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Upstate Outdoors
Saturday, February 17th

Interview with Scott Whitaker – SC CCA Director 


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On the phone where this Scott welcome mat to upstate now endorse. Thanks the media until mom and anytime you know won't be back outlook to have. On the intro try a regular on south are a straight out or certain. Excellent excellent Scott. So says Scott you're you got to Austin and I you don't insinuating. We are out been here are pretty much as mourn we're here already they just. You know they would with a lot of good folks here in the industry and and and shaken hands and it's all about. All the good things in the one all in South Carolina and and you know hunting and shooting and fishing and are things of that nature so great crowd well are fantastic there's probably almost certain degrees overcast and humidity. How were out at a good time it's great to be in the low country. So that this Louis Lisa southeasterly wildlife fixed positioning goes on every year. And no more years you downtown Charleston now where they have an in depth. Time and mum actually they've gotten publications are putting they'll all come out stand outside regularly are oratory. On. This extreme pro government announced a very. Did good it can't give web. Geely are gonna tour Melinda and onetime. After we get off the has to tell you about it yeah Korea intended to do you know when I'm do we do. And I. I can't tell us okay you wanted to talk a little bit about. Zuma. That'd some new chapters. In would BCA. Arabic right and I appreciate opportunity once in armed you know to create or what we've got to footprint over into our state because fortunate in this state South Carolina that in our sportsmen and and I and our anglers. Com we have a fantastic sporting heritage here and state and it really ruined from the coast. All the way to go straight. And there's a lot of salt or crucial in and out state and the and there were really border. A large part pursuant today. Armed concerned anglers. There really enjoyed it coached true. We have Chad Hersh all the respect South Carolina they'll be two more that we're gonna be starting on this we are just this year. Well it really Mort kind of let everybody know all your your listeners up there. In a week we fired up our upstate got want to Ian and now they've got they've kind of been coming up on marked the first. They are actually going to be our lead all chapter purple bike trail. Although it's presented by actually not accompany every year so there's almost a chapter is is back in the old. And won't be our very first banquet I'll be here on March 1 and that's going to be downtown green oh. At the Greek or Blackstone trampoline that sound right yeah. Yep so we're Brooke great crowd on fairly bored ultra typical of the title sponsor of bat. Also will be it will you know a lot of great great anger and did get fellowship good aren't. So. You know opportunity you're you're listening out there that there appear assault or anger or recreational shot or a report coming associated what some. You know some other so or anglers are part of our special person might be a great top forty. Awesome awesome in in in an opening up about. It especially this year and warn of pick your brain on this a little bit. You know we we had a couple legislators. Only show where this talking about. You know with the winner feast keel the potential for a winner finished keel and we had some some pretty straight up conversation. I think Stephen gulf between L witness talking about. Hey why didn't billion are closed Daytona. The fishery because. You know. Because of the the cold keel and he gave some great information about whale you know. We're not real sure how bad this speech Q was and also that when you. When you closed down a feature like this and it. It's not you can't keep speech but you can't even a tipped. Two K State's feature a lot of folks would be against that says so what's the development in met with the volunteer reach closure ideas. You know and that's absolutely true sponsored gold digital is. Staunch. Recreational anger on me he really is watching out for recreational saltwater. Intermittent and try to put the resource street is that you know very concerned angler are so we're we're very fortunate you know. All in the senate on that particular committee and they're knowledgeable about century so yes I'm glad I had glad to hear that you patty Moore and eat it become. And do you correct the way the law was written right now is because it was a picture. And Sudan would reduce security and it took to carry spears the way they're actual language free. Pop I don't think we need to have that in state soccer competition yeah it would. You know would abdicate look this is absolutely necessary to closing down the picture entirely. Army al-Qaeda now. We got that don't want won't hurt in the effort particularly in our federal fisheries. Some time SEC eight been very vocal about so are the cold weather and your question directly yes it it just gonna have some of that. Are still work and not the united what these facts. Are you how bad at worst. We know evolution Trout could Trout are not nearly as hard to read finish. And they and their life cycle is much different than that we're finishing the red pitchers and very long live this from these this group beat forty years old well. Don't go nearly that well. So that like cycle has a lot of people we're built that they'll go though the weather the water temperatures things like that. Well it com we've been here before. Arm. You know two week and what that was another really cold for years that we have we can kill him and you know through educational efforts and encouraging that that can't sporting care to connect great. That we have here's the Opteron are encouraging her to do the right thing. While it do it. How you know PayPal back. To the point that I'll. Armon. Ask all. Probably the best Trout seasonal absence almost an outlaw. I have a lot to do who got educational experience of conflict and all right during without having to regulate everybody. And then you know pat and I get reporter buddy do it would do it the right way and an open and educational program and help. First understand why it's important that we do it right thank him or experience to treat these finish properly. And that the central comeback at welcome back. But we're talking with Scott Whitaker who's a south on the director of the coastal conservation association. And Scott all all of that deadline I think in the areas current legislation. For a reduction. In the numbers. Of the decree a limit for rigs teach and and in course personally ask support net. I think read fish give a lot of pressure and you know warmth and our really really like to say. You know we do a lot of bass fishing here India state in almost everybody to a no number I mean he did these bass fishermen. ET it is they don't think about keeping a bass summit in determines her allocate your release. And so it's a mindset every everybody that hey I love to fish for bass. But but I wanna release some and you know I guess sort of unfortunately. A lot of people like to keep read speech and may not our blighted not dollar reduced the creel limit but I like to see some education to work. We're the the coastal -- worst kind of develop that same mentality of height. Amid Casey's ridge feast let me handle him or her correctly and let's put him back in a war. No and Amber's very encouraging news site at and if you remember. You're probably close to sign H. Are not a kid he you know our group immoral through it and we we get there were going on my grandparents and there's not enough to do that. That ethic was developed over time. On the insert no reason that we did what we did. Calm and had to do it that way so. It it really can't vote is grown and now we're to a point where he persona all written column space up tomorrow. Are actually expecting release. All the so. That epic picture Cochran about it truly kind of prayer. Clue. We can continue to harp on that they continued to. To improve on that. One more people who could decode. These this year being you know finish everywhere alone because in order breathing anymore. You know read it is actually. The most popular game based in South Carolina you know slowed are completely agree Wiki on I think there are things that we can continue to do. To improve our fisheries. Arm and can educate anger because it really is a wonderful fishery that we happier soccer mark. Yes our intent. At all he would take a couple. The legislature interest look at opening comments Obama will be happy decide that if moving along really nicely. It is armed it passed both the senate committee's subcommittee info community. Arm is going public and civic or shall come that week I anticipate. Are we have not talked to anyone in either body of the general assembly but it lead senate or how. Has any objection to the reasoning behind we're making these changes. So we anticipate. We went respect legislation go through. Are fairly easily I hope in the next four weeks will have salt and prior governor to sign. Yep yep and I really like the bottom limit you know when you're talking about an angler limit like. And I mean it's really reduce net from three to two. But you know you don't vote it's got unit of fiber seeks an anglers in into and you give Tony school written speech. It's not hard to case worries fees per person and into the proposed but limit is what is it stopped her mother is awarded a six for about. And yet recount diggreel and OK so that all the way to the way that both of legislation structure will be a reduction from current institute this person. What choose an immediate 33% reduction in the end now and August are and then put the first round will be a I've been limited imploded on on red fish which we thought would be another wonderful. Our regulation to have all of and so and then the slot and will remain silent 1523. Yeah there's some there's been some discussion Mulder you know what else can we do you do we need to do some other things. So this fishery. Com we're not a news out of shape as we have a band before already finished. Arm. It is it's called we've been in worse shape back here in the early 2002000. Warned Rick bench when we originally made some drastic changes there. There's been holding its own sort of speaks with a change and we make they're pretty Connick got word Jack but no war and no one anticipated. Huge population. Expansion encode the state socket on a panel the current. So we got to you know get make adjustments or are we got a whole lot more. Probably almost. You know all pipe times. The number of recreational shot or anger that we used to have nearly fifteen years ago yeah. Because we've done a fantastic job. Oh managing our recreational fishery here in south Iran. People see that is that quality of life thing the company angle or look at what they're doing here in. So we have to adjust that and now we've got some wonderful wonderful legislators and understand it and six Internet and an auto education. We're due to be in our are going to be running some scientific studies later this year. Look at trying to do some additional things just bars. Yes and stocking contention raising some very Serb. There's a tremendous amount of focus. Our recreational fisheries and soccer are right now rye. And you know the name says it all the coastal conservation association a few folks. Are interested in getting involved would this it's a great organization. You can go to the win side join CCA dot org. And finally chapter near you in like Scott would occurred the south on director would just say in a Bill Gray more chapters got me back on line. And a Scott would just really appreciate you being on the show where this and we won't definitely follow what would you Wear this read feast legislation. Bug goes home. In a talk about dead in what that's gonna mean for our fisheries. Appreciate the opportunity and you know I think any time we get into the house you know title again sometime next month outlook come back would you talk about oil or I don't know legislation that's really important. And that's just so I know this is not a result of the pinch. You know the first east yet so we'll try to do last year we knew we need to be done we just gonna make sure we had everything in hand to make it. To make the decision makers understand what we need to do so. I appreciate your time until a really big yeah. You appreciate him being on the show sky line thanks a lot coastal conservation association. That's it let's go to a break.