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Bob McLain
Saturday, February 17th

Upstate Outdoors


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Other folks. The mad ship himself clear. 30 source what it is salas I don't care I'll love it thank you mark Hendricks. Only hinders become I was on like a three run springer so were I like it like it you know. They did not both up and it's never amount although there OK you're going to the weather finally finally we got some warm weather if we can just. Get the rain just kind of give us a break a little bit water temperatures warming up crappy area in the bottom of the Ice-T S. My partner here was slamming him yesterday I cannot in a roundabout way which is cool. And so the only thing I can think of to do today is beer batter preppy okay gauges on. One pair of a traffic delays or if you go to serve more make it more pounds of traffic delays cut and a finger like strips 112 ounce beer of your choice. One half a cup who let out water half cups corn flour one teaspoon of salt. Here or go through what he's bona. Every cup aboriginal doesn't really a half a teaspoon cayenne pepper one cup of flour vegetable. Oil canola whichever one you lie. Which you go to New York into your beer into a large blow. And the corn flour salt operating tying him to the below. And did you know we ask a whisk is the best thing to do this week of whiskey it's all this stuff worked up into a fine. Milky sustenance that is great for crappy full eyes took I. Until you have a frothy light batter. Now here's the kicker put it in the refrigerator for about hour and just let all lists that in Bayern just gather Ali that low with the beard in the paper in the oh my home it's good stuff by an hour less than in there riding in a big prior deep skillet. Rob anywhere everywhere doing in which about two inches of all 375 degrees you wanna get it up to. And at this time you go to Madrid stuff Malays in the flower. Shaking it off the excess flour in the and you go to dimple in the beer batter hope my and then code ruling out. Prominent neo until partly golden drain awful paper towels and serve I'll serve a little lemon wedges tartar sauce hot sauce French Fries Kobe air. And sort of a favorite ways to do it correctly and you could do a lot of these dissuade it crappy just seems to be that that Beasley when it comes literacy. You know more and more folks are talking him out to the yeah fear Fryer and stuff like that yeah it and the old school I was invincible. Yeah NBA and I am Tobin unfortunately in my stomach is not old school I got it in our it is old school however prop eight Indian that the problem that I have resist. In in I've been our best we will medicine you know hey. Yeah I used to love frat fees coming used to be my favorite thing and I'm just keep tolerated now move and work on things they say is you put to many of Meehan at one time because that cools the whole off true to end it and you know you wanna have written probably about a hot issue beauties showed up hookers about three feet Keaton. And you wanna put it and we know we've talked about his meaning it's just just you know maybe one. Allay fears Foley's cook them. It's like you say it if you're cooking and you don't get to eight month you know you know he's got to go now yeah now but but I you know my tendency is to make enough to CNN Dover doll out in what happens is. It gives more volatile nature does a course you know my favorite is the use peanut old rising as the. That hideous. So there's your problem I want to matter and cents earlier date according to create a small pawn in his backyard for raising pay in fees I would suggest you call. They have a a system or what they have people they did develop you know bonds yeah. And so for the help you would add and they also have they have a vendors who comes the end yes and we'll you can order that. A reward now would say about that is if you're looking at raising painfully she. The bigger the better true reason billion and main course the deeper the better of her and you know we're really more calories Oz kind of surprised about the pond despondent at these back him Hannah house. Yes not seeks a foot deep. And it froze overhaul our hard and I you know I don't I don't believe that it would kill all of creation I would be interested to know how they spin the winner. Hunkered down on the bottom had the coolest thing amoled tomorrow in order for our hands and now they Hungary the F and but you know of the deeper is always going to be better because that's gonna. Provide you with better quality award during the summer. And also during the wintertime. Com if you if you view it if you view it as a if you get too shallow and a summertime and yeah true real hot stagnant water you might have to have it here creator true to as some oxygen Tuesday it in a bit of the bad thing about pantry she is there such such prolific breeders seeing Ted this in a very short order they can and make him blow out coupon and and allow beast on the says you've got a small pond like that you've got to remove so got to take fascia got to take eye removal from. Our pond every summer yet. You know some of them in a phone book is by Netherlands get bowed over the day AM in the all the kids in the neighborhood on the other side of epic epic afternoon. And that's what I that's worth six. I'd change gears a little bit that's agreed did there was an outdoor hub. A Remington outdoor company. Has officially struck a deal to file for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy Remington made the announcement in a news release. We stated a prepackaged. Reorganization will be filed with the US bankruptcy court in Delaware. Which is hated to blast Stephen Feinberg sue reverence management. It remains. My city got the got the news release here says Remington at this is from Madison North Carolina before the twelfth. Remington outdoor company. Today announced today it has reached a restructuring. Support agreement and RS say it was creditors. Holding a majority of the AFG operating company. Law term loans due in 2019 and seven point 875%. Senior secured notes. Do you in 20/20. And those are also referred to his third lane no star SA provides for the reduction. Of approximately 700 million dollars of Remington is consolidated outstanding indebtedness. And the contribution of 145. Million of new capital into rim instance operating subsidiaries. Markedly strengthening. The company's consolidated liquidity balance sheet and long term competitiveness. Now you know a lot of this. If you say war. He won I wanted to do an ambassador first then they came imam landfill arm. Let's say the. It's split it do you think there was any of the problems they had with the 700 recalls already a man is Miami they had some of that tape. There was actually I am trying to read it found an article where they were talking about. That's like Carlson really crappy publicity about it you know crappy. Yeah well. One of India's gone sales. In underscore infamy revered gun sales have. Really slowed down yes you know during the Obama administration it is meaning you can't do well. It was the gun salesman of all the time how it's. You know now that you know win win troll won the presidency all the fears that it. You've gone through going to be taken away in all this stuff. It kind of slowed down. And so good sales slowed it. In so you know when you're when you're tooled up. Israeli make Nolan guns and in all sudden they're not there they're not demand forms on there and yeah so. That's part of it I'm sure there recall of the 700 in it they also ahead. It also has some triggered issues Seattle or. I'm sure that didn't did that didn't help at all. I get culmination of several different yeah I'm not I I'm not a financial analyst money for this nation out and adjusted just to be able to pronounce solo were actually here. Com and in its sales to me like they have a lot of outstanding dia. This they were you know home princes to the holdover for you know twenty 2019 and 22 when he. And it maybe it'd just could maintain unit got. Dave ranges say will always say these two great day race a little donning the Don know too much money they say you know Littlejohn had filed Chapter Eleven magna. I came form you type. You saw today. Donna hanging out at a street Johnny shoot no more dirty hit only. Which. We do they are now wondering OK numbers up we take your time hunter your problem of goal and texture comes in his as I found in vegetable and all holes. And different types of holes although cook with soybean roll you up okay which usually messes up OnStar looking down rhetoric if I'd defrocked fish will. We made news peanut or all of hole. And juror peanut all impure are level and stay away from all other manufactured garbage led the way you put that senator. Aren't you have to use a shortening or old make sure there's no soybeans in May that hit. No window until you would in some than it did a million pop time in common I hear you we both low volatile path. Because he's a lot olive oil well. At least over problems you know are varied let the implants I don't know one maybe is gonna biggest lesson and alcohol allows those. I could then into the ethanol. Springer and coal and ethanol and water reunited skyline view when you get out. And another. Another techsters sent out. I can't apostle living under my house drove him out of the woods and leading guy who. Drove them out like when pat and I got this is to give up to release him in and couldn't help but wonder what would springer Dave wadded on the same day. Possibly yeah how to out of got him Heidi and you know the thing about how. What does not matter among neighborhood. You know if it's age it's no big deal. Now I think of them more limo while old tomcats until around now by the end of art and. There's you know. You don't kill my barker exist. Are on the Internet about that is sort of like bring you know blew the PO I guess a pop some got together and hired a PR firm that says you know. Blossoms are more afraid of today looks scary but they're more Freddie unit ether way if they're they're waiting ticks in the and you know land and you know. Don't kill apostle and just because the F and everybody humane ages in Elaine and yes it is get rid of all alone teach him not need Turkey eggs and I'll quit Q on the mysterious. They go Willingham Ingram and Clinton knows what do it possible. NASCAR regular or come back. How we've got to cover this story about the Tennessee wildlife resources office. How much they want you off thinks negating your full. Right you know let's say out or 1063 to BO RD gets placed all station will be right back. Well we got this. Well we're really running the truth about guns. Dot com website today with biggest misstep on this week absolutely bogus story off. It it was owns a couple of different places is is a Tennessee. Outback restaurant asks. And armed officer. To lead the restaurant. Many are now back threat for us still thought they were in Australia. So Andrew Ward is a Tennessee wildlife resource agency officer his recent trip to an outback restaurant in Cleveland Tennessee. Didn't go as expected. He rode up on his FaceBook page he said well we had a first to not wells at work tonight in uniform. I was stopped. I stopped by Outback Steakhouse these several with my wife. And I was approached by the manager an asset output my gun in my truck. I let her know that I couldn't because I was in uniform she didn't win and made it calling came back. And we were asked to leave the outback because Al Mac. Is a gun freeze home now the good rays informing on the doubt that Andy he says well no don't blame in a major but this is ridiculous and we will never go back. And did the and they giddiness of most of that it's into into some. Personal opinion stuff with the with the the author of the article. But he's he points at a uniformed law enforcement officer who was sworn to protect and serve the public is worse few service. But 'cause they have a fire form. Indian there was actually some some scuttlebutt about that after when all social media dislike everything else. And he came back and put another FaceBook a boost. We're he after he got her a response from now MacKey sit up date with the situation tonight. With now met the manager has apologized. And is sending us a hundred dollar gift card they can be used in multiple restaurants. And stated that a lady sitting next to our table. Failed scared for her life. Because she saw a duo line. Ask us a world we're living in right now guys as she said police are shooting people and she could have gotten shot in the parking lot. And a manager had to walk her and her husband tumor vehicle parked sneezed he punched in the net oops well Indian you know here's the thing in this this came out. Both for the school shooting you know those are your latest school shooting and everything. And this right here basically it basically it encapsulates. You know the public's. Oh were were so afraid you were afraid this side of a gun listen you have got a trying to law enforcement. Officer right there year. And in your skier for your life because he's wearing the gun you should go up and thanked this man hey man for comedy in and for risking his life you know in what he did it does in in and obviously he's a wildlife resources. You know officer showed their prime Miree. Focus he has law enforcement Mino but media might be yes like we did Jordan all while back to you know we must be squirrel cops the worst deal. You know Lowell force absolutely but it suited to Brady is all that raucous with the manager in a like he's weak and nine. In in in and think about that and aftermath of what happened this week. You know him. And you look at any look Koran and you look to the sign and you go. What is happening a mean in this world rail and a us where we we would ask a law enforcement officer. You know I don't want you rail what she wrapped. Happen is somebody wall the end and decided they wanted to to rob now Mac stores and store shoot NATO. It Portugal and you know one maybe we should indicate that law enforcement on the ground with these gone you know Damien Horry or they say wolf. No doesn't go to coming here because we got to sign on the door tell us rest and energy is the same is the same deal the DNA in them I'm not we don't need in the politics early so I don't. Omission of like they do on the other shows owned owned. Oh billion Lordi bullet. It just it blows my mind and to feel the way people think. Indian when something happens. They wanna blame to go on for some Crennel is he going to soghoian cows that the gun came up and just started shooting the era. Okay and it's not only you know all the other stuff has come now we're being noted that the folks would the mental illness her. Are not receive indicator or the law enforcement folks who knew about this in advance or should have known about it. Aren't doing their job but you've got a law enforcement only insane protect and serve and a public. And they're like not you go away as stats we don't need because you steer us. That's that's frightening so that's frightening I'm in in you know not to. Is the restaurant is he's welcome any. He's not or pay for his male doll there is get a free every timing well in. And you knew you were were stiff and over into the salute service they they don't murder Tor I'm sure they don't mind but a lot of a lot of blow restaurants. Hey they say if your uniform officer commie well we'll feed you for fur. They also. Well here's what happened after the story went viral it was scooped up about anti gun rights but. Pro police mainstream media. And Al Mac started backpedaling like crazy and according to Miami Herald dot com the manager misunderstood. The restaurant's policy on guns according to a statement from bloom in brands out Max ping company moved to WLO weigh us. We've always allowed uniform law enforcement officers to hear their side arms inside our restaurants written statement. A manager made mistake made a mistake and we have discusses with her. We've contacted biggest personally and apologized. And and here's a cool thing you can I ask for officer war a war. His religion lady and her forgiveness he Sid the it was a mistake made in Nancy it we all make mistakes. And we must move forward with our allies that we move forward and learn from past mistakes are no longer mistakes listened. I am not nor will I ever be a perfect man there was only one perfect man ever walked this earth and he dad some 2000 years ago to forgive my scene ends. Powerful world Lou. Out Mac you know or Mac uniform. Law enforcement officers can Kyrie as their firearms in SATA now Mac. So yes it's ridiculous idea I guess we'll call that a PR recovery. I mean but do you want to. Yeah we spent our time with people like this is this law enforcement officer okay that's a people we wanna be Iran yeah you know rude people we don't want rerouted. This this guy's ball arson neared it was scared. But calls officer headed to the. Well I mean the most disturbing thing for me in and it's it's not new news to me because it's not new I understand that but there's a whole segment of our population under eight. Who who say. Who police are shooting people as ridiculous lie. If I'm I try to avoid being around police officers it's because they shoot people. It's because there were break an all or added their lives are are are in danger aiming and I just it just blows my mind makes me angry don't do any does it makes me angry to the way. You know our society. Views. Both guns and law enforcement. And if finalize something I wanted to go away group okay. Can't imagine in this public campaign with a broad brush here is not. All of society but it's a number of right now they that this really hated it gives me. That's dooming him evoke exactly do you think anybody there agree with it works and you know nearly via I don't even know. How much that matters because he's just the whole voting process is called into question now idea but relegated to politics might might jump into this some mixed Friday when springer now will be only Bob McClain show man and we can talk a little word of that little more politics for awarded a collar free for all fronts. At a better time he met. He may or you know you met that now I. I didn't now we're not wielding ultimately make him proud of of what we do and in what we stand for approached -- let's get a break when we come back ordering up are buddy Scott Whitaker south funded director for CCA and find out what's going home right out of state outdoors 1063 video art media stakes talks station RRD state and model act out of state outdoors is on the radio and we've got Warner Breyer. Some time. Collars yes yeah we talked to Scott before we S Al Whitaker. The south on a director for CCA on the phone witness Scott welcome mat to of stayed out the worst. Thanks so that would mean you know until on end anytime you don't want me back outlook have. On the intro try a regular also are a straight out or certain. Excellent excellent Scott. So says Scott you're you got in Charleston you Dennis anyway. We are on top been here are pretty much smaller we're here operated he just. You know they would with a lot of good folks here in the industry and and and shaken hands and Intel about. All the good things are going all the South Carolina and and you know hunting and shooting and fishing and are things of that nature so great crowd well are fantastic there's probably almost certain degrees overcast so humidity. How are now have a good time it's great that being the low country. So that this though since the southeastern wildlife fixed positioning goes on every year. And no more years you'd downtown Charleston now where they have and adapt. I'm imam actually the guy who publications opening bell on the album I'll stand outside regularly are oratory. All the this extreme form going in and out a very. Good good its aren't good weather. Geely are gonna tour Melinda from one Tom after we get off the has to tell you about it yeah Korea intended to do you know when I do we do. I can't tell us out hey hey you wanted to talk a little bit about. Zuma. Visited some new chapters. In we BCA. Arabic right and appreciate opportunity once in armed you know to see Asia where we got a full. Footprint over the entire state because fortunate in this state South Carolina that in our horsemen and and I and our anglers. Com we have a fantastic sporting heritage here in the state and there really room from the coast. All the way to go straight. And there's a lot of salt more crucial in and out state and and there were really border. A large footprint perceive your way. Com concerned anglers. There really enjoyed it coached true. We have Chad Curtis all the respect South Carolina they'll be two more that we're gonna be starting on this we just this year. Our reward catalytic body know all your your listeners up there. You know week we fired up our upstate chapter once again. And now they've got they've kind of been coming up on March 1 they are actually going to be our lead off chapter program by equatorial. Although it's presented busting hump are coming every year. So that the upstate chapter is is back in all. And will be our very first banquet I'll be here on March 1 the national be downtown green oh. At the Greek orthodox church I believe that sound right yeah. Yep so we're looking for a great crowd arm fairly bored ultra typically the title sponsor of bat. Also beaten you know a lot of great. Great anger and it could fellowship confined. So I would. You know opportunity you're you're listening out there that character assault or anger or recreational sophomore and recruit coming associated with some. You know as some other so or anglers are part of our special person might be a great cop forty. Awesome awesome in in in an opening up about. It especially this year and warn of pick your brain on this a little bit. Are we we have a couple legislators. Only show where this talking about. You know with the winner feast keel the potential for a winner finished keel and we had some some pretty straight up conversation. I think Stephen gulf between L win this talking about. Hey why didn't billion are clues Daytona. The fishery because. You know. Because of that the cold keel and he gets some great information about whale. You know. We're not real sure how bad this piece Q was and also that when you. When you closed dale beneficiary like there that it. It's not you can't keep speech which you can't even a tipped. Two kicks those feature a lot of folks would be against that says so what's the development in hand with the volunteer he closure ideas. You know and that's absolutely true sponsored go digital is. A staunch. Recreational anger army he really is watching out for recreational saltwater. Fisherman intruder to reach port street is a you know very concerned angler. Are so we're we're very fortunate to have him. All in the senate on that particular committee and they're knowledgeable about interest on that yes I'm glad I had. Glad to hear that you patty Moore and eager to become. And he is correct. The way the law was written right now if they close at featuring. Then satirical British security and attempts to carry spears the way their actual language Greeks. I don't think that we need to have that respect soccer while Patrice here it would. You know would abdicate look this is absolutely necessary to closing down the picture entirely. Obama all you know. We got that going home pert and Eric particularly in general picture race. Some time SEC he's been very vocal about so. All the cold weather energy question directly yes it it just gonna have some of that. We're still working out the united what these facts are you how bad worst. We know collusion Trout could Trout are not nearly as hard your red finish. And they end their life cycle is much different from Edwards finishing the red pitchers are very long live this from the this would be forty years old. Well don't know that he merely that law. So that like cycle has a lot of people who feel that they'll grow of the weather the water temperatures things like that. But dumb we'd been here before. Arm. You know two week and was there was another really cold for years that we we gotta get killed in and you know through educational efforts and encouraging that that can't boarding care to connect great ethic that we have here's doctor are encouraging her to do the right thing. While we could do it. Trout you know the belt back. Prompted a point that I'll. Me. All probably the best culture is not patched so you know how law and it had a lot to do that educational experience a conflict. All right turning without having to regulate everybody. And then you know pattern making a reporter but they do it would do the right way and an open and educational program and help. First understand why it's important we do the right thing ever experienced treat these finish properly. And have been scheduled comeback at welcome back. We're talking with Scott Whitaker who's this out on the director of the coastal conservation association. And Scott all all of that deadline I think in the areas current legislation. For a reduction. In the numbers. Of the duke creel limit for radiation and and in course personally ask support net. I think read feast your a lot of pressure and you know warmth and our really really like to see. You know we do a lot of bass fishing here India state in almost everybody to a number I mean he did these bass fishermen. ET it is they who. Don't think about keeping a bass some in determines her allocate your release and so it's the mindset every everybody that hey I love to feature bass. But but I wanna release some and you know I guess sort of unfortunately. A lot of people like to keep read speech and may not our blighted not dollar reduced the creel limit but I like to see some education to work. We're the the coastal wranglers kind of develop that same mentality of site. Amid Cates is rid phase let me handle him or her correctly and that's putting back in a war. No I am very encouraging to hear you saying dat and if you remember. You're probably close to sign H. Are complicated you know our group and more older and we look at every guy on my grandparents and there's an announcement that at that. That epic was developed over time. On the insert no reason that we did what we did. Arm and had to do it that way so. It it really can't vote is grown and now we're to a point where he persona all ripped fiscal state of south tomorrow. Actually stepping relate. Off so. That ethnic picture talk about it truly come a prayer. So. We can continue to harp on that they continued to. To improve on that. One more people who could because. These this year being you know finish everywhere alone because in order breathing anymore. You know read this is actually. The most popular game this in South Carolina yeah I completely agree we keep on I think there are things we can continue to do. Do improve our fishery. Our entry educate anger because it really is a wonderful fishery that we gathered soccer on. Yes our intent. Actually it ticker compiled. The legislation that you spoke and you comments Obama will be happy decide that if but moving along really not actually it is it's passed both the Senate Committees and subcommittees and full committee. Arm is going public senate or shall come that week I anticipate. Are we have not talked to anyone in either body of a general assembly but it didn't senate or how. That has any objection to the reasoning time we're making these changes. So we anticipate. We we just like this legislation go through. Are fairly easily I hope in the next four weeks will absorbed in the prior governor decided oh. Yeah yeah and I really like the bottom limit. You know when you're talking about an anger limit like I mean it's really reduce net from three to two. But it's you know you don't vote it's got in fiber seeks anglers Indian and you give Sony's little rich fish. It's not hard to pitch sorry fish per person and into the proposed but limit is what is it stopped her about does that awarded a six for about. I'm gonna get straight out to grill and OK so that go the way that the way the book of legislation structured it'll be a reduction from current institute fish per person. What choose an immediate 33% reduction in the end now and August are and then for the first time will be a I've been limited impotent on on red fish which we thought would be another wonderful. Our regulation to have all. It's two and then the slot and will remain silent fifteen point three yeah there's some there's been some discussion milder you know what else can we do you do we need to do some other things. Get help this century. Com we're not a news out of shape as we haven't been before only pinch. Arm. It is it's called but we've been worse shag back in early 2002000. More and I'll rip this. When we originally made some drastic changes their. There's been holding its own so to speak so the change and we make they're deliberately trying to get it worked out but no war and no one anticipated. Huge population. Expansion and confirmed that stays stuck on a panel 'cause. So we got you know Netflix or just that while we got a whole lot more. Probably almost. Yeah or pipe times the number of recreational shot warring or that we used to have nearly fifteen years ago yeah. Because we've done a fantastic job. Of managing our recreational fishery here and saw Iran yeah. People say that is that quality alike thing to come back into oh good lord look at what they're doing here in. So we have to adjust that and now we've got some wonderful wonderful legislators understand it and six CA Internet and an audit education. What do the DNR. Are going to be money some scientific studies later this year. Equipment on to do some additional things just bars. You know some stock in contention raising some very Serb. There's a tremendous amount of focus. Our recreational fisheries in South Carolina right now right. And you know the name says it all the coastal conservation association a few folks. Are interested in getting involved would this is a great organization. You can go to the web site join CCA dot org. And cited chapter near you and know like Scott would occurred the south on director was just say in a bill Greenwood chapters got me back on line. And a Scott would just really appreciate you being on the show where this and we won't definitely follow what would you Wear this read cease legislation. Bug goes home. And no talk about that and what that's gonna mean for our fisheries. Not that I appreciate the opportunity and you know I think any time we get there the house you know title again it's sometime next month I'd love to come back would you talk about oil or I don't know legislation that's really important. That's just there by no this is not a result of the pitch. You know the free yeah so we were trying to do last year we knew we need to be done we're just trying to make sure we had everything in hand to make it. Are the maker at the decision makers understand what we need to do so. I appreciate your time until a really big yeah. Appreciate him being on the show skyline thanks a lot coastal conservation association. That's it let's go to break won't come Matt would jump into the calendar events and are parting shot right here or 1063 W a RD the F stakes talks Dyson knows they got lowers power by hardy stating. Including. Louis snore on why did. Not have a total Muslim one does call for the well. Important also promote the record it. Norton we'd its Norton and we used yeah holy guys they very popular radio lament this is a dear colleagues a beer call for a guy right now is. Normally I wouldn't as the countered with another bit. Sue other gutting another snort site and he's got up. Next Saturday fair territory for a oh my goodness at the new hope Baptist Church to have a wild game dinner which is located at war at one that won the naval college the distinction or any. They're still tickets available under a load taken only is our body and Joshua Carr he's gonna be the guest speaker. And don't have all kind of wild game there if two a mile loan and a dolls toy children can W get a table of eight. For a special prize so give up Branden ore to coal prison culminates 645941225. Now that is next Saturday so deal with a Piedmont branch of Judea many quality deer management association annual spring classic march the second. 6 PM the team being. Tin and indigo hall at one Ernie ease they'll street over my part of the world Spartanburg, South Carolina. Sixty dollar single and you can contact our good buddy it Barton Littlejohn an 864. 5850. 35 if you rearrested in math we've added we've got another Bancorp also. Is the upstate sportsman banquet that is organized and for a you know put together by the Greenville Baptist association and in the featured speaker will be shall Griggs may. And that's going to be old varsity eight at 7 PM at dream cars of south Carolina's and Simpson bill South Carolina. And if you are interested you can go to the gringo Baptist association dot com and get you some information off there where you kind of get tickets and were they available and ever how many tickets you would like to give for that. Also coming up on the second of march as well. These seventh annual Mike McKenzie. Memorials spring Turkey celebration opera while they outboard dream foundation. At the Watkins community sinners honey a path South Carolina march the second Tony eighteen missiles started 630. Who don't have a lot of good speakers they're featuring Rick and Dan Brown. A dinners drawings and auctions and for more information you and Carl coach Carol Jones and a 64226877. Found. Our Frankie and 864630. Now 340 and as we talked about earlier in the show. Media leaks coming up march the twelfth Anderson's civic center in Randy Howe will be one of those who will be talking to there's a guest speaker. Our good buddy Hank Parker when he gave him back a facility in real fun talking to Hank are. Alan Jones in more. And this will be at The Andersons civic center tickets twelve dollars mills spoke out about stories barbecue and all proceeds benefit mules or we. More so that article in Philly this morning and angry and worn a medium size on the year. Please try to get your tickets in advance. All mean you can get tickets by going to AC MOW chaos forward. That's Anderson Kenny meals on wheels. Max let's meet the elites did you just ghoul meet the elites and it you don't come up I just did it in and they have a button here. To purchase tickets on line their twelve dollars. And the reason they want then is because they need to get ahead Cahill right thing you do right and they'll have to cut it off at some point here you are not so you couldn't get them like the last day but. Don't weigh in if you not to its home it had half drive so you're not Marlon tutors savvy you can Karl meals on wheels that he's 642256800. As for the springer's left there really aren't you could pick. Also coming up they've followed a week in we've been talking about it we'll talk about a ton more. The guide go Tony eighteen bass masters classic present about Dick's Sporting Goods march 16 at eight stink. Agreeing part of any newsworthy. Lots often every kick out four believe for the terminate itself. Don't forget the expo at the TD conventions Saturday Antar we can also the way you that the whale. Own Saturday and know that zionists are on a Saturday Sunday all three days there will be waiting defeat CNET the whale that toys just go to be a Basque. Fishing free for all Hollywood in Greenville that the entire week in. Also February the 21 the hunting heritage banquet Greeneville wild Turkey. Bridge is going to have a job. A banquet at the Saint George Alex thinner. At 406 north academy street in Greenville in for more information Carl body bucks donuts 8643861825. And that's Rommel cut at all Phillip does promote the rest of Murray into the next month. They went in there just were so right quick upset outdoors will be coming to you how. Imports. Are stimulus. Out doors to come to you loud next week Keyon from the Cabela's will be doing a live show. They're mixed Saturday this is 24. And the old marks the second and third deaths the following week in. I will be doing a crabby fishing seminar for furry be Mullen Friday night at 7 PM. And Saturday. At 3 PM after the show my buddy Tom Mundy who's been guests on the show and probably doing a better seminar. Because that's. I don't I've dug Tom will be doing a crappy efficient seminar it TNN. And I'll be back in three to do a seminar that's on Saturday. March 3 in owned Friday night march 2 I'll be doing a seminar at the Cabela's lingering able. Home. Marks the second. And this criminal Rico Friday Dave Phillips will be only espionage state. Probably over Robby Elmo hoddle to 3 o'clock is sake in the DC you know of bass in in spring are now both. Will be on the body legs while dementia aren't. Not a worry if I don't know. Really anyway I'll read our brand gain our parting shot. Did games fall from the sky Knox and her unconscious in three yanks and honor in Easton Maryland was knocked unconscious by deuce. That he'd been shot out of the sky but a member of his hunting party. Robert meal hammer 51 was out with three other other homeowners. And shot gays and it knocked it in at night and Doug it certainly is harder to I think they covered yes are left to run at a time but like to thank our guests Randy Howell also Scott Whitaker from coastal. Conservation association. Phoenix went bloody minute this is that thing out doors. Stay Elsa.