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Saturday, May 26th
Upstate Outdoors

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No sacks second hour of of stayed out doors is owned Taft for you. A lot of that second hour of the show us Fraser embryo to roadkill cafe. And is going to be nice Willie does it because we got him. Under observation about law enforcement currently is with our bloody and free end. Mrs. green gene Sargent Amy say she's going to be stay in the in the studio with us today. During the second hour and will also talk a little bit about the courtesy bode inspections. Which is fueling it says there's a couple places you don't element SM idea Norris got a lot on their plate. Yes yes way are this is a very very busy busy weekend for us. Yet she was tell us earlier bouts. The artists a lot of people don't realize this is I mean these are you isn't law enforcement rough period. Yeah okay and not just for squirrels for regular folks stood proud we can enforce all state law so so a lot of times you guys get tapped for. You know situations like you're talking about the breach it's now down in mount Pleasanton. And I think we are automatically get myrtle breach in well. Yeah because these big of fans are drawn large crowds and you know even with the with. They how it troll with Myrtle Beach with Horry can only come you're still way outnumbered here and say you know you have to have found. As meanie. Bodies down Mayer's possible. And in case it can test paper or with the rakes and sure different situations to try to keep peace among large groups of people rise. And then you know with the the rain depending rain. Com can also push people inside the F and then you have problems inside the hotels and stuff couldn't say now it's it it can be a Mans and Indian man's. Speaking of a mess. It didn't. Double missile thieves now to our times guys out there everybody else or did you go ahead. Hi guys and gals and bones is good dollars and all those that are. Taking care of the people out there in the green uniforms in the police officers springer salute you. If you go to chased me give me at least for now what does that mean galleries there and you won't see his boy I know okay. Do our guy we're gonna do springer's I missed the baked fish I. Now this can go salt water fresh water in that matter I mean heck you can even get a body your fair your your aquarium in your house continue to blow people like him and take the skin off of Roman days I'll get. And and this is pretty easy it's fairly easy and it's not like front page three got to stay on top of an all time so you need two to three pounds of this place. Fresh or salt water ski at all blood learn removed. Some mrs. Daschle original seasoning. 116 ounce bottle of octane dress and some pepper to your liking and 112 ounce beer do you just some. Plays the plays into medium south aluminum plants cannot use the this. Those ones you can get in either singles or wherever. At the Italian dressing in the mrs. dash South Africa and the beer so that is covered about a quarter inch you know. Not completely covered but it's got about a quarter to build up around the bottom. At this bulletin efficiently mostly covered with a dress and beer like us they had been taken yet piece of aluminum fold it's big enough to. Layover both of the opinions 'cause you know this code 36 adults and takes me two of those smaller Prius and I had to say it's easier for me to work with a normal. On the surface of the grew into smaller plans without the real big one. I end up I put the aluminum full panel layover top no silly because you want to kind of you know but he and this the sustained come out of it. I name you go right to fish only half or about 35 minutes when neo addressing them beer start to bubble. You wanna check it and you look at a dry out because you don't have all kind of your fish don't fall completely apart in a start burning. I think you need to add more liquid whether it be dress and beer or even water that Tom please do that. And don't let it evaporate dry out after about a total of forty minutes check petition as should be real good and flaky got a great aroma coming. From a now removed from the guerrilla Atlantis set for about ten to fifteen minutes. And man this stuff is good a lot of people are weight conscious they don't like degrees they don't like them battered they don't like fried. Man you could fix any fish that swears fresh or salt water like this. I've done it for a good lord has long without him. Able to cook without Bart in the kitchen now which is quite a long time now has been trying to loan amount you don't Burma one kitchen up and you master it OK on the back porch you know. But I alcohol may have been involved there. But it's a great DH and I saw our website check it. Out is so so easy and so simple and really really good so you too soon forty college our college. I don't know if Israel springer's Daytona Beach yeah you know what. People and add up my that would do something different Philip but I have one of those new things you can put on you grew Mayo like they're made out of copper plastic to work. It's it's so I'm not worried about the fish is laying you know what I need to keep the moisture Lotta people like to cook official under like that with the scale own and or maybe don't play board yeah okay I like this because it keeps the fish moist. I'm able to keep debt fears most award does not drive out. Worst thing in the world to do this could face to worsen dried out it just you know not good this keeps the moisture and a flavors and efficient. Mandy and those of women's sizes in there and it's honest it's killer day. You can get one of those cedar plank more yeah encode it complements and finished nails and make your little box and don't know would you be here in US. And India you would have to flip it down. I know and what the two smaller the smaller aluminum disposal. As the heat you know his you know and is the Fisher could economic little kind of shift those around you know which sounds good a little more and I just kind of shuffled around a play like. I play a hokey pokey and ring around the Rosie that the plans to allow all the fish is completely inept and and people he damn -- have managed to stay. I'm the master. Hey. Weird question weird year you're headed down to go to home do you have space feast on the yes we day billion yes. I've been noticed and a lot and it is sufficient I don't see a whole lot and in your recipe kind of reminded me of that because that would be a perfect feature there yes it's got that kind of Alan how would you describe it is not really and only see note it's college you know angels these concerns city to see shatter your aquarium right that's actually what a remarkably well. And in this is crazy you brought that up I'll look and chicken or the people down there at the gov George feared Alabama ordinary candidate they would never get well let's not gotten are you okay is he started me command and so the data their data or destroy you know now they're above volusia Laurence Norman and and they've had several large spite fees they did call this morning Donald. How can golly whopper you know big is that piece of viper right there Kia and NASA display yet them a little lower down there. If this you know unless this really crappy fish is total is only I could ask anyone. I'll just say you'll feed standing up today so mom they did I wouldn't do it myself yeah well first of all you color alt appears that's pretty impressed as a very impression but I don't know mostly charming in a label unlucky enough to catch enough piece of the species that are really good being. I'll never caught a selfish I hooked several all appears to have there but never was able to get them to where you know you could come aside their cult you know straight down ready for the gap and just bring Kamal. I've never call a spade feature on who can line it's coup not shot a bullet Jovian. I don't it's rare got a cousin yeah essay this thing go bad bank in Alaska seven days guy you'd drop down of the rig in this is I. I am I think armament in my experience before people really work station for me you know with the jelly balls right but you drop down of the re either very curious fascia and come and look at you now. And then I'll let me go that takes land real quickly got a couple we had a texture and knowledge you're usefulness and four less desirable wildlife fill up you are refined gentleman and a scholar but don't tell him that and then values don't know we keep this up all of this is going to miss Sargent Amy paths and bike week admirably certainly qualifies as wildlife management and you live around. Oh my god it never being in you not Cowell and time annualized net. Net is sultan on neighbor for idiot I I don't know part of that name. You found to be in a crowd of people aren't as good Woodruff road and another an that was Ari how much will rattlesnake bites that you bank I'm a guy and I know that's it won't go to the woods once he gets above 65 degrees or you mean you not Smart as well I'll talk about date I don't know that man maybe it's not good okay out of bombing you know dead they're dead venom attacks your your muscles that I believe the type of enemy hand in the swelling is just unbelievable. If you get multiple times like this mandate and Anderson and even by a smile on it that really mattered sometimes as they discussed on the body Mexico this week the smaller ones. Our worst in the big boost because they're they're not have an alert to to control control both know the venom yeah I think you heard it right here from sergeant Amy. From your last night. Blacks okay I came out of manic and I was muttering in. And he bit me or what was that. Yeah I don't go look how eleven and whenever this summer Tompkins AM best Clinton and onto the plane base where usage debaters at that it has lots of amusement. Yeah well speaking of which we're gonna go to our commercial break in it won't we come back when we want to turn it over naming the other front she got to shed right here of state outdoors 063 WORD the stakes College Station. Worked really springer no longer runs from the ladies and gentlemen lingering James they are now historian are you kidding me will be right back. Love recent Phil Collins and and and tell them you almost horn your dashboard off the car that do on the ground so low in this though you are tireless hours earlier Mike Tyson and a movie. They. Think pop. Pop. Always a live view. I don't know any overly cute over. Man that was his hand at his speed. Thanks and I all on camels leg on the Gulf Coast yeah they go refill and it in the air starting tonight. Great stuff motivating and it's not even we get to June 1 former Nazis out and as a Albert and. Yeah this is. It's just a precursor but if you're if you're video of state this weekend. And between rain showers in you want to do have a courtesy boat inspection. What your home address spartans there. You can drop surrounding malaria is not going to believe it which is good drive thru me are filed for NASCAR create. Oh look how early for sane and futile act. She'll stop you she needs to know seriously you're in York county on Lake Wylie. Ebenezer landing that's soreness over the about the you know wants to big restaurant he bones don't oh man. And that's eligible this poster boy in India. US Ebenezer landing may 26. Best today T and admitted you missed it and tomorrow. You go to river forks bode written that. As Anthony and not a career this they run they do it every year green pond or river force. I don't work and you don't act. OK we don't have any jail little Emily Robinson met none at all no no leg Robinson biggest getting good at twelve mile. Hey if you're takes drawn here. I should know were river forks is not think I probably know it is something other than river corks right in my son John point I think you I think it is right around the corner suns on point. I'm takes me let me know I'm I'm going brain. It's here I just feel now yes day so much system mileage yet. The high amount of my New York that spring and he wanted to wait and biggest Janet twelve mile. Landing only horror old that's going to be tomorrow T ended noon in the in. CNN day and clear and a cameo like Marion. Two in a noon at the Alex hormonal landing in in a lake Murray AM. Home Monday from tee into name says it. Now it is gone takes him Marty Robinson that it lacked lately promise that come home by his plays you give you free inspection Arianna I'm just Keyon. Ogden and horse also if you're Charleston you did you just go about every Droid two what are. Click they are just one and you don't know where recordings. I can guy is sick of my vote you know sort of what would know the vicinity here and a little on their river. Wanda yeah okay I'm 46 ever want to thinks one of the U one of the cables video breaker today just find it Fareed. I did I live in blurry and I don't know. I just know or pull in details and there yeah there. Yes that's just how I don't think they're letting people cross that breeds that there haven't they blame reversals and their heaven is almost flat ran in a traffic lot Clinton won sad news and you know encounter and make sure everybody plays. Once just a four way stop failing. It is about this move Dan near from up north. If sitting around about their clueless. Stop what do you. Yeah and a object. While I anyway so law officers will perform a quick and thorough inspection. The required safety equipment in I'm gonna I'm equation on the island. As far as what you have to go ahead what you do had to hand what's the first court thank you do. Your inspection if you're doing when in the eighth as I'm pulling out to the 8 am looking to save your registration sticker is current diplomats out of your bank yeah. And they and whenever apple love and minor days must sales. And as for your registration card. Bomb as the captain of the bye for the registration card and that's who I usually deal with the whole time. And they in not asking antsy ga each piece the safety equipment that we're looking for. So you made a wearable last jacket for everybody on board he made it tough for throw award Abbas if you buy it is at least sixteen feet or greater and only and a top fourth drove up. Parole board of lust is not lasting got a lot of people like to float goma is out the water and that's fine in the has great. But he says do not wire home that this is not a last jacket and Europe personal flotation of us. So that does not cancel last you don't want to cushion at cushion cushion would you straps on his neck or one of the round ring ring is weeks via but not the bumpers that hit an OK but that doesn't Campbell little desert camp that know pull the handles on those don't count so it has debated the square seek additional around one. Nom cooler full of beer does that account has approval flow and I'm not you know you stay back and back whenever Allison chow the seat cushions all of the price they would fly in that would tamp that that's long sounded and. I July jackets you got you must make sure the life jacket is suitable for leave person that is where. Not in the. I know you lose figures exclude seven you know pull out some cute he dug decade or so on the DNR. Are there heightened ball goes there and enhance the seeing your way to end your chance that's Aaron first of all now maybe there would be gone earlier but first involve the use does dutifully would have fit my life. And we religious and 62 water I could stand on the bottom. So I was nervously waiting complies he would see it the weight requirement for that last idea yet not tennis net net net net. Says she would have needed ball yeah. I mean I did I did get a that was the very next thing and the it was the new I didn't even. And if you're not familiar that's now wants our state now I'm myth that's the air is more leg Robinson that was get no only Cunningham. Do you have already tellers I also appeared at IMO I. I think she did not. Hypocritical to me it's warning from the old news logo free Keebler and looking dumb dumb when you're telling me when announcements today yes miles and miles around just tell you Blair gonna see in one on average age of 72 right now yeah. I read in Uganda com. As you sit galactic is adorable the probe old bus. On the if you have any clothes gas tank or is it seeks to aid the floors about eight or encapsulated in any way. Mom yet have a fire extinguisher which is a did playing anyway because he wants to pick up the tank and try to throw it at a B by. When is how far Saipaia whether it whether she required not on with your John Boehner whatever skid give practice to have mortgage you never met. One another fellow voters dominate one. And then you have to have a horn Baylor a whistle. That can be heard at to a half nautical mile those are also required on committees kayaks. On paddle board and com does little. Those little plays that you elements yet peddled yeah BS I have to have a Obama is also a. In the literature right there because look I know I have a lot of friends who were taxis and obviously in your life. What do I have to have a lot I don't like. If you at Nike day and you can Bob battery operated once and it's got to be. Above it has to be able to base saying you have to be it would say it 360 degree so I guess there's no height requirement all maligned. It just has to be visible has ideas which means it's got about I guess be higher than here to deny Akerson is that you go blocking it where's your case and had to be fifteen foot tall Ron Johnson Dana a. And the hum you know whom jet skis are the only things that are not allowed at night it doesn't matter if you go and put those night put lights on home. They are not allowed to run it knocked. What does that volatile and it doesn't matter if you go in but the biggest thing cease Kiet you cannot run a debt any at not downwind damn what he is. 98 official sons say it to officials on the offense so it may be you know official sons it may be 837. And it still good light out asylum but technically. That's the cut off time and now we start take it in Iraq that they will try cry you eager fans. To try to get to your dog will give you a few minutes to get there early strategist leaving you don't right there. You know this court how close you are to adopt if you're ten miles away the near your tightest. Does it bother you and then I'm not picking on when I'm this I'm like it's kind of silly you know well with the jet skis house some you know they don't have to have a lot of this stuff. Oh man I. On operate majesty has to have rot Jackie has to be worn. On a jet ski they have to have their land near the tanks. They have to have a horn Baylor a whistle their registration card as valid registration on the house out of the jet ski. And a fire extinguisher and how do they have to me. Well if they take in the voters' education course. They can be as youngest tanner -- on one now but you know that way yes pair Steve's comments saying it gambler not what he guided the school system to have that working out not very good but is it but if there at least the ages of six taint an older and then they're you know it's kind of free running but Kyle's. Voters education is dollar required for those under that agencies. How will say this and fears and jet skiers I don't see. The problems. With jet skis and now. Like I used to maybe T in fifteen years Asia. Usually is I usually at the beginning of the season whenever there get them out for the first time in their get after Clinton outplay him. Mom you know as long as they maintain a safe distance and united they do not believe the water they cannot. Physically take the edges keel way up out of the water to energy Joni quakes is actually you lose control. Com as long as they do not gotten you know bring themselves all the way up out of the water you know they got their place on a little safe area where there safe distance. Mom away from bu. And all of that they can go and play but they usually wanna get Ratner middle of everybody because they won't the wakes I wanna be able to jump omen those best unforced listen ill. And that's not so much the key is it is the forty year old adolescence of us there's. That is there some of the and a lot of towns will run across you know these kids and they'll adolescents who have these really cool look a lot jackets and and your lap now that thing is neat look at. And they went we checking it is not US Coast Guard pretty wow it looks. You noted they are that the rise say able to laugh at that you put on your body or your children's body has to be US Coast Guard for. That's excellent today can be an inflatable. Eight Canon has scored what house Betty yeah you know there's a tough three and there's a tough the best thing today was to look on the inside of your label. And it'll Taylor you must way year in order to count as the last thing in the Voss. A again blessed you know enough I scenario does anyone would come back we'll have more. Riveting conversation whether buddy mr. green jeans sergeant Amy statement Peyton would be an hour. Right here or sit outdoors 1063 WO ardidi have stakes talks Dyson money paint tuneup the CN Lilly Chinatown gauges so. Com we'll be right back. Welcome back where and a studio today a winner buddy Sargent Amy stating. She is with sap on a department of natural resources law enforcement. And a great tasting in from takes her serious acting six I got outside my my why doesn't the NR get paid more. And miss Amy. On the this they always. Are you already use those to answer that question on the grounds that may incriminate me. I answered an equation that. They don't get paid more for the same reason that teachers don't you pay more. They're taken advantage of NT would just assume. Public services you know bingo. Taking care of meanwhile. Ali other crap did this statement goes full and strike three Hugh Hefner is army's really nasty millions via says Columbia. Yeah so I literally didn't hit him on my part I I I agree I think thanks for for this what I'm not think of all fourth period you couldn't yeah and thank you may. If you couldn't tell you need to do their job. Be honest when you especially nowadays when you put Dag gone and bad Joan. You Muslims but a target on your back right. I can say is a lot better than east debate but you know way mom. We did have allotted eighties and we do we perform a lot of different roles that people really don't. Understand until stay gazans who in natural disaster my mood or you know lack of big of Amway candor or anything like that but. The only thing that I can say is If if we heavy supporters they're just talk to you legislators tones he senators. Com and just tell him how much you appreciate this and and what you think will work coming messed SI only thing that you know all of our funds are sent us that they're state dollars. A lot of them are appropriated. Com content licensed decent lies some voter registrations. You know people are like oh my gosh closet taking it for official blossoms a 162093. Well that pays a lot of Marseille singer and say you know go out support us content station license. Registry by date and you know and. And if not I can't I'm not speaking for all legislators but right there he is or has been a mine see it. Among legislators it will. Where if you guys won't more revenue didn't write more tickets and it doesn't work that and in and that's also Alia okay award the end you know wean you become instant Baghdad as an amateur like why does that why does law enforcement have such a bad PR the you know with the public. Was 'cause all you know you're saying no way we need any funds is not. You know charge and these people right. And that's actually in me is common and I'll be honest with you out of a 160 dollar take it. Which is a minimal and that we can ride on a station losses violation or content violation. I'm blossoms violation. Com we get about 25 dollar shipments while com the rest of it is court calls. And and different other Potts threw out the system. Com but I can take you if you go back ten dollar station blossoms we also get about 25 dollars says we would much rather sale. As station license on and keep behind her a fishermen and you know Lleyton you taking your kids out. On to keep that go in and for the feature and that he'll. Sustain our department yeah and I think one minus overshadowed too especially during hunting season when Dior officer comes a point and individual. He has got a weapon on him and putting you know coming it there's no doubt Giuliani. OK but you got to remember. Yeah it doesn't matter if you're hunting or fishing you can have they went to India dear nice towns for bomb you know for for taste and an honest. On top of creators slate router or what Penske. And I'd like. Owners you know give you my campaign and not know what we're approaching hundreds sergeant Amy you know that they have. And yes suited yes I am in. And and how will say that the united Nunn. Hunting facing biting just outrage creating their did papal hats on calls. They can take a sounded in Utah shouldn't that tells of the calls wit they are allowed to carry weapons while there outrage created and dumb. But 95%. Of people that are good people and their supporters that don't watch it would give them tickets. But most is how is he trade unfairly they'll say thank you when you walk away. And in just curiosity was to take you full room violating a no wake zone. Billy. I've latest cars and a hundred and TN a stars Martina goes. And that's what we. In the sun is actually a hundred and Ian that day in hours and twenty one thing. Well I got down below are a lot of those ordeal. Are thought there I don't talk about that I got to does that consider you rewarding alliance is an emergency situation I begin awarding Lance isn't emergence of the violating a U no wake zone yeah. You know. This is like India is a Crazy Horse liberties it. Setting me example not not not that no commitment and that was crisis I was 'cause is don't know yeah. Via. MS. That's where you're. Your river hours by grant is also doubling their children and glasses don't wolf dobbins ridge road off 180 said. Off wanna play again and say no Iranians are Stoller who ever said that I don't think so yeah see that's son Jon poll. I exactly wanted his SI shop full well that best complements a sergeant rip or with yet is charged down in. Anderson it is a first sergeant ever Anderson and bill I've stayed outdoors only two. Yeah. I want it either one of them they would net yeah. So they picked that location. And I'm I guess 'cause I mean you'd actually I think they're closing dale novelist talk to Matt share with Anderson county parks and recreation. And they are mourning clothes dale and green pond in at least the Thomas side of it so it'd take including in more stuff. In her also worked on the roads the one in their degree I. I don't know how big this landing he has been a lot of towns that take home where they have rain and articles is he's got if you're busy was a ballet in years gone through the voluntary inspections. Com you know you don't wanna block the rant I wanna block people give Manning get mass say is it pretty. Ran me down and I had kids down there in years yeah and years and years I would think will. They're clear now that they're clear and out movement make him more parking space room have rules. Landing so they said it's not such sample. Put the political. I said that's a metal. I'm Kent. Added an. No matter why did nobody come out I don't report Majoli radio ads and radios down 20 yeah I just you know what. Shells raining is just look for the smoke around. And will. Well we got to have an airman okay well since we don't have to let's go to commercial break and when we come back springs and jumping into the calendar of ambience. Why have a couple words with Amy state before leave Indian oil jumped into our parting shot I. USA outdoors 1063 WOR radio station talk station. Were to Wear wolves of of Stater here bureau back. I tell you look we get a mind reader for a producer is the guy has a long. All went behind I can't actually go out with a talented. It is you and all of the number Roland good again for me. Yeah never below are parting shot but first. Time for sprayer to mumble through the gallon a bit yeah. Just go to reiterate what we're talking about early that may 27 that would be Sunday Henderson county river forks boat ramp lake and we all know already is now 2 PM to 4 PM these are your courtesy vote inspections Fairfield county and watery stake partly watery 2 PM before being ill and in Pickens County at twelve mop. Lake novelty and AM today and that's going to be here none. Lay Kiewit net not not to stand now how would figure that big. A mouse gives us a I want a new report out about their. Is if the officers did you sign you in violation. Or else I was good they are not gonna write you a ticket. They're gonna give you chance to get to make you right now if they catch you later on long legged in I'm restaurant is your own fault Padilla from the estate could use more and. Yes indeed all right we got brought out there we got a Capello is hoped the hero week Ian all right best today is tomorrow. Starting at 11 AM both days police EMT firefighters veterans and military personnel will be getting special discounts on whatever their purchases are. Joseph like a rose to celebrate all they do for our community and also Philip totally that they've got a pond located inside Cabela's this leaking you. Yeah I was in their house actually feet in the air ordering some spray own stuff for years for your rain city right because my rain suits lost its who mag is gonna get this guy load speed. It's so now it's good for some stuff to spray donated to him against differ from right and so they were put in the conduct any and I got that got some how would JD brown deer and he's like man. Or handle the key in they would do put large mouth bass and strikers and it. I'm good I gotta go pick up my idea mines must brace when your little headed in the store it right to air in front the aquarium wow. So you pay your dream come true may you going there are fish in a Dag gum Cabela's indoor cannon ball in the aquarium and yeah. So only about it's only I mean the site investigation upon that we see every year doing slated to empowerment a sportsman's classic and even total message don't put can't be Cheniere does you get a can't feast to buy right. Or it was a little brilliantly billion littered just use a big Trimble who she and eucharist. I he and Betty and speaking of the Clinton Knauss also may 31 you've done beloved entry for top dollar for picking targets. And dinner dinner tickets can be purchased for 25 dollars if you don't wanna shoot and do you get those in an email. RSVP my lake at the Clinton house dot lit a one word there and the rodeo that was going to take place this week he and the fishing rodeo Chapman's upon. That was sponsored by the Spartanburg chapter of the national wild Turkey federation. Canon's campground merchant club has been postponed till next week that will be June the second and chat respond no charge promised forever ruin free refreshments. Bring your own fishing gear bag and we appreciate all of our folks who do those kind of things for the youngsters in our community and that's how I got everything else got canceled. How important that is you know that's another thing Indian art does he is this rodeo put almost the issue rodeos and they'll be a bunch game wardens at the we're the biggest smiles on their faces helping kids kids featured now on the right thing here. I'm the only reason is that you absolutely. I think you may wanna teach radiance. Yes wait at city this year we had one ahead on late Cooley and we had won it can't crawl. Yeah let them regulate Johnson. We did let Craig actually in the the new York and new media. Delegates into. He brand Bijan. Bob we don't look out for calendar remiss they recalls 'cause that's all I gotta yeah there's nothing I. Got a no brainer I don't do well I know that no cutie amazing no wind heavy TF and we've told you people out there thousand parents send us. To our FaceBook pages and what is that you spray your job for him because I only unity I still I'm. On the job all on this page humble oil meridian I usually an email email anybody but me okay. Through our state outdoors Max I study or data you put it our FaceBook page even though sometimes I think folks have trouble. But you can message us or you Kool Aid. T springer and intercom with a knee Yes you can't we really do we we really cool to. Help you promote you were asked you or. As charitable stuff it's what do you know as of doing the show if you're a business in the Al thugs down stated that taxpayers and pay for bright like he's posted. But in the meantime it's time. Only now. We love listen skater donation Obama blaming the. Listen I'll tell you what. Do not. Miss whether rancher in Montana no okay 'cause they are some band. That's why there's that is in seventies Russ and me is bad it. Here's a man look official map that's what they know I think puts him on ten and I don't know anywhere there's no. Holes in Montana bitter I actually got this out of the New York Post Ian watt post dot com or eight Montana rancher. He told a U mysterious where wolf type creature mysterious wolf like creature was shot bid. My rancher in rural Montana and even wildlife officials have no clue what the thing is authorities said on Friday the big east. Had oddly long gray fur oversized calls. In an extra large hated but its ears were too big in his legs are too short to be a common wolf were doll. According to Montana the Schwab like the parks officials. We have no idea what this is until we get a DNA report vaccinated Bruce partially. Of Montana fish wildlife and parks and he told the Great Falls Tribune. The strange discovery was made basic state by a man who shot McCain not because it tried to check out on his livestock. In the tiny Tim didn't officials in a press release. The ranger call the authorities report that he killed a wolf but authorities soon learn it was something stranger. Stay off the Morse. The critters canine teeth in front calls were too short Buell and his big floppy ears in Schafer or nothing like a common canine. Officials see it. True believers took to Twitter to Hal over what the Franken doll could be. Theories include a dire wolf an extinct Saber tooth Cano and it once roamed North America. And they don't realize for a wolf wow right 'cause it was like this really hot chicken is really Q if you look in. Vampire thing you know when. Com we use we have. They used this silver bullet we'd hate dare to be we'd hate to be there when he woke up broke all things home. Referencing the only weapon used Cuba where walls and folklore. Pretty surely shot where rules or bigfoot its baby in Montana added photographer. Somebody somebody other's gifts of the beast is a she'll go war can. You know all that information are finally getting a little grasp on what my German shepherds actually mixed with us they'd be the only couple weeks let's say. Prayer. Springer's the via an I you're feeling that it's an up arrow. OK. He's not aware will be an annual. The North American dollar million project to grouper researchers it tracks sightings of mysterious wolf like creatures. Posted a photo of the animal on his Twitter page. And you guys they were just had a good time obvious in is probably some kind of. And it takes is coming and said that springer Samson fox I'll look at it I kind of thought it might be and it's lives and talks about aids it's not it's a little more heavy duty more mustard in the a one my mom called. Hitter backyard in in the lower Alabama. Theres really no substance with main tenant re yeah yeah yeah. Well. Yeah it. We just never know so 101 thagard guess Jack I take from that. I GSA and also in sergeant green jeans mrs. ranging Jamie state and for being in the studio with us again. And for all of view of veterans out there and service members thank you for your service on this Memorial Day weekend springer take its own brother. And all those who never mated only sacrificed now. We bless them blessed to be allowed and do the show for you ever say or god bless get outside.