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Saturday, February 17th

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I did this I know. Listening to a state outdoors 01063 WORD I'm Philip. That's in there near enjoys Gregory joins us radio talk for. Interest of the shot into the show yeah I don't. They see these guys how Sid you know looney tunes yeah I'm Dan Dan Dan did. And a publisher well whatever would let cleric culmination of the Muppet Show and listening to there's no Muppets show maintenance and an outdoor thing. Drop off. Like you're. You don't hear we're those oh. Aurora near near listen to us as a player and we've got a great show for you today we're gonna start out with the upstate outdoors blog alone how to follow. The bass master classic in our guests out who I guess maybe the official kickoff to. Bass master can come down was last week. When we interviewed KBD. And you know it's just did that time a year here and now we will be having there's going to be a lot going on with the bass master classic which is coming up. Marks the sixteenth through eighteenth. Italy horrible. And no way he ends it the bonds score well must rein in bass master expert is going to be at the TD can be considered. And we're gonna have everybody beats you wanna see they year. Hopefully only show where it is between them Neeon probably not everybody you won't say who were we're gonna do that part of mark Zola. Talked to all of Jones. Talked to Casey Ashley. Talked. I had talked to my guide and Eliot the world IRS reviewed mayor and course today you don't you don't try and today we got Randy Howell. And now we'll tell him on the year and Bruce bacon is going to be in this studio. This week own ESPN upstate. He's making a visit to the upstate this week and so. You know he's he's their internal way you can or not so well I'm gonna jump in the studio. Home to hope. And talk with him and will probably replayed it'll Saturday should. And all that same day. It's probably gonna happen yeah spring or go to so what we're going to be covered intercom upstate with the with the upstate outdoors train bag economical please let me what the Bobby Mack said. Same day. It is not the mag nobody here. It's going to be you money being. This would not be the same or less the black attack is here to bring it money pretty out there you got it back I don't think I handled just a joke out of show. I'll guarantee money. They gave me a whole different aspect I. I don't know any different on Saturday well we got more hours. Our audiences are not true and it is clear to you know my god can only an 82 allay yes. League yet they do I. Also on today's show we're gonna have to get under the weight got the standard 3500. Semi automatic shotgun. It's a good Turkey gun got that off the truth about guns. Indian in the second hour spurs gonna bring us the real dude keel cafe with some satellite you inspire me yesterday you were having beer. Battered track beat him there. Inspire you to drink beer and I know that you're out you. Rock fish and you know Hillary for US are facing the Internet yet. I have to enemy enemy not had to get out is a man jury on bill Ellis but to win. Blowing forty mile forty knots. And I mean there was no word Allah will be able again listen. I was suffering at work domain I have had a heart they've had a lot to do and it was hard to stay focused. And all the doors on the back of the lower house wide open a bit. It was beautiful either you know when the winds blow like that there's there's not too many places that you can give I mean obviously if you got a place would have banks are so sure you were hoe bit bank. You know you stay out of the win. But it's you know of small pond Greg tells a great place to go and steal had to use the anchor but so yeah that had a great time there. And it gonna talk about some. The some outdoor. News we're Remington. As planned to file bankruptcy. So we were I think it's a Chapter Eleven bankruptcy where they will steal beam business will give him the details of that. In the end will cover story from I also is funny it's the truth about guns to. With a Tennessee ball wildlife resources. Law enforcement officer was asked to leave. The Outback Steakhouse. Because he was wearing his firearm. And Howell and then I am having far though he would end it there there's a lot to do that and but will cover that during that segment during the second hour and then. Also in the second hour and have Scott Whitaker. The dust South Carolina director of a CCA. The coastal conservation association he's going to be on the year with a us talking about. Stuff go 10 would probably tell its own some a year of the yeah fee Shaquille via news bigger from the coast but also out but if I'm not mistaken we we talked briefly. They're starting a couple of new chapters. Foresee CA in the state and they're going to be here in upstate now so excellent listening to that he fury. Coastal fishing fan also have the calendar of events which is just grow. A little yeah. He's blown out hi as an effect it would have had to do Philip of better words that are going to be in. Starting in April I'm sorry I mean come I can't even get to those on colleges state who was left in February in the first of march frontman again and it. Amid seeking allele and cut off. And in front part. Shot today we got to be a story of body did get used to it follows from this guy and knocking honor Alco. Did you this'll be the first time we've covered it but has been covered in this stadium to. I I sit before you I don't know yeah. I love stories like the end of a new. My top audience you could cover our stuff we do. He's got that elbow he does have Al Doherty a little bit on it somewhere yet puts a little bit as a man Friday will bring you use in here and he'd win. That's a great idea yeah well says he's. We knew we just sleeping yeah. The idea. Because he's good with a lot of Mac such as small fragile calm everybody is. Follow. I. Big dinner. Hello out tiger her records on its slide just like James Bond in his later years yeah you know run you let you. You might think you might think yeah you. You pulls ammonium. That's what you've got to worry about it keeps you will know Luke. Okay they had cheneys got me and it's got 36 and no else then India room there and hold at least Lil Rounds yeah. Probably got to come together. Blade in new year in Spain until I know he's got a 1911 voting on the Dow OK it is sad deal for another. This is innocent arguably knowledge seek a guy well loosely. The comment just sun you'd enjoy and no one day of spring ahead. And then by the time I get off my money there Friday gauge what we got today but tomorrow's supposed to be pretty pretty decent supposed to set to harm our trying to get down upon as being. I can hear column meet them there springer. Is frank and Narnia and then you're probably denied OK with these ice on Saturday broke it I mean any particular today David and Oliver placed in a stunt and Internet porn India when us our here come down there it's it's this and big boom. It was really a little bit surprised. The lurid time that I got to get out and you know doing a lot of stuff with the behind the saint yeah Lou with people he's been busy degree for the bass master classic in and in all this stuff and and prepare in and it may just had to go in. You know it's a mud hole is just like anywhere else it's it's Muddy Waters Coburn an hour really surprised at your community well as you put those there I. God. Do you have got. I did not do that sales are. On. The U I would note I did not do now is an all day. But we're talking about the pattern and yeah with the water being cold especially in something small like net com. Fish were up did own a bank trying to get in at real shallow water world order the it was warm and it's based on wind blown sat him so you know it's funny now. Even it even it up the major patterns. Did that work in the big lakes even work on smaller if you just offerman and think that an ago. Mom I'm okay maybe scale it down a little bit looks like to me is looking to either out of China can't script yet yet I don't hurt there were some in there. OK I had hurt. I'd tell me there was some in side. I want to fun afterward that. Sure there are those and I did find ammonia does every day and literally nothing in it. This Saturday as John got hundreds Elliott synthesized. Let's go to right well we come back we'll jump into the yoga pants diaries would of stayed outdoors blog how to follow the mass master class. Right here let's say outdoors 1063 W a RD video of stakes talks station power about parties and everything out door state to will be back on the lips. I I I. You yen buying new rear. Look let Sam know blog. Lightly and it. Three whole warrant. 103 hooked a three hole on the hopeless I'm I'm hopeless is Leah. Other idea I know I I'm kind of mental health center at three wrote a broken solar similar in my weren't. Rob was sort of open source OK one of philly's you bring your score. I'm sure you bring your source wouldn't you muted it and I guess he thought that he's always pickle boat. Yeah. Well the yellow unsettle or blog which is own our wares on the station. Website at 1063 W a war indeed dot com go on the blog six and and look for the veritable. Heard a punch Mo in among all of the political ramblings. And you'll find some very useful information if you are a bass fishing fan. Fishing thing isn't upset have been looking for the return of the bass master classic ever since the final day of the Viet in 2015. When native son Casey Ashley from Donald Seth Carol I was crowned the classic champion. And win the return of the severe in just a few weeks. Anger should begin making plans to follow the classic. And its return nets march 16 today taint to like horrible and Anderson with weigh ins noted the Bonser core words will in the Serena angry bull. Fans designed to get the most for me a beer we'll have plenty of access to the competitors as well as hundreds of vendors and sponsors of the event. Now Thursday access need tobacco will be its international put this in here because Monday is a problem it is via so to speak. Private meeting not necessarily endorsed. But on Monday in U you've got the informational man. The meet the elites will be at the Anderson civic center correct a towel glee and failing this morning he's Sid make sure you mentioned that when you talk Randy our own here comes Randy how's the keynote speaker for the Libyan. So meet them Monday meet the elites. And ugly and did say make sure you go he geek bleacher tickets in advance. So so that's what got that I didn't write that and block. Thursday march 5 think will be fan appreciation day at the TD convention center from two to 4 PM. You get to come in their road bill those low although the elite. Fisherman fans are also invited to witness daily takeoffs. Of the of the yet which will occur each morning at 7:30 AM at the green upon landing in a Viet sinner and Anderson asked the boat ramp here. And in a Bonser corners well Serena will be open the general public each day at 315. With weigh ins beginning at around 430. Voting fans are well known for following their favorite competitors on the water from a safe and respectable distance on Monday at. And but for those without boats are warning to enjoy the actual without. Give now to weather. Bass has instituted technologies that brings fans up close and personal coverage from each boat. Via loud stream on the water programming called classic laughs that's a program that debuted during the bass master classic. Here in twenty thing room and is got got a quote from Mike Macinnis the same but we did knew we'd been doing bass master loud for many years. But if that were just coming up our third anniversary. Escorting in my Macinnis the vice president of media content Tiant. For JAM associates and he he's also the producer of the bass masters TV show all the ESP NT. Says NASA short amount a town do have truly changed the way bass stands enjoy the sport. With the technology continuing to get stronger every year. And guess by the enemy into Wi-Fi coverage who let anchors at its its alternate Internet based the coverage were bringing to ESPN three bass master dot com and bass social media and 2018 is going to be the best. We've ever seen now it employs technology didn't did enables lab streaming and near from HD cameras. And and I don't know if you remember this not owned Sunday. Of the class in twenty feet thing. I remembered one into the year you know we don't we were were know what I Russia right right. But still had the the Prius past Craig waited until they tell me inning and we went into an expert right and near there there it's you I'm I'm a member got there early and you were there early. You know before the crowds got there and they were show wind. Classic glass on the big screen takes her in and out there were only showed one thing. Casey actually load Nuba it was speech anyway it was after AME because it was lab stream and right and he was out there was count them you know obviously it was Colbert coming overcast day. And you know where's it. Don't LA you know it needs though when that little. What we're under Stalin had a little understand. In addition to the fishing. The classic lab programming will op also includes commentary from bass master who's Tommy Sanders. Mark zona things and recently retired in league series angered Davy hite providing both inside and analysis to the competition. And Jim Saxton who's the vice president digital for basses in addition to allow this year will continue to enhance. Our digital coverage with more up to the minute coverage including more video from the water. Bringing mr. straight to the action on like oral. Ice is and we're digging deeper in the statistics. For every angle or use in their career statistics to give insights on the tournament. In bass track for instance visitors will now be able to see more data. Own each anguish today says two. Also warn of the greatest Rawls the bass master classic is in the bass master classic expo which will be healed each day it is Villa at the TD contingency and agree with the expose the largest event of its kind in the country. Showcasing the latest in bass fishing equipment and outdoor gear. For the tips straight year. Dick's Sporting Goods will be the presenting sponsor for the bass master classic outdoors exposed daily admission to the take off. Way he ends the bass master classic expo. For. Don't gosh I like that trial cautioned that can in twenty Dana upstate area set a record. Consider a second highest attendance level for the bass master expo overall pondered in 3000. Attendees. And officials with bats are forecasting that number to be exceeded. This year I love their masters in May and they come out and grows I love that last Tom I think it was kind of cold and that may be hill it is because it would hole I didn't but I encourage all the fans out there here and I if you came last time. Come again tiger embrace some Iowa you agree so. More information you go to bass master dot com or just keep it tuned here 2163. W war because we'll be all over us and abnormal we give you everything you day. And to the Dexter no it would not be tellem as loud as that is happening the bass master classic you will be at a later time and date. Well don't own television only television it's the streaming thing is what they're going to try asked tracks and I'll let SO. Mom you're gonna have to watch you don't want if you were once a lot what you don't lock let's go to our commercial break and you won't we come back will never give us time to grab Randy Howell. And told him about what he thinks will happen in the next month. Right here to stay outdoors 1063 WOR DV up stakes talks that have powered by a party. Best vision entendre good body Renny how torn fourteen most easily fifteen class no fourteen boards and classic champ. Iditarod minutes late getting. Welcome back stayed outdoors is on the radio and continuing. Our mass master covered bush. Four were we got a quarterback and listen Melissa look this month. And we have got. Yeah my favorite contestants. Quarterly and anglers did raiding houses all the file with the Randy welcomed of Saddam endorse. Man has it that you are out are you out there or not you and Tony hearing anything. Man out there out thank you I'll be outside at everybody before like a mile. And now. I know now we we probably do Randy. But I'm really me and we we really knew coming to an agreement along the Alabama. Chris Dodd bowed her head that I had at the classic I would museum last time we've your signature on the brother I'm all and I. I humor. Angela and bankers lawyers around like color occur. I got a thick skin and I love it. Carlos. Restaurant row yeah how. I might learn they've learned actually you know it's pretty springer took you. Gloves so when clans and war and yes I did and and int he ticket like a man and he's been given he's given them. Yeah so I Atlanta immoral about you don't you don't. Or radio talk about the the upcoming bass master classic I mean to edit 2014. You were crowned champion what's it like to be staying in on the stage win we win all that comes to fruition. Matt say is that it's still even nearly forty years now and then it still on unreal just unbelievable. Memory brought counterstrike back about it and he's just not explain it's I'll look. Strange about being out here Graham and intranet that'll. And scoring Reggio may have alive and Brantley about it yet George found it peculiar that let you had an occasion that hungry for more. I'll knowledge colleges are now we're learning now what parallel quarter final tie and then it out fell apart on me last night so I'm looking forward. Back or are also learned. What are you like about Le Carre war in your chances. Two repeat the classic championship. I mean update alike I don't have a lot of knowledge of the light but I honesty is one of them prior to their last week there and missed quite a better. Yeah Ali and they never. But it'll stay out literally in the water was low now your crack pot or what it looks like but I did light the light a light. Late balance it you know there's not a lot of deer water on the lake is the column I have. Certain situations like that have a lot of Asian little areas they had no creation the car or eking out a little wearing jets are marveling especially. Fish in a month later I'll warmer temperatures warmer water is going very right I agree. Like. Our. Work at Portland but you know it this amount will file in my congress Beirut good. Any into 4050 in the last summer class it was here lake horrible. The attendants and a following other crowds here anticipate. It was it was forecasted over a 100000. People. Visited the expo know how does that feel to know that you got that mean he stands following via civilian. It's just the best thing in the world during the class the bass master classic works I'll courier and dropped from forty. Lap 46 years now it is the that traditionally all of being in it and that's why we knew we live for it is for all years that BLP unit classical pattern matching him. That the hold that trophy up on the last day and just have an outlook plans on the Carolina's economic Carolina boy Bagram North Carolina on steel. You know that that areas. A lot of people. People are. And as you know it's great to have our classic bank on the other's burdens the canal like air it out like that works aka Monty don't advocate she's. And another thing Mitt do you also have to promote the use of Oman and what is at the twelfth. Republican I'm William La or spray Bruce Rudy keeps counter events. You're going out and help if the Anderson civics inner. Anti meat group believes in NASA you. That's a pretty cool programmed it to us on the local folks put together. We're in a lot of there. Inspirational speaker and as you're going to be the year and Hank Parker is going to be there and Alton Jones is going to be here. Giving some fishing demonstrations and also sharing your testimony. In were struck were really looking forward to seeing you. You know is sort of a precursor. To all of the media ambiance of the classic. We will bring multiple around a week you know practice when you have those three practice democratic senator signing them and beat. NTC are all 'cause it's always start out there are no official price strongly she says the money not a great time we did it last apparently were there is centering glimpse keenly delicate job put together what are his partners L Neil. New and Anderson colonial Polly Anderson there at that works. Commanders and area put it together which of these senators we got out of more people learn it note that time we were down that night I remember yeah. And it is still packed outside earnings everybody wants to come out for you know actually in life that the seat Hank Parker and you know all the other cars aren't so legend involved. Ride on the they should just be great opting to come here regard talk about. Interpretation or Franklin assortment of cajun you know or sister Gregg not to do it together and have a advocate. Already have been out watching you don't allegedly engaged in you're hearing and how to do so many different thank Randy and the company here for the classic I know you're not supposed to take any what what's biter but that is going to be faced everywhere OK in up lunacy you won't have a I'll promise you won't have to prod your boat from the trailer. But also supposed to have a guy. Whenever I had so I just have already a lot better and I just see it's go to be opened up to where's not a matter of am of how many fish you can't get to this is not going to be a problem is gone we quality fees in and I believe you've been learned some things allegedly fission. There's probably going to help you because even do a lot of jump basin on my jelly fish I'm not really bad. That's not a guy that's really that's not. That's what I'm known for my whole career really your vision got there. Ever there along the a lot usual spot locked in college happened glass now financial launched split open. Eight hour here my initial fire brand and it's a little each day. Just at or near Thayer put together get back ally finished that way. And I really gloom and scratches or would they want however I don't think he's currently awards original you know why Casey Lauren who warned the area. Thank you stand or be accused strange and everybody I have a good chance not bank. It's really gone is on the British province following. Increased borrowing money based on the long ball and is it. Thank everybody who will be stacked and and nobody anybody I'll panic they want him you know just like an hour on out of eleven like panel's backing come back and marks the final night in question currently in more band come back and want to take place so it. I think it could be another dotting you know finale on that last. Lou good lord is my turn to you'd do it. And in just look in damn it to your list the sponsors. It's got on May need it it's a mile long here now is really really cool Agassi at the end of it that you got wilderness systems kayaks which is. It is based out of Greenville, South Carolina is warning your sponsor. And note in her brief seconds going to be actually in the studio where this later in the week. I was gonna propose to Bruce then it's. The final day of the classic I think we should appreciate adjusting tax. Yeah and I think the thought about for the following. The main change yeah. How they have they ally of the gang that darted up for a couple at vision jet either guy at bats. TV show yeah featuring an eight stoutly a lot of outcry occasional boy and a lot we got like Gunner so we'll watch whatever aside. Qaeda there are about knocking out it is the rule at destroying an incision and I'm glad to be a part about it Wheeler has proudly represent whoever is right. In their whole area are there they're gonna have a classic gluten on our show and are learning products and has a clue. On a year toward you know serious bass fishermen in that in the wilderness or. And I think I think you viewed her in the final and I was in the final oh my gosh yeah. So we would have to either you get us this content like this kind of like say in. It the end of a NASCAR race leave his apartment cards in Rwanda Lance from Atlanta. Race didn't say New Orleans won't crowned the winner by the death. They birdies and I got them that that and I echo his virtually historically. I don't like you that don't so voluntary it's dial up front early. I I don't would be a nutrient in yeah I hope my attacker ran a lot and you kind of feel like an exterminator sunk in life. Yeah a hug don't copy your roof you know yeah strip I think I'm going to. It they know they're on a slippery elm on a virgin island targeted partly. And I'll battle not come out and Nissan Titan. It will pick up truck that I carry pepper top part of Iraq. I'll worry. Lot orders they want about divisional everywhere we go it can't Branson didn't finally have one out as political secret. And as we can have your wife Brandi I want to go I know a lot of people going to be shocked here but I really enjoy year your love to see each shot so your face her fate they are not lie to you I don't know that I like nobody out by a little. I think I know I just lost a little bit mum and collared deer but I don't mom and others really good stuff well wife enjoys it and it's really good stuff to see a couple like that. And it's is powerful stuff rate. Operation when you're have a time within weeks. Which got a little violently ground there could barely get your point years and we enjoy. The sport you're paralyzed now are scrambling watched teachers called school on the roads are just being out there together I am now. Let up around the Cameron and have a platform. To show that positive light on the paper so paper that they're just Aaron. Your relation you would you describe what bill that is good relationships and last liked and the need to have a bit and that's what result back. And aim in the you know there's there's a focus. Yeah this all the time. But they've they've got a lot of focus this year home owned the family friendly in in getting kids involved infusion. And you know I mean not not even to the original the whole middle school high school kids that are doing RS patient thing. But just you know being able to take you fail whale all week Q when you do this stuff. I mean ask got to be a huge support group and it did not a lot of these guys you know. I don't I don't think maybe they've recognized there. Yeah I'm really glad that analyzes you know supported mainly been more about bonds do we got married and blade and there and it on the road together so we at all you know stating you know there's a canyon and turned it doesn't matter how work right or that lecture everybody I call. Eight Stanley at all Obama sell certain. Not main Ottawa egging on McLaren rubble is let vision are outdoors and marks on lakers' mission hospital position now bass master how schools I'm get to him and his staff hole but then called patriot than him a pass that down into HEM you know emotional turmoil would do regret that current law. You know and continue to do what we do and spread it in there about a lot in its. Asian industry and you know that's funny because. Did you say that you've got a son is in restitution and a morning Robinson's. He is key is are big in advance agent although I think his wife is doing better we as about it I really is and yeah. And our. Boys are organic she's actually charged and that they're over there. There are boys and vigilant. Those served or really. Good friend of my boys and they have habitat fish and terror mr. several other schools so he uttered their priest out there don't they are no longer hear that Robbins and nine. A lot of teachers are now. And none of that really admire son is currently in our area who he is the top you know they keep an individual statistics do. And he's in that in the top actually the top high school bass angler in his serious willow yeah unsanitary and their. Hear a sound a Landers scholarship all the they're very very hottest artists I just had a side that actually got thank at all. I don't precision that efficient thing there are clearly out of Allah the street. In our local legacy though about current reserve board there's. You always do and and and make sure they did their education bill that college is crying about Albert road map there or is so long to do what we did you know so it's really great. Or ray anyway won't take up any more time I know I know we got to. Would you got a lot of stuff going all get ready for the classic green and just kick can't wait to see them and manage this best of luck and Noah. I will be looking for you owned on Monday the twelfth at the meet the elites down and Anderson. Insert don't get out there everybody coming out and have a great car ports. Well I think there there are like are also have innate need county does not our men appreciates you know not. God bless ready we appreciate that our great latter are catching up. Good man right there. Guess solid and drop out yet he is and in always willing to go the extra mile and everything for his sponsors and for his fans in I mean. You you really can't find. Any examples to the opposite ride band seizure and all these guys I mean AB and never back. Horse can anybody be able to be able to home school his kids and a wife and and like they travel as they. Group yeah OK I think only Tommy gets away from him is when he wrote often does a Major League face in staying real quake in Indian name when he's only the elite trail. The whole bunch of winning every night says for co. That's awesome let's go to break. When we come back we'll pull out the good on the weekend talk about some snow shotgun. Right here to stay outdoors 1063 WR EDS based talk station powered heart isn't shot goes up. Wow slight Ding. This week's gonna wake is this stuff hurt him 3500. Semi autos and shotgun unit Turkey season is just right around the corner. And noticed over EM 3500. It is a we college so there is eight. If the company is owned. Bob Minnelli correct so they have a lot of features in common to Sterger the Stoner EM 3500 to seven point eight pound inertia driven. Semi automatic shotgun capable of cycling everything. From the lie too into recorder reads today hit me three and a half inch Magnum loads bomb it in and it does it. I know this from personal experience. It does it will mean even if you got even if you got a three inching near a letter to a three core and you've got a mixed mixed the inning does it matter they're still gonna cycle. It's a twelve gauge the twelve gauge ships with standard accessories including. An improved cylinder modified to full. And expanded. Extra full Turkey screw in checks and not to mention a decent multi gauge show create each. And this dot she m.'s OnStar about disappear only three moving parts in the EM 3500 bowl. To help speed cycling and increased reliability. And then on top of that. It does it dirty city. You know because you are only slight slight they go and shoot in the claim that shotgun. This stuff over and a lot of your mini guns. Men admit to be stoned and in the bottom of the bone in a good and down in a mud land. You know you lay and Ornette thing laying on the ground you crawling up on a Turkey yet matter dragon at thing Madieu. A steel recalled reducer is housed within a stock. To improve follow what shots and balance the fire on the shot against balance point is ideally located. In the east this dip for the real. He's got a classic being related stiff Korea that runs the length of the barrel from the receiver to the muzzle. In his topped with a re add fiber optic front side and you know that's important this is. 'cause a lot of times when you're when you're focused owned. Let's say you're focused on a Turkey I can you phallic dragnet that day dad and he got an intersection. And it comes anything critical about that era and critical. Go to gun up in your life. I mean it's got to be almost muscle memory and it little rated big you Tony and who is a difference to a unit eat some some some joggers just got a little blueprint is the middle. And you like. Home here a big difference yeah big difference in net. The receivers topic is is drilled intent to you he sipped and included Weaver. Based come out and optic. Arm. At the end aired their thugs a user read I've never been in a big fan of Scopes. That Turkey guns mean there. Certainly wouldn't want one on I mean you would have to use only if you use it for waterfowl or you know. Well you'll but at least some states where like Italy that deer was shot guns yeah they only had it well I did you know the tree and he is to have like the Ria dot sites optics for Turkey but you know that's a little different you know you're running gun. I'm running gutter and indeed there lot of guys who would rather sit coupled with the EU and us basically you know where you got more open spaces set up on the field or on out of a blind. And and it might be taken a little bit further shot. And or closer up shot you know which one's more difficult the close shot of the further. Again. Well there really is yes so you know you got there rid dot opt ticker whatever cannot secure portal gun you know just just. You hate to do all that work Indian bride miss by two inches. I shouldering that EM 3500 both the full arm angry up. Are. Our our our they're good size they got they got a little shot to and so you know unlike some of these other shotguns. A minute they feel good in your hand. Com. It it's it's got a very eerie long flat area that you as a shooter plenty of options. For hand placement. In this woman skewed so real whale rounded get on. Indian sub about a trigger. The trigger a group feels. Like sort of went on polish bill Neely triggered like a city it's it's not the year. It's not dear dear premium coming on and you can see dead in a price difference. Between the store owners and the the bin LA's. This gun retails for brownouts. I think it's ahead of Dan here somewhere. Manufacturer suggested retail and it's around 700 a little bit under 700. Verses anybody Neely or you guys you know super black eagle three over the Vinci is going to be about 2000 dollars correctly you're looking at less than half. In meg 94 really quality piece of the cool yep yep I'd love a lot of buddies have I mean you know dale bill. Don't have both demise there might uses Stover for a one time vote on ending got the Minnelli. Or some I know very few people need much of an excuse to collect another gun turned the united. Mom. Now here's one thing in the this in my extended both handled reaches seven dates of the need to pass the sound of the receiver. Men that provides a welcome surface. For positive contacts basically when you're wearing gloves now the debt on Saturday though he is. Because it did speaks the ins over they had. You sometimes you have a little bit of a hard time pulling their furry. A space link co whether insurer under adverse she no conditions. And other standard feature is gonna sling attachment point Nene course S in the usual place. A sub ball release button and a pretty cushy rubbery Kol paired. From. Indian and another thing. About the gun and we we talked about this albeit he is its ability. To willow work if. Or an automatic you know taken attic. In May be it's not in the best shape I'm not really raise my hand about there and and say. Not to my to my bill Neely a route to a gun Smith. In and I knew I was gonna view I was gonna give a little Q and you know original us. Man after I got all the drama ended in the gold in them and ended dirt out of this thing and delta areas yeah. Everybody's got a and I look at him and acid may I just you know I just don't notice it because the F. I'll pull you know I'll pull the the snake sure down the barrel sure you know we were so often but as far as is actually a reality we have taken it apart and only half high when it works why why are. While we do among the same but we the feel of the time they get the same thing. As far as did the author of the article here is Rick I mean he he's got a recommendation of the federal black clay out of when you're talking about pattern thing to go line. And he's Toma pattern near death through improved cylinder choke it thirty yards to pattern it. Sid the unit averaged 53% of the payload landing in an eighteen inch circle current standard choke. Was was pretty much about the size via com. In the injection you know of course addiction is not really a big deal as big a deal when your Turkey on. As it is when you're weighing she can go to it yet could you only hope really only get one shot. This is. We're also good gun for like five stain it meant that makes it and in so that nest works really important have the cycling on it. A lot. Did this is limited in some statistics for two run at a time here. It was at the bottom. The barrel links is 48 inches which is also available in a 2624. Probably wanna go with a point four for Turkey hunt and just to keep from buying in on OEMs or if you're winning she and especially dogs you wanna go with. Something longer like 28 inch no rolling for the gun is fifty inches. Finish real free Max five rap and like said read teal manufactured about 779. Dollars. Or there's a music love let's go to the break the end of that rule will be right back. Roadkill cafe on the flip side this is up stay outdoors only 1063 video card media stakes talks nation. Brought to you by everything else out every night goes by anger and everything in.