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Saturday, June 16th
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Good afternoon upstate welcome to upstate outdoors you're listening to what is 63 W Lordi until jittery along with Tommy springer in the house. And we're committee liable this Saturday. We got a great show Lou coming up for you today. As always we're gonna start out the show with the upstate outdoors blog. And a minute spin hot history at hot. So you know it seems like just wouldn't it longer were complaining about. Do you pool and I think we ought to extend the naked mow the grass week in like four you know to make his ordinarily. And a well we're gonna talk about how Leo to me has diaries today we're gonna talk about air conditioned water. In that's tortured before this time a year because features star and a really feel lucky and they are looking for who wore an electrical water so we'll cover that in the upstate outdoors blog. In the end. Finish whisper. Do captain's chair Michael loved. Any heavy news. Followed any of the media really to Al Gore made his order Manny now all of her media and so we've got we'll get there are buddy captain chip Michael loved and objective about that he's. You know he's he's his claim to fame. Of late the last couple years has been. Kicks in great white sharks home run real correct bush and tag them yet tagging him. And that it would that what is there at the shark activity yes hat that he did you can follow them home. But he is also a full time year round. Fishing guys down he'll hit Alan. And it just so happens this time a year he's also short speech in well it might be a few around they'll be out with the talk with chip that's where you forgot that I thought would chip a couple days ago to us it skid million TV interview. And he suited did they eke out. For the third time this same tiger shark meat was fifteen seat. So this is like her little boy yet our local bail whatever they just made me as a way and yet you you don't look at chip might have to honey hole you better bring a big spoon could. And yeah I am Russell water mare yeah. We're gonna cover a yeah is a new year we talked a couple weeks ago about the law changed for Reagan speech Paloma coached. We've also got a another law changes being in the works protecting. Some spawning Trout cold water trail this time in the low or salute the river which is the area from. But Lou Blake Murray. Bryant in this letter reports awoke a Brunette. Indian during the second hour springer is gonna bring us the road fuel cafe a little. There's a cigarette but it really good in this a throwback and it's the original okay and hasn't aviation with fish salad and a personal friend Emma. I'm beer now no they're not there are so today's roadkill cafe is out and yeah. Either really cool you we do a lot of stuff with the bass angler Schwartzman society and you got a news release earlier this week. From bass right about greater involvement in spring you're really love the it's about. You have masses British war they all over vestige French Quarter but they've got a new a salt water conservation. Advocacy groups saying. And they've lost a web site and so we'll talk to gene Gil and he's a conservation director for BA yes yes. And talk about you know yep fresh order guys. Who were dealing with some of these conservation issues Bryant that are plaguing salt water. Angers trade caller over the globe particularly in the United States salute reported talking to Jean and Sunday tomorrow is Father's Day. Let me then yeah. They'll mail. So. I didn't intrude of data source fashion we're going to bring you. The Father's Day gift idea dad. Freezes some day get away. And there has given me is. Man that I should be doing this for you yet but he's doing it for springer could that this in the seem real the news Baghdad. Is that so important meetings on what are it was keeping every year for Father's Day. Any court I dare I ask the counter Armenians we've got to Verizon's deal we got so does Obama. Frankly it got edited exit since the ladies made is that. They're trying lake PD. You know I'm you know this debate you know and then I got a lot don't know then in the end there's not a whole lot go to only got to create stuff yeah. But it's actually legitimate we'll call. And shot today. We got a pretty interesting story about a wreck and do. Basically do this he's doing what reckons this I think he thought it was Spiderman. Yeah he's playing a skyscraper. Up north somewhere else that yet captivated anybody any. It's bill or ruins story but they sang in and a guy that did this in the south all time yeah. And no debt crisis gas skyscraper in minutes and no different from mugged Obama. So there are very down your attic whatever and a so we'll yeah so oh well we got to get talk about next week. We'll have it actually for two weeks the solemn word have a co host Ian Rae is gonna run off. Down here to guys. Pleasant enough people being put the beach towel on the bench and facing east and played it were your music that makes the rounds urge them Mecca every year ambition. I'm either own a boat filled victory Carmona big OP secede misled. Over the Goebel lace can. In competition and I am locked in I am locked old. I am caught flop I AM at Zhao mobile's hot stop and litigator noon a. And so what you're doing well Lynn. According to sell or actually I actually I already got your replacements lined up the body and we Dave but got them up buddy of mine bit on the show a couple of times Dieter male born while. All he is going to be against Sydney and next week dance think the 23. Validate directed newbie Sydney and in the day after the wedding anniversary let me Lisa when a newbie you'll be filming and you'll be wearing springer flip flops cause our. Any and on the thirtieth. We're gonna have information director for sack on department natural resources Kindle content stops can be sitting in zone. That's gonna rent they appreciate so if there is so much better look at this regular Internet did listen to the ship in your life and we get a replica bullies. Hey you know. I mean I got to go home got to see the people. A doable and Tommy year are you know Colin my Yahoo! yes that he won't tell you are I'd love to be winning got to yet live today. Well you know why they're doing for 710630. Am I think the crowd and probably Tony of course last time it was like. Fish don't know well it might be the same thing this term coming did I don't rule number of locked in Villa on arm is all about. Killen is mini legal fish is backing keel. While I'm mayor does anybody other leagues again. Well let's let's go to our breaking him when we come back or jump into the upstate outdoor Bob. The right here go to stay outdoors rose 63 WORD or bring it is not not its mandate is loved the go home. Smell the salt water. Big bag of flip side. Man does it don't outdoors. His back own your radio. And we talk a bit of did the start of the show about the summertime heat is so hot. And then it learn a lot of folks out I am only order now on the lakes and on they've they've got to given up. This disagree Belmont freshwater fishing year year you've you've got all agitators that are not running around everywhere that would be correct but it. True the the dour angers the you can actually you could still Fossum a minute don't don't give out the legs don't go away. But there are lake nation noted. Our. So well a sit down this week riding the of set up north blog. And figure out talk about. Finding air conditioner watered kitsch more summertime station nobody gets hot during the summer people preferred to stay in town somewhere words cooler. That could mean open a mountains near the beach in the water inside where an air conditioners running or Fisher really not that different. Now to find cold water fish also have several choices they can do what river were cool water slowly and they can find an area that station 83 out the big. Work taking you deep were nature provides its own form of air conditioning and summertime months went fishing can become. Difficult. Much of that air conditioning water that anger is looking forward to find speech he is related to eight term decline or return letting. Does her car was later war more often found in larger body of water where there temperature gradient is greater. The dead of the warmer water above. The colder water earlier because cool water six exactly savior tried to understand the concept. A quick physical science lesson is in order typical Reza war may have uniform temperatures throughout the lake from top to bottom. For only a short period of time in the spring again in the fall. In the summer most lakes with sufficient DF and I'm talking and somewhere from thirty to forty deep forty foot deep and then didn't even have to be dead date. But they stratified into distinct non mixing layers the different temperature the top yeah layer is referred to as say this word for me. No I'm not I. Am not there for Millman of the mill. How likely to feel that's a good day at the Millman yes sir. Yeah still I union now in tatters and I don't look I don't I gave that's the dozens Oprah warmer layer in the bottom color layer is known as high blue. Limit number. Hi aluminum. Exclusion and do they like aluminum and yes this layers are separated. By the metal imminent. Wow OK sorry for you so you got that you've got to. And let them in the emblem the cabinet MEM Donald it. In the middle over millions don't come back the co earlier. Just dive boat in the end America in the middle now. The middle layer which is better known as the third reclined his his own of rapidly changing temperature you'll understand concepts better if you never dove down into a lake. When you're swimming and down substantially cold water just several feet below the surface. Now fish thrive in his school later because it has the best balance of dissolved oxygen. The cold water below the hype only Eminem. Is actually devoid of oxygen trained. That's because the little sunlight reaches. The hype boat Eminem. And voted since the third is synthetic oxygen production is negligible. And decomposition. Of did plant and animal tear matier all the lake floor leads to declining oxygen levels as a summer progresses let me. It is springer turns that's a bad roads go down there for fish well what's happen. Is this does this this decaying on the bottom I did it busy no Bali are absolutely okay. All right so. Now to understand the seasonal movement association in our local Reza horse and worked on must drive mass large amount mass spotted mass. And even larger can't be species. During the it is summer months you have to be constantly all the water monitoring them as the temperatures in order implosion change. So do fish movements down the best way to determine the level of the stomach climbed. Is by adjusting to sensitivity. Owner sonar unit beatle actually it's dancer it's SARS to get the answer right and is you'd turn the sensitivity up you'll actually see. A lap and start reform there guys so you can you can actually read dead today cooler denser war. The cooler disorder rebounds signal and charts a slice line across the grass marking that the disk level if Fisher president in that area of the Thurman client. You'll also be at the level were most of them are residing. In the electronics we have nowadays is dislike dislike or read a book written. Now the knicks did dishonesty should locate where the summer climb later meets suitable Fishko we're now in some cases. She issued this kind of hang out at deer just out there and into wide open blue. Both for the most part they want to have some type recover now most anglers can often confusing terms structuring cover. Stint simply stated structures any terrain feature the crappy bass driver growth usually find favorable. Given a time of year net covers a physical object. But still the tree rock power breeds but you got whatever the usually rises vertically a water column to either break the current or provide hiding place. And many successful angers understand the constant decision brake lines that's underwater read where the bottom drops way to deep water. And as a method of locating station a particular DS they get on a specific break on it just follow it collar blue like the today. The best place today since we already noted feature more inclined to spin it the level of server climbed. The key is to put your Bache ride in the top of their client and follow the break clown around or are you eating grass and if you look at concentrations of species. Most of the time you'll be fusion vertically anyway because there are deep water right. Anyway when you come across some kind of speech holding. Structure didn't do as we're going to be less where everybody's gonna think that's where there yet. Because this side he questions. Know you've got more about a life could have kept Jim my blood pressure. Know that I'll always puts it in at the end of the there's the blog doesn't this to give people tease journalists going home and I made them I'm looking for lift to targets if any and you know the other thing is really we didn't talk about was funny chained. You know a lot of that's going to be but ossetian bowl work. When you sign emotion a bright tonight at nine yet. So a lot of people start one nocturnal that's when people give off the ledge. And more chances won't necessarily cool down that much over nine net. But you know when you talk to my station net net more to her my feature on their client. The temperature difference is going to be phenomenal until month twenty degrees yes OK word surface temperature might be. Nanny nine feet and in is going to be 77. I'm. But it's yes you're looking for shaded here is you're looking to three degrees difference. Horror night Tom were there at the Bjorn sun goes down a war cool lawful look literally at. So. But those. You know those are just factors come into the other thing that we didn't really talk a whole lot about it this is of a lot of the fishery. All a lot of our bigger risen wars were you've got a risen more of both. Or you've got a tributary company and continue to have that water's going to be cooler right. Species this is the further you go you know I'm I'm thinking lightly kiwis do KS in all if you got water this coming in but because a lot of led our rule is released. It is the dam system and now orders can be released from that Lou actually what your did did you get that same Thurmond's final list water right. So I thought you just Sid the death Cold War at the bottom and heavy oxygenated. We'll get our biggest road do that. One hero to do turbans US is re oxygenated this like putting you know it's like an area during your day go labor intensive his own just don't larger scale yes and that's why this time you you'll see a lot of folks it go behind the dams. In speech. And did you get home current deal to deal with death yeah that's a story for a whole another. And another good you know one if you're gonna efficient in the hate Lisa you coming days hydrate. The timing is based godly and drink lots of water Gatorade tirade what ever this really tough this time of year I mean. I don't know but I don't if you will is basically we if you got you got longer days so yes. In a wintertime is pretty easy to say won't get owner I'm Obama to give only early variety show that Iraq wool you know now holiday is rob hours long. Yes so springer frighten me careful out there you have it right give those visitors could give those places chance in we're gonna get your break new home we come back. We're to talk to push star the Clinton mr. ship captain Chia. Right here loud horn of state outdoor you don't talk everything sharks a state didn't write your own upstate outdoors 1063. Dead BO RD bill. I think we need a bigger boat. Welcome back up sit down don't worst is only your radio and we've got a special gifts are always based on any time. Do get the collar around he'll hit island and talked to the short whisper yes we got captain chip Mike hello from outcast fishing charters. And Jill welcome back doesn't endorse. Thank god I appreciate you appreciate how really. And good fun watching you only a worldwide way having captain Jim believe me you were glad brother. Yeah yeah I thought all right guys you cannot tell you the black. Here's a distant third meeting the rebate I go to get dirt kicking off like this. Well I mean you know it is it is great when you give to when you do something that you love and your love for shows a lot of people get hooked in there and and it doesn't hurt us. Wind you love kitchen big sharks because you know that's always gonna make it to the news. Yeah a deadly it definitely is not even number you know drinking macro look at the deal which. Particular Olympic tiger Jerker great lighted the slow hurry unit that big colored. They're the typically catches everybody attention has been. We're like hey man these third third you know aren't prepared out of sorts of well over your 2000 panel we want to the wintertime and our tiger circuit sure you're. This solid well there in the summer so you just never know it all we W oracle the. Well just talk a little bit about that day you in in I hate to give too much information but you know obviously you discovered a pattern. Four great white sharks. And this that are common in two the Carolinas and Georgia right there around Hilton Head Island. And yeah you'll want amid what do you think you are human missile with a for a couple years. It is this like a breeding ground for the sharks over the winner. You know I don't think you're creating here I think it's it's coming down to see. You know it couldn't be any it's certainly a cleric and so when your brother try to get horrid. And what's her car that was portal went back got and other and other than. Our purposes there's a doubt the migration route. The water temperature that they ate the clarity. The message that half a meter solely variables. And it's clear they're coming down here and they're beating the you know the people are being followed Paulson turtles whales. The smallest are here urging supporters like stingray and smaller trucks and thought this stuff like gothic. They're really just coming on here at cedar creek area they all come they'll collapse it's Tuesday. They they I think they did their power it is lately around. Jacksonville or or two more Republicans on how cold or wet areas but they got a look South Carolina date Thursday. It is not clear they think they've been that this migration they're going on her I mean a million years so it isn't just you are they've always think you're just. Got lucky enough to stumble across the. Now internal wintertime do you actually charter. Do you take folks out in shorter for a great white shorts fusion trio. No I'm not I've got recruited out in page you know got the seeing. 345 guys that take every single time it. And I'm working with the doctor so long delayed a quite circuits are TN. That Massachusetts marine division have been. Nor did I'm on a permit it allows me to handle these fish and some knowledge sort of just picking a lot of close friends out that I that I can trust then and there are hard workers and it is it's decided it's addicting I mean. I can't I'm not here this summer and I want to get ridiculed by Ira what article which order get it out what sort of corridor so if there's. A lot of fun and are armed and don't let see if you don't you just can't take anybody out there to do that with a great white shark cannot give him brother. How many knock it out web savvy have been around big vision. You know you get up there with a big fish like that you just can't have somebody that may be. Not do the right thing in not in clear what the rest of the crew in good that's a big fish Hillis is Big Easy little brother. They did this big you know some of these official over fifteen feet long and I mean here's there's some monsters and up in Massachusetts these kind of looked at 5000 pounds of those fish are. Here in calculus sort of where they come right through I just haven't seen going no word yet but they're there they're they're couples so do you like an experience crew. Two you know they knows what's going on and and good they can read my mind before you could say that's you know I think he has. I don't know how I know this sounds crazy but I don't want this doesn't become something that I wish I did artists there's. You know ever becomes that you both Tucker this increasing accidentally kill them in the washing up dead and all the southerner you know they want to close a section of the ocean off kind of like that you agreed reached you to protect him because they're so much pressure on so I hope this doesn't. You know come back to bite me your comeback despite the fish you know eurocard. Okay kind of stays sound. Relatively small hope it doesn't. It but it could be cattle whatever pretty experienced some kind of caught in between play my. When you can yes you can reserve are great passing it in and definitely no end. Will they sell appreciated as I appreciate it. I try to put the video the pictures look good lord put Linda. If you like we all need to handle heartedly here overall draft the ability ever. And her you know can you do these things get put it to the really dark wood but I just sort of working with the purple social photographer. He's gonna get in the water next year so how about back. And for the Joseph Monroe. So yeah. South Carolina is also bliss you know it'd be great whites come into the winner but South Carolina is also very blue list. With a number of low large sharks did you dutrow order form namely. Tiger sharks and hammerhead sharks in yeah it is system I've seen some sand tiger sharks is well is. Some lemon sharks bitter previous us. Right you know in a matter of fact yesterday I call the biggest tiger shark I've seen it. Three years maybe I mean it's been a few years our guy we grab the noise in Australia was up fourteen underground. They would they would they monster that we pull it up but I don't attack on it. Are caught that's Tucker few years ago that a collect call this guy so. This monster immediately they would all fourteen it would no adult working a little bit but the fourteen feet long it. Oh yeah together also tiger shark history cannot pay would blow and property ever had we had an incredible never exceed last year. Lester was my best. Gamers either we ever I've ever seen Lou we gathered to will we got to stretch freak out when every single day in those those guys Europe around picture there her album of the larger ones so it you know women are real big and you know those bulls live at black tips are pretty pretty nasty here. Men and they say you know we would even had 1415100. Pound tiger shark that makes us that a six or seven or eight foot Spinner shark tonight. Doesn't really sorry I mean I don't know I don't tell our 250. On speech I. This is a really apologize for this. Wow you know where you can guide you know you believe I actually do that today we yesterday girl player of the circuit caught. I go out today we caught a much reply if you're like fifty eighty pounds I would say right in there and I actually apologized there's a bailout which doesn't the bigger picture and Villa real could get debate like spirited but my mind this series logo on it Ottawa felt founder every single day what it's gonna happen a joke that but I it's just you know I just won't let people could experience. The craziest thing you've ever seen so it's funny. It just the. Well and win media when he sharks won down. I mean the great thing about it he'll hit here yet he is used got. Carbon bitter cup gonna come in probably. Probably be good in about another month do you think Indian after that you got the bull rated teach this to allow you to allow. These guys you have people don't realize we have a really guitar in the last couple yours do about it. Stretch last year we their worst meal it was like every day we you know guys were on a tummy. Will we have we had a great carpenter who last year or the year before that the bold red or going nuts and we don't want October yet appeared but eight it is you know a lot of people think that I just don't push sharks are religious official whatever their whatever is available. And and the first part record was caught just we're usually the few days ago Obama gets friend Chris fringe and then we also present a sound so. There are they're moving in and hope we aren't around and make our fourth of July it'll be. Well chip let me ask you this let's talk restore showed up like they are now you'd think maybe the hammer is may be lurking alone to. Gather up some nice for yeah Huff also. Yeah you know the first Hayward recapture of the scallops hammer those who want to look we're 789 longer almost in your. Administrative asserting that under the carpet comfort in the big great hammerhead circumvent a monster and those things. They had those big they've got adorable and like I killer whale over there as well they're big big sharks so. They're doping in any second book in sort of the great hammerhead will be at Eric I don't doubt about it support are good that. Gamers just as far as I mean it you'll have back breaker look hammerhead bull which you bitter that your. The particular hostility to me hernia surgery despite what looked like a law. Which up until a lot of listeners out there bitter war to get in touch would you have maybe look at tree it for a short trip for carbon trip. How can they get hold you in gives hope some more information and get lined up would you. Unlock will always just I mean I got outcast fortune this year aren't based book I don't post stuff on on their pitchers know what our church and every couple page. I want you to check out my web site it outcast dishing dot com or uploading to Graham almost all the social media stuff you know trying to keep up with the young guys days so. Everything's under doubt test with a seat along the route rap group outs out Tuesday. You know you're calling army at your little Hillary and 843290071. All right captain Jim Michael loved the short whisper. There you wanna have a grated ministry need to hook up championship. I'll let her talk to you can't dip big guys all my appreciate it guys Iraq may well. Our big brick colonial openly. Think it's a start regarding. And we're back many can you imagine. Can't just fish with a mouth. That big Philip DJ Avery they're ready Olympic say you know what they tell me if you could tell us that by review this. We're going to burn animals get a bite radius of this we don't quit before we pop up we protected our regular. And Paula got a tech ran they have a bit when he see what I am I. The thing about that let me say you don't you don't bring no. Fish bank you know it's all released all the cities or religious you know the funny thing about it that is in in these sweet talk to him about this before now I'm hurting talk about a sport. The state record limit short was next to Colorado has bugs yes and you know have a state record you've got to bring in India and ride everything and he's. He's not real happy about. You know that was so that they needed when he was the you know younger not engage in as they heard skull Malibu that I'm not real happy about referee ordered in eighty panel immature person that's stood meeting the united have to Chile at the brightest they can't. Maple let me let me tell you something when you fish that get Sus next year bogus fish you know chancellor official 125 foot center console yeah yeah. Okay that's the best that aside and fulfill injured Dario as a as a liberal. I can't imagine front about a one of those big white sharks like there probably Nestle really goes to a certain animal or fifteen even if taken an attack you suffer a fifteen foot tiger shark hello to keep your hands billions not only bode well he's so notice about you know the people aboard because they're not used to this zip unit and he's probably same idea and restrict the hero. You're looking for so often know little morrow along the speed of safety. They'll actually the law change a deal are partisan and news released. Their change in state law regarding Trout fishing. And this law will soon be a place of stark a Jew lot of first. In the low more salute a river now anglers in the mid Kansas after a lot of have long enjoyed you know fusion in a salute river itself could grow and take featuring worry you know words it stopped. But. They're relying known. Water coming on lake Murray right after the Cold War so you know during the wintertime you got shrouded near negative PH form during springtime standards sometimes like. Well OK you know the trip usually were either call out people were. You know they dive right actually one of things that they don't talk about is this drivers come up from anything crammed and those trapped like yeah. Nobody is how I got got got got a bunch. Thank basically based own some support. They it. There was that kind of putting together Bassam anglers and also department natural resources they talked to we just. Proceed who is its SE ENG. To regulate in give a more regular flu paddling Murray to keep cold water run and then you go lower salute. And what they sang don't you know because they were trying to basement pro home. There Trout fishing season by what they discovered was my cabinet co order coming through the year the Trout which should never ever. Has been near it you know it's again it's all stocks the issue right. But what they discover was two things with the those fees they were in here or growing to pretty good sizes are. And they were also reproduces. Yes so there is no related stocks in general nonetheless tried so so. Basically they're like well they say sure you know rehab really adapted right in you know that shows a good partnership. So now they've they've been acted alone let me let me give back here to the press release. DR analyses of public meetings in February to discuss the possibility of creating a kid to release only zone. To facilitate the reproduction now occurring in a river that's eBay from anglers and other stakeholders is positive. In a big old that was sponsored by us Lexington senator. Katrina Shealy was drafted. And basically its made its way through the sausage making mechanisms. Hope is that the state legislature. And come out only on the other side senate bill. Two in 44 we show modify as the big code of law also about station. Was passed by the legislature may and signed into law by governor Henry meant mass but that's not taxed our home base 78. Now as a result legacy is starting June July 1 the lower rates at the salute river maybe you gotta pay attention here because this is this is. The difference to a new ticket not a ticket. From the east male and I twenty breach. Downstream. To lay seas lay age. Not have no idea where let's say. And I met there's actually Dana there's actually. They got a map and he wouldn't let me let me blow this up and look at it has a place that you need to look at places lazy probably just need to get into the DR whipped side yes this I also recommend it from not winning. Down to those like years blows like your. They don't have religion on here but several miles. Bow bow river bank exerted. But today. He probably gonna have. I don't know T inner twelve miles. Of this series it's going to be kids your release. In so you better pay attention there but. Because certain somebody we get there and during today's game and I'll share they will spend extra minute this is faster drag day. Come there's so a lot of does it we get we gotta yeah our buddy Ross sales. He says the establishment of the kit to release zone between twenty. In space is they don't lower so little provide an opportunity frankly is to experience a very good Trout fishery in a very unique location. Pixel that's corner Ross sales that area this series should have very good exist. And he is the best here for anglers to wait and fee should be any location on low or salute at. And they're you know they're really happy I think that you they look at appeared somebody's drought strains. You know the we've got in the upstate and I North Carolina Tennessee and airlines. You know a lot of does classy strike in there on me and we and we don't wanna see a bunch of people rain down on him moment. Bank unit though when worms or cornyn here in good though dinner tray out celebratory. Good. I'm not so so good job guys in about a coming get a good to have you re on kid to release. You know Leonard knew some other drivers Obama tell you bush and I have been in their station only just watch him play one million one of the best little worse this unification near. I identity. Remains. You take one of these rebel. Though like the little creature she brought I use like a grasshopper a gag and you know I think entered diagonally analytic haggard in Indian and really and slowly. And when you when you get dinner from a trip Emanuel nearly did. Really yet to close like a book yeah yeah mile course you know you can also file a speech in the united but he did he dared to be at which is what I'm good. They. Got coordinated and the next thing you know. So I easily finish with a combination of low flock in some leave us a lot us live is what are you this man sitting here. They cannot get home and I look at mile later way I've been the last bit lazy is and has sixteen knots and is actually no you motor oil would they wouldn't yeah yeah yeah he finally gets a big one minute breaks it hormonal not such an edge but didn't really. And so did you some of that and back to get GO PV if you wanna listen to that interview go to W or B dot com to try to get a podcast and a podcaster. Got there are on loan download the radio. Radio and I can't have that are new have been in you've muted here in in. Get to shell out. Go to be checked and can only listen you are radio dot com and a pin end and no one level vacation brother. Yeah so yup they're not these drew in his show up and yet. This interviewer mister show anytime any doubt get a radio Doug comment as you say your right to the 1063 WORD dot com has a lately and you keen. I think you still can you still Collie and from that bad. Call later from a man yeah I'm not thinking can't I think you you can fix the end you also think. Kia okay which is doesn't take much but you also listen the bar were the program racist. Just keep under review dot com don't try to explains the you know it's dark matter. Does well Lynn did well grandma and you know listen I listen to Bosnia national news media this may actually be towed if beefed the united a lot of people listen to the podcast yeah. So they listen I don't a lot of good Doug commercials especially. I sit my dad you do enough. Mr. Clinton and al-Qaeda loved. Our goal Geico and obviously there are all rooting for you but it it's not a dad loved it he would say yeah. But yet again for Clinton passes windy city love that this gets it Lester part of by Dan view what is into the museum and yeah a break we're gonna go who for how early break while we come back we'll have our duke of stood out no worse and review guess thanks to stay tuned. Don't miss it donut negative bright will be able to flip side yeah.