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Saturday, February 17th

2014 Bassmaster Classic Champ Randy Howell interview


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Welcome back stayed outdoors is on the radio and continuing. Our mass master covered bush. Full were we got a quarterback and listen Melissa look this month. And we have got. Yeah my favorite contestants. Quarterly data and anglers did raiding houses all the phone with a Randy welcomed of Saddam endorse. Mad at that you are out are out there or not you and tell you hearing anything. And a day out thank yup yup but it everybody before like come. On this. I know now we we probably do Randy. But what are we really me and we we really becoming. A number of domain awareness Alabama. Chris Dodd bowed her head that I had at the classic I would use you last time we've your signature older brother I'm all. I hue and Angela and they're bankers lawyers around like color occur. I got a thick skin and I love it. Restaurant row this. I might learn they've learned actually you know it's pretty springer took you. Gloves knowing clans and war and yes I did and and int he ticket like a man and he's been given he's given them. It's out of Atlanta pure iron in about you don't you don't are. Or Rick taught about the the upcoming bass master classic I mean. 4014. You were crowned champion what's it like to be staying in on the stage win we win all that comes to fruition. Cannot say is that it's still even nearly forty years now since then it's still on unreal just unbelievable. Memory brought counterstrike back about it man he's just now and each line is solve our. Dreams about being out here ground and intranet that'll. Considering Reggio grandma lives something about it yet enjoy it I'll pitch that let you had an occasion that hungry for more. I'll volatile and you are now we're married now what I'll I'll order Altay. And then you know fell apart over the last night so I'm looking toward. Speck call our or. Or what are you like about Le Carre war in your chances. Two repeat the classic championship. I mean update alike I don't have a lot of knowledge of the light but I honestly each one of them prior to that classic there and I used to crowds and then you went and they never. But it'll stay out literally in the water was low now you're right our order. Sly about it like Atlanta like. Late balance kids you know there's not a lot of dead water on the lake is the column I have. Certain station delight and have a lot of creation hilarious they had no creation which probably can go anywhere in Ketchum heavily especially. Tradition and a month later I'll warmer temperatures warmer water is going Berry right is only. Like. Our. Work for Portland but you know it this amount will file in my comfort level Beirut good. Any into 4050 in the last summer class it was here lake horrible. The attendants and a following other crowds here anticipate. It was it was forecasted over a 100000. People. Visited the expo know how does that feel to know that you got that mean he stands following via civilian. It's just the best thing in the world obtained a clash of the best master class were my whole career and dropped from forty. Lap or six years now it is the that's traditionally Al Levine yeah that's what we knew we live for peace for all years that BLP unit classical pattern matching up. That the hole that Turkey up on the last night and just have an outlook science from the Carolinas economic Carolina boy Bagram North Carolina so I'm still. You know that that there is not a lot of people. And each. As you know just great to have a a classic bank on the East Coast so does the canal like yeah now that's sports aka what they don't package it. And another thing need to do you also have to promote the use of Oman and what is at the twelfth. Republican I would give up or spray Bruce Rudy keeps counter events. You're going out and help if the Anderson civics inner. Anti meat early elites in NASA you. That's a pretty cool programmed it to us on the local folks put together. We're in a lot of there. Inspirational speaker and those you're going to be the year and Hank Parker is going to be there and Alton Jones is going to be here. Giving some fishing demonstrations and also sharing your testimony. In were not we're really looking forward to seeing you. You know is sort of a precursor. To all of media events at the classic. We will bring multiple around a week in a practice whenever his three practice democratic senators signing them and beat. NTC are all there is always start out there are no official price strongly if you sort of money not a great time we did it last apparently reflected centering Glenn extremely delicate job Clinton didn't rob his partners in Oakville. Neal Anderson trauma and they'll Polly Anderson there at that works. Commanders and area pregnant again it would city centers we got out of more people there to note that time we were down and I remember yeah. And it was still tagged out turning everybody wants to come out for you know actually in life that the seat Hank Parker and you know all the other caller and selection involved ride on the the synergistic great up and become nearby talk about interpretation are trying to distort my cajun you know artistic Gregg not to do it together and have a advocate out. Already have been out watching you don't allegedly engaged in you're hearing and how to do so many different thank Randy and Tony Beverly classic I know you're not supposed to take any what what's biter but that is going to be faced everywhere OK in up lunacy you won't have a I promise you have to prod your boat from the trailer. But also supposed to have a guy. Whenever I had so I don't is that probably a lot and I and I just see it's go to be opened up to where's not a matter of am of how many fish you can't get to this is not going to be a problem is gone we quality fees in and I believe you've been learned some things allegedly facing. There's probably going to help you because even got a lot of jump facing a Major League Baseball. Or. That's I had a thriller that's not. That's what I've known for my whole career really your vision got there. Ever panel on the a lot usual spot locked in college after grant now its arched split open. An eight hour here my initial fire brand and it's a little each day just at or near Blair put together get back ally finished out light. And I real problem. Extracted or would they want however don't think he's currently awards the original you know like Jaycee learn who warned the area. Thank you stand or be able to change to earnings and everybody have a good chance not thank. It's really not only is probably strong than priest on my based on the long ball and is that. Thank everybody who will be stacked and and nobody anybody volcanic they want him being just like an hour on out of eleven like account backing come back on the final night and last year currently in more band come back and want to attain place so. I think it could be another dotting you know finale on that last. The good lord is my turn to you to do it. And in just look in dam and the F list the sponsors. Did god I'm maybe it it's a mile long here now is really. Really cool Agassi at the end of it that you got wilderness systems kayaks which is. It is based out of Greenville, South Carolina is warning your sponsor. And note in her brief seconds going to be actually in the studio with us later in the week. I was gonna propose to Bruce then it's. The final day of the classic I think we should appreciate adjusting tax. Yeah then I think that the thought about for the following. The main change yeah. How they have they Alla beginning of that darted up for a couple it is jet there I had bad. TV show yeah betraying at least tolerate a lot about you accuse him a boy and a lot we got like Paris sailed out all option when Everest. Kinda their their boat document it is the girl has strain incision and I'm glad to be a part about it Wheeler has proudly represent wilderness right. In that whole area are there they're gonna have a classic gluten on our show and are learning products and has a clue on year tour. You know serious bass fisherman in that in a realist or. And I think I think you viewed her in the final and I was in the final oh my gosh yeah. Do we would have to beat the other night that's us. This content like this kind of like say in it the end of a NASCAR race leave his apartment cards in Rwanda Lance from Atlanta. Race didn't say New Orleans won't crowned the winner by the death. Now they birdies and I got them that that and I echo his virtually historical. I don't like you thank you don't so voluntary it dangled out front early. I don't would be a new trend in in I hope my attacker ran a lot and you kind of feel like an exterminator sunk in life. Young girl a hug on top U Ruth you know yeah strapped meth I go out there. And they come and they are running at 30 my original island ragged Atlantic. And I'll that'll must come out and Nissan Titan. Diesel pickup truck that I very camper top part of Iraq. 03. Lot always they want about divisional everywhere we go it can't Branson and finally have one out is political secret. And as we can have your wife Brandi how lucky guy I know a lot of people going to be shocked here and I really enjoy year your love to see each shot so your FaceBook page they are not lie to you I don't know that I. Like nobody's shocked by well. I think I know I just lost a little bit mum and collared deer but I don't mom and other really good stuff well wife enjoys it and it's really good stuff to see a couple like that. And is as powerful separate. Yeah appreciate what you're they have upon it in and week which got a little island Leslie Brown's yeah there could barely been heard corn years and we enjoy. The sport you're paralyzed now are scrambling watched teachers called school momma rose is just being out there together and I am you know. Prelude to hammer and then have a platform. To show that positive light on the paper so paper millionaire descent ever. Your relationship would you describe what bill does good relationships and less like and the need to have a bit and that's what result back. And aim in the yet there's there's a focus. This all the time but today they've got a lot of focus this year home owned the family friendly in in getting kids involved in the mission. And you know I mean not not even to the original the whole middle school high school kids that are doing RS patient thing. But just you know being able to take you family alone we Q when you do this stuff. I mean ask got to be a huge support group and it did not a lot of these guys you know. I don't I don't think maybe they've recognized there. Yeah I'm really glad that analyzes he has supported not only been one out do we got married him blade then. There and at all on the road together so we at all you know stating you know there's a stand even you know and then I'll work right or that lecture everybody out by all where they stand Obama sell it. Not main Ottawa Iginla got a camera and my boys let creation of our car outdoors and must son tiger's position hostile position now bass master how schools seven Jumbo jet for him and his staff hole but then all right you've been handled a pass that down into HM you know locally most what was there were granted at current market. You know and continue to do what we do and spread it you know or about delighting its. Asian industry and you know that's funny because. Did you say then you've got assignments in restitution and a morning Robinson's. He is key is are big in advance agent although I think his wife is doing better we as a backup and I really is and it. And our. Boys are guaranteed to actually go to net thing over the air. NASCAR boys vigilant. As Serb or really. Good friend the mob or it and I have a good time Asian terrorist there are several other schools Louis better they're pretty stout or don't there around along nuclear Iran and nine. A lot of teachers are now. And none of that Rittenmeyer son is currently in our area who he is the top you know they keep it individual statistics do. And he's in that in the top actually the top high school bass angler in his serious willow yeah unsanitary and their. In a sound a Landers scholarship all the they're very very hottest artists I just outside that actually got thank at all. I don't medications that efficient thing there are clearly out and I allowed street. Now our local legacy though about congress to serve or is there and do what we do an in and make sure they did their education and college with the crying about Albert road map there or at least he is gonna wanna do what we need you know so it's really great. Or ray anyway won't take up any more time I know I know we got to. Would you got a lot of stuff going all get ready for the classic green and just kick can't wait to see them and manage this best of luck and Noah. I will be looking for you owned on Monday the twelfth at the meet the elites down and Anderson. Yes sir don't get out there everybody comes out have a great and I ports all it's a classic there there are like are also haven't. In a Munich and yet not collar men appreciates you know hot. God bless training we appreciate that our regular articles are catching up. Good man right there. Guess solid and drop out yet he is and in always willing to go the extra mile and everything for his sponsors and for his fans in I mean. You really can't find. Any examples to the opposite ride band seizure in all these guys I mean AB and never back. Horse can anybody be able to be able to home school his kids and a wife and and like they travel as they. Group yeah OK I think only Tommy gets away from him is when he wrote often does a Major League face in staying real quake in Indian name when he's only the elite trail. The whole bunch of winning every night so desperate they'll. That's awesome let's go to break. When we come back we'll pull out the good on the weekend talk about since shotgun. Right here to stay outdoors 1063 WR EDS based talk station powered heart isn't shot goes up. Wow slight Ding.