillip price it. Absolutely let's go to our break in mean when we come back we're gonna talk about. What money Peco dear Nazis and his colleagues are here taking out inferior specimens actually help the dearer. Will give them for one more don't know that right here 0106 or video card do you have played outdoors the upstage talk station about everything bars feathers Europeans. Stay tuned in powerball parties want and. You. Well apparently. One of the favorite hunting patterns for a lot of our listeners is. Given what the old dog automobile. But we had once nature takes chances. What we're talking about you know not heeding abuses websites have big years out across three lanes of traffic to get one in Seneca one night. And you ask me with the kid as well we're not so honest you'll sit mom and Ellis company without a strong area got booed at. We got a couple more yes. Woman Raymer you'll take. I unit you're from Alabama okay all right any great takes about a way textured opera's take on this is bottom there's a reason. We say deer in the headlights Lou. Flicking your price or heating your brakes and making your lights deal will make them run in front of you just keep driving. And lest they are right in front of you on the road. Great stuff. I don't think that I I can I have a question about us you know deer eat. Have you rescinded neighborhood dog bit no lose. To let traffic go by before he calls yes he he's a seasoned doll tests and he'll stand there you know yes and not written in in there are some season dear I'm Heidi if I have done this before the you know and I almost stand here might produce cargo about forgo crossed. But to many flicking a light to do insult and erratic right he's gonna make him jump out Avi or possibly make him. And look into the trees and stand up from a another textured look into the trees. Instead of that the tree line and look for deer are glowing deer eyes hanging some backyards in the woods before they dash out across the open road will say it. Hanging some yards back into. Springer springer looks for does. Laura they got that confused because that's desolate springer rustic island for him go and as a backyard out of listen through district. Through and it can give me a banner and started stroking you have spent you know blow. Talent speaking in a deer management. Got this so article for. And this is back Chris Cook a wildlife biologist divisional wildlife and fresh water features I betcha he's Auburn graduate. Your take which means he can't play football but he knows all about out or try. I think I thought they can okay say he's talking about. Culling deer deer management through calling doesn't work. Now the main reasons for a harder term deer management dissatisfaction. With deer in their herd is the size or shape for the handlers on the books observe. Don't they don't possess Warner dean quote normal antlers and are judged inferior. By many deer hunters are managers in their opinion any book that does not mean that does not meeting specific minimum. And our size must surely be genetically inferior. Since they're subjected to the same environmental and have it have a tech conditions is books with bigger better form mailers. And removing these deer as quote polls to improve the herds and our genetics is the next logical step. In many of these owners and managers month now before before sitting. They should stop and ask two questions are the problem. And we're traits. Genetically cost could cushion in the second is will calling correct the problem answer to both questions is difficult if not impossible to answer. And in determining the cause of the free range of books and or abnormality or deficiency. About look and edited live deer on the hooked is practically impossible. Well say OK dear subjected to every day of their last demeaning things with the potential to impact. And her development injuries being hit my car the funny thing about a deer is. That I have noticed he is if they have an injury on the right side of their body. The abnormality won't show formal list out of their immediate paying at and vice Versa so if we've flowing gets hit by an error or hit my car. All the lists out of her body there who have. Bill have would do if you wreck only on the opposite end. As they age. And in baton deformities he you'll see that and we'll go back. The united it's crazy and in and another thing is. The they're growing handler or the pedestal and usually the main call percent some injuries such as injuries to the body. Who like message calls abnormalities. To the year immediately following the innards of the injury in and give back. Now. Let's say some near researchers feel that that pedestal injuries associated with and ads say yes this is the most likely cause of that spy called one side books this some members observed in a field these steer you clear adult books and asked two and a half years or older to have a normal. Handler with three or four more points on one side. And just a spy cornea button and now another argument against calling books is the lack of understanding about why dear white tailed deer genetics. Why till dear genetics including amber genetics or poorly understood. As a trade for and our development what is known is. Free ranging deer herds and her genetics. You'd have to identify and remove the doom. That produce the cold looking questioned so we're saying here he is a lot of engineers like anything else you know Emmy you know earnest and high school athletics is. It's not just the males. It passed down the genes. You know that that doesn't do so how do you look at it dead to say well hey you know she's got good genetics are not so. Basically had to read this so what. What they're recommending. He is you know hey if you warn an excuse for shoot the cold beer I had a shoot it. OK if you won't need him because it don't bill pace any different no basically. You're not going to be able detailed the genetics of the year by Luke and it is Amber's exactly. Okay most likely what you're seeing is news or intrusion in a year or Al injury or something like that. But you king table. Or some cases some places too many clear yet whether or not I'll get enough. I've heard ilsley look when all I'm say in his spikes I'm saying despite what got imagine knicks know what you got so much young video. Says that let him grow you know what you can age be your own who have if you utilities of bad and a half year old beer. VN. Dance win. We've made progress yet. Ivan if you'll be your problem I'm pretty decent rack at every turn off well SO let's go to break. Woman combat we're gonna get Jon Stewart from BA SS nation we're gonna check in only horror won't see how that tournaments go. And real quick got a guy here so you ride a Harley and thanks for the tips on driving in deer season he had the biggest when he a result he's not 740 start right out front and pucker factor TNB save that don't have motorcycles. 10630 upstate outdoors video Arcadia spaced talks as we wrap back on the flip side. Or for the last couple days here I've been following the bass master that calm you go on the year and you can see you deep bass nation. Tournament which is going on right now on lake horrible. And give us an update on that we've got Jon Stewart he's the best nation tournament director John welcomed us and outdoors. Well oh how I do my job and have access. Dude and yeah it. Would John. Part of club I tell you what do the the ups State's association with bass aegis he gets better and better. Millwood had a classic here a few years ago road there classics come in back. But this really cool term limits you guys have gotten go and own now the Basque nation. We choose it instead of be an all pros it's it's amateur anglers from all over the country. As well as several foreign countries to also a bit about that. Absolutely. It did is one of the few ways. A true grassroots saying order you know lose the war in man yeah. Got to work all the horrible weekend in May actually make it easy gaggle bass master class that is bird Basque nation and then. And eat there we have state fascination all over the country there's 47 states sent chin born countries at all have a detonations South Carolina fascination that you know. Suburbs like that. Com and each one of those who have made up of about the big it close and they and they work their way through the clothes and in due to. Onto that stage she. Wants to make the big game they go to work regional we have a central eastern and I don't western region. Well all week long term and then from the India. Each one of those states or countries sent their our border and non voter. We did it and you can't eat or network fascination championship. End. From here we'll very that it entered into the late in the day there will be three more. And will be doing that but I gaggle bad master class yeah. Overall are so. Work cited it it like it. A lot of we angler division that these they're referred to the grass roots saying voters are classic and we try to treat so bad like bad. And so it's just exciting. Well you know the guys who were stationed in the tournament there from Arkansas or Alabama. You know they trailer near boat did they finish in over here but what about the gas from like. A foreign country like view earlier you know him to pay you have no idea what. What do what do what haven't they haven't they get to future in this tournament. We we. We eat some of them I have their own to deal with and work deals in the company's deal to retrieve the country be in the morning get over here and they just need those folks and they grow votes. The other the other countries we have but I think it Mitt. Then we work with our sponsors. To Iraq that the boat that we can provide them so. We had a couple eaters remarked altered the diplomat euros or at Phoenix's that we had been due. The system and allow them he's so that they Seattle water that all our own language AP EEE also all about the fish. I'll say Maher Al warm that whole side yesterday. Now he want both of them and any he's also vision black spot as well we put him in one of those so being exposed. Yup and more a virus and 1 of our buddies morning walker from palmetto bugs that are. He is a -- Phoenix and then nine true dealer and I know that they made several bugs available. For this weekend so it's it's just got a lot of lot of local flavor in near to an. All. Who Marty has been happy to you know couple of those countries. One or more trampled their last minute and Marty actually have to step. And loan and then we've been born anglers a couple oil. La mode just right off the lot so we really appreciate article that is we did not meant. Oh absolutely and you want to hours reading. A dual when he into this tournament from last year's champion was that they were concentrating own. You know trying to find. Near lake Carl always is is kind of a mix the Sri discussed spotted mass and it also got a large mouth mass and it. And I was very surprised to hear that a lot of folks were trying to target spotted bass. To win this tournament because it typically that's a tough thing to do win win a tournament are oral spots. Sure. You know a lot. I'll be quite honestly I haven't. Had him you know get much out of the inning we're we're not. And I cannot be inherent goodness only get better every you know got a little Maya yeah. I don't really know what what they've been doing or why they didn't do that. I know they've been talking on the elderly guys that are vision didn't thank you guys that are actually dishing today. On that made it I think most of them our vision for mark now there can't spot that I think. The wars that are here that saw I think they're targeting more now let's talk about seeing them. Prudent banks and and so forth but I have been I would give that much out so. It's going to be interest being you know it's it's super tired right now I've been watching and you should not. Been more abstracted. And it just change begins its new home back and forward. The top guys at their business and Arabs in each other. So so is going to be an exciting and it. Yeah and it looked to me like it was peso in the full field was now all Thursday and Friday that some of the guys were struggling and we talk about that a little bit earlier in the show that. Look these are these are your average gas and in a wine. In the air respected each after or one word like you see it were bitter bitter division. But they did you know they don't get to come down here for you know two weeks in in in you know all the entail I mean they do it's it's very instinctual featured. You give normally its basic I can't imagine a guy from a foreign country via you know commented springer Sid. One of the guys is like war I'm typically used to hippopotamus. It's come into the part of LA and others here yeah right right. I mean even even even change that you know our cable channel some Little League right now. You know people who eat yet he doesn't shoot first audit that you know he. You know also either didn't. Eat in a totally new world he even though it for America he's. He's not used to it either so late you know there but figured out of that and they're. You know warm that are upon all our I've done a great job of chick here and now you have to. You're bored anger vision vision them in the pot portal appeared today so you know they were able to do this and and and the Australian guy. Even that would ensure an application today and they don't even have. What we'd call by half they have a different is that basically it all the time blues but it's not really at bat you know I would. Didn't recognize that loop as the battles are vasser and things got a different look in sort. It is it is kind of need to save it from all the world of different techniques and there are ways that they go. You know I've got I've got a close friend of mine who the reverse happened where he went to. He went to Australia to speech. And he discovered her in Lou I think there were rim feature in but it's not bring them like you and I think about it. And he discovered a lure over the air. And brought it back over here I was like man not steal a feature here 'cause they never sing is an Australian lower car to crank a cramped. And and then now they're the best seller Kregg Graham over here so yeah this is pretty I'd love to give them a look at the Australian and aides say tackle box and see what he's what he's brought to teach with. Yeah it's huge birdie just nah I don't they've executed bigger media I don't know what they think I'm telling everybody wrote. Opt out or looking hairdo well maybe Israel immediately. Yeah and how cool would dad may we were we were talking about that earlier. Then it's you know a guy who one is a way the the club level and you managed to finish in the top three. In in in in the mass nation championship. And how they way you do an expiring Prejean get to come right back here the lake horrible and species in the Super Bowl a bad speech and and the bass master classics a man and that's that's a Cinderella story right there. Yeah it. Aren't idiots they're very you know you probably got that contract that a lot. Amazing that you didn't shoot forward and and a lot happened but you yeah I mean other warm. Let the commentary. That you devolved read. Walk crawl back classics that Asian and you know that's it to life changer to do that. Yeah is that it's really beyond our problem. And I'm part of it and be able to put. Well the old guys you know accomplished their dream didn't use it's so neat it's neat deal. So the the the the final competition is today that led the remaining twelve anglers and of that the top three Wu will go all the bass master classic. Now the way yen is is that at 345. Gazette and was it when he official weigh in is today. Where are urged Israel about the reported about three ball landing. There's there's a smaller. There while they won't come out a little bit or walk around look at both. While all of the above energy and support them and you get through Newton and we'd love to have him come out walk away. Entity that the green upon landing in a Vince senator. It's deaths guys in it that's that's been a big attraction for a lot of fisherman and know visit Anderson is hosting net of the end. And they've done a great job with supporting me. A lot of tournaments they hear and net facility in Nutley exodus this will be the second this spring will be the second bass master classic. It's gone from the air so willow we're getting our money's worth that out of that the that they're agreeing upon landing and event center. Absolutely intolerable Floyd you know we travel all over the country. And and being alongside news it's right up there near the top those as one of the best. Yeah than it ever want to turn that so that sent the law that I I've traveled all over there and that thirteen years. It is great exploration and Neal ball in his group has visited an a and amp it's a work work. No we can't wait to get back to require it to me and I know we have mothers against their will or what you are in the future oil. Also when Jon Stewart bass nation tournament director. Will let you go because you you've got you've got to get to work here in just a little bit and you folks that are in our listing area. He's still got a little bit of time you can run down to agree upon landing and visit the expo NC to weigh in in. John we just appreciate you being on the show witness thank you John. It's yeah. I dream part boy if it it it hits the catalyst of its name is nationwide now coming you know everybody knows they don't know nothing about. Bring Berlin and a part of that similar gear and a McConnell yeah. When this car break in no ma'am we're road rapidly approaching the end of the show springer is gonna have the calendar of events and him will bring you are parting shot. Police and sushi right here on staff are sort of six very Debbie how are they the upstage felt things about our bodies. In the locals using yours sounds like be right back. Well from yeah dark dark man. Miscellaneous body. Hey Aaron to account. I haven't got a couple of local Minnesota wild Turkey federation chapters are having some banquets. We got one coming up next week 126. The F Piedmont chapter South Carolina. That we haven't that the south scared out of National Guard armory. And union at 165 industrial park road and for more information you can call Kevin. And 8644276117. Or click on to the national wild Turkey federation South Carolina chapter under habeas it is there. Also another one coming up on the in November on the nine. The little river. South Carolina chapter in this will also be have happening at the National Guard armories but at a different location how late going eight not past and Eddie vale where the big bucks Rome obviously. And from Moran information magic and Carl Bobby John. At 864 NAND 422802. And also that is of the that event as well as listed only in WTF South Carolina against. On their website also every year we hear to same thing. How much don't have I'll we horror stories about fried turkeys why don't tell you where you can go to get the 41 morneau cooking turkeys in this goalie right now ministry here coming up next month. And it Cabela's. Are they don't have coma for far. They don't have cooked Turkey like approach that does not look for pristine as on eleven okay from 2:11 AM to 1 PM. Cooked Turkey like a pro also on the fourth of November they don't have flat tying basics from 11 AM to 1 PM. And then you're gonna get another Turkey frying safety tips on the eighteenth. Of November NASA Saturday from eleven to 1 PM. So and you and I think our buddy might be up they're doing senate calls pitchers or lounge and I am yes I am so that's another slam that's going to be coming up later toward the end of November. Looks like a round in their free pictures by the way Saturday on the 25 of November. Also coming up increase ever are we got a couple buddies of hours they do this every year it's called the talent she pheasant hunt. It is going to be ethically house on December the sixteenth. And all the proceeds are making a difference for a child a Christmas okay and there are going to be two Burris a hundred feet deep spasms for each bullet. Okay. Now what you need to do is you need to get jury from union need to get a hold of loss to worry. McCurry skis me before. This comes about could they need to know in advance harmonies come in and who's tight and so forth a socially and caller but he Oscar. And 8642258704. All are probably better yet email him at. If seat curry south board. At BellSouth. Dot net and I yeah I hear they have a great time every year. What he's yours coordinates McCurry is now board Vietnam's now more well that's what this is what's at its best ride there and I think that will hurt how I'm sorry all you Oscar knowledge like you know the London. Gives her pick it hit nothing but kick. You actually you know these big anyway you say that's going Alabama fan you Arriaga. You know and that's then film doesn't worry gaggle Taylor seats and Susie I also. I PS. Promo where where's this derby FA LA dot com. It's a story at a born mouth. Born Mal thing England now owner offense coincidental. Says that kids took an unexpected turn for one fisherman after the fish he was smooching jump down his throat. Sam William is an amateur fisherman in Britain and he was going to accuse the speech. Before releasing it in a tribute to an Australian efficient ship gets in there were saint Jimmy Houston now though I. It's almost like in the same thing mentally pictured. Such a daily policies in picked up Cason feast the policies by and hit golf fogleman all right and speeded now that's right here you know. I wish I knew what kind of feces was but the fish blocked his Airways triggering a heart attack. Friends rushed to perform CPR before paramedics arrive. Now removing the speech had to be done carefully. As its gills and barbs ducking it dug in. Tag look like some sort of pet fish type deal or kill a snake he had Boris Johnson on Toyota's got a ball it's not good. And how big was his feet I don't know that's I've never I've could not find a picture of yeah could not find a picture revenue anywhere out Reece you know tick the American from a picture. A remove him if he's had to be done carefully. One pyramid exceeded that in seventeen years on the job he'd never seen anything like it is. Quote media net done I'm busier area but coyly is doing OK on Monday. I'm all raw right and it's my Australian. That's Australian I'm more like I'm a bitch a you know boy gold really just really don't expect it Hoffman. They've been things bought this all the time you just don't expect to have any. So all of the actually now here's my here's my here's my imitation equip them. Many said they were completing a column nearby in around Hilton William. Within five minutes and reporter asking this is. Is great which accused of fish again. Probably yeah just a bit bigger and DOS so. So its own is the type of visual is I'm not. And you don't like how so many different species a sigh oh yeah and some of those places so I was there are so it was like a flounder me did you heard this. So I don't okay. Where is Indian reporters is is it traditional for fisherman accused of speech and why did you perform that act. Any aces I think he stands for Rex hunt. There was a fishing program in Australia and these kids brazen things was accused the piece before win back so I guess it's were picked it up from. And I was solo let a hog warts. Only can you imagine that these guys got to watch Jimmy Houston yeah light that light bill's farm lip lock almost 78 pound bass of any names you. Our cinema in a bigger finish coming I mean I'll I'll I'll slaughtered a lot of stuff you know but it was unintentionally I'm doing okay now. Hey I bombed some bombs and army not even edit I've even had a yellow jacket. In my mouth caught operator are coming right out of a natural like K and so you know bad things can happen you know but I don't know. I don't know if he was when he lit accusing you know usually you know we would Diddy inhale real real quick look. I didn't and eighty thank you are smoking a cigar is Bob Dylan and I not failed at age. What do you what do you out of your you know you have boys got. Yeah now the official boy scout opponents say album. I swallowed a frog actually it was attended one time because when as a kid output and up on my sister was taken a shower. And uploaded a policy that we had the window going in the shower not put it up there. And how was laughing so hard as she released a prince and I guess it was you know back during the summer. Years and years and years ago what she smacked a screen and how was laugh and have mud slugger Wright mess. And went like half way down oh my god are Osgood now before I got this thing to do differently in Maine he's mr. I know she reminds me and all the time. How did before we get our guys only got a minute I'd like to say congratulations to mosques on wheels yes. He just graduated from basic airman school would be air force. Air force we would air force. He's out in a San Antonio Texas. And a good job we'll Oz that's it also say say thanks to Zack stokes from upstate South Carolina FaceBook deer hunters FaceBook page and Jon Stewart springer not much time. God bless the next week get outside Deere run in Q1 Gillick cute little toilet seat next week expecting protecting John Nicks out.