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Bob McLain
Saturday, June 16th
Upstate Outdoors

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And welcome back is power to own chapel but sit outdoors a 1063 WORD with. Your favorites. According to sue did you Donnie Spragan. I know I don't like to dig favorites hoods we got. Are for the second hour after the yeah roadkill cafe. No nobody got ready when his anger may well still a secret but so. Coming up this hour we're gonna have an idea great interview with gene dealing and genie is the conservation director for bass anglers sportsman society. And now that he's gonna talk about a year. An advocacy program website basically. It or you got bass lingers that are supporting. Some. Legislative activity. First saltwater tank like the weather go live in you know who. The Lotta Lotta folks crossover righty so water and a lot of the lot of folks are concerned there are some issues in salt water. Then also we don't pertain to fresh water sooner or later yeah and make no sense yes and yes. I mean really so if you. If you really look for the dominant gene in in talking about that the bass before sol dot com is the the web site if you wanna. You must follow along at home and Dan no we're gonna bring some great Father's Day gift that gift ideas you know. Bothers de -- is yes tomorrow. I have always for yet. Sunday tomorrow. So we'll have a little story of the got itself out aura dot com. It's it's kind of extensive I don't know though he had enough all hi every now even though some out there have our own young guys there's Fuhrman near it and and it will wrap up the show with the calendar of the via instant springer's been searching worldwide we have been has some of those for us hey look successful suit against those so far so good and then oil in with our parting shot about. And you. Let's Spiderman the latter remain in Iraq can. You read it what are you doing calm in the wall still loved. That's what they day but first. It was and this tire pump hi I'm excited I'm happy I'm rated keel some fish that guy. Particularly salt water fees says. Fordham go to redo it and coming up here real say. And weeks we've discussed this week matter only says she's been in Florida sportsman magazine. Stringer has done several different versions of horror famous macro salad. OK I didn't endorses a coat now don't sizzling god duly squad along this path now they are sizzle. Would be a scab over this past behind OK that's all I got to say about that again and thumbs up there is bad. So I'm gonna give me the original list pets Max Allen now this will work with both Spanish or king our growth Philip will not touching king macro he'll use it for by. But you know a lot of Spanish mackerel. Are being called only East Coast right now probably watching captain he can't joke either want to Mikey eight can't do Ivan Watson all these guys down there on the East Coast there are charter boat fishermen and they've been word of mouth they'll get you where to go out. Where a mouse and here we got you need about 45 pounds of folate Gingrich managed no bozos can't nobody lives okay. You don't put a little large pot. They now put a Pro Bowl was one couple of liquid crab border limitation about deadly grab all that's going to give it some kick his go to these spicy so appeared not. I can spicy you may not like these that he likes I think you'll have the inside you don't bring it up till bolt let the fish bowl. But Tony Mason yourself the heat and let the water you know cooled down and just let it also that there were other fishes. Boiling up don't I got an opinion about that you prefer William bell pepper six day stocks is Eric do once the green onions. To include the dream part about halfway up and throw at a large Bo OK it's a huge hop alana. Meg dress and you gotta make a little drizzle with a large bottle of rain stressing. A bottle of go to Bob de unaddressed and murdered and one half cup of spicy mustard two tablespoons of portrayed as. Two tablespoons of job hopping a peppers and you could add more if he won't do. I because mr. pet as he's always say Jesus built coop so these days he he these measurements are in the ballpark she's got a does it all kind of gives a pretty good. She's pretty good don't know how much he's put in their says Deri have so will the fish is done put a large. Flat Palin menu go to have to this is the hard part. What did mush it all up with a big fourth okay and it gore won two cups of water so you can keeping got a voice your emotion emotion emotion that I. Sprinkle with 52 tablespoons of mrs. dash original. And about the same amount of Tony sees us seasoning pepper salt to taste all right. Now I go to start makes it all this vision to a ball with a veggies tore Andre isn't it makes you may have some dressing left over and has okay say that it in the fridge. For the next time. And a tight container. And now I hope yours turns out as good as missed pats because this is a lot of work as you know it took me a lot longer read distressed being denied ever read word. But this is really good stuff in this makes a very large bowl I mean this is like Bogut is like probably like to. Three gallons a fish end in all the F Dixon's music up three or four boxes of Ritz Crackers your whatever insulting names. Captains wafers it didn't matter. Where is great for summertime. Wears bright for fisherman and is a different way to do macro and that's all I've got say about that. Missed Pat's original makes them. It's big you know bus Spanish mackerel yes that's feel like he says seeing a lot of a lot of folks that are. And they're ahead as this issue moved in and do you featured as you elaborate form. I loved by eight if not I who gets mauled by some valuable but I can't Phillip did tree I'll take a large they may not call it a cut down. Yeah okay what I'll do I'll take that large pairing ale while. Great thing in whatever. And I'll cut it down about from the dorsal to detail yet and I hope not. No before treble hook in it okay for Ronald. And I'm I'm just use our late in the face look like on allowed plate and hit it pretty much resembles allowed buddy but it's a smaller version of it okay. And they'll usually jump or. Other value is a white. But Taylor jig. It put a little bit a strip of blade only it is wail yeah trying to get the right beta ask to net yes cast and it bargaining sort of fluke is basically flotation okay and in Clearwater you conceal you can similar to bottom you work a book. Easing how they're reacting to your bait and that's cool thing about fission. Does for those particular phase you get to watch a lot of it right they are we good cousin dale Mars though you know and I love it. Also. Sounds like fun. Ford and get our break now and then will we come back we're gonna have our interview with BA SS conservation director gene gala land. Right here to stay outdoors 1630 WORD will we care about the freshwater saltwater and everything outdoors god bless and stay tuned we'll be right. Welcome back of state outdoors is owned your radio and if you'll recall from. About what was about three months ago. In the circus came to camp yes to win the all of that orange thing went to bass man come this circus they're try to classical was entailed and for those you follow our FaceBook page actually one of our more popular FaceBook segments yes was when I wondered backstage in a dodge the bunches security. It's going to be dealing guilty and it's a and gives a rundown on what happens here under the stage right and so we've got Jean owns almost always this Jeanne welcome back does that outdoors. I rarely got a appreciate the F. It's not a bit but I'm going to bring sort of sit down I enjoy their way or the other man hourly wages exact you know manatee it was a and Dana I'll tell you this Jean the folks here intercom we took a lot of grass for a break in records we've workers to class attendance so. He's an exit left in recent. Months how horrible that we got a lot of folks in our listening area who love Basque region in just loves these new in general. Didn't get it as our son. We like to hear that that. No basses members bases. Is always very strong in the southeastern part of the US and non. Certainly hear your neck of the woods this this debate Arnett. And in one goes hand in hand within do is we got a lot of folks who enjoy bass position but we also have a lot of folks do. In addition to bass fishing. The love salt water station in I thought it was really interesting bit. You folks have kind of come up with conservation. Group were advocacy program. For some salt water car conservation until slogan about that. Well a couple of years ago. There there's been a lot of stuff going on anything in this salt water. Fishery management world. A lot of a lot of things going wrong I guess would be the best way to put it the federal government does a lot of management. A marine fisheries. In any you know out beyond a bit coastal waters or state to manage. And it is being managed for commercial fishing for decades. A minute. There recreational fishing is sort of being given a back seat or no see Nadal and a lot of Dayton. And so they're they're so I'm movement and to try to change their end. A lot of folks in the fishing tackle in the boating industry has gotten together and say you know there's a lot of crossovers Mikey there we we figure among BA SS members that probably 25%. Tony we're Utley. Of our membership. Fish is fresh water and salt water. And you know less that's 20% about half a million. And go. You know one of the things sit. In on the latest world largely in line. You got to get congress to do things. And then why they respond to our poll voters. Calling and emailing and contacting him and saying hey this is important to me. So when this. This new legislation started coming around in congress. Bunch of people got together and not you know with the help both. Fast and some of our our partners like Yamaha. Now some of the other tackle companies. So you know we need to make bush. Two to try to get some of those crossover wranglers. To start expressing their opinions and elected representatives. To get this federal fishery management stuff straightened out and that was kind of where. Best results for the bass anglers are salt water conservation. Came about. With the idea of let's mobilize somebody bass fisherman they get him to write their congressman. He didn't try to get this thing pushed through and that's kind of where we aren't you. And I think it's more point 5% Jane I really believe the vast guys the vast members say would say is more like forty. In my opinion. Yeah I'm we don't have a real good feel that obviously you know there's probably not as many bass members and Illinois. But this salt water is there aren't so align our Louisiana are you know places like damn that is still a pretty good number of people they. The thing that we've been trying to. Trying to push this idea too is that. Some of the problems coming along in salt water. We're not far behind. It not since freshwater as well. And hit and speaking of that Warren one of those is the year round. Ethanol. Behind that movement warning to you know make data available include stand in and didn't like you see it that's gonna stick votes. Salt water and fresh war anguish yeah. It's act it's you know that a big part of the were the reason we wanted to get this whole best result I don't want was to get people used to the idea that. You know they tend to make things work you're gonna have to get political bing got a quick with freshwater saltwater anywhere like this. That's what makes this country work anymore well most of the time is this threat now it seems a little this optional but. You get the idea wait we got it we gotta get people motivated. To do something not just talk about it sit on the sidelines. And not it up we can get people fired up over the modernization act or the ethanol is do you. Then as other threats come down a lot. Those people are more likely. To be able to write their congressman. And get out here for at least learning and yeah and help us that we need you know when they're called action of some sort to get them motivated to do this. And we're talking to Jean Gil land the conservation director for BAA SES hey Jane does. Socially it did the the modern station act is is pretty crucial. Four what we're talking on here with salt water conservation. It was a little bit about that. Thank. Did this all goes back to. A law called the Magnuson Stevens act. That was past years ago this regular oops. Salt water marine fishery management and how the fans do their jobs and is it primarily. The national though she knew it appear graphic and didn't. No way in LA a war epic in atmospheric administration. Process. There's no law you know oh. The rational were being fisheries servers. Well all of that stuff is under the department of calmer course. You know where that's where it's going and where is bin or is history. It's all of that commercial fishing yeah or a lot of what got a lot of data now that shows that a lot of the fisheries. The marine fisheries that there recreational. Portion of that feature creep is actually worth more money to the economy in this country. There in the commercial fishing years and yet. For decades it's been worth it's been regulated and didn't end managed. For the benefit of commercial interest. And recreational fishing has just been given. Very little competition. Well since then mostly local we're seeing a lot of that with the U with the red snapper season in the south Atlantic and also the exemption for the long liners to where. Just like you say it worth the commercial anglers. It's since like did getting a pass and ended the recreational anglers are part of the ones who were limited. Russia right you know the quota systems but thank they've got in place that allow. Commercial fishermen to take tons and tons of fish. And yet the recreational fishing season may be a matter just a few days along. Is just screwed up and this modernization act it is is aimed at. Balancing that out better with it we don't want to we certainly don't want to put people out of this consider in the commercial industry. Anything as far as you know providing food for further for the country not certain and but the recreational interest have to be given their fair share Minnesota. But yeah part of what people are. What we're trying to do is get that passed. So that it instructs. The federal fisheries managers. Take recreational fishing into account. Whenever they. Put together these quotas and formulas and then in the management process the daily news. Into. Two to manage whether it snapper or. Grab it short striker your ENE thing that. That that lives out there. Beyond state boundaries you know that whatever it is not a mile limit. Now that. That the federal waters in hail and then. Brian what's GF sorry if our folks morneau get more information. We're gonna get or break a sort of coach off bullets if folks wanna get more information about bass anglers for salt water conservation. Work and they get to get more information and also follow with you. Well there's there's a couple places that the you know since this is sort of a something coming in wood from vast BA SS. There is say. You know you can go to our web site. And they get there but. Just BA SS FOR assailed the best result. Dot com is the web site it will take you to. The pages and explain equality to pitch accused. In a cool thing about this website is. It got away you can automatically. Seen here they're elected representatives. Emails about the issues and tell people I feel. Awesome genial and conservation director for BA assists Jeanne thanks to be on the show keep up the good lord and we will low wiz for Jon Sim body. Thank you appreciate the opportunities our take here are I will look to grace doesn't springer you demand even preacher nomad princess. Gives it a guy these this guy gifted. Well we're gonna are right now all we combat will be talking about some Father's Day gift ideas you can use right here listed outdoors royals 63 video RD state to just. Tomorrow is Father's Day absolutely so happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there let me dad and if you your. If you're an outdoorsman very security if you're shopping. Fort outdoorsman listen to show today we're gonna give you some tips got this off of the Al Gore ho about. Dot com and how much to you right up front. Really pleased in some loan once you're there aren't and women pass on. And so topping the list off is the a no look precision cooker. In the did. You know I don't know. I don't understand where you have a cooker but we're let me give you the highlights of what this is right it's yeah. Oh my goodness it's a cooking Cigna C soon. The soon V day it's safe it's Harlow has done soon V today it was a cooking technique reserved only for the pros high end restaurants have been using a method for years. To ensure that it is good to be exact level of done this requested and would you know look precision cooker you can finally bring that little cooking in your own kitchen. Did they meet you got to hook up to your phone now. Because it's blue too thin no one ever know it's got too many gays on information. If your that bad it looked cook yet to thank the chief Mike could take this and make a decent meal way via via Europe absolutely fooling yourself you know. So Soledad say it. I wanna I didn't pay I did this this I have mile mile last stood in ovation in the Likud in world was would bit dead gum here for our which I think it's. Still any standard were something Obasanjo back. Master bill smoker yeah big thing here. Think big green and Birkhead is simple don't sing give him a cast iron skewers it's if he is gave me a bigger game yeah I might have a bye got heart attack yeah okay. I'm number two is the deaths of bull's ear buds. I got some time around. Number no matter woods this bulls Bluetooth wireless headphones. I don't understand what this got to do the outdoors are either skip over there the next to you that they got kind of go hand in hand absolutely. That is the inning product bathroom assuming you're saying yeah it'll bring her most big thermos a cause I. You know do it you'll be my first farmers say I rather than upper say. Misdeed his goal at the push of the button ask what you with a thermos so radius. It's. My thermos hill's own mosquito repellent is rechargeable sick free compact silent. In operates with a single refuel component. Male full or logos of view policy in the pocket sized device creates a hundred NTN square foot. Mosquito protected zone perfect four rounds fired cam campsite that's pretty good if you're stay steel a year living around that area gets smaller and then the next one is the thermos sail back packer basically what they've done is. Is a figured out how to yeah I had a better make this thing. Bigger this is it if this constant on the move from one out order Richard and exist handy little device will be game changer. The thermos so bad packer mosquito and uses the same camping gas canisters. Com and it's those. To create mosquitoes to result lighter weight only four ounces of backpack to repel or creates a thieves dame but zone of protection. Making it ideal for fishing gardening honing. And around the backyard so much more courts are still like my little to ride in my pack. A policy decision rock Tuesday family. That that I tried sim lock years ago it is too much. You know what I'm really word about sim lock his early bow season right and I anywhere at all and they don't close. And they and had their little pricey just for minded perspective OK I say it. Well so if you talk about trying to stay cool little legendary matrix a whim strong doesn't talk much French city like so if they ask Hezbollah how mobile water you'll love the magic and he's legendary matrix swim trunks. They look like an average for your swim shorts so if they're not cut off correctly. First you have to know. Swim suit made about a legend near white tails and everything but ordinary made for me unique to every bit printed. Wouldn't exclude should be exclusive hydra phobic process. He swim trunks can turn. Camouflage one win at right before the rest of icy wind and it turned chemical act how cool is that there. Legal and so did what I do see ya I just like you. Fans like this your home and the highlight Amin a deer season we just paid newspapers. Yeah yeah. They won't matter when you give up. Syria for what you think they'll do better Alps the next hello this is the Alps and out the words the pursuit honing backpack got the MM SR video here yes should I go back into New Orleans Saints come out. Okay ruled honing Baghdad had a solid yes it costs ninety dollars. A backup it is simply made for honing makes a great gift for any outdoorsman this new were 44 leader option is some great features. Lieber. And later don't feel a little water. Bear yeah its. A bit harder and keep us gear organized. Yeah that's still low price it thank you to book regular in the Palestine design management. Next on the list is look across Meehan silence silence her. Retreat real tree. Extra for energy holding modes so you got a prayer on those for a hundred dollar from across. Then that's about right. These are dinner with boots and all day dinner yes if your home owner already has there are tax sit up in place and trust us we know now Ted Schroeder continued their tax. They in turn their attention another another area of great importance defeat. Good hunting boots. Are one of the most important pieces of jeered good looking wrong last thing may ballot crawl. Anyway I'll tell you about these days okay they're young right for warmer weather right for keeping your feet. Dropped but when we start getting serious co whether it may not lead and only she woke well I singles give focus harder safety system most packed and warmer by okay. I'm only an hour coming out and design your hand I had a little fire here's what I hear you my hand are actually don't top both. Big giddy inside and climb a tree witted it's the summit tree stands viper this Monday climbing trees stand. Give SR pays 260 dollars just about right right have about a million trees standing gift will really im pretty sure homer give them a competitive age begins game. The vibe for super lie just to point fans against Bork the way. Even more birdie homeowners' strong and as you don't punt seated or standing up. Giving you great flexibility in the while. If he would he would use a tree carver that that is a hollow eyed really really good when I don't know listen I've got this summit viper I don't know what it's. I don't know just learn well you know that it's somewhat lower rated just like 300 pails and then you got the word is it rated up to like 35375. Yeah okay. Because let me tell you some votes if you like 300 feet deep there your city five panel of autonomy jury you better not try to ease entry door. At the mercy of dirty ads out mode by Colin. When you fall down you go to be Haas stopped when I I'm just saying he's hard. Very common thing for them. More than just anybody that I'm still climate I never know he's still common after all these years and here we get out on my mind you know we're fifty field injury. We're fifty yeah. List city. One thing assays knotted hears is make sure you Wear year. You climb in your review any any traced safety Hornish safety harness all meant absolutely and I got Malo and most of those Tracy is now co own. What they really will okay safety or he would yeah I okay out of ally is perhaps it's not the right words but it's it's okay say I'll use distress that come with a right. Dear there you know the text hour ride the soul like glossy bill on a bit little little bit not so is it right. I'll use those madame I'm using my own hogs destined best import I don't like debt waving hornets make series mass clearly is they've got a leader accessories PVC waterproof drop bag. MS are based TN bugs. You and that's not manager canoe and kayak in whatever some pretty reliable grab bag. Particular war sensitive gear from elements is don't want him roll cops and an. Yeah clicks on it is thought today's the big town. So big so whoa we're big followers does it have a Father's Day everybody and I don't know you gotta you. What what what would be your ultimate. For me yeah. Did I would be able to be followed only if my own boat captain in the salt water. And that's what how dumb enough follow did you have done a guy. There way before today anomaly yet okay I'm negated co host the week before vacation and impair coasted they'll borrowers okay figure does Del Mar sunglasses. Let's go to break Lola comebacks Freres doing just that counter Vince he's got to truck outside ribbed he's ready to go. Not sure is going to be equally you write your own assay outdoors 1063 divvy ordained god bless royal seal of clips that. Several methods awarded so good. They tell you are an area where we're running out of time is single I would just got here I know it did. So will hold a fun day Father's Day gifts we we were rapid note that in. How do you say because to deal more sunglasses. I'm do you know how eight. My indeed. Just Hamas is gonna be left semi let's go fishing vessel around us so that's what I was going I don't know if you hit me you know my son came bother. Yesterday. And so there's a terrible innocent and that's what's important moment loaned you some money Nellie did differently is the culprit here jump. I'll always somebody Dave Robertson go clear and I just his liable for much here it's how all that money you promised to pay back to me. We're a site cannot candidate can have mine cam I'll I'll I'll tell you back you know. They need is a guy it is they got over it voters like. Book I Mason Simonyi who. It's for my car repaired a huge drop you back right. Mandy thought his head debt money bad okay you again I can in order to retire now. Anyway we are key is given with love and no not a bad return doesn't seem that bad goes seem Venus. They let reported that boy in the meantime more jury system and impala Libyans were getaway right down the road hero what your group. They still got. Upon income balance. And they Stiller left no looking its kids finish OK let's do the NCAA is still there dolls do still wanna be I don't know man they would have let me back in a midday today let me back in there. The big I just I must have a budget song or jolly old leader. The Asian news for you why aren't as serious note and they've also got a lot of great deals on a lot of stuff for fathers as we discussed earlier he says. Slurs Burress got they got some big things exist there are so. Think Smart go to valid piece today is a nice a guy. Coming up now here's the here's the world lit up that I've been really. Bin excited about the sixth annual. Brandon Ronnie and from the outdoor dream foundation memorial celebration an evening in the small. And this go at least some public place then let go until Thursday night art day today Powell. Both clear Tesla lives what people folks and they'll be there they'll be there the entire night is go to be an Anderson on February. Both Friday hobbyists the thirds are about beg guys to eighteen at 6:30 PMD Anderson sports and entertainment center. And that's that 3027 mark later king boulevard and they don't have a logo Jim Ball barbecue lob auction drawings. And for tickets and information ticket or 2.5 bucks by the way for tickets and information column. Coach Harold Jones and base export to do 66775. Or Frankie I would clear an ace explorer 638864630. Not 340 thing in find out you need to find out about that. Also coming up my nose down to read but I found what is coming up a hunting heritage banquet. Bar people out there are afraid that this Spartanburg spurred South Carolina national wild Turkey federation and the lie delight Bowen commons. That's going to be up. Today he always the third 201860. Year old and that's going to be how we learn in the South Carolina for more information collarbone Iran crew and 864 Bob Byrd 01750. And just meant only your father's. This week unity came in and tell me appreciate for everything they do in the best account service so gauger. Also do well. It's time. For parting shot. Hollister yeah yeah how is well we changed everything yeah get out of deadly you can hear life you know. What's the worst thing me leave you adapt to very well Jenny Jones. Jose Jose is not a presidential slogan that's all I mean go live. Doug Bruno and those guys that you did the same thing forever yeah okay not be permitted and moved half and Ellen yeah. Half none. I was really don't say things forever. They wreck and scaling this skyscraper captivated onlookers. Below this is those stories from out nor hope and they stood and watched him forever coming up folks forget I was at the head happens that I. Out Jason while I am. Reckoned scaling a skyscraper showed off its climbing steals and Saint Paul, Minnesota. But climbing twenty stories of the side of the building and now it's an Internet sensation has seen it. Tom you win this reckons get themselves to some pickles before but none quite as daunting easiest if you ever stop to wonder if animals are afraid of heights. This pretty much answered the question of course together to the thing to get this they get a video won't hear part of it knowledge got a bunch of teachers normally. I guess some might dig into the whole video part of it. In a bit today outside that builds made out of Stucco. You think did you. Doctor can put uplink is the biggest barrier and those clothes and aired begins Mahan yeah coming seriously. Why according to CBS sixty days the animal was regionally reported at the tail square meter building in downtown saint Powell. Curled up in a corner napping above the side wall. Probably just sleep it off that you can someone is garbage right. In they show little Al code won't building near and he's asleep some odd take a picture of him in and it probably got a spoken it him. Are you bothering Vieira bothered him so well give us a three way the way this is an. Try grabbing a big crater also late age. It is skate over to the UBS plaza. India CN began now number one I came back out to grab him. I imagine cities that you're gonna grab a hold of erectile do you know what would happen if I would've been able to and you're. Good there's a bad. Man. Via the gets a lot of good DR. Anyway which is there hey instead pieces as you use anyone up close man and a good they look do you think they'll tear you I wielded too. Solo basically he starts Kleiman. And paper like. And assorted taking pictures of him and after you climbed about forty stories tore star. He's got together and erect and eventually settled in for another nap but this time with a better view and someone from inside it's taken a picture of him on the old age. And is suited didn't like all for the people of Minnesota the jump at the opportunity of starting a Twitter. I can out all the critters Minnesota I think Minnesota and a yeah. So the little. So I wasn't gonna just yeah later in the evening the wreckage and was spotted once again clinging to the side of the structure. Did you go one more level. And of Shaughnessy animal control was notified of the situation. And came up with a plan and try to get directly and above to the root first safe extraction. Branded and don't have Tony it's loser sharp. I'm still I'm talking about 'cause. I think you know he'd be damn they think also low country boy yeah okay Roger and Roy and he could not that okay Minnesota. And there's still a bit off the ground in Minnesota but three weeks yeah okay it's a nice day they're snowed up for nineteen months out of the year. Both guys that they see attendance at the right that and is like yeah. I mean I knew how long would it took us to take care of that situation mister field entered. Well I mean they've probably get a little upset about G. So that's a whole thing about a did not college teaching to ambush shooting happened they are really choosing a free adage hander appeared. And city's first all you get some French Fries that's it puts a French browse on Brazil again you're dead or Roma go and you straight up rewarded with a broom and say he is saying is he speaks his nose a rare wacky and OK. But the road tour. No limits is gonna start doing out. It is I'm afraid go to India did manage to thing off to stretch the garbage back out and guard we all on notice a lot about me over and don't just be cool way it dealt. We probably. I don't say dieters. Sick folks and I was kind of close it and never see the same way the injury actually they put a wreck you know they bonuses cities. And for animal control they got a spokesman friend. It does allow foreign relations appropriate gifts of the top so we consider trapped for a new and we're gonna. Animal control so it was unclear whether reckon would be physically able to come down on a zone. There's about the taxpayers 5000 dollars. Yeah gravity take Geary did man on his own right. Moved all right well there is the end of the show award to thank our guest. Captain Jim Michael love from sport cast. Outcast. Sportfishing shorter and a surging Gila land her from BA in assists. And that's the end of the show springer before you jump in a truck may take its own road. God bless each and every one you listen to us every Saturday we appreciate it slipped hug each day as he got them around because man they're special people god bless you talk to you next week.